25+ Inexpensive Wall Hanging Decor Ideas & Designs

best diy wall hanging ideas
A new house with blank walls is a challenge. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate walls without spending a lot of money.

Decorating walls can be expensive. Quality artwork and frames are a good but expensive investment, and when mounting and framing is added the cost can really add up. Frames can also be difficult to hang and make a lot of holes in the wall.

Fortunately, some inexpensive and often unexpected items can dress up a wall, and while they may require some elbow grease and craft supplies, the results can be fun and beautiful.

best diy wall hanging ideas

Look for Unexpected Items to Hang on Walls

Just because it isn’t meant to hang, doesn’t mean it cant. Placemats, trivets and plates are all examples of items that are commonly available and can easily be hung on a wall. They are available in both vintage and modern styles to match any decor.

Paper items like butterflies and flowers are a popular shabby chic decorating trend. Purchase inexpensively at craft sites like Etsy, or create them with a punch and paper.

Look for Inexpensive Items to Hang on Walls

Bulletin boards are cheaper than art and cover a large space. Dress them up by covering with fabric and display photographs and pretty memorabilia.

Framed scrapbook paper or fabric is inexpensive and can go a long way. Scrapbook paper is available in many designs and colors to fit any space and can simply be framed and hung on the wall. Fabric can be placed on artist’s stretchers, inside frames, or in embroidery hoops for a fun look.

Paper lanterns are a popular decorating item, and can add a fun and festive look to a wall for little money.

Wall decals are available in advanced designs that look like hand painting, and some sites even offer personalized decals. Large decals cover a whole wall like a mural. Other options include letters and words.

Quilts and tapestries hung from a wall take up a lot of space and are often less expensive compared to a whole wall filled with art.

Use Handmade Art

Art by kids is a great source of decorating walls. Shapes cut from paper and mounted to a surface, hand and footprints and drawings add a personal and colorful touch to any wall.

Other wall decor that involves some creativity include framed jigsaw puzzles , paper banners and homemade wreaths – either made from flowers or paper.

Save Money When Hanging Photos

For a unified, custom look, print out photographs in black and white. Display them together in inexpensive frames.

To save on frames, start searching for frames at thrift stores and discount shops, even if they are in unappealing colors. Then paint them so that they all match.

Clothesline is an alternative for displaying kids artwork and even photographs.

With a little home crafting and careful shopping, it’s possible to decorate all the walls in the house for a lot less.

25+ DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

#1. DIY Fall Yarn

1 diy wall ideasSource

#2. DIY Seashell Hanging

2 diy wall ideasSource

#3. DIY Hanging Shelves

3 diy wall ideasSource

#4. DIY macrame wall hanging

4 diy wall ideasSource

#5. DIY String Art

5 diy wall ideasSource

#6. DIY Conversation Heart Hanging

6 diy wall ideasSource

#7. DIY Fringed Mirror Hanging

7 diy wall ideasSource

#8. Fall Hoop Wreath

8 diy wall ideasSource

#9. Boho Flower Wall Hanging

9 diy wall ideasSource

#10. Heart Rocks and Sea Glass Mobile

10 diy wall ideasSource

#11. Floral vase wall hanging

11 diy wall ideasSource

#12. DIY Paper Wall Art

12 diy wall ideasSource

#13. DIY No-Weave Wall Hanging

13 diy wall ideasSource

#14. DIY Moon Phase

14 diy wall ideasSource

#15. Paper Punch Backdrop

15 diy wall ideasSource

#16. DIY Holiday Yarn Hanging

16 diy wall ideasSource

#17. DIY Hanging Plant Holder

17 diy wall ideasSource

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#18. DIY Heart Hanging

18 diy wall ideas

#19. Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging

19 diy wall ideasSource

#20. DIY Macrame Curtain

20 diy wall ideasSource

#21. DIY Ribbon Hanging

21 diy wall ideasSource

#22. DIY Hanging Educalyptus

22 diy wall ideasSource

#23. DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

23 diy wall ideasSource

#24. Pom pom wall hanging

24 diy wall ideasSource

#25. Tree Branches Hanging Art

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