35+ Best Black And White Living Room Ideas and Designs (Photos)

A living room is a part of the home where almost all activities are held. It is where you welcome your guests, bond with your family members, sit for a conversation, and many more.

The mix and match of color combinations and other decorative elements are then essential in creating a relaxing and worthwhile view. 

One of the most classic designs would be going for a black and white living room. If you are looking for ideas that would give you exactly that, you have come to the right post because we have listed some notable black and white living room ideas for you. 

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35+ Best Black And White Living Room Ideas and Designs (Photos) 

Black and white remains to be a powerful color combination in any regard. Hence, without much ado, let us dive into some of the most notable black and white living room ideas to take inspiration from. 

1. Black and white balance

Source: Ahmed Alsayed

This black and white living room looks sophisticated with the black and white combination.

Given that it has plenty of whites, this room can be seen as clean, organized and visually large.

For homeowners, this could be a picture perfect interior that everyone would go for – modern and stylish with just the use of monochromatic color of white and black. 

2. White dominance

When you are looking for a visually perfect and a comfortable vibe, give this living room idea a shot. It is very attractive because of the other colors infused like the gray and the marble black.

They intensify the look of this contemporary modern and stylish black. Aside from the airy look of this black and white living room, the modern style couch and wood flooring also give it another layer of comfort and glam. 

Source: Jakub Komrska

3. Black and white retro and modern fusion

Source: Juraj Talcik

When you want to have a traditional touch to your sleek and modern black and white arrangement, go with this living room design. The walls and the flooring give an old vibe which is always a very fine touch. 

A majority of white working with the black couch seems very dramatic and though the black is lesser, it still is giving a very strong vibe combining it with the white. Adding it with this luxurious white chandelier makes the room enticing and opulent. 

4. Black accent half wall


While an all-white living room works, it is very much recommended to flush it with a little black. Aside from it being bold and strong, it highlights the beauty of the color white used inside the living room.

It creates a clean and flawless view. A black half wall also adds more character and uniqueness to an otherwise monochromatic living room look.

Remember that going more of the whites and fewer of the blacks can always give a different vibe but gives a sophisticated look. 

Source: Mayelle

5. Formal looking black and white arrangement

Source: Orange Coast Interior Design

Simplicity has always been a very classy idea. Everything is on point with this formal looking black and white arrangement.

The large windows and the outside view give emphasis to the perfect contrast of black and white. The ambient contrast plus the lighting fixes also add to the soothing effect of this upscale living room. 

Source: Mario Martins Atelier

6. Small but classy

For a smaller space, this design is perfect. Overall, it gives a striking view thanks to highlighting the black accents of this living room. It is not a very bad idea to go for the dark ones as long as you accent it with colors that give light and feel light.

When having a small space, white will give it a larger and wider look, while the bold and deep tone of black give emphasis to the focal points of the living room. Adding some greens through indoor plants is also a fine and minimalist touch. 

Source: Inuti

7. Contemporary modern living room

Source: SDH Studio Architecture and Interior Design

While the plain black and white works, a lot of elements to accent your black and white living room also creates a visual impact for everyone’s liking.

This modern set up is a perfect balance of the white and black where they give in the same bold and light feels. 

The brick details for one end of the wall and a more contemporary column on the other end give it visual layers. The flush of modern, customized furniture and the play of lights here are also strong focal points in this spacious, contemporary modern living room.

Source: Alena Bulataya

8. Minimalist living room

Source: Inuti

It is always good to go for a minimalist living room with a monochromatic color along with it.

In this living room design, there is nothing special but the aesthetic beauty the colors combined give. It is looking very much pleasant even with all the dark colors put into this room. 

Black always exudes elegance and class that is why choosing it for the major parts of your room would be a nice choice. However, without the right accents, black will just be black. Thus, it is important to have the right choice and in this case, going with the color white.

Source: Cezign

9. Ultra-modern living room idea

Source: Lera Katasonova

When you want it overly unique, give it a try and choose the classic combination of the black and white. Aside from looking sophisticated, it can also highlight your designs in the home. 

While the ceiling gives a peaceful and cool feel, the floor along with all the elements put inside is highlighted with its bold color that brings out class and exudes confidence with the color black.

Going for an ultra-modern design means a perfect go for a monochromatic combination of black and white. 

Source: sO Interiors

10. Industrial living room

Source: The New Design Project

A room that is aesthetically beautiful and functional is very much to a homeowner’s liking.

