31+ Gorgeous Built-In Planter Box Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

31+ Gorgeous Built-in Planter Box Ideas

Built-in planter is a great idea to help you improve your living space. For those who love gardening and green spaces but having a small living space, a built-in planter box solves this problem.

If you have a small budget, it is okay because most of the ideas in this article use the available materials and easy to do.

Take a look at these 31+ built-in planter box ideas and make your own one.


31+ Built-in planter box ideas for your outdoor living spaces

Stacked Stone Planter with Bench


Built-In Wooden Box Deck Planters


Flower Bed with Built-In Stone Planter

Source: pinterest.com


DIY Wood Bench with Planters


DIY Rusty Metal Garden Planters

Source: brokohan.com


Wooden Planter for Small Spaces

Source: pinterest.com


Tiered Concrete Built-In Deck Planters


DIY Stacked Stone Plant Beds


Deck Bench with Built-In Planters

Source: diy50.com


DIY Concrete Built-In Deck Planter


Built-In Planter Half-Wall with Bench


DIY Tiered Wood Planter Boxes


Concrete Block Planter and Decoration


Planter Boxes with Climbing Trellis

Source: Etsy


Built-In Patio Planter Boxes

Source: bhg.com

Built-In Deck Planters for Privacy


DIY Wood Crate Planter Boxes


Green Wall Backyard Planter Project


Built-In Patio Planter with Bench

Source: homedit.com


Built-In Rock Garden for Succulents


Tiered Wooden Crate Built-In Planter Boxes


Built-In Planters with Water Feature


Deck with Built-In Planter Boxes

Source: ahigo.net


DIY Metal Tub Planter Boxes

Source: gardeners.com

Concrete Block Corner Garden Planter

Easy Planter with Built-In Bench


Built-In Tiered Wood Planter Boxes


Corner Planter Box with Climbing Trellis


Patio with Built-In Planters and Benches


Concrete Planters and In-Set Grass Patches


DIY Wood Planter with Built-In Benches


DIY Tiered Wooden Corner Planter


Tiered Planter Garden With Waterfall





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