35+ Creative Gallery Wall Ideas and Layouts (Photos)

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A well-curated gallery wall adds a sense of completeness to a room’s appearance. A well-placed arrangement of prints and images not only allows you to keep your most valued things in plain sight, but that also serves as a stunning backdrop for practically any design style.

Despite the fact that gallery walls appeared to be a thing of the past at one time, this lovely manner of exhibiting prints and images has now become a home décor trend that is obviously here to stay. A well-placed gallery wall not only allows you to exhibit all of your greatest prints at the same time, but it can also add a lot of visual appeal to any area.

Take a look at some really good gallery walls below for some ideas.

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A wall gallery is a beautiful arrangement of images on your walls, which you place according to your personal taste.

There are many different styles of arrangements, but they all have one thing in common: the images are hung at equal or varying distances from each other and this creates an optical illusion that makes them look like they’re moving.

Wall galleries are very easy to make and you can use almost any images, such as photographs, old prints or movie posters.

There are many different types of gallery walls, including:

Classic – Arranging framed prints according to size or color to create a thematic arrangement

Modern – Using colored mats as the background for the artwork

Colour Block – Arranging the artwork with a color palette to match

1. Set up a view.

1 gallery wall ideas

Your wall’s gallery should be filled with things that make you happy, whereas this design element will make you happy wherever you are in your household.

Place it in front of a comfortable seating area or at the head of your bed to get the best view at any time of day.

Include modest and basic drawings that will help you feel wonderful about your place in all aspects.

2 gallery wall ideas

This gallery wall by culdesac cottage is perfect for those who prefer to combine old and contemporary.

Above the ebony dresser, we can’t have enough of this gorgeous collection of vintage paintings. A gallery wall should have a consistent aesthetic when it’s put collectively.

While you can always mix up components and color combinations, a consistent theme is the great way to maintain your space from looking cluttered. You’ll swoon over this classic interior.

3. With bright colors, you can create a cheerful display.

3 gallery wall ideas

This lovely multi-colored wall display will add a splash of color to the walls. Hang brightly colored writing (one for each member of the household) as well as images in brightly colored frames.

To add a personalized feel to the area, add a few inspiring phrases. Don’t be frightened to use vibrant colors if you’re going for this kind of look, since it means bringing out the room’s personality.

4. With peg rails, you may get a traditional style. 

Shaker-style peg rails, which were once used to suspend chairs, are now utilized in kitchens for more than simply storage.

They have a simple and timeless aesthetic that makes them popular. They’re a good fit for almost any room in the house because they blend in well with most home décor schemes.

Decorate with everything from jackets, bags, scarves, and caps to tools, decorations, or a line of twinkling lights, and then choose a raw wood or colored finish.

5. An unfussy palette of colors

Choose a consistent color palette to give your gallery wall a more coherent appearance. The colors are basic, but there are lots of different tones and materials tossed in to provide intrigue to this muted gallery wall, which we adore.

Because of the restricted, balanced color scheme, the above gallery wall plan would work especially well in a relatively small space, such as a corridor or a landing.

6. Paint it using a brush.

6 gallery wall ideas

Do you need a swift means to reach a picture wall that pops out from the crowd? Simply utilize colors to create a colorful backdrop then add some punch to your favorite paintings to make a gallery wall that will change a space in just a few hours.

It only requires some residual paint, a brush, and sticky tape, and it’s a quick and easy way to spruce up a space. Simply use sticky tape as well as a ruler to make your ‘frame,’ then start painting. Allow it to settle, detach the tape and afterwards hang your wall art.

7 gallery wall ideas

Place images along with their explanations beneath if you want to display a few memorable experiences on your walls. The lettering in this photo is constructed utilizing metallic hues, allowing it to stand out more as contrasted to the remainder of the space that it is on.

You can also insert a few clocks underneath each artwork to signify what time the beautiful moment takes place. Just ensure everybody at home understands that all these clocks aren’t functioning, should they get delayed for anything they need to accomplish!

8. This is a lean approach to achieving your goals.

8 gallery wall ideas

It is not always necessary to hang art on the wall. Because of the artwork’s relaxed lean against by the wall, a shallow, long shelf—whether alone or in quantities, as shown below for a more informal approach to showcase your collection. 

For a more tiered aesthetic, choose pieces in a range of sizes and angles, and if area allows, place a little vase or trinket at the front of the paintings for more aesthetic value.

As a hardware-free option to freshen up your room for the period whenever the mood strikes—this style is ideal if you prefer to switch up your paintings on a regular basis.

9. It’s All Around You

9 gallery wall ideas

Looking for a symmetrical design for any gallery wall creation? Style no farther than the grid—a symmetrical look that’ll give any area a classical feel.