Aside from the design that gives it an industrial look, the colors make it look more functional plus the design has an impact that makes this whole look a very much ideal to your living room ideas.

Going with this design is very simple yet with the unique designs and other elements put inside, it is looking so beautiful.

Source:  Igor Sirotov

11. A crisp white wall against your black sofa

Source: MAS Design

Using white walls always creates a larger look for the room. The black sofa which is looking sleek and extravagant gives a dramatic look to this living room idea.

Though dark, it makes you feel welcome and can give you so much comfort just by the looks alone.

When having to choose the organization of furniture, make sure to have your couches in the right place for a more relaxing and comforting vibe just like this idea.

Source: Monika Siwińska

12. Elegant combination of the black and white

Black and white is always visually attractive but if you want it elegant looking, choose furniture that creates an impact and matches the heightened elegance of the combination of the colors black and white.

Putting so much could be very tricky that is why putting little but paying attention to the materials and types of furniture added is better. 

Source: Geometrix

13. Mirrors and Glasses

Source: Consort Design

Mirrors give a high level of elegance in a home that is why many homeowners choose a glass material as added aesthetic value to complete the look of the room.

With the white and black color, this modern design living room gives a very bright and positive aura which is very ideal for a living room design.

Overall, not only is it sleek and very modern but the mirrors also project an illusion of space, depth, and offer a lot of natural light to an already bright living room like this one here. 

Source: Geometrix

14. 3D wallpaper living room design

Source: Designer-Walls & More

Going with the basics is pretty cool but following the trend and modern-day idea is a good one too.

This living room idea is catchy given the 3D wallpaper designs put along with the majority of black and whites.

A living room must be at its best and have this rare design of a room. The black color makes all the things put inside more recognized and looking more stylish and elegant.

Source: 3D Allusions

15. Geometric patterns and art

Source: Etsy

A lot of homeowners love geometric design and having wall arts that match their preference. Putting them altogether in one room is giving dynamics to the monochromatic pairing of the black and white.

Seeing this room gives a sense of confidence and thrill even for just two colors present. 

They do not create a dull part of the home, instead, they give so much to each other that they give a sophisticated look in this minimalistic set up. This is best for modern owners who give it a shot working with geometrics and art.

Source: ID White

16. Wood and artwork

Source: OVKO Art & Design

It is always a good idea to pair your black and white colors to the color of nature like the wood. In this design, you can see dynamics the wood color adds in between the black and white.

Though the pairing of white and black is already wholesome, it is not a bad idea to give it a try and infuse it with another color. Also, an artwork accent to your living rooms put in your walls also says a lot to your preference as the homeowner. 

Source: Stanislav Kaminskyi

17. Luxurious and comforting living room

Source: Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

Having luxurious furniture inside the home like the couch and chair is very necessary because they complete the total look of the area.

Aside from being large and strikingly beautiful, it is important that you give them elegant colors just like the white and black.

Having them together is picture perfect plus the comforting feature the couch gives inside the living room. Having a place where you can feel both classy and comforting is very much to a homeowners liking. 

Source: Burnazzi Feltrin

18. Cozy Black and White

Having a small room in a white and black combined colors gives a cozy and warm look.

Aside from the innate sophistication the colors bring, it is also important to pay attention to the balance talking about the colors infused and the furniture put into this room which this living room idea brings.

Hence, when you have a small living room area, give it a shot and put just a little and add some balance to all the black and whites.

19. Striped Wallpaper

Having a stripe gray and white wallpaper is a perfect match for all your black and whites. This living room idea looks very much modern and stylish though it has a very small space.

Despite that, it still looks so wonderful because of the cozy feel of this look. The small space does not matter when you try to work it out with all the little elements combined. When you want it a little simple, go with the gray, and a majority of black and white.

20. Black Wall

The color black says so much about masculinity but it could also bring out the femininity inside. So bold yet so sexy and elegantly looking.

This living room idea has a lot of the color black but is never seen and feels black and dark because of the whites and the floral wall prints that creates dynamics in this color pairing.

While the white gives a brighter look to this idea, the presence of the green element also helps in giving life to this room. 

Source: Launch Systems

21. Simple and Chic

Having a small area for a living room is also a challenge on what to have as furniture to fill in the little space inside.

