10 Kids Study Room Essentials

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

You want to make a study room for your kids?

It’s not tough or complicated. So, long the room is well-maintained and filled with productive stuff, it should be great for studying.

There are few essentials that should find their way to any study room. We think these 10 things would make any study room effective.

Check them out!

1. Books and stationery organizer

bookshelf book organization

Probably the most important thing in a study room is to keep things organized. And what could do it better than a study shelf?

Study shelves are common and old. But they are essential. You can either create a huge shelf covering the entire wall or few pieces of them in different corners of the room.

As your kid grows, so will his books! Over the years, you will need more space to organize those books. You can always buy ready-made shelves from the market but it would be better to get something custom made. Check out these shelf ideas to make your own.

2. Bulletin boards

bulletin board

George Brooks was the first man ever to make the bulletin board that has become a part and parcel of study rooms, college and universities.

If your child has an issue of forgetting everything, bulletin boards are the ultimate solution. Hang in the class routine or exam routine, so he can stay on board. Bulletin boards can also be used to memorize difficult mathematical formulas.

Because of the position of a bulletin board, your child will always have a look at it. In doing so, he could learn new formulas, poems and other stuff. You can either get a cork or foam bulletin board.

3. Motivating color scheme

More often than not we don’t care about the colors of our room! Your living room and kid’s study room can never have the same color because colors have a great impact on the mood and behavior.

For a study room, the color must promote concentration and performance. Here’s a couple of options you have:

  • Green: This color brings peace, tranquility and a productive atmosphere
  • Blue: Blue represents freedom, inspiration and imagination. Great color for creative kids.
  • Yellow: Yellow can be a bit overwhelming but it can surely bring in a lot of energy into your kid’s study room.

4. Comfortable Desk & Chair

kid study desk

A desk and a chair is a compulsory part of any study space. There’s a lot to think about. The price, level of comfort, right size and functionality. Here’s a guide on student desks that could help you to find awesome desks at the right prices.

Some desks these days have lots of functions. They have customizable height, split top area for reading in different angles and positions and lots more! But a simple desk at the right size can always do the job! As for chairs, you want it to compliment the desk perfectly.

5. Appropriate lighting

study light

Nothing can beat natural lighting. Make sure the study room has windows and they are open during the day. If your kid has a habit of reading in the morning, keep the artificial lights off and let fresh and crisp sunlight come in.

As for artificial lighting, LED bulbs are your best options. But you have to make a choice whether to go for a cool tone or warm tone LED bulb. For a study room, cool-toned bulbs work best. This type of light is bright and crisp. Thus, helps to remain active longer.

6. Ideal room temperature

Yes, temperature can impact study. Too hot or too cold and your kid can become distracted.

In fact, a little on the cooler side works perfectly. It helps to relax and focus more. Based on research, the temperature range 72°-77° F is at which productivity remains the highest.

This range is not warm by any means and just a little cooler. So, a heater or an air conditioner can solve this!

7. Distraction free environment

quiet study room

Distractions are inevitable. But you should take necessary steps to remove them. The first thing to do is to remove outside noises and make the room as silent as possible. You could make the room sound proof if you are living beside a busy road.

Apart from that, the room shouldn’t have any devices inside unless it is necessary for study. Don’t allow your kid to even eat in the study area. This can end up becoming a habit and distract your kid more.

Remove wall pieces or other things that can cause distraction!

8. Indoor plants

plants in study room

Plants provide oxygen. But if you keep them in your kid’s study room, it will increase his concentration as the room will have a surplus of oxygen. Not all plants can be suitable for a study room. Low maintenance plants that grow well in low light conditions are the best.

Here’s a few:

Lucky bamboo: This plant prefers low light conditions and has been known to increase positive energy.

ZZ plant: It’s a low maintenance plant that generates pure oxygen.

Ponytail palm: This plant will not only remove toxins, it will also beautify the room.

You can learn more from here!

9. Table lamp

table lamp

A table lamp is every kid’s right to have a private time for themselves at night. Though it’s not directly related to studies but it has its purpose.

If your kid shares his study room with a sibling and one of them is sleeping, the table lamp is the best solution.

Sometimes, kids have a habit of reading comics or story books just before sleeping. The low light of lamps will offer sufficient visibility and won’t impact the sleep cycle.

10. Decorative wall pieces

Decorative wall pieces can change the entire environment. You can fill the walls with thought provoking paintings, famous quotes and other pieces of art. If your child draws well, put up some of his own art on the wall. This will help to bring in a creative and imaginative atmosphere!

Final Words….

These 10 essentials would be enough to make the study room functional and effective. With more time, you can add more stuff. But the rule is to not make it clutter.