Minecraft Interior Design Ideas – 15 Ingenious Ideas For Your Home

Last Updated on January 28, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Have you ever thought you could get inspired from one of the most successful games of today’s era? Sounds strange, right? Well, Minecraft is a game which has brought a storm to  the internet world.

 As of today’s date, the Minecraft 3D game has been one of the most trending games on this huge platform. People are loving the minecraft interior design and are getting inspired from the same.

The game was launched in the year 2011 and since the day it was released, the game has just seen success and popularity. This game is one of the most successful games of the decade. In this game, you are supposed to build buildings, apartments, houses with the help of various kinds of blocks in a three-dimensional world.

The popular 3D structure game is loved by millions of people. Your creativity and thought of imagination is tested while playing the game. In addition, you also get minecraft interior ideas to get inspired in your daily life.

It is hard to believe how one can get inspired from a game, but it is true. Minecraft offers you with lots of interior decor ideas which you can implement in your own dream house. In addition, you can also explore cave systems, craft items, gather resources and do so many things.

 Minecraft’s latest features help you build modern and luxurious houses as per your taste. In addition, you can also decorate your house with flowers, vase, frames and many more. There are so many options available  to decorate your houses. Just widen your imaginations and broaden your creativity and innovation.

If you are someone who is bored of trying the same routine designs to your minecraft house and is looking for some cool and exciting minecraft interior decoration ideas you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to know some of the ingenious ideas for your house inspired by the most popular game – Minecraft.

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15 Ingenious Ideas for your home

To start with, let’s take a look at some of the brilliant ideas for your Living room. As the living room is one of the biggest and largest parts of your house, you need to be more creative while designing it.

One suggestion before we move towards the ideas, try to decorate your house with lots of lights and flowers to brighten up your whole house. This will not only make your house look beautiful but at the same time will give you enough sunlight and brightness to your lovely minecraft house.

1. Minimalistic Living Room

1 minecraft interior design ideas

If you are someone who loves simple and minimalistic rooms, this one is specifically designed for you. This room has no bold colors, no loud furniture, in fact what it actually has is only simplicity and a serene environment.

The room has classic light and dark themes with two white couches placed right in front of the TV and a fireplace. Also don’t forget to check out two shelves each placed on the sides of the TV unit.

You can always decorate your living room with large photo frames or wall hanging to give it a nice fresh look to your living room. The more you add accessories , the less it will look plain and simple.

2. Entertainment Room

2 minecraft interior design ideas

Who doesn’t love designing Entertainment rooms? The entertainment room is nothing but a living space to have some fun. You can add so many things to decorate and give new life to your Entertainment room.

As it is an Entertainment room, you can add a big screen and give it a theatre look. In addition, you can even play with colors and add glory to your entertainment room. If you want to give it a grand and luxurious look, you can think about high ceilings just like shown in the picture.

High ceilings make your room look bigger and spacious. Also, with the right accessories like flower vase, fancy lighting, and big frames you can make your Entertainment room the perfect one. Indeed, one of the best minecraft interior ideas.

3. Huge Family Room

3 minecraft interior design ideas

One of the most important parts of the house, the Family room, has to be the most classic one. With three large couches and a large fireplace in the middle you can give this family room a grand aesthetic look.

To add more uniqueness and elegant look to this family room, you can even add a large aquarium just beside the sofa set. As the living room has a bigger space, you can also think about adding some plants and flower pots to your living room. This will not only make it look pretty and wonderful but at the same time will give you a calm and peaceful environment.

4. Grey Colored Living Room

4 minecraft interior design ideas

This one is quite unique and interesting. If you are one who is obsessed with grey color, you should definitely look forward to this beautiful color coordinated living room which looks no less than a dream.

The room is painted with single color grey and all the furniture are designed in contrast to the grey color. There are many color options available to go with grey color. You can choose white, black, or silver color furniture and accessories in contrast to grey color.

This grey colored living room gives us a whole different vibe altogether. Just look at the picture, doesn’t it look like a gorgeous minecraft interior design idea?


Designing bedrooms from taking inspiration from Minecraft interior design can also turn out to be fun. You can take so many Minecraft interior design ideas for your bedroom. Let’s have a look at each bedroom idea.

5. Minecraft Master Bedroom

5 minecraft interior design ideas

Master bedrooms are always spacious so you can add whatever you feel like adding in your bedroom. From windows, to drawers to wardrobes to cabinets you can literally add anything you love in your bedroom.

Your master bedroom is one of the biggest bedrooms you can have in your house in terms of size. So, try to make the use of space in the most generous way.  You can add a double bed at one side of your bedroom and on the other side near the window you can place a corner seating which looks comfortable and gorgeous both at the same time.

6. Minecraft Kids Bedroom

6 minecraft interior design ideas

What is the most fun part in designing a house? Of course it has to be the kids bedroom. You can get hell creative while designing and creating a kids bedroom. If you have kids in your house, you will love designing this room for them.

