Is Walgreens Open on Easter Sunday This Year 2024?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

With many major holidays fast approaching, one of the questions that comes up is – Is Walgreens open on Easter Sunday? As you begin to make plans for your celebrations this upcoming holiday season, it’s helpful to know what services are available throughout the day.

Whether you need to purchase last minute supplies or run out for a late-night snack, knowing whether Walgreens stores will be open is key. With that in mind, we’re here to answer the burning question – Yes!

Walgreens will be offering their normal store hours on Easter Sunday 2024. So no matter how your day-of looks like, there’s almost always a nearby quick stop where you can get all those things you forgot for the festivities.

Read more below to find out about potential store closures and other important considerations when shopping at Walgreen locations this Easter!

Is Walgreens open on Easter Sunday 2024?

The answer is, yes, Walgreens will be open on Easter Sunday 2024. However, each store location’s hours may vary according to their respective local holiday schedules.

To make sure your local Walgreens is open and available to serve your needs, contact the store directly or check their website for more information prior to arriving.

You can also use the online Pharmacy Locator tool to find your nearest store. Generally, Walgreens stores are open from 8am–10pm on Easter Sunday.

Overview of Walgreens store hours

Walgreens stores offer customers convenience all day, every day by providing 24×7 store hours. Whether you need nutritional supplements at 3am or a prescription filled in the wee hours, your local Walgreens will be there for you!

Even on the holidays when most other stores are closed, Walgreens doors remain open to meet their customer’s needs.

Thanks to their reliable store hours, you’ll now have peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected arises, help is just around the corner. With Walgreens commitment and dedication to providing superior service any hour of the day or night, you can’t go wrong!

Easter Sunday 2024 Store Hours for Walgreens

Easter Sunday 2024 is almost here, and Walgreens makes it easy to get everything you need in one place this holiday season.

All stores will be open on April 1st, with extended hours so that shoppers have plenty of time to stock up on special treats or any essentials they may need.

Many convenient locations have Easter-themed decorations and candy to make the holiday even brighter! With friendly staff and helpful resources, shopping at Walgreens this Easter Sunday is sure to be a breeze.

List of Alternatives for Shopping on Easter Sunday 2024

Shopping on Easter Sunday 2024 doesn’t have to be limited to selecting a few items at the local store, when you can find unique alternatives to traditional shopping options.

Whether it’s finding rare and handcrafted items online or visiting virtual auction sites for estate sales, there’s something for everyone looking to get extra special gifts this Easter.

You could even go completely out of the box and do some creative DIY projects. Put your skills and imagination to work, while getting creative with gift-wrapping and decorations.

With so many alternatives out there, forget spending time and money going store-to-store; you can easily find what you need without ever leaving the house.

Tips and Strategies for Planning Ahead for Holidays

Planning and organizing for holidays can often seem overwhelming, but with the right tips and strategies, you can make your preparations easier.

A good place to start is by making a list of all tasks that need to be done ahead of time; this helps organize your thoughts, saves time and provides a reference point when things get hectic.

Start early – don’t wait until the last minute to begin; it’s a good idea to start your shopping at least one month in advance because it gives you a cushion in case something goes wrong and allows you more options.

Additionally, it never hurts to double-check details about transportation or meals ahead of time to avoid any headaches down the line.

And finally, don’t forget to take breaks from planning every once in a while; take some time out for yourself to relax or enjoy fun activities with family and friends so your upcoming holiday season can be truly enjoyable.

Benefits of Shopping at Walgreens on Easter Sunday 2024

Easter Sunday 2024 could be a shopping paradise for Walgreens customers! Not only will they find top-quality products at unbeatable prices, but Walgreens is also offering exceptional deals to celebrate the holiday.

Get creative with Easter basket decorations, stock up on candy to fill up your baskets, and take advantage of exclusive offers that you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for special gifts or supplies for your own family’s festivities, make sure you don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunities available at Walgreens this Easter Sunday!

Common Questions About Shopping at Walgreens on Easter Sunday 2024

Shopping at Walgreens on Easter Sunday 2024 can be a great way to get the supplies you need for your holiday celebration.

To make sure your shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable, it’s important to know what their store hours and policies are for that day. Will the store be open all day? What payment methods are accepted?

Will there be discounts or promotional deals? These common questions about shopping at Walgreens on Easter Sunday 2024 can hopefully all be answered by this article.

Knowing the hours, payment options and special offers ahead of time will save you time during your holiday shopping trip. With just a little bit of research, you’ll be sure to find everything you need to make Easter celebrations extra special in 2024!



With Easter Sunday 2024 just around the corner, it’s important to plan and prepare ahead of time. Shopping at Walgreens on this special day can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Before making any decisions, review the store hours and what type of products and services are being offered that day.

If Walgreens isn’t an option, there are several other stores open to patronize on Easter Sunday. And if planning ahead goes beyond the holiday season, setting realistic goals could make all the difference.

Knowing what brands, services, and items may be in demand before they’re all gone is key to successful shopping trips, no matter the time or place.

Those searching for more information about Walgreens hours for Easter Sunday 2024 can access answers by using various online resources provided by trusted sources like Farm Food Family magazine.