Opt for a sequence of coordinating (but not absolutely matching) pieces in comparable frames to drive up a feeling of uniformity. For an added graphic pop, designers like the use of colored matting.

Because of its dependence on symmetry and regular spacing, this form of gallery wall is much less tolerant of uneven measures and requires extra caution while hanging it.

10. Starting at the top

A lot of gallery walls spread outward from the center, providing the design that free, eclectic vibe we enjoy. The design starts from a horizontal line at the top, giving this style a more forward-looking impression than the previous “gallery wall” appearance.

For a truly modern backdrop, try this composition with a combination of black-and-white photos, sketches, and prints.

11. The Point of Focus

11 gallery wall ideas

It’s all about creating a statement with this style of gallery wall. By surrounding one big piece—like a mirror, art, or another wall art accent—with a selection of minor works, you may create a central focus in your area.

Huge pieces of furniture, including a couch, a table, or a mattress, can be anchored with this configuration.

12. It’s a Throwback

In this new aesthetic, rope-wrapped art wire is utilized instead of typical hangers to give the photo rail, a traditional architectural component used for effortlessly mounting artwork upon this wall, an imaginative update.

It not only gives a touch of rustic character to the room, but it also provides height to a low-ceilinged room and excitement to a higher-ceilinged one. Check out a perspective on creative DIY right here when you’re not certain where to begin.

13. The Blend

13 gallery wall ideas

More than only paintings can be shown on a gallery’s premises. Hang additional conventional works of art among the remainder of your collection, such as wall sconces, plates, and plaster statues, to showcase them off.

It’s a fantastic method to fill in the blanks, give a room a more lived-in feel, and break away from the norm.

The look’s mix-and-match aspect also offers it more adjustable, because you can incorporate pieces as you discover them without having to re-arrange the entire wall. The greatest approach to show off a developing collection is to put it in this manner.

14. The Clash

14 gallery wall ideas

Hang paintings in complementary frames to give the gallery walls a sense of consistency without the discipline of a grid.

A variety of dimensions in a hue and finish that complements each other will create a style that is well-thought-out but not too organized.

We really enjoy this way of showing similar pieces, such as the butterfly and bug paintings in the mudroom.

15. With the layout, go above and beyond.

15 gallery wall ideas

In an all-white corridor, this appealing collection of frames invites flair and individuality. The pattern is skillfully designed to appear random, but a keen eye can see that it was meticulously planned to ensure that all of the diverse forms and colors fit together in the area.

Despite the fact that the frames are varied sizes, they create a cohesive design that isn’t sterile or symmetrical. Using a range of sizes will attract attention throughout the design on bigger gallery walls.

Using similar sizes, like dual picture A3 pieces, would make the whole design appear disconnected if it is the aesthetic you want to achieve. Concentrate on the larger frames.

16. Ensure there is enough room behind the couch

16 gallery wall ideas

Place your living room decorative wall concept on the side just above the couch, as it’s the most common lounge room layout’s focal point. The center of the artwork must be at eye level for hanging artwork, as a rule of thumb.

Because people’s eyes should be at a fixed state in areas where they spend most of their time, such as the dining room or living room, artwork must be placed a bit lower. A nice approach to determine the proper height is to place a hand breadth over a sofa.

17. Follow the three-point design rule.

17 gallery wall ideas

The rule of three, which says that odd-numbered groups seem more spontaneous and function better together rather than even-numbered combinations, is a common method used by stylists and architects when bringing a concept together.

This may be done with a variety of things, including items, colors, materials, wall art, and intriguing galley kitchen concepts. 

For the maximum effectiveness, hang three pictures laterally in a column and equally distributed apart, keeping the configuration strictly balanced. The use of both gray and yellow in this lounge room paint scheme has divided the space in half, focusing more on the set of framed photos.

18. In a corridor, make an impression

18 gallery wall ideas

Create a gallery wall within your entryway to make a stunning first statement.

Gallery walls are ideal for narrow corridors and staircases, which are generally left vacant due to too many decorations generating a congested atmosphere.

Without adding unneeded congestion, a gallery wall can bring attention to the design.

19. Make your own wallpaper.

19 gallery wall ideas

I love how this unique wallpaper concept uses pattern without having to utilize it as a wallcovering!

To build an unique artwork that encourages accent colors to integrate into the remainder of the space, choose an even amount of complementing design patterns for frame and mount in similar layouts to produce a wall display.

20. Fill in the blanks

20 gallery wall ideas

When hanging in a symmetrical layout and part of a broader geometrical design, such as a rectangle or a square, wall art in even quantities, such as a couple or in quantities of two, actually looks good.

