45+ Best Laundry Room Makeover: Before and After

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No matter how small a laundry room is, it is essential that it must be well-organized, well-lighted and just pleasing to the eye.

If you are looking for some laundry room makeover ideas that are not hard to replicate and are practical to take inspiration from, we feature here some notable ideas which you can consider. 

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45 Laundry Room Makeover ideas

From compact laundry room ideas to more intricate and over the top, we have listed the best ideas across categories here. As such, without much fuss, here is a list of some of the most striking before and after laundry room makeover ideas for you. 

1. Featuring stacked storage

When it comes to makeover, the first thing which is really incorporated would be added storage.

In this idea, we are not just talking about extra spaces where extra laundry items are stored. Here, we are looking at well-placed cabinetry. The addition of a backsplash wall and neat reorganization are such a treat. 

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2. Color splash

If you want a drip of change that would really make eyes turn, opting for a popping color in the walls and properly coordinating it with complementing neutrals always make a space a sweet spot. This one here speaks for itself. The difference is very striking at a minimal swing. 

3. Feminine touch

The subdued and soft look of feminine touches are always so subtle and calming to look at. Incorporating it in a laundry room is not an exception.

In here, the organization and the soft colors make the space brimming with airiness and lightness. The addition of the chandelier gives it an upscale touch. Everything is perfectly placed. 

3 laundry room makeover ideas

4. Organization is the key

It is not just about arranging the laundry stuff. It is also important for laundry rooms to have separate storages for different laundry essentials.

This simple makeover here is just $100 all in all. The trick was to put a half-wall wainscoting in the wall, a change in color, and wicker baskets infused in a simple overhead storage. 

5. Graphic wallpaper

If you do not want the hassle of repainting the walls every now and then to update your laundry room, opting for colorful and graphic wallpapers like this one would suffice for a makeover.

For just a few bucks, and lots of organization skills, you can easily transform a plain and lifeless laundry room into something spruced and bolder looking one. 

6. Glass doors

If you frequent upend boutiques, you would surely know how vintage and visually appealing their frosted glass doors are.

The good news is, you can install them as makeover doors for your small laundry room. This one here is truly in a league of its own. The tweaks are minimal, but they sure gave it more character. 

5 laundry room makeover ideas

7. Looking decluttered

There is something about colors that would really make a makeover simple yet striking at the same time.

In here, the simple shift from the cool tones of blue and the balance of beige to the monochrome of white and the bolder accent of pink gave this laundry room a calming, more decluttered look. 

8. Ergonomic counter

Just because a laundry room is a compact space would not mean that it is not entitled to have cool features like say, a folding counter.

This add-on in this laundry room makes it an ergonomic feature since you can easily fold it up if you need full access to the washing machine and dryer. When you are not caught up in the actual washing, you can use it as a counter to place folded clothes and other items. 

8 laundry room makeover ideas

9. Anchoring on brightness

Laundry rooms are usually situated in basements or in the damper, darker side of alleys in the home. As such, a total laundry room makeover would simply mean to just give it a brighter look like this one here. 

9 laundry room makeover ideas

10. Practical and chic

10 laundry room makeover ideas

Small laundry rooms are not that hard to pack. So, if you are working on one, specifically a laundry hole-in-the-wall type of laundry room, it would be good to for a chic and practical look by opting for a peel and stick backsplash wall for practicality and some simple storage bins and hamper to cover the space like this one here. 

11. Fresh and inviting farmhouse look

11 laundry room makeover ideas

You can have all the breathing room that you want in a laundry room and yet, it would not look as inviting if you do not have the right pieces to fill it with, decoratively speaking.

In this laundry room, a small bench is sneaked in to seat on while the spinning and drying occur. 

All the other minimal additions, from the cloth hanger to the cabinetry and the peel and stick Moroccan floor, this small laundry room has it all. 

12. From outdated to modern minimalism

12 laundry room makeover ideas

The case with laundry rooms is that they are often the last one to be maintained and updated. Just because they are not living spaces would mean that they could just remain outdated.

In this home, the turn of the century, outdated look of their laundry room is transformed into an edgy, modern monochrome of white with tinges of black. Overall, it evokes the neat and streamlined look of modern minimalism. 

13. From bare and boring to glossy and trendy

13 laundry room makeover ideas

Using the same logic, we do not give a lot of time and decorative effort to laundry rooms most of the time because they are usually hidden down in the basement or in the outback.

In here, the bare and boring laundry room is spruced up into a glossy and trendy look with those ceramic backsplash wall tiles, and well-fitted hanging cabinets and small shelf in between.

14. Better use of space

Laundry rooms tend to feel suffocating and look very cramped up. At the end of the day, the only trick behind it would be to have a better use of space.

For instance, the previous look of this laundry room has a problematic layout. By lining up the washers and dryers in the row of the sink, and repainting it with bright white, lots of walking spaces are opened for more free movement. 

14 laundry room makeover ideas

15. Stone tiles to penny tiles

The flooring is an imperative part of the laundry room. It must have the grip, and it must not easily become slippery in between laundry.