However, sometimes, having small spaces can be very advantageous especially if you do not know what to add to the area but in this living room, the combination of black and white couch and a little decorative space is enough to make it looking warm and welcoming that worthy for a living room

22. Color combination

Accent colors make the color black and white exciting. Aside from this, they also create dynamics that make the room visually at work with the presence of all colors just like this room. 

However, it pays to know the colors that best combine with this too like the greens and metals or any other color you prefer that can be seen beautifully with the black and white.

In these too-many-to-mention elements present, it is still looking very cozy that it feels so comfortable just by seeing it alone.

23. Mustard yellow accent

Using mustard in a living room is a bit uncommon but can be seen beautifully with the white and black colors. It is very bright that it can steal the show however, the black and white still makes the total look of this living room design.

As the design shows, it is highly modern and trendy plus the accent designs are making it look more of a living room where you can sit and have coffee with. 

24. Vibrant Foliage

Pairing your black and white with so many greens like the plants being put inside acting as an accent color and design of this living room is also one of the best and affordable ideas when talking about living rooms that goes with the standard. 

The flooring is very attractive, serving as a highlight design that makes this whole look. Filling the colors of plants and putting plants inside is looking so nature-like inside the living room that brings out freshness and light inside the room. 

25. Black Wood Wall

In this living room, the couch is only the one that fills the room. What gives it a little excitement is the black wood wall that makes it elegantly looking while complementing your light wood flooring.

This simple living room idea can be best for homeowners who do not want it grand for a living room but gives importance to the function, elegance, and simplicity this living room idea provides.

26. Natural Wood Aesthetic

While it is comforting to have the wood colors on the black and white combination gives a warm and comforting feeling.

This living room also gives an old vibe speaking of the elements put at the open storage and the chandelier that looks so classic and matches this living room design.

When wanting a simple and cozy vibe, give it a try and have your black and white themed room accented with a little wood colors. 

27. Neutrals

Between the black and white are the color of gray and deep beige that balances the whole colors combined in this living room idea.

The leather couch also has something to say plus the lamp and the rag that is keeping this room so cozy and comforting that it is perfect for a living room.

While all others want extra fun and elegance in their living room, keeping low key while still looking classy also works just like this idea. 

28. Patterned Black and White

A patterned black and white wall and flooring is very striking. Given that the living room is very large and bright, keeping the colors balanced and stylish with a patterned black and white can be a very good idea. 

It is looking simply but with all the patterns creates a different feel. When going for patterns, make sure that you match it with something plain just like the couch in this living room idea because having an all patterned accent can look crowded and very unlikely to see. 

29. Soft pink accents

While the black is looking strong and firm and the white looks bright and wide, adding soft pinks to this color combination gives a chic and soft vibe to this living room idea.

Bringing a little pink to the majority of black and white is a perfect combination. This living room idea is keeping all the chic and stylish look best for keeping your living rooms look young and fresh.

Plant next to television in white living room interior with window and corner couch

30. Red accent

Red is a very bold color but having this in a white and black combination is a very worthwhile sight. Red cannot be seen well in all colors but works best in this black and white.

Though having a small space and simple furniture, this living room is still working very much fine.

A living room need not add a very high level of aesthetic value as long as it serves its purpose. In this room, get creative with the furniture put in your living room while dealing with the red, and the majority of black and white.


What accent colors go well with a black and white living room? 

In a recent list of the best accent colors to monochromes for the year 2021, these eight accent colors emerged as the best complements to black and white: 

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blush pink
  • Brown
  • Blue 
  • Green
  • Lavender 
  • Pink

Is there a name for black and white design scheme?

Interestingly, there is. They are one of those neutral against neutral combinations that are collectively called as monochrome schemes. They are used mainly for contemporary, industrial and modern minimalism but as have been seen in this list, they are more versatile than that. 

How do you soften a black and white living room? 

Aside from using ambient light, the use of natural elements like wood, greeneries in the form of indoor plants and the use of warmer neutrals like brown or the effect of muted gray could soften a black and white living room. 


The monochromatic effect and great contrast of the black and white combo make them a match made in heaven. Although they are already sufficient on their own, they would still look best when they are complemented with other colors.

While it would always be a gamble to accentuate it with various colors, the trick is to always anchor it on a cohesive idea. 

With all things considered, a black and white living room should be on your priority list if you are thinking of a major revamp. It is timeless, moody and flexible all at the same time. With just a few elements to complement it with, you can have a one for the books living room look in no time.