30 Low-water Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Last Updated on October 14, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

A garden is a beautiful part of your home where you can relax, feel comfortable and admire the wonderful work of nature. A garden can be developed and maintained without necessarily having to spend a lot of money or time and water.

Many people don’t buy into the idea of developing gardens because they take time to tend and groom. They also require lots of water and efforts that aren’t always available hence the idea is rarely considered. What if you can create and have a garden that requires little of these conditions?

If you already have an oasis, then you’re fortunate but if you don’t have one, you can develop one yourself. You can check out these low-water landscaping ideas for your garden.

best low water landscaping ideas

1. This is one functional landscape you can try to develop. This garden looks beautiful and exceptional plus, you don’t need a lot of water to maintain it.

1 low water landscaping ideas

2. With gravel, rocks, and plants that survive in deserts, you can have a simple garden that does not require lots of time.

2 low water landscaping ideas

3. This garden is completely low-water maintenance seeing as you don’t have to use a lot of water or worry about tending your garden.

3 low water landscaping ideas

4. A xeriscape is a garden or landscape created in a style that requires little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in dry areas. This idea can be used to form your front yard garden. It is colorful and gives your home, a warm homey feeling.

4 low water landscaping ideas


5. This cinder block planter divider is a wonderful idea to save water and also create a small beautiful garden. This is a flexible project.

5 low water landscaping ideas


6. A garden path that is well designed can act as a guide to your guests when they come to your home so you can show them around.

6 low water landscaping ideas


7. This is a drought-tolerant plant and is mainly used for maintenance of the garden where there isn’t a lot of water. This plant will thrive without care and through the worst heat.

7 low water landscaping ideas


8. This kind of low water usage yard is easy and almost effortless to maintain.

8 low water landscaping ideas

9. This dry creek bed is very effective to solve drainage problems. It is attractive and requires only little maintenance. This can also be used to correct the excess water flow problem.

9 low water landscaping ideas

10. This drought-tolerant garden succulent will make your garden look gorgeous without sucking your time and effort. Pun intended.

10 low water landscaping ideas


11. This is a genius idea for a low maintenance garden. These plants will not need a lot of water.

11 low water landscaping ideas

12. Having an orange tree in your garden is a great idea. You don’t have to worry about watering your plants. You also don’t have to stress about grooming the tree. All you have to do is enjoy sweet orange fruits!

12 low water landscaping ideas


13. This beautiful sidewalk rock garden is not only easy to maintain but it is also effective for managing water and solving water wastage problems.

13 low water landscaping ideas

14. This desert pool landscape is relaxing and does not require a lot of effort to maintain.

14 low water landscaping ideas

15. This ‘hen and chicks’ vertical garden with succulents do not need water to thrive. They can survive in critical heat conditions.

15 low water landscaping ideas

16. Using succulents as ground cover is a neat idea. It is also an active garden idea as it helps to prevent erosion, hinders weed growth and provides cover for neglected areas. They are easy to grow and they disperse quickly adding a pop of color to your garden.

16 low water landscaping ideas


17. This water-free garden is an awesome idea to create a gorgeous low water maintenance landscape.

17 low water landscaping ideas


18. Do you know how trendy garden succulents have become? When you see a shrub, you think desert. Many people attribute shrubs to deserts because they can’t imagine seeing it anywhere else! Little do they know about the essence of having these succulents beautify your home. Apart from it being trendy, you can save water and time by planting these beauties in your garden.

18 low water landscaping ideas


19. This garden doesn’t need much effort as it is just surrounded by rocks, concrete, and some plants.

19 low water landscaping ideas


20. This is a contemporary landscape deck. You can just encircle it with succulents.

20 low water landscaping ideas

21. These drought-tolerant gardens can be managed effectively without water.

21 low water landscaping ideas

22. This succulent garden idea would be a great addition to your home that will make everywhere look lively and attractive.
22 low water landscaping ideas

23. This is an interesting idea for low water usage landscaping.

23 low water landscaping ideas


24. If you are not fond of grass in your front yard, you can try out this eye-catching idea which is drought-resistant in your front yard garden.
24 low water landscaping ideas

25. This rock garden is a good idea for water maintenance gardens.

25 low water landscaping ideas

Source: houzz

26. This is what a Spanish succulent garden looks like. Adorn your garden with colorful succulents.

26 low water landscaping ideas

27. This corner garden of mixed succulents requires low care effort and it is drought tolerant.

27 low water landscaping ideas


28. You can use this idea to develop your front garden.
28 low water landscaping ideas

29. A garden bridge with drought-tolerant flowers.
29 low water landscaping ideas

30. Adenathos sericeus garden also known as the woolly bush is a soft, velvet-like texture, dense foliage bush that can be incorporated into your garden to manage water and time.

30 low water landscaping ideas


You can use any of these ideas to achieve a low-water maintenance garden. Enjoy!