55+ Best Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Creating a bathroom in your attic might be tough. There are a lot of ideas that can help you design your attic bathroom. Today, you are going to see the…

55 Attic Bathroom Design Ideas that will completely change the way your bathroom looks

These bathroom design ideas will help you design your attic bathroom – in a way that will be the most appealing. This is the first step… you need to decide which design you want for your attic bathroom. If you go on blindly on making the design you will end up like my mom and dad – with not so good bathroom design.

1. White-grayish attic bathroom

This is a beautiful bathroom with dark gray floor tiles and smaller dark gray wall tiles – on the toilet side. You can open a window on top and add some modern decorations in, like the beautiful modern lamp, above the sink.

2. White little bathroom

It has amazing black and white floor tiles and the window on the bath side looks sunning. You also have a curtain stall.


3. The perfect tile combination

The beauty in this attic bathroom is described from the beautiful black tiles on the wall. You can have a bath on the left and on the right a shower.


4. Old fashioned

Even though this bathroom is old fashioned that doesn’t mean that it’s not astonishing. Adding 80s glass blocks is a great idea and it will look wonderful.


5. The perfect attic bathroom

If this isn’t the perfect bathroom I don’t know what is. The beautiful wooden cupboard with lots of space for your bathroom stuff makes a perfect combination with the glass wall shower.


6. The unusual attic bathroom

Using new polished wood like this one – will make your bathroom astonishing. A glass wall shower and a very clean outdoor glass make this bathroom like no other.


7. The modest attic bathroom

This modest attic bathroom is very beautiful and offers a lot of moving space and everything for your everyday bathroom needs. A ladder can be used for your towels and little cupboards for all the towels.


8. The brown oak attic bathroom

Using brown oak is a great idea when creating an attic bathroom. It looks great and you can also set up a glass wall shower. You can add a bench so you can sit and clean yourself while sitting.


9. The simple bathroom

Don’t want the responsibility of creating a bigger bathroom? Well, have something like this. The yellow tiles on the wall make this bathroom more beautiful and nice to look at.


10. Blue shade bathroom

You can use white-black floor tiles and make the walls – half white wood and half blue painted wall. In the shower add quartz tiles and a glass wall.

11. Little black & white bathroom

You can make a little bathroom just like this one simply with just a toilet, and black and white tiles. You can also create flower shapes with the tiles.


12. Large attic bathroom

You can use your wooden roof frames to create an amazing attic bathroom like this one. Attach two mirrors on them and add two sinks for you and your partner.


13. Wooden floor bathroom

Having a wooden floor in your bathroom is great. You can mix that with white cupboards and bath, and it will look amazing.


14. Another one

Another idea of a bathroom with a wooden floor. Get inspired by this great bathroom idea. You can make a mirror frame on the back of the door.


15. The simple bathroom

A simple way to create your attic bathroom is to not overthink it too much. Just put a bath in there, a sink, a toilet, and a towel holder.


16. A lovely attic bathroom

You can place the window on the other side of the shower – next to the bath and toilet. These white walls and floor tiles make it perfect for the dark wall combination.


17. Large windows bathroom

You can place large windows with blinds on them. Add a bath next to the windows and place all the things you need in there.


18. The perfectly white bathroom

It is good to have this white bathroom because you can see when your bathroom is dirty and clean it. Wall cupboards with mirror doors make it very modern.


19. The best shower ever

The shower that everyone needs. In your attic bathroom install a crib like this one. It has a shower and a bath next to it. A little crib in your attic bathroom. Add glass walls with black frames.


20. Grayish bathroom

This is the grayish bathroom. It has a gray cupboard sink and stunning wall shower tiles.


21. Very big bathroom

If you have a lot of space for your attic bathroom, make it this large. This large attic bathroom opens possibilities for everything. You can sit, you can bath, whatever you like.


22. Simple little modern bathroom

The gray tiles on the wall make this bathroom very compelling. A beautiful little sink is all you need and an amazing bath where you can relax and clean yourself.


23. Quartz modern bathroom

Modern bathrooms require quartz tiles. You can also use wooden planks on the walls.


24. Bright attic bathroom

Make sure you are creating your attic bathroom on the sunrise side for this idea. A little sink, bath, window, toilet, and a towel holder, make this bathroom beautiful and compelling.


25. Even more simple bathroom

A shower with a wall glass and a triangle mirror. Wooden little cupboard sink and a toilet. That’s all you need for this kind of design. And it’s very beautiful.

26. Catchy window bathroom

Add a circular catchy window next to your bathtub. A vessel sinks are great for this design and you can also add gray tiles on the sides of the sinks.

27. Attic bathroom next to your chimney

This bathroom will never be cold. And the aesthetic look of the chimney makes it look very beautiful. Wooden floor tiles and white wall tiles make it good looking with the glass door for your shower.

28. Small bathroom

A small bathroom where you can do all of your bathroom activities and be a little creative. Add the shower and there will be an empty place between the shower and the roof. There you can add your basket for your dirty clothes.

29. Great attic bathroom

Good looking bathroom with a toilet attached to the wall. A shower with great little blue tiles and a glass wall on the shower.

30. Stunning bathroom

Stunning attic bathroom with a glass wall shower, white cupboard sink, and a big beautiful window.

31-55. More attic bathroom ideas


Final Thoughts

Having an attic bathroom is an amazing idea to do. Today you discovered 30 design ideas for your attic bathroom. Now it’s time to create an attic bathroom. Remember to choose the side of the roof where the sunrise is. This will help you get more light in. Good luck.


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