Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?

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Laminate flooring is a form of synthetic flooring that has many layers. The lamination process joins the different layers together. With an image applique layer behind a transparent, protective layer and an inner core composed of fiber board and melamine resin materials, it creates a floor that has the appearance of hardwood or stone. 

The benefits of having laminate flooring include superior durability because it’s water-resistant and scratch-resistant. It’s longer-lasting than any vinyl, carpet, or hardwood. Laminate flooring is also cheap to install and easy to clean. But is laminate flooring also waterproof?

There is confusion between a waterproof floor and a water-resistant floor. Laminate flooring is not waterproof because it can allow water to warp or soak in water. It is wise to understand that the laminate floor is a product of recycled wood.

Therefore, it cannot be waterproof because it is like any other wood that can be affected by water sipping.

Water can soak in a laminate floor if it stays for a long time. You will therefore clean your laminate floor in sections to keep water from soaking in.

Consider the following water-resistant laminate flooring that is now best-selling. Water-resistant laminate boards are the best for people looking for a waterproof laminate floor.

So, can we get waterproof laminate flooring?

There is no waterproof laminate floor, but you can only find a water-resistant laminate floor. A water-resistant laminate floor can withstand the presence of water for a longer time. 

Most of the laminate flooring is water-resistant, therefore, it explains why many people believe that the laminate floors are waterproof.

Allowing water to rest on a laminate floor for a long time will damage your floor that is why it is important to be cautious when cleaning the laminate floor. You can use a steam mop to sanitize your laminate flooring without using chemicals. 

One way to remove water from the laminate flooring is to hire an expert, especially in the event of flooding due to a natural disaster or after a fire incident. A professional water remediation service company will ensure that all the water is extracted from your laminate flooring to avoid damage

So, what makes laminate flooring water-resistant? The laminate floor does have a melamine layer finish from the top which explains why it is water-resistant at the top. It may not be water-resistant from the bottom because the melamine finish is only at the top. You may have noticed that your laminate floor is resistant to cases such as scratches because of the melamine layer that offers protection.

Water-resistant laminate flooring

Three types of water-resistant laminate floors can be said to be waterproof. They are Aquastep, Dumaplast, and Parcolys, which all display the best waterproof features.

Aquastep laminate flooring is water-resistant, and you can depend on their products if you are looking for durable and waterproof laminate floors. It the quality of the material that they are using that makes them be the best. The honeycomb PVC core that the Aquastep company uses is very durable and appealing. You will get varieties from stones, ship decks, and wood.

You may also get the best water-resistant laminate flooring from Dumaplast Company. Their laminate flooring uses a PVC which is 100% pure. They also strengthen the planks by adding an inbuilt underlayment.

Other brands such as Parcolys uses 100% UV-resistant laminate flooring that is recyclable. You will also like it because it is stain-resistant and is among the pioneer companies to introduce laminate flooring.

Is there a way you can make laminate flooring to be waterproof?

Yes, there are specific modifications that will help you turn your water-resistant laminate floor to be waterproof.

First, you may want to consider a hydro seal technology on the floor surface and side grooves. Notably, applying this technology will help you improve the quality of your laminate floor. It can increase the lifespan of your laminate floor.

Many manufacturers will be dealing with this. It may be a challenge for you to select one out of the many available options. Choose the best laminate flooring from a manufacturer that uses a better formulation of fiber wood to improve the quality of the laminate floor.

There are improvements to the original laminate boards, and it is now possible to get plastic types though it is only available in some regions. There are specific options that will fit certain places such as bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room while others will be best in the living room.

Secondly, you may apply a polyurethane coat to coat your laminate flooring. Polyurethane is a component that will completely protect the surface from any form of moisture damage. Be careful when applying polyurethane because it may easily damage your floor. Using a mop and applying it twice will yield good results. Apply it twice or trice and give it time to dry.

Finally, you can make a laminate floor to be waterproof by caulking an expansion and contraction gap using silicon. Caulking is a great way to protect your floor from water sipping into it through cracks. Silicon is also flexible and therefore becomes best for expansion and contraction.

Floor areas with high moisture levels are highly susceptible to damage. Water can seep between the laminate panel edges and the wall. Silicone caulking around the edges helps ensure the laminate panels won’t warp from moisture damage. Make sure to caulk around the laminate flooring 1/32 inches away from the edge.

Bottom line

To conclude, the laminate floor can be made to be waterproof but applying the three steps above. You need to protect your laminate floor against any form of damage to the water damage.

You can always choose the best laminate board that will suit your needs. Make sure that it has water-resistant qualities so that it lasts for a longer time. You will not find a waterproof laminate floor, but you can modify it to be waterproof.

Make your order now, and buy the best water-resistant laminate floors that are long-lasting, elegant, and cost-effective from the best brands selling the best laminate boards.

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