20 Warmest Blankets For Bed (Pros and Cons)

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

When the weather turns cold and chilly, there is no more perfect retreat than being wrapped in a warm blanket. Blankets, however, are a year-round item because they are made in different textures, thickness, colors and styles.

If you are particularly looking for the warmest blankets for bed, you have come to the right post because we shall round them up for you. 

If the only plan you have for the coming chilly days is to have extended snuggles in bed, you should probably score one of the featured warm blankets on this list. So, without much fuss, read on. 

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most warmest blankets for bed

20 Warmest Blankets for Bed With Pros and Cons 

It is not enough that you just know the different types of blankets. It is also important that you know how to categorize the warmest blankets for beds. In this list, we present some of the most notable warm blankets available in the market, along with their pros and cons. 

By material

1. Cotton blankets

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Lightweight.Not that thick. 
Hypoallergenic.Prone to fabric fluffing. 
Easy to clean.
Affordable choice.

When looking for the warmest blankets, cotton blanket materials are always one of the good choices.

Aside from it not really costing much, it is breathable and has a variety of weights depending on what type of cotton is used. When in doubt, cotton blankets are a sure go, especially if you are looking for a functional, warm and easy to clean blanket. 

2. Wool


Though known as one of the heaviest blankets, it provides the best warmth on cuddle weather days. Compared to cotton, it is warmer and more water resistant too.

Aside from this, it has a feature of trapping warm air within its fibers, which supplies extra warmth to the body. So, when the cold months are up, going for wool blankets is certainly a must. 

Very warm. Heavy and bulky.  
Durable. Hard to dry clean. 
Water resistant. 

3. Fleece blanket

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This material is heavier than cotton but is lighter than wool. If you want a thick but medium weighted fabric that is water resistant, moisture-wicking and lasts long, this one is the perfect choice for you.

It also has a smooth and soft nature so the warmth is really there for the long haul. Single or double layered, it doesn’t really matter as long as you can sleep soundly at any time of the day during cold months with a fleece blanket.

Warm and insulating. Hard to clean. 
Hypoallergenic. Heavy and bulky. 
Eco-friendly and comfortable. 
Dries easily. 

4. Cashmere blanket

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Hypoallergenic. Expensive. 
Extended warmth. Hard to wash. 
Easy dry.

Cashmere is a very popular material that is found at the undercoats of cashmere goats in China and Mongolia. They are very popular because they are considered as high-end material and luxury items.

Cashmeres are expensive given that they are very durable, soft and can last long without thinking about sagging or losing their shape. 

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5. Down blankets

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Down blankets are also good at providing warmth and have a very lightweight insulation option. Just like the fleece it gives you warmth and helps you retain your body temperature when under it.

Down blankets come from the feathers of geese and ducks and are very light weight just like the cotton and it is also extremely soft that is why many go for this material. 

Puffy and comfortable. Not good for those with allergies. 
Breathable. Can be expensive. 
Soft and retains body temperature. Tricky to wash with a machine. 

Based on product

6. Heated blanket

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Looking for a blanket that matches all your requirements? This heated blanket with 10 amazing settings is recommended for you.

This one is made of polyester micro plush material that is smooth and silky. The features are already on the remote control and all you have to do is read and push the button that is needed. 

Functions such as heating up, auto shut off, preheat, and other more makes this hi-tech blanket plus it is durable even without detaching the controller from the blanket all year round.

Improves mood.Not washable. 
Energy saving and insulating. Not pet friendly. 
Relieves pain.Could be a fire risk.
Improves sleep quality. Expensive. 

7. Weighted blanket

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Improves sleep and mood.Expensive.
Relieves stress and anxiety. The weight makes it not portable. 
Helps in correcting restless leg syndrome. Might require removable cover. 

This weighted blanket comes with six different weights that range from 12 to 25 pounds. They are made for couch snuggling and just chilling by the living room any time of the day. While they can be heavy, they are washable.  

A weighted blanket is filled with glass beads that are equally distributed to provide the same quality of comfort for its users. If you want a warm and quite bulky blanket to put you to sleep at night during the colder months, this is a firm choice.  

