20 Best Mirrors That Look Like Windows

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Mirrors and windows, in retrospect, function the same when it comes to providing natural light and in brightening even the dimmest, darkest room in the home. Sure, one can say that between the two, a window would be more beneficial. But in some instances, say for compact rooms that do not need more windows or for more decorative purposes that do not require window treatments, a window mirror or mirrors that look like windows would be more practical and stand out. 

If you want to narrow down some of the best choices when it comes to window mirrors, this post rounds up a list of some notable selections. So, sift through the list and make a mental note of which one would be the choice for you. 

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best mirrors look like windows

How do you make a mirror look like a window?

If you are exploring window mirrors for the first time, it is interesting to know how to make a mirror look like a window. In this section, we give you some tips and steps in getting your mirror look like a window. 

  • Consider size and shape: When it comes to size, choose a mirror that mimics either half, the same, or larger size as that of regular windows. As for the shape, you can choose from arched, Victorian style, oval or circular but overwhelmingly, rectangular shaped mirrors are still chosen. 
  • Muntin is essential: This one would be the vertical dividers that make the mirror look like a window. It is installed on the mirror to create four or more partitions in the glass, mimicking how windows look. 
  • Grille: If you do not want a traditional window effect, you can instead overlay the grille or trims to the mirror. You can use stained wood to give it a rustic look or a metal frame for a more contemporary one. 
  • Customized: If you want a more personal touch, you can ask window mirror contractors to create and install one for you. 

After you have narrowed down these considerations, honestly, all that is left for you to do is to mark the spot where the mirror shall be hanged. 

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20 mirrors that look like windows 

Now that you know the basic pointers in making a mirror look like a window, it is time for us to look at some of the best choices when it comes to window mirrors. So, without much ado, let us dive straight into these selections. 

1. Classic black windowpane mirror


This glass injected windowpane mirror from Patton Wall Décor adds a classy and classic touch to any living room.

It is a 23×30 wall mounted window mirror with a glossy, hand painted black finish. It comes with keyhole hangers for secure mounting. You can also line up 3-4 panels of this window mirror to give your space an Asian flair. 

2. Window frame 8-frame paned wall mirror

81gijty2fWL. AC SL1500

This one is not that different from the first, only it features beveled glasses for more texture and layer to your accented wall and it is rectangular in form.

It has a dimension of 17 x 42 and its beveled glass is at 1.5-inches in depth and each mirror is at 7×10-inches. It is lightweight, as it is made of high-quality plastic. It also comes with D-ring hangers for easy horizontal and vertical installation. 

3. Gray wash window mirror

71y7YDilnpL. AC SL1500

This is another square window mirror from Patton Wall Décor. If you are into rustic home vibes, this makes a fine choice with its stained wood, farmhouse touch.

Its dimension is at 24×36 and it can easily become the focal point of narrow entryways or hallways. It comes with D-hangers for secure in-wall mounting, and its distressed look is really one for the ages. 

4. Modern casual window mirror

81qFsqET mL. AC SL1500

With its geometric inlay and window muntin, it is the perfect window mirror if you want to go for a modern or casual chic vibe for your living room, bedroom, or entryway.

With its dimension of 13×30 and a no-hassle installation thanks to its accompanying D-hangers, you can easily upscale a space with this window mirror. 

5. Arched windowpane mirror

71wKQLsPGzL. AC SL1500

This is another rustic style window mirror that you can consider from COGOOD. It has all the hints of modern farmhouse homes with its washed, white trims, and arched inlays that resonate traditional cathedral windows.

Its dimension is at 36×24 and comes with a double back buckle for easy installation. It is a beautiful accent mirror for narrow entryways, living rooms, and study rooms. 

6. Distressed arched window mirror

81oYGZnuVjL. AC SL1484

This is another cathedral style window but with a beautiful raw and rustic touch because of its distressed design. The trims are made of MDF and firwood with a distressed white and gold finish to give it an antique, vintage look.

It comes with pre-installed hooks, and it would look dashing in bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways. 

7. Wood and metal window mirror

81sPtD0nHBL. AC SL1500

For a sophisticated looking window mirror, this wood framed window mirror with metal trims and wood muntin is a good choice if you want to make a room more illuminated and feel larger.

It is at 28×46 and its glass has a depth of 1.75. While wall mounted, it is not as lightweight as the others at 26lbs. Nonetheless, its two-toned appearance is just admirable. 

8. Wood and iron windowpane mirror

91oVaiAA1AS. AC SL1500

For another farmhouse appeal, you would love this wood and iron windowpane mirror. It is lightweight, with a dimension of 22×34-inches.

It is a four-windowpane mirror with an iron hanging bar that makes it look like a track line where it is supposed to be swung open and close. It is very versatile and with its pre-drilled installation holes, you would not have any problem wall mounting it. 

9. Vintage windowpane mirror with shutter

711PdMhlIAL. AC SL1500

This is a unique way to accentuate shabby chic and farmhouse style homes. It comes in a rustic, blue wood frame and a dull green shutter. You can close it to have a window effect and open it to use as a mirror.

It can transport you into a Midwestern saloon right there in your living room. You can also hang it by the patio or porch. 

