31+ Dreamy Outdoor Bedroom Designs for This Summer

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

As summer approaches, ideas for a fun summer starts to take over our minds. As there are many ways to pass the summer, but one of the calmer and more harmonious ways is just relaxing in your comfy bed. In addition, there is a much more original way to It. It is, of course, making a dreamy outdoor bedroom for yourself. With the help of fresh air, you can get an amazing night’s sleep. Here we put together 31 dreamy bedroom ideas.

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1. Medieval Romance

1 outdoor bedroom ideas


If you want to have your own fantasy bed. This is a great idea. With red lines inside the woodland are. Candle lightings for the night. This could be your romantic summer getaway in an enchanted forest. The one you see is from Allen Land Design.

2. Middle of a Flower Field

2 outdoor bedroom ideas


Whether you like lavender or daisies, find a nice flower field or own one. Plant a tree in the middle and put your bed under It. You can even bring a table and candles if you want a romantic evening. Like the one in the example made by Anita Joyce.

3. Sleepy Time on the Porch

3 outdoor bedroom ideas


If you are one of those people who prefer the safe borders of their home. This one is exactly for you.  By using a chain system, you can build a bed that floats on your porch, which would be breezy and will feel safer. 

4. Dream Oasis

4 outdoor bedroom ideas


This one is made by Jamie Durie. With a large hammock and a beautiful pond inside a small garden. This one is definitely out of a harmonious dream.

5. Tent Of Dreams

5 outdoor bedroom ideas


Made by Twice Remembered Cottage, this one is a beautiful tent with a soft and fluffy bed inside. A perfect set-up for a calm, lazy summer afternoon. If you have a big tent, you can create this one easily in your backyard. 

6. Bed in a Shed

6 outdoor bedroom ideas

If you have a garden space with a shed in It. Putting in a king-sized bed is a great idea to have a fun, lazy summer. With the right use of plants, you can have a miracle in your backyard.

7. Namasbed

7 outdoor bedroom ideas

This one has a tremendous serene effect. If you are a yoga and nature lover with a little garden filled with many types of grass. Try a more earthy combination like this one.

8. Poolside Bed

8 outdoor bedroom ideas


If you have a pool in your backyard and if you have two sunbeds, put them side by side and just spread a big old fluffy quilt over them, and there you have your poolside bed.

9. Bed on a Natural Balcony

9 outdoor bedroom ideas

It is a great idea to put a bed in whites to a balcony made of wood. By using natural yellow lights, you can have a fantastic environment to sleep or hangout.

10. Facing Outwards Bed

10 outdoor bedroom ideas

You don’t exactly have to put your bed outside. If you have a room with a big entrance, just put the bed in front of the entrance and decorate the outside to your liking

11. Bamboo Forest Bed

11 outdoor bedroom ideas

If you live near a bamboo forest, It is perfect for you, but if you don’t, no worries, you can always get bamboo decorations. Somehow bamboo has a cozy feel to them. With the nice windy breeze and then you can get a very soothing sound. It is a great idea to place a bed and furniture made of wood and hay to create a zen environment for your summer.

12. Rooftop Bedroom

12 outdoor bedroom ideas

If you have a straight and sturdy roof over your head. Go ahead and get that bed up there because there’s no greater feeling then sleep among the stars.

13. Lake Bed

13 outdoor bedroom ideas

Well, we can call this Raft Bed too. All you need to do is make a raft big enough to hold a bed and water to swim It. Whether It is a lake or a sea ıt is an amazingly fun idea to sleep in the middle of the water. Just don’t forget to

14. Garden Bedroom

14 outdoor bedroom ideas

Perfect for gardens with wooden floors, this type of bedding is something out of a fairy tale. Just fill it with flowers and vases and let yourselves feel like kings and queens.

15. Treehouse Bedroom

15 outdoor bedroom ideas

Of course, there had to be a treehouse bed. Even though It’s a childhood fantasy for some. I still believe this is an amazing idea to live upon the trees.

16. Greenhouse bedroom

16 outdoor bedroom ideas

It’s exactly like a warm house except It is reverse. If you want to feel the freshness of the plant habitat, this one is just for you. With just glass separating you from the vast forest. It has an amazing feel to sleep in a warm house bed.

17. Convertible Rooftop Bedroom 

17 outdoor bedroom ideas

If you have a convertible roof at your summer place and if you still hadn’t put your bed in that specific room. Do It. We’ll wait.  

18. Cocoon Bed

18 outdoor bedroom ideas

With the right usage of the circular wood shaped contraption, you can make a dreamy fantasy bed.

19. High 

19 outdoor bedroom ideas

This type of bed is just the right height to create a private area in anywhere you like.

20. Modern Hammock Bed

20 outdoor bedroom ideas

We all know how comfy hammocks can be, but with a beautiful easy to use companion like this every summer would be great everywhere.

21-31. Outdoor bedroom designs

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31 outdoor bedroom ideas

30 outdoor bedroom ideas

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26 outdoor bedroom ideas

25 outdoor bedroom ideas

24 outdoor bedroom ideas

23 outdoor bedroom ideas

22 outdoor bedroom ideas


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If you want a breezy summer night sleep, these are some ideas for you. Of course, some of these might be a little harder to pull off than others, but all we want to do is to start the brain process, which will cause you to find your own tuning in terms of summer sleep.


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