8. Military wool blanket

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Made of 100% wool. Heavy and bulky. 
Soft, plush, and warm. Challenging to wash. 

As the term implies, this blanket is made for harsher, colder days in the outdoors. It comes encased, quilted, and offers extra warmth and insulation.

This makes sense since it is made of 100% wool. However, it is not that accessible in the market and when it is, it is very expensive. It is also subject to specific maintenance tips. You should also know that in spite of its warmth, it is heavy and challenging to wash. 

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9. Reversible blanket

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This blanket is a sure hit to most individuals because of its reversible feature which gives quality and equal comfort on each side. The material is brushed fleece on one side and Sherpa on the other.

If you are tall or you have a family member that is very tall who cannot be embraced by the standard blanket size, this type is very much for you. You can have a lot of styles and designs to choose from and it is also easy to wash. 

Made for taller people. Better for out of bed insulation since it is not of standard bedding size. 
Soft and reversible. 
Offers sufficient warmth.

10. Faux fur throw blanket

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If you want to be decorative when it comes to your couches, this faux fur throw blanket is a good catch. It offers warmth and adds visual appeal to a bed. Aside from this, it is also soft, plush, lightweight and affordable.

The material however, may not sit very well with many people especially those with allergies. Nonetheless, this one is made for the colder days and at a stylish level at that so this one is truly hard to miss. 

Stylish and decorative. Short; made as a throw blanket. 
Soft, plush, and lightweight. Can be bulky. 
Affordable. Non-hypoallergenic. 

11. Micromink Sherpa blanket

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Known for its reversible type of a blanket and is made of polyester Sherpa and micro mink sides, this ultra-soft micromink Sherpa blanket is definitely an A list. It is well-rated, review wise, on weight, softness, comfortability, cost, and easy cleaning. 

This comes from a variety of colors and sizes which price varies depending on the size. This type of blanket has a two-way function as it can be both used as a bedspread or larger throw blanket. 

Lightweight and soft. None. 
Warm and comfortable. 
Affordable and easy to clean.

12. Kawahome Sherpa fleece blanket

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This blanket is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. It is lightweight and soft, which is why it is a good use outdoors.

From softness, comfortability and given it’s easy to clean, plus it is 100% microfiber, there are more people going for this blanket. It also comes with a variety of colors and can be a very nice idea for a gift.

Made of microfiber.Questionable warmth. 
Easy to wash.
Made for the outdoors. 
Soft and lightweight. 

13. Sunbeam heated throw blanket

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Reversible blankets are very much appreciated like this sunbeam heated throw blanket that is made of 100% Polyester.  It is classified under Elite Style II. It comes with three heat settings so you can choose the right warmth that is best for your liking. 

Just like almost all of the other blanket products, they are washable without shrinking. Plus, comfort is guaranteed on this one since it has a velvet plush texture. 

Affordable.Cannot be used as standard bedding. 
Soft and easy to clean.

14. Burrito blanket

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If you want to insert fun in your bed during the cold months, why not go for this burrito blanket here. It is reversible, made of cotton, and it will surely get the liking of kids.

It is also non-fading, plush and insulated at any side so it shall surely serve its function aside from being a novel sight in the bedroom. 

Cool, novel sight for the bedroom. More of a throw blanket than a bedding. 
Soft, warm and hypoallergenic. 

15. Clootess chenille knit blanket

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This one is made from merino wool, knitted into an oversized blanket that can fit more than the standard size of a human. It works perfectly as a human’s blanket but it also can be a bed covering because of its length.

This one is a hundred percent hand made that is why it can be very expensive. When choosing your blankets, give it a try and look for the quality and durability more than the price. 

Very comfortable and breathable. Expensive. 
Insulated as it is made of wool. 
Can be used as a throw blanket or bedding. 

16. Exclusivo Mezcla Flannel Fleece Plush

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If you are looking for a blanket that is affordable but has received high-quality feedback among users, this one is one of the best choices for you.