From cradle to bunk beds to their small play area, you can literally go crazy while designing their bedroom. As shown in the picture, you can set up a study table for them and a small cabinet to store their toys.


It is nearly impossible to imagine a house without a bathroom. So, we have some unique designs inspired from Minecraft interior ideas for your bathroom too which you can implement in your Minecraft house when you play next. Furthermore, you can be much more creative and innovative while designing bathrooms.

7. Minecraft Bathroom with Dressing area

7 minecraft interior design ideas

How cool the bathroom can be with a personal dressing area. The separate dressing area gives this bathroom a modern and spacious look. You can set up this bathroom with a simple shower area and a wash basin along with it.

One of the modern ideas of designing a dressing area in the bathroom gives this bathroom a complete modern makeover.

8. Minecraft Luxurious Bathroom

8 minecraft interior design ideas

Who doesn’t adore a wide and spacious bathroom area? Just look at the picture shown above, doesn’t it give a royal and luxurious feel?

How cool the wooden boards look with shower and toilet area written on them. Being so spacious, you can divide your bathroom in two different areas for shower and toilet area. In addition, don’t forget to check out the walls and flooring which are designed in the same pattern.


So what next? Well, now comes one of the most important parts of the house. Just like without food we are incomplete, our house is incomplete without a kitchen. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Minecraft interior design ideas for kitchens.

9. Minecraft Modular Kitchen

9 minecraft interior design ideas

How about designing a Minecraft modular kitchen? Well, a modular kitchen is all a woman needs in her life. You can be so colorful when it comes to the kitchen. Your kitchen should always look bright and colorful just like shown in the above picture. In addition, you can also think about adding plants and flowers near the window area.

From windows to chimneys to drawers to cabinets you can literally be much more creative while designing a kitchen.

10. Minecraft Traditional Kitchen

10 minecraft interior design ideas

If you are someone who is not so much into modular kitchens can try out the minecraft interior design idea for traditional kitchens. From all the necessities required in the kitchen like cabinets, gas stove, cooking platform, and fridge you can design this kitchen in a traditional way.

In a traditional kitchen, you only tend to set all the necessities and the rest of the area is kept spacious to make it look nice and big.

Dining room

Well said, Family that eats together, stays together. So, a dining room is something which gathers your family in one place. Let’s quickly take a look at minecraft interior design ideas for the dining room and do try these out to have a unique creation.

11. Minecraft Modern Dining Room

11 minecraft interior design ideas

Dining area again is a place which is quite huge in your house. You can add wall decor and large photo frames of your family in the dining area. The combination of brown table and white accessories goes quite well. Also, don’t forget to add crockery storage beneath your dining table.

One thing you must check out is how well the large windows are complementing the whole dining area. It makes your dining room look bigger and nicer.

Minecraft Interior Decor Ideas

For a beautiful and gorgeous Minecraft interior house, only designing the house is not enough. For this, you will also have to focus on some decor tips and ideas to implement in your Minecraft house.

Let’s take a look at some of the Minecraft interior decor ideas to try on something unique and creative houses for your Minecraft.

12.  Decor with Vase and Flowers

12 minecraft interior design ideas

One of the best ways to highlight your living room or bedroom is by using vases and different kinds of flowers or pots. Flowers and vases are multipurpose. They add elegance and royalty in your room and at the same time give you a calm and serene atmosphere. In addition, flowers also give you the best vibe altogether.

You can also try flower veils or vases in your kitchen too. Near the window of your kitchen, flower veils will look extremely gorgeous.

13. Use of Photo Frames and Wall Hangings

13 minecraft interior design ideas

Just by adding wallpapers and different wall patterns and textures will not enlighten your whole wall. What you actually need is nice and large size photo frames or the perfect wall hangings for your Minecraft houses.

You can try photo frames and wall hangings in your living room or bedroom.

14. Decor with Lights and Chandeliers

14 minecraft interior design ideas

How about giving a royal and luxurious feel with the help of fairy lights and a gorgeous chandelier in the living room? Sounds good right. Well, it executes even better. Try out with some colourful lights to enhance and brighten your room. 

15. Decor with Plants and other Accessories

15 minecraft interior design ideas

Another fabulous way of decorating your minecraft houses can be through using some plants and showpieces to enlighten your tea table or centre table.

Plants try to bring positive vibes to the area. No matter wherever you keep plants and flowers, it will bloom from anywhere it is placed.


And that’s it! So, these were some of the ingenious ideas for your minecraft interior decor ideas. Designing the houses which should always be unique from your previous designs can be sometimes challenging. And so, I hope this blog is useful for you to try some unique and innovative designs for your Minecraft house.

Don’t forget to decorate your house with flowers, frames, lights and many more such items to give your house a complete new makeover.