Is Chipotle Open on Easter Sunday This Year 2024?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

It’s Easter Sunday 2024, you’re with family, and your stomach starts to rumble – time for lunch! Where can you get a delicious meal on a holy day? Many of us have wondered if Chipotle will be open on Easter.

After all, burritos are always a tasty choice and Chipotle is one of America’s top Mexican fast-food restaurants. Well, we’ve done some research here at Farm Food Family and have the answers that you need to know if Chipotle will be open or not this upcoming Easter!

Read on to find out more about when your favorite quick-service restaurant is available during important holiday seasons.

Is Chipotle open on Easter 2024?

The answer is yes! As of now, Chipotle will be open on Easter Sunday 2024. This means that you can get your burrito fix while spending time with family and friends during the holy day. However, it’s important to note that hours may change from location to location so we recommend calling ahead to confirm.

A Comprehensive Guide to Chipotle’s Hours on Easter 2024

If you’re planning to visit Chipotle on Easter Day in 2024, it’s a good idea to do your research and find out their operating hours. Thankfully, our comprehensive guide has all the information you need!

Most Chipotle restaurants throughout the US will be open on Easter Sunday 2024; however, it’s always best to double-check with your local store as times may differ between locations.

A typical schedule for most stores is 10 AM until closing time at 10 PM, but lunch specials and other discounts may affect these times — so it’s worth calling ahead.

Occasionally some stores may close earlier, so if you are making dinner plans for the family make sure you’re aware of any special Easter hours. Allergens and ingredient information can also easily be found online if needed.

How to Check If Chipotle is Open Near You on Easter 2024

If you’re planning a Chipotle feast for Easter 2024, you’ll need to make sure it’s open first. Thankfully, it’s easy to check if there are locations near you that are open on the holiday, especially with the restaurant’s convenient store locator.

All you need to do is fire up your favorite internet-enabled device, head to and type in your city or state – the restaurant search engine will tell you which nearby restaurants are open and even show you their hours of operation.

With just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the finger, you can ensure your Easter Chipotle dreams become a reality!

What Other Restaurants and Grocery Stores are Open on Easter 2024

Easter 2024 is only a few months away, and it’s the perfect time to start planning what grocery stores and restaurants will be available to provide delicious food for the celebration.

For those who want to enjoy the restaurant-quality fare on Easter, there’s no shortage of options. Many popular chain restaurants like Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse and P.F. Chang’s will likely all be open during the holiday.

As far as grocery stores are concerned, some larger retail chains typically remain open all throughout Easter weekend, offering shoppers everything from holiday meals to special treats.

To save time and avoid overcrowding at stores, try shopping for your Easter meal days in advance or ordering food online for curbside pickup.

Tips for Planning Ahead To Make Sure You Get Your Food On Time

Whether you’re planning a Chipotle dinner for the family this Easter or just running short on time and need a quick meal, making sure your food arrives on time is key.

One of the best tips to plan ahead and make sure your order arrives hot, fresh and on time is to make your order as soon as possible. Most restaurants have an online ordering system that allows you to save your settings for future orders – use it!

Preplanning your order will not only help make the entire process easier, but it also saves you valuable time in knowing exactly what you want.

Additionally, consider ordering at non-peak times if you’re able to – this way there’s less wait time associated with preparing the food and getting it out to you!

What to Do if Chipotle is Closed On Easter 2024

Easter is such an important holiday and it’s a great time for families to come together for warm meals, meaningful conversations and quality time.

If Chipotle is closed this Easter in 2024, do not despair! There are plenty of other restaurants nearby that can easily satisfy your cravings.

Moreover, you can always depend on home cooking to serve-up delicious dinners with ingredients you already have in your pantry or refrigerator.

Invite your whole family over for a homemade meal and explore new recipes found online or in cookbooks. You could even order food from an online delivery service like GrubHub or UberEats to make sure everyone gets the meal they’re craving.

No matter how you choose to spend your Easter Sunday, take time out of cooking preparations to indulge in some spiritual reflection as this day signifies hope and renewal.

The Benefits of Eating at Home On Easter

Easter is the time of year when many people like to enjoy a feast with family and friends. However, these big gatherings are not always feasible. Instead, consider gathering around the dinner table in your own home on Easter Day.

Eating at home has several benefits that you may not have considered – it can provide great quality time as family members work together to prepare a special meal, it can also be more cost-effective than eating out and it allows you to maintain greater control over which ingredients are used and how much of each goes into the meal.

Make your Easter extra special by preparing a delicious home cooked meal – however big or small – that you and your family will savor for days to come!



In conclusion, planning ahead for Easter in 2023 will help ensure you can get the food you and your family need. Whether deciding to eat at home or venture outside to celebrate, having knowledge of where may be open is key.

If Chipotle is not an option, seeing what other restaurants and bars in your area have vegan, vegetarian options or seeing what grocery stores are open might be a good idea. Remember to check hours if you decide to make this a day out with friends or family.

To end the day on a peaceful note, there is always the option of eating at home with family and loved ones for some quality bonding time. Take advantage of any resources available such as local businesses so you don’t miss out on making your Easter merrier!