7 Ingenious Ways to Hide Household Plumbing

Last Updated on February 17, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

 We all want our homes to leave a great impression on our guests. If not for our guests, they should look appealing to us. However, nothing is ever picture perfect – you may notice chipped paint on the walls, air drifts, poor insulation, and even leaking pipes.

Water leakage is a terrible menace to avoid since it gives rise to stained walls, accumulation of mold, and even infestation. If you see a faulty pipe or a leak, then get in touch with a phoenix arizona plumber to handle the situation. Faulty pipes can be anywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom. Let’s take a look at how we can hide these pipes from sight.

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ways to hide pipe plumbing

Cover the Pipes

1 ways to hide household plumbing

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Sinks usually have pipes underneath them. They are utterly eyesore; therefore, ensure that they, in a cupboard underneath the sink.

For the ones situated in your laundry room, you could dress them up nicely by merely wrapping a piece of elaborate clothing over them.

For this, you can dig up an old bedsheet, or you can purchase a new piece of fabric from the market. However, be sure to match the color schemes with the interior. Note that a colorful fabric with playful patterns will add a lot of oomph to your laundry room. You can paint the pipes in your backyard to add camouflage.

Under Vanities

2 ways to hide household plumbing

Well, what could be better than hiding unsightly pipes behind your vanities? They don’t have to be expensive. You could just get a vintage cupboard. To add some life to it, paint with a color you think will complement your interior.

Before you start any concealing work, make sure to call in a plumber to make sure that you don’t touch the wrong pipe, and cause further damage. You can use this new vanity to store some essential toiletries and even bathroom cleaning products.

Be Creative with the Pipes

Colors are elements that can brighten up any space and truly elevate the aesthetic look of almost anything. Modern colors like copper, bronze, grey, or white on pipes can make them look like extraordinary art statements on your walls.

You can do the same for the ones that are not attached to your walls. Some pipes dangle over your head below the ceiling, and some go around a place circling a wall. These pipes can help to enhance the appearance of your walls, but again be sure that they complement your interior.

Box Them Up

3 ways to hide holdhouse plumbing

Do you realize that there are so many things you could do with eyesore pipes around your home? If you just can’t stand the sight of the plumbing going around in your home, you could take measures to seal them up.

For this task, you might have to call a carpenter or search for a saw and start working on the boxes in your garage. You can place these wooden pieces around your pipes and paint them to contrast your walls and ceiling.

No doubt, it would make the place look subtle and elaborate but you could also hang up or place a few pieces of decoration on the boxed pipes such as flower pots or art frames.

Leave the Ceiling Ones

To give your living space a vintage and industrial look, you could leave your ceiling plumbing as is. Many superstores and brand shops go by this décor.

Having exposed pipes running up your ceiling may be a bold move, but you can make the places look straight of a movie by adding furniture that can contrast the situation well. Get your walls in neutral and maybe paint the pipes in rust. Place vintage furniture and artistic pieces to give your home class.

Hide Them with Keepsakes

You must have, if not one, but dozens of keepsakes in your homes such as your favorite plants that you could use to hide the tangled pipes under washbasins.

Get your tall plants in the house and place them under basins that have undesirable pipework. If you are not up for any of the paintwork or the boxing marathon, then you could just grab décor items from your home that don’t mind getting soaked and place them under your sink.

Mold Them into Shapes

4 ways to hide household plumbing

Having pipes around in a house is becoming a trend. People have molded or added more pipes to the existing ones to give them specific shapes to present artistic works.

You can do the same for your household to look modern and artsy. Call over a plumber and tell him what you need to get done. They should be able to tell you how you can achieve this alteration of shape. Once this is done, you can spice things up by painting the pipes.