30 Amazing Landscaping Ideas with Beach stones

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Beach stones are beautiful shiny pebbles and small rocks that can add colour and beauty to any landscape. Their varying colours, well-polished and round edges and brilliant looks make them very easy to work with and apt to add in any landscape and outdoor designs.

Here, we are presenting to you 30 amazing landscaping ideas with beach stones just to make your spaces more beautiful and magical.

best lanscaping ideas with beach stones

1. Beach Stones Candle Holder

Beach Stones Candle Holder


Beach arranged one over another to beautifully hold decorated candles will be a perfect design idea to make any landscape mild and breath-taking beautiful. The mild light of the candles along with the texture and beauty of beach stones will go perfectly together.

2. Beach stone Patio Coffee Table

Beach stone Patio Coffee Table

This brilliant idea of arranging your idea space with a coffee table made up of pillows above some beautiful beach stones is really amazing which you try with some added gardening to decorate the same.

3. Beach Stones Outdoor Game tables

Beach Stones Outdoor Game tables


This table can be used as a gaming option with two different colours of beach stones to add creativity and beauty at the same time.

4. Beach Stones Bath Mat

Beach Stones Bath Mat


Some of these great looking stones can be arranged and glued together for an easily made bath mat which can be used anywhere in your backyard or outdoor or indoor spaces.

5. Beach Stones Multiple Colour Layering Designs

Beach Stones Multiple Colour Layering Designs

Different coloured beach stones can be layered one after the another in lines or patterns to create stunning landscape designs like this one shown here.

6. Beach Stones Walkways

Beach Stones Walkways


Beautifully laid beach stone walkways are a great added asset to any landscape. A walkway in the middle of a green grass like this design is surely an idea to be implemented.

7. Beach Stone Hangers

Beach Stone Hangers


Beach stones can be easily cemented to decorated walls and can be used as hangers in a creative way. These hangers do not just serve the purpose, but add beauty in the process.

8. Beach Stones Wall Patches

Beach Stones Wall Patches

Wall patches can be made by assembling even shaped beach stones with the result looking aesthetic and brilliant. You may use even multiple colours of pebbles to patch your walls and add beauty to them

9. Beach Stones Water Fountain

Beach Stones Water Fountain

Beach stones and pebbles can be beautifully arranged and cemented to make great looking water fountains that can be great for any given landscape.

10. Beach Stone Garden Marker

Beach Stone Garden Marker


Beautiful various shaped garden markers like this veggies shaped pebbles can be of great use to decorate or mark your herbs and plants in the gardens.

11. Beach Stones Footprint Designs

Beach Stones Footprint Designs


This beautifully arranged pebbles and beach stones in the shape of feet is a creative way to add something new to your landscape design. They can be used to show a path to new people arriving at your backyard or entrance spaces.

12. Beach Stone Planter Pots

Beach Stone Planter Pots


Beach stones can be glued and shaped to pots and can be used to grow garden plants which adds beauty to both your outdoor and indoor greeneries.

13. Beach Stone Water Paths

Beach Stone Water Paths

Beach stones can be arranged in the borders of water paths or fountains in your garden or outdoor spaces to give more beauty and variations to them

14. Beach Stone Painted Ladybugs

Beach Stone Painted Ladybugs


Beach pebbles can be painted to beautifully coloured ladybugs to bring out the beauty of flower beds in your garden or outdoor space.

15. Beach Stone Entrance Pavements

Beach Stone Entrance Pavements

These beautifully laid and arranged entrance spaces of houses are attractive enough to gather attention of your neighbours, friends and visitors.

16. Beach Stone Indoor Art

Beach Stone Indoor Art

Beach stones can be used in indoor art works and can be combined to build beautifully made artworks.

17. Beach Stone Rock Boxes

Beach Stone Rock Boxes


These creative spaces can replace your kids sandboxes and can be safer spots for them to enjoy their playtime outside.

18. Beach Stone Driftwood Art

Beach Stone Driftwood Art

19. Beach Stone Birdhouse

Beach Stone Birdhouse


20. Beach Stone Accented Décor

Beach Stone Accented Décor


21. Beach stone fence

Beach stone fence


22. Beach Stone Stepping Stones

Beach Stone Stepping Stones


23. Beach Stone Fireplaces

Beach Stone Fireplaces


24. Beach Stone Swimming Pool Designs

Beach Stone Swimming Pool Designs


25. Beach Stone Shower Spaces

Beach Stone Shower Spaces

Source: flickr, hawaiilife, beachhouselifeandstyle

26. Beach Stone Sit-out areas

Beach Stone Sit-out areas



Beach stones are very well suited for most landscaping designs and can be used in various patterns, colours and creations. The explained landscaping ideas will surely add beauty, look and creativity to your outdoor and indoor spaces alike. Hence, they are a very important part of landscaping build and design.