10. Cathedral style windowpane mirror with grill

71P3pN6dazS. AC SL1200

This one is the fusion of arched cathedral style windows, iron grills and geometric inlays, wooden frame, and injected glass. It is made of natural firwood and finished with a weathered brown paint.

It is a nine-pane window mirror at 27×35 dimension and a height of 4ft. It comes with D-ring hangers for easy installation. 

11. Arched double modern vanity windowpane mirror

71HcyLtfb8S. AC SL1500

This handcrafted double vanity mirror with a windowpane design is perfect for narrow entryways, living rooms as well as bathrooms. It offers a classy touch, with a black matte finish and arched accents.

Its dimensions are at 57×38 with a height of 12-inches. Given its size, it is lightweight at 27lbs. It has metal muntin for the panes and its glass looks like they are floating. 

12. Farmhouse style multipanel mantel mirror

This one features a grid and diamond arched windowpane mirror made of dark firwood with a vintage farmhouse style. It has an arched top, with a wood lock in the middle that gives the illusion of a double opening cathedral window. It is 36×24 in dimension and a glass depth of 1.5-inches. 

If you need something to brighten up the living room, kitchen entryway or even the bedroom, this is a fine choice. 

13. Palladian window pane mirror

51L7seSBvVL. AC SL1000

This semi-circular and semi-arched windowpane mirror is a fresh and chic accent mirror to any room. It comes in a grey painted wood and glass.

It has skirted trims, ray style muntin, and a dimension of 32×79-inches. It comes with mounting brackets and is lightweight at just 6lbs. It is perfect for dens, hallways, bedrooms, and the living room. 

14. Chic coastal rustic arched window mirror

81jXXdRK0iL. AC SL1500

This one is said to be inspired by the coastal cottages of the United Kingdom and its sophistication and rustic countryside appear. It is a 24×36 window mirror with a height of 12-inches. It features white painted, wooden trims, with muntin at its top arch. 

Its symmetry is very eye-catching and comes with D-ring hangers for hassle-free installation. It also comes in dark brown and glossy black finishes for a modern and contemporary look.

15. Distressed four-pane window mirror

This one does not follow the traditional window look as it comes in four individual windowpane mirrors. Nonetheless, it is still a glamorous choice as it reflects the surroundings, brightening up the room and making it wider.

They look like four parts of one floating window. It is made of fir wood and MDF so you can count on it for its durability. It comes with pre-installed teeth hangers for mounting.

16. Distressed decorative two-pane window mirror

71iC91rHNYL. AC SL1319

This 12×12 decorative window mirror is like the previously listed one. It features more geometrical accents, looking like a large, open fleur de lis.

It is made of MDF, washed with white stains. It looks good for home offices, bedrooms, entryways, and living rooms. It is sturdy and comes with saw teeth hangers for easy installation. 

17. Gridwall window mirror

91gDqHA0PSL. AC SL1500

This rectangular wood and glass window mirror is one of the chicest accent mirrors that you could add to any bedroom or living room. It is made of natural firwood and features wide central glass panels and smaller glass squares. 

It is at 40×28 and with its tan wood trims and frame, it would blend well with any color scheme and any type of home design. The only downside to this is that it does not come with any hanging hardware for installation. 

18. Vintage metal mantel mirror

81FkcHAsWOL. AC SL1500

There is nothing more sophisticated than this metal mantel mirror with gold trims, frame, and finish. It is very stylish, versatile, and functional. It stands at 20×25-inches, with an arched, curved, top and rectangular bottom half.

Its geometrical inlays also make it a standout view for any living room, bedroom, and entryways. It is easy to clean but it does not come with hardware hangers.  

19. Wooden round window mirror

81+fwwh3eES. AC SL1500

This one is another distressed design window mirror that has all the coastal and farmhouse style that traditional square and rectangular window mirrors have. It is made of wood, with blotched, aquamarine paint weighing 12lbs.

It features side buckle locks and a central metal lock. It is perfect as wall accent decors as well as for bedrooms and even bathrooms. 

20. Circular and arched window mirror

71AaZucCgEL. AC SL1500

This is a visually captivating window mirror as it is circular shaped accompanied by circular, wooden trim, and finish. At its center would be arched grills and small square panes.

It is 30×30, made of solid wood and injected glass. It is perfect for bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, and bedrooms. It does not, however, come with hardware hangers so you must separately buy one for installation.  

How much is a windowpane mirror? 

With the range of designs, glass style and brands that manufacture windowpane mirrors, it does not have a fixed range. Nonetheless, as far as the listed products are concerned, expect a price range of $20-160. Of course, the most inexpensive ones would be those that are made of plastic frame. Mid-tier ones are those made of metal trims and the most expensive ones are those made of solid wood. 


We can all agree that mirrors are always worth the penny when it comes to updating the look of any room. They are especially beneficial in making the room look brighter, larger, and wider.

They can come in wood, metal, or high-quality plastic. But it does not always mean that you must resort to conventional bust mirrors or traditional mirror designs. Sometimes, you can go outside the box and bank on window mirrors to do the job for you.  

If you are looking for a sign to convince you to have one, we think that this list of mirrors that like windows here is convincing enough, so make the choice and see how these window mirrors can work wonders for your home.