What Are 7 Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Should Have?

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

A well-furnished bedroom is more than just a place to rest; it’s a sanctuary where comfort meets functionality, reflecting personal style and serving practical needs.

From curling up with a good book after a long day to preparing for the day ahead each morning, the right furniture can enhance your bedroom experience.

Achieving a balance between style, comfort, storage, and functionality can be tricky—but have no fear.

In this blog post, we’ll share seven essential items every bedroom should include so you can create the perfect sleep space for years to come.

1. Chest of Drawers

Typically, often referred to as a dresser, it enhances a bedroom in multiple ways.

A chest of drawers is not only a functional piece of furniture that provides ample storage for clothing, accessories, and personal items, but it also contributes to the room’s overall aesthetics.

Available in many styles, colors, and materials, a chest of drawers can tie together a room’s decor and make a personal statement.

Moreover, its flat surface top can serve as a display area for a host of items – from decorative accents like vases, photo frames, and trinkets to practical elements such as a table lamp or a jewelry box.

Some even utilize this space for beauty essentials, creating a makeshift vanity area. Ultimately, a chest of drawers brings versatility and personality to the bedroom, making it an indispensable piece in the room’s furniture ensemble.

2. Bed

A bed is the most essential piece of furniture in a bedroom, serving as the focal point for the room’s design. It’s not just a place to sleep but an essential element of comfort and relaxation.

Available in various sizes and styles, a bed suits every preference and room size. Some beds also offer storage solutions, like built-in drawers or space underneath for storage boxes.

bed most essential piece of furniture in bedroom

From an aesthetic standpoint, the bed offers ample opportunities for personalization. The choice of bed sheets, comforters, and throw pillows can greatly impact the room’s ambiance, allowing individuals to express their style.

Additionally, the bed’s headboard adds a decorative element that can complement other furniture in the room. While the primary purpose of a bed is functional, its contribution to the bedroom’s aesthetics is equally significant.

3. Nightstand

Always handy to have, a nightstand is a small but mighty piece of furniture. It provides a convenient surface near the bed for various items, such as a reading lamp, alarm clock, drink of water, or a favorite book.

Some individuals may also choose to keep essential items like glasses, medication, or a phone charger on the nightstand, making them easily accessible during the night. A nightstand adds convenience and functionality to your sleep space.

Nightstands come in various styles, materials, and sizes, allowing for customization and personal expression. Whether you prefer a minimalist Scandinavian design, an ornate vintage piece, or a sleek modern table, the nightstand can define your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Some nightstands have built-in drawers or shelves, offering extra storage. Overall, a nightstand enhances both functionality and aesthetics in the bedroom.

4. Wardrobe/Closet

Storage is crucial for a tidy and organized bedroom, so having a wardrobe or closet is essential. Wardrobes come in different designs and configurations (hinged, sliding doors, or open shelving) to cater to individual storage needs and room space. They offer ample space for clothing, shoes, accessories, and personal items.

Additionally, wardrobes can serve as a decorative element in the bedroom, especially when chosen to complement the rest of the furniture or add a pop of color to the room.

From modern and minimalist to classic and ornate, wardrobes come in various styles that can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a bedroom. Ultimately, a wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture that provides functional and visual benefits to a bedroom.

5. Seating Area

The bedroom is not just a place for sleeping; it’s also a space for relaxation, unwinding, and spending quality time. A seating area in the bedroom provides:

  • A comfortable spot for reading.
  • Watching TV.
  • Enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

It also adds a touch of luxury to the room, creating a hotel-like ambiance.

A seating area can vary from a cozy armchair to a chaise lounge or small sofa. The options are endless, depending on personal preferences and room size.

It can also double as storage, with hidden compartments or drawers. A seating area adds comfort and ambiance to a bedroom, making it an essential furniture piece.

6. Desk or Vanity

For those who work from home or prefer doing their makeup and hair in their own space, having a desk or vanity in the bedroom is essential. A desk provides a dedicated workspace for studying, working on a laptop, or writing.

It can also be used to display decorations or personalize with office supplies. Some desks even offer built-in storage options like drawers or shelves, combining practicality with aesthetics.

On the other hand, a vanity offers a designated area for beauty routines and getting ready in the morning. It provides ample storage for makeup, hair tools, and skincare products, keeping them organized and accessible.

Additionally, a vanity adds glamor to the bedroom with its elegant design and usually includes a mirror for convenience. Whether it’s a desk or a vanity, these furniture pieces combine functionality and style in the bedroom.

7. Full-Length Mirror

Every bedroom is complete with a full-length mirror. Whether hung on the wall or propped against it, a full-length mirror is essential for getting dressed, checking your outfit before heading out, and even taking selfies.

It also helps create the illusion of more space in the room and reflects natural light, brightening the space.

From decorative frames to sleek designs that blend in with the wall, full-length mirrors come in various styles to complement any bedroom.

They also serve as a decorative element and can add visual interest to a wall or corner. Overall, a full-length mirror is an essential piece of furniture that adds functionality and style to a bedroom.

These seven pieces of furniture are crucial for creating a well-furnished and functional bedroom. From storage solutions to decorative elements, each item explicitly enhances the room’s overall ambiance and meets necessary needs.

With careful consideration of personal style, preferences, and room size, these essential items can help you create the perfect sleep space that reflects your personality and provides comfort for years. So, include them in your bedroom furniture ensemble for a well-rounded and inviting space.