20+ Beautiful Low-Maintenance Flowers for Your Garden

We all love to grow plants successfully and create the magic garden in our dreams. But even for experts, It might get tedious sometimes, and for some people, It is not easy, to begin with. But don’t let the workload discourage you because we have a way to decrease It exponentially.

With these low-maintenance flowers, you can now create the garden in your dreams without the effort of watching some plants 24/7. Let’s take a look at these 20 low-maintenance flowers for your garden. Also, you can buy flowers at Flower Chix Calgary to enhance your garden.

best low maintenance flowers 3

1. Euphorbia

1 low maintenance flowers for your garden

This magical flower blooms in blue, gold, or purple. It is both deer and slug resistant, and the roots of this particular plant are dangerous to moles because they are poison.

2. Wildflowers (Anemone Blanda)

2 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These beautiful ladies tend to spread, and not even shrubs can block them. The best part is they don’t leave any messy foliage behind. They are very easy to tend to.

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3. Hosta (Plantain lilies)

3 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Hosta is a perennial plant with bluish-green leaves. They can easily survive many different climates, and they have very few needs, so they are low-maintenance. The only downside is they are shade-friendly, and this tends to attract slugs.

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4. Dwarf Daffodils

4 low maintenance flowers for your garden

One of the favorites to many gardeners. This beautiful yellow flower, which resembles the sun, is poisonous to mice and moles. After a yearly cycle, they can also multiply.

5. Heuchera (Coral bells)

5 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These Heuchera are a type of plant which has color variations of gold, red and yellow. They don’t need much, so they are low-maintenance. This particular plant is very practical to create a base color for your garden. It is like the background color of your canvas.

6. Coneflowers (Echinacea)

6 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These are some of the top choices for gardens. Because this baby is very low-maintenance and they have an amazing bloom. They come in many different color variations like pink, yellow, orange, red. They have a little tolerance to drought, and they like either full sun or partial shade. They are one of the top flowers which attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

7. Daylily (Hemerocallis)

7 low maintenance flowers for your gardenDaylilies

are a great choice for lazy gardeners.  They are very durable, and they can endure salt, flood, or drought. They will stay in your garden for years with just a little maintenance. They come in purple, yellow, orange, or red colors. 

8. Cosmos

8 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Cosmos just need sun, and they will live on from there. They have a beautiful purple shade.They don’t need reseeding they can do It themselves. They are very big, and they love to show-off.

9. Agastache (Giant hyssops)

9 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Agastache is a type of person which is very simple to grow and easy to maintain. It can endure without maintenance for some time. It is an aromatic plant that will attract some wildlife, and It’s resistant to high heat and little snow.

10. Coreopsis (Tickseed)

10 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Coreopsis is a flower that dances in colors. You can find them in many different breeds and color variations. They come in both perennial and annual for your liking.

11. Black Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus)

11 low maintenance flowers for your garden

It is ideal for gardens with less space. It’s left only grows up to eight inches long, and It’s very low-maintenance.

12. Peonies

12 low maintenance flowers for your gardenPeonies

are amazing flowers which can live up to decades. They have resistance against drought and slugs.

13. Spider’s Web (Fatsia Japonica, Paperplant, glossy-leaf paper plant)

13 low maintenance flowers for your garden

This particular plant, originally named “Fatsia Japonica,” is a perfect plant to light up some of the darker spaces of your garden. They are named after their leaves, which are resembling a spider’s web.

14. Hydrangeas

14 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These beautiful plants come in many different color variations. They are adapted to a container life so they will do better in smaller spaces.

15. Bluebell

15 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These amazing energy balls have a tendency to spread out. For small gardens, they might conquer your space, but for larger areas, just plant them and watch them run around.

16. Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla)

16 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These beautiful perennials are very original and a great addition to your garden. It will add some texture and some individuality to your yard. They prefer full sun, but if you live in an area with hot summers, It will do better with afternoon shade.

17. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

17 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Yarrows are a great way to add some whites to your garden. They are very easy to grow in any condition. They have a long-enduring bloom for seasons. It needs minimum attention and will tend to itself easily.

18. Ornamental Grass

18 low maintenance flowers for your garden

These are a great addition to a garden. They have many breeds with many different leaf and color variations. They are very low maintenance, but don’t forget to consult a professional to find out the best type for your area.

19. Lantana (Lantana camara)

19 low maintenance flowers for your garden

This is one of the top choices for easy gardens. You might need to get It indoors during winter, but It will keep blooming all year long with all those lush colors.

20. Aucuba (Japanese laurel)

20 low maintenance flowers for your garden

Also known as Gold Dust, because of the golden spots on its leaves. It will brighten up any shaded area and even your day. It is a perfect choice to bring some sun to darkness. Low-maintenance and very easy on the eyes.


As you see, these are some of the lowest-maintenance flowers you can find. With a little effort, you can have the patio of your dreams full of different vibrant colors. Gardening is no more busywork; just plant and watch them bloom.

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