It is made of soft flannel fleece, and with an antistatic feature. It is also reversible, versatile and light enough to contain the heat while you are in it. Most of all, it can be used as a coverlet, bedspread and bed sheet. 

Affordable and lightweight. Quite expensive. 
Versatile and decorative. 
Durable and easy to wash.

17. Comforter

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Comes in various style options.Can go flat. 
Comes in coordinated sets. Difficult to wash and clean. 
Very warm and insulated. 
Could be used along with a duvet cover. 

A comforter is a very popular type of blanket that works two ways – bed covering and blanket. It is very much known for its thick layers, made from feather, cotton and poly-fill.

This one is not advisable to use during warm weathers as it can make you sweaty when used. However, it is very soft in nature that is why many purchases of this kind.

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18. Duvet

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It is very much like the comforter but is softer, warmer, and thicker. Duvets come in with a case that is why many mistake them for a long and big pillow. Unlike the comforter, duvet is very much easy to clean and can be machine washed.

Cozy and changeable. Problems on inserts. 
Very easy to clean.Cover must be purchased separately. 
Warm and insulated on its own. 

19. Quilt

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This is made of 3 layers. The top and bottom are made from fabrics while the middle is from either polyester, cotton, or wool. Compared to a comforter, this is much cooler and is lightweight that is why it is easy to carry.

The only downside of this one is that it is very hard to wash so it is recommended to have it dry cleaned for a proper wash.

Extra warm. Quite expensive. 
High aesthetic appeal. 
Ease of care. 

20. Microfiber Blankets

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This one is very soft given the many types of fibers infused which makes it a very soft feature. It is woven so fine which prevents dust particles in the blanket making it clean and safe to use. However, it is known to be flammable that is why there is a must that you stay them out of flame.

Silky feel. Not hypoallergenic. 
Traps heat stains. 
Durable and easy to clean. 


Other than the list of the warmest blankets for bed, there is also other information that you must know for some heads-up before buying. Hence, here are some FAQs for the warmest blankets for bed. 

What type of blanket material is warmest?

Though most blankets provide the best comfort and warmth, the wool material is definitely one that offers the most warmth. It works pretty well in all weather conditions and though it can come very pricey, many people would still want to buy them.

In most cases, functions come first more than the price and blankets are a good investment since they can last long and can offer so much inside the room and even the couch.

Is a wool blanket warmer than a fleece blanket?

Wool works well in trapping heat that is why it is considered warmer than the fleece blanket. While a fleece may feel warmer when used and placed on bed but the wool, being all natural makes it best to give a warmer feeling to an individual. 

What is the warmest blanket for camping?

All blankets make us feel warm but there are certain types that match the weather and different activities like that of camping. Thus, the best choice is a military wool blanket which offers the warmest and is very recommendable to use during camping.

It is 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic blanket that is best for temperatures down to 30F. It is best to have them in your cars as an emergency kit during any activity happening outdoors.

How does a blanket keep us warm in winter?

Blankets are known as an insulator. It traps the heat that our boy makes to keep us warm and comfortable. During winter, it is the best and most functionable material inside the home designed for comfortable sleeping but can also work well in any season. 

How many blankets should be on a bed?

Most people have one or two. They make one placed on top of their beds to add another layer to keep warmth and the other is used hugging the body from head to toe providing a total warming sensation during the colds in an individual.

Having too many blankets in a bed makes it look crowded which is an eye sore so it is highly recommended to have at least one or two and have them washed regularly for a better use and function.

Is a weighted blanket warmer than a regular blanket?

A weighted blanket is much thicker than the regular ones plus they are a lot heavier that is why it is warmer. Warmer blankets can be more expensive than the regular ones but can assure you of greater comfort and warmth not just for the cooler days but can get you all sweaty during the warm seasons.  


Blankets are useful not just during the cold season but all throughout the year. They are used inside the room as a bed cover or blanket or as a decorative feature on the living room, specifically on the couches.

They come in different types, made from a variety of materials and sizes but offer the same service but with different qualities. Choosing the best one for you is the hardest but when selecting one, go for the one that you need given your ability to purchase and the current weather condition.