Keeping Clutter Out Of Your Master Bedroom

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Keeping the bedroom tidy is a lifelong struggle for most; the struggle doesn’t stop just in the teen years. As you upgrade your bedroom to a master bedroom, keeping clutter out can be demanding as you accumulate more furniture and possessions.

There are some easy tips and tricks that you can use when designing or redecorating your master bedroom that will ensure you can keep clutter to a minimum, so your space can stay clean and fresh week after week.

Here are 4 handy tips to keep your master bedroom clutter-free:

Tip #1: Get A Bed Frame With Storage

bed frame with storage 1

If there is room under your bed frame, you have the chance to tuck away extra bedding, books, and other bits and pieces that can get in the way and make your bedroom feel congested.

Many different types of bed frames can help you achieve this. For example, a metal bed frame, such as a foundation frame, is a great minimalistic solution. Queen bed frames or king-sized bed frames in the master bedroom provide a huge surface area that can help serve a dual purpose: as a sturdy base for your mattress and a place to store away items.

If your bedroom has a modern or contemporary decor design, an adjustable bed frame can seamlessly integrate into your bedroom design while also providing storage space.

Unless you have a tiny master bedroom, a full bed frame is probably going to be too small. Ensure you do some research about mattress and frame dimensions to ensure you find the perfect fit for your master bedroom. If your mattress is sagging, consider an upgrade to the best-rated mattress for the best sleep experience.

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Tip #2: Don’t Keep A Bookshelf In The Bedroom

While it may seem like a good idea in the beginning, in the long run, a bookshelf can make the master bedroom seem cramped and small. Not to mention dusty! Books accumulate dust and take up precious floor and wall space that can be used for another purpose that doesn’t crowd the bedroom.

Only keep the book you are reading on your bedside table and leave the others for the study or living areas where they can add a beautiful aesthetic.

Tip #3: Invest In Quality Modern Nightstands

nightstand 1

The simple nightstand is one of the best pieces of furniture that can help a bedroom feel uncluttered. Small nightstands are not useful in a master bedroom. If you are looking for a new pair of nightstands, opt for a 3 drawer nightstand for either side of the bed.

3 drawer nightstands have deep drawers that are handy to neatly store away all your bedside essentials, so they do not crowd the top of the nightstand.

Tip #4: Spring Clean Your Closet

bedroom closet 1

When clothes pile up over the years, it can really become a nightmare to keep your closet clean and that’s when clothes can start to make their way into the bedroom area, creating mess and clutter. Each year make a point to clean out your closet and donate the clothes that you don’t wear. Old clothes can accumulate dust, and if you don’t wear them, they serve no purpose!

Not only is a clutter-free bedroom going to look much better, but it can also help you sleep better. A clean and fresh bedroom helps to create deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. If you are ready to start sleeping better, take a look around your bedroom and see where you can make some mall improvements. Take advantage of the space below your bed frame and consider how you can better utilize your nightstands, so they are efficiently helping you reduce clutter.