While stone tiles are very dependable, they are hard to maintain moving forward. One of the best makeover alternatives to stone tiles would be penny tiles. In here, black penny tiles were strategically used to conceal dirt and mud. 

If you already have an existing laundry room and you do not want to make a major makeover or overhaul like the first ones we have featured, here are some laundry room makeover ideas which only incorporate minimal changes and simple additions. 

16. Adding a Dutch door

16 laundry room makeover ideas

If you want to give your modern and bright looking laundry room a bit of a retro charm, simply adding a Dutch door to it could do a lot of wonders like this idea here. Splitting the space between the windows would give you a traditional entryway but a Dutch door would have a different dazzle. 

17. A lot of cabinetry

17 laundry room makeover ideas

Expanding the functionality of space in laundry rooms is one of the best makeovers you can give it. Just look at how the cutout drawers, the sleek granite countertop and the hanging cabinets gave this one an upscale and functional appeal.

The use of muted monochrome is also ideal in maintaining its classic, dainty look as if it was cut out from the 50s. 

18. Tiled walls

18 laundry room makeover ideas

If you want to give your compact laundry room a simple yet stylish and quite dramatic flair, tiled walls are timeless choices. In this laundry room makeover, black and white, Moroccan inspired tiles were used as tile walls. The geometric look of the tiles plus its perfectly matched contrast truly elevated the look of this laundry room. 

19. Create the right contrast

19 laundry room makeover ideas

If the goal is to conceal the washer and dryer for you to have a cleaner space, do not even bother. There is no way that you could make them invisible especially in a transitional basement sink and laundry room.

Instead of camouflaging them, just create the right contrast that would give the space a more expensive look like this one here. 

20. Island, counters, cabinets

20 laundry room makeover ideas

If you have a wide laundry room space, it would be a crime not to make the most out of it. As such, you can go over the top into your makeover and incorporate an island for folding clothes or usual coffees, counters for the laundry items and of course cabinets for supplies. It is a complete space and we could not ask for more. 

21. Lighting upgrades

21 laundry room makeover ideas

Laundry rooms could really use a lot of light. And by light we mean, both natural and ambient lighting.

This very coastal yet tropical, light and airy laundry room illustrates why lighting upgrades are essential for laundry rooms. It offers strategic layout, functionality and a lot of purpose. We truly dig this laundry room makeover. 

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22. Create extended spaces

22 laundry room makeover ideas

If you have ample space in the laundry room but at the same time, are looking for a good nook for a small home office, you can always repurpose some of the extra space into a corner office and have extended spaces in your laundry room.

Aside from that, you can also do some tasks in the office while you wait for your clothes to dry up.

23. Open shelving

23 laundry room makeover ideas

Open shelves are a staple in laundry rooms because of the ease of access that it gives for laundry essentials. But visually speaking, it also adds to the airy and light feel of an otherwise cramped up laundry room. This one here is a perfect idea for open shelving which you can easily replicate or take inspiration from. 

24. Utility rods

24 laundry room makeover ideas

Sometimes, the littlest of detail could do a lot of magic in a small space like laundry rooms. While the graphic wallpaper is already an eye catcher in this laundry room, the installed stylish utility rods above the washer and dryer also give it a modern look. Looking for a good way to hang your delicates? This one should be it. 

25. Floor to ceiling storage

25 laundry room makeover ideas

This is another idea which truly shows multifunctionality. The strategic installation of floor to ceiling cabinets, featuring different looks and styles for different types of fabric, linen and clothing, is the focal point of this large laundry room.

Accenting it with Moroccan tiles for contrast also gives it a very delicate and high-end look. Everything complements each other so overall, this reflects a cohesive and neat vibe. 

26. Wall to ceiling graphic wallpaper

26 laundry room makeover ideas

This one here is an attic laundry room with an asymmetrical ceiling. To keep everything intact and cohesive, and to conceal the irregularity of the structure, a wall to ceiling graphic paper is rolled out in this laundry room.

It super looks like the usual powder room but if you want a funky take for your laundry room makeover, this one is something to go for. 

27. Window treatment

27 laundry room makeover ideas

If you do not want to go over the top but would want to add a little color pop in your monochromatic laundry room, this one here is a simple infusion to go for.

The homeowner tried on bold colored and geometric window treatment to provide edge and dynamics in a very subdued laundry room look. And did it work? Surely it did. Again, the small details could bring in a lot of makeover magic. 

28. Sink and hardware upgrade

28 laundry room makeover ideas

While it is not always required to have a sink and countertop in a laundry room, those that have these added features would benefit from sink and hardware upgrades. 

With the vast array of choices for hardware, you can bring in a lot of high-end looks for your laundry room no matter how compact they are. Complement that with the right repainting and decorative elements and you are good to go. 

29. Large dramatic art

29 laundry room makeover ideas

Speaking of minimal touches to finish the laundry room makeover, why not post up a very large dramatic art on the wall like this one here.

It is like laying down a whole flower garden bed in a white monochromatic laundry room. You can just see how one simple detail could change the mood and look of this very simple laundry room. 