For a cohesive effect, use the same frames and mounts, then reduce the gap between photographs to a minimum so that they don’t stand out as a stand-alone piece.

A gallery wall like a kitchen wall décor concept is a simple and cost-effective method to update your area.

21. For the best impact, frame the leaves.

21 gallery wall ideas

Who says you have to limit your gallery wall ideas to images and artwork? When picking a motif for a panel display, this quirky home plant concept explains how to exhibit more personality.

There are metal exhibit cubes scattered across the wall, each of which displays an unique potted succulent plant which will bring the wall to life (basically).

This unique concept is ideal for those who have a special relationship with their plants. Frame your lovely cactus as well as succulents and make them the main point of your lovely living space by framing them.

22. Take your pick of the combinations

22 gallery wall ideas

You may update the display more simply by grouping artwork as well as other favorite objects together on a bookshelf or fireplace rather than hanging them on a wall — this helps to add newer findings as needed. 

Then, to make a fascinating backdrop, pile tall things behind small ones to form an intriguing atmosphere, and close the gaps with lesser decorations and stamps here and there. As this example excellently displays, a picture wall is a terrific way of adding a dash of changing color to a monochrome living room theme.

23. For smaller rooms, look for a straightforward arrangement.

23 gallery wall ideas

It’s crucial to ensure that your wall has enough area to build your desired picture wall, particularly in a small area like a living room or bedroom, to prevent overcrowding the space.

For smaller settings, a grid pattern is ideal, and it may be viewed as a single enormous piece of art. In this case, each work should be consistent in terms of size, medium, and concept.

24. Create a splash of color in a bathroom

24 gallery wall ideas

A bathroom may be the perfect place to embrace a more personalized feel, and a gallery wall design isn’t only for bedrooms and living rooms.

A simple bathroom wall is calling out for decorating, whether it’s family photographs or a designed gallery wall featuring mirrors and paintings.

Adding intrigue to a wall covered by using a variety of mediums is a terrific way to show that you have a keen eye for detail.

Experiment around and play with new components as much as there is a feeling of overall coherence. Adding reflecting items like mirrors to bigger layouts may give the sense of more space, and mixing materials adds depth.

25. Create an exhibition of nature

25 gallery wall ideas

An asymmetrical pattern can be used to dress up an isolated wall surface. If you have a set of paintings or wall hangings which are distinct but have similar colors or motifs, this is a terrific option. To add excitement and vitality to the images, stagger them.

A whimsical wall-mounted container is used in this instance, which is ideal for fresh or imitation flowers, based on how often you want to change up the display.

26. Set the bar high for a hipster approach.

26 gallery wall ideas

With a complementing scheme, you can speak volumes and set the tone for the remainder of the area’s design. Coordinating frames may produce a more structured aesthetic and a neat overall look that focuses more on the work itself.

A combination of materials, patterns, and colors on a frame, on the other hand, adds more character and diversity to a layout, especially if it’s a huge one.

27. By organizing on a picture ledge, you may be more creative.

27 gallery wall ideas

In comparison to a fixed gallery wall featuring holes in the wall, a photograph ledge allows the user to change items up more easily. Try an asymmetrical layout on a small picture bookshelf if you have a collection of paintings and family photos that you wish to show together.

If you own a lot of varied sizes and colors of images, this is a good way to go — just keep the frames, colors, and mounts the same.

As you work your way down to the tiniest frames, overlay when you go to patch in any spaces. It’s the best choice for a rental apartment because there aren’t as many openings in the walls as there are holes in the ceiling.

28. Be as abstract as possible when creating it.

28 gallery wall ideas

A cork panel with freely organized displays of postcards, pictures, and keepsakes in a gallery wall which seems more tasteful and creative. Secure the photographs with colorful pins or elegant Washi tape ribbons to add to the aesthetic flare.

Washi tape’s versatility allows you to use it on a basic painted wall to keep images in place without causing damage to the walls. This is a great concept for a bedroom for an adolescent.

29. To add curiosity, stagger the alignment.

29 gallery wall ideas

Draw the eye in with the placement of your gallery wall. By utilizing a different arrangement with a synchronized bottom line, but various sized panels and an irregular layout, you may still raise buzz even if you want to choose to arrange the pictures in even quantities.

It’s a great example of a clever wall that draws the eye into the space while allowing the view to take center stage at the other end of the room. The design of the space and its surroundings is well-balanced.

30. Make a Memoir of the Past

30 gallery wall ideas

A collection of images isn’t necessarily necessary for a gallery wall; souvenirs and personal things are just as emotive, if not even more, than photographs.