30. Make it nostalgic and intimate

30 laundry room makeover ideas

Who says that you cannot bring it nostalgia and intimacy in a laundry room? This idea of the Rhett household is anchored on the premise of recreating a childhood memory taken from their grandparents’ home.

The vintage charm of the sink, complete with that retro skirt and the adjacent hamper are all essential pieces in this laundry room makeover. 

31. Scenic view but with a bit of privacy

31 laundry room makeover ideas

This one here has a laundry room transitioning to an extended living space. The large glass windows offer a scenic outdoor view but with the Roman shades, you can still enjoy moments of privacy while doing the laundry. It offers a good use of space and everything just makes sense to look at. 

32. In-wall storage

32 laundry room makeover ideas

Instead of making the asymmetrical structure of the wall plain, this one here made good use of it and turned it into an in-wall, tall storage.

Since it is recessed, ease of movement is ensured and good air flow in the cramped-up space is sustained. Beyond this, it also gives us the idea that we should never run out of laundry essentials so it is important to bulk up and fill all that space if we can. 

33. Matching finishes

33 laundry room makeover ideas

Still nothing beats the uniform and delicate look of matching finishes even for a laundry room. In this idea, rustic and countryside touches are very uncanny in this tan laundry room.

The exposed hinges and silver hardware give it a lot of farmhouse appeal and the cabinets offer a good contrast to the white dryer and washer. Everything just looks dainty and very neat. This is a timeless laundry room makeover to go after. 

34. Make it preppy

34 laundry room makeover ideas

Judging by the number of washers and dryers in this laundry room, we can infer that this is a large family home but with just a medium sized laundry area.

To make it not look cramped-up, it is styled with a preppy touch. The different shades of blue and the eye-catching mint green sink offer a colorful distraction to the limited space and of course the space filled by the washers and dryers. 

35. A pressing station

35 laundry room makeover ideas

If you have a large laundry room and you want to save time and space in constructing a separate pressing station, you can just set up a simple nook adjacent to the washing and drying station to make the activity more streamlined. Let us just let this whole idea speak for itself. 

36. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover


37. Fairytale Turquoise Laundry Room with a Light Fixture

Fairytale Turquoise Laundry Room with a Light Fixture


38. The Linen cabinets with fabric wall

The Linen cabinets with fabric wall


39. Laundry Room Makeover for Under $100

Laundry Room Makeover for Under $100


40. Easy laundry room makeover: installed shelf

Easy laundry room makeover: installed shelf


41. Rustic industrial laundry room: Wood shelf with a lot of fun accessories and hampers for laundry bins

Rustic industrial laundry room: Wood shelf with a lot of fun accessories and hampers for laundry bins


42. Cute blue wheel and laundry word

Cute blue wheel and laundry word


43. Paint the main wall and added a built-in folding station

Paint the main wall and added a built-in folding station


44. Ship lap wall and a painted chandelier with beads

Ship lap wall and a painted chandelier with beads


45. Removing old laundry door and install barn door

Removing old laundry door and install barn door



The list goes on but at the end of the day, there are some base rules and decorative tips from which they are anchored from. As such, here are some FAQs about laundry room makeovers to guide you as you start a laundry room makeover of your own. 

How do I modernize my laundry room? 

The common reason for a laundry room makeover is that they are already dated and need a major overhaul. If you intend to go for a more modern flair for your laundry room, here are some tips which you can incorporate: 

  • Explore different lighting styles. 
  • Update your cabinet pulls and other hardware. 
  • Install sink and storage. 
  • It is time to retrofit your laundry room cabinets. 
  • Start doubling up your dryers and washers. 
  • Hang window treatments. 
  • Discover the magic of graphic and colorful wallpapers. 
  • Countertops are good additions. 
  • Update the walls and flooring. 
  • Add a folding space or a folding table. 
  • Make it multifunctional. 

How much does a laundry room makeover cost?

The answer to this depends on certain factors. Nonetheless, at the frontline of the things to consider would be the size, shape, and overall dimension of the laundry space, the style you are going for, and other features that would make it more multifunctional. Nevertheless, the national average for laundry room makeovers with these considerations is pegged $4000-12000, granting that it is a total overhaul.

Does a laundry room add value to a house?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top five home features which give a 60-90% ROI to the homeowner according to HomeWyse. So if you are still torn about constructing or remodeling your laundry room, let this be the sign to tell you that you must go for it. 

Is it required to install a sink in the laundry room? 

It is not required but it is an essential and convenient fixture to install. Laundry room sinks are more multifunctional than how they seem. It is where handwashing our delicates are done and it is also where we soak particularly stained fabric and clothing. 

To give you more convenience and to have a ‘complete’ laundry room for all types of laundry jobs, a laundry room sink is very essential to have. And oh, resale value-wise, a sink in the laundry room adds to the real-estate value of the home. 


Laundry rooms are essential in a household because it is literally a place where we do some dirty job. As is the case, it is time to veer away from the stereotype of the damp and dark laundry room and start looking for makeover ideas like those that we have listed here to make the laundry activity something to look forward to.