For a really personalized connection, frame objects like your treasured movie ticket, notes from dear ones, a song that conjures memories of your youth, or old postcards you find in your family’s house.

31. Remind yourself of your travels by using it as a reminder

31 gallery wall ideas

More than just putting a few basic images on a gallery wall throughout your loungeroom should be part of the process. This is a place you’ll be seeing every day, so it’s only natural that it should feel unique.

Nothing is more unique than remembering your trips by framing images from your trip and displaying gifts from your trip.

32. It Should Be Renter-Friendly

It doesn’t have to break the bank or make you say goodbye to your renter’s security to redecorate your home.

You can make a beautiful gallery arrangement without drilling holes on your wall by using printed photographs, a few strips of colored Washi tape, so this restroom inspiration. On a blank wall, arrange a collection of similar prints and use strips of adhesive to make artificial frames.

33. Invoke the word “nautical”

33 gallery wall ideas

A collection of ancient nautical paintings feels impossibly new in this bathroom. Hang huge artworks and opulent-looking panels from ceiling to floor from thrift shops, flea markets, and vintage shops for a feeling of worldliness in the gallery wall.

34. Make it safe for children.

Adding a tiny arrangement to a baby’s bedroom is very charming, despite the fact that gallery walls are usually designated for living rooms and dining rooms. To fuel your child’s curiosity day and night, print stills from his or her favorite fairy tales and put them above a cot.

35. Make a plan. 

Maps give a refined accent to every décor trend if you’re still undecided what to frame. They claim you’re well-traveled and very knowledgeable. 

Browse flea markets then frame these in a contemporary frame. For many years to come, you’ll be delighted with the enhancement to your home.


Quite the opposite!

There are so many different styles of gallery wall that you can always find one to suit your taste, no matter what people say.

But if there is any kind of style that never goes out of fashion, it’s definitely contemporary – especially when using framed prints or movie posters.

You can have a themed gallery wall, but it’s not necessary. Like we said before, you can use any type of image and arrange them in a way that creates an optical illusion.

The only thing you must keep in mind is having contrasting colours as the background to your images – this will make them stand out more.

It’s very important to measure the height of the place where you’re planning on putting your gallery wall. A good rule of thumb is that you should leave at least 20 cm (8 inches) between the floor and the highest picture. This will ensure that people can walk around without bumping their heads, but it’s also necessary if you want the illusion to be as realistic as possible.

You should select images that you like and that go well together. If you want to create a themed gallery wall, then finding the right photos can be challenging.

But even if you’re not looking for thematic photos, it’s still important to find ones that look good when placed next to each other.

If you’re wondering about image size and whether you should enlarge or reduce it, we suggest that you print your photos at the size that they are — this way, the arrangement will feel more natural.


It’s best to remove the existing pictures from their frames and lay them on a flat surface. Then, arrange them in a way that you like and mark the spots where they should be hung.

Use a level to make sure that all your pictures are perfectly straight.

There is an easy way to find it! You can either get special tape for this purpose or you can use regular masking tape.

Simply place it on the wall where you want to hang your gallery wall – remember to leave enough space for its size.

Then, put your images onto the tape and look at them from various angles until you find the perfect arrangement.

Once you’re 99% sure that everything looks good, remove them from the tape and start hanging them up.

You can, provided that you have enough time and patience. The truth is that it’s not an easy task unless you work in construction or are very experienced at DIY tasks.  If you’re determined to do it yourself, then we suggest you to follow these steps:

First, think about where you want to place your gallery wall and make sure that it’s the right spot.  Then, put up the tape as we explained before. Make sure that everything looks right – you can even ask someone for extra opinions! Then, start hammering in the nail (or screw) and secure each picture with masking tape. You can use a level to make sure that everything is straight and then hang the pictures from the bottom corners of the frame – this way you’ll avoid unnecessary holes on your wall.

As we mentioned before, there’s no specific answer to this question. But still, we suggest you use at least 3 frames and no more than 15. According to experts, this gives a nice texture and makes the illusion as realistic as possible.

Yes!  If you’re just starting out with this type of art arranging, then you can try with unframed images. Just keep in mind that the more pictures are included, the harder it will be to achieve a balanced arrangement.

What color should my picture frame be?

The most important thing is that you like it and that it matches your wall – there’s no rule about the color. Just remember to choose a neutral one, if you want to create a cohesive gallery wall.


Once it comes to designing the right picture gallery wall arrangement, it’s important to think ahead. Plan a design that you’re comfortable with before drilling any holes in walls. 

Any gallery wall design, arrangement, or frame style, regardless of whether you borrow from a current source of inspiration or not, will be 100% unique since the prints and images will be completely original to you.

Create a beautiful ‘gallery wall’ today!