30+ Best White And Gold Bedroom Ideas and Designs (Photos)

A bedroom is a place inside the home is a private place meant for an individual to sleep and rest.

It is where you sit, converse over the phone while watching a movie, where you write your daily stories, rest from a tiring activity, and of course sleep comfortably. However, a bedroom with no colors and design is not comforting nor visually stimulating. 

One of the finest color combos out there for bedrooms would be the classic and neat beauty of white and gold. If you are one who has a flair of clean lines and contemporary or even a retro look, here are some white and gold bedroom ideas to take inspiration from. 

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30+ Best White And Gold Bedroom Ideas and Designs (Photos)

As have been mentioned, white and gold offer a magnificent and comforting touch to a bedroom because they give off a neat and polished look. If you are one who has always loved the effect of gold and white, here are some notable white and gold bedroom ideas for you. 

1. Bohemian themed gold and white bedroom

If you want a more upend looking bohemian themed bedroom, white and gold like this one is something to go for.

Added with a satin chocolate brown throw blanket, streaks of green and brass, boho prints and monochrome walls and flooring, you get this gold and white contemporariness.  If you want it simple but elegant, go for this idea. 

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2. Chic Polka Dot Bedroom

Any shade of pink, surprisingly, works for the white and gold combo. It is looking soft, chic plus the added black and white accents as makes it more stylish, cooler and fun. 

The refreshing aura of this bedroom anchored on gold and white is reminiscent of a trendy, independent woman as it exudes a lot of femininity and casualness. This is yet again a simple and neat idea to arrange your white and gold bedroom with. 

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3. Purple

Source: Imagine Living

Purple is the color of luxury and mystery, thus, pairing it with gold creates a room that is mysteriously and elegantly looking like this one here.

Source: DLT Interiors-Debbie Travin

Though the purple is deep and bold, it does not steal the show. It gives in to the majority of white and gold with the chandelier accent that makes this look so royal and luxurious.

When you want it looking very opulent and high-end, choose this undeniably good combination of purple, white and gold. 

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Source: Houzz

4. Gold baby bedroom

Source: Vanessa Antonelli Designs

A baby bedroom with the gold and white combination is also a good idea. It creates a fun and exciting space thanks to the balance of warm and cool tones.

Source: Graystone Custom Builders, Inc

More so, it evokes a grounded level of coziness and comfort which makes it playful looking at one end and warm on another end.

This one here is clearly for a baby girl with all those pink details but those white and gold accents make it more phenomenal. 

5. White and gold on a holiday

On holidays, the most selected color pairing would be the white and gold. In this room, the majority of the color is white, making the space look dainty and larger.

The minimalism of the gold details in this room makes it more ambient and down-to-earth.

Source: Decor Gold Designs

There is no denying to the calmness and comfort that this predominantly white room with gold streaks could give. It is very fitting of the coziness of the holidays. 

Source: Randi Garrett Design

6. Prints and mirrors in a white and gold bedroom

The monochromatic colors added to the gold ones create a look to remember. Adding mirrors and putting them at the back of the bed is very much looking luxurious.

The tuft details, golden glow of the electric candelabras, the chandelier and the textured gold, almost beige sheets are just all on point.

Source: Southern Home

Plus, that printed white and black wallpaper by the headboard is something regal looking.  

7. Golden canopy

Source: Terri White Design

If you want it to look like in the medieval era, but with a modern flair, go for this commanding, thick golden bed canopy to be the focal point in a white monochrome bedroom.

With just one compelling detail, you can easily transform your bedroom with a lot of white and golden opulence that is hard to forget. Let us just allow this idea here to make a statement for itself. 

8. Soft pink and animal prints to your white and gold bedroom

If you want to achieve a simple yet sophisticated look for your bedroom, put in a dash of soft pink and animal prints as an accent to your white and gold bedroom idea. 

Source: Jenny Tran

This room does not really have so many decorative elements but with the texture and colors of all the accents from the chair to the bed and the general compactness of the room makes it a little cozy and more sophisticated just like what you want it to be. 

9. Mixing geometrics to your white and gold

Geometrics has a lot to say when talking about style and design. They give dynamics to the plain white and gold.

They add so much aesthetic value to a simple design, just like this bedroom idea.

The black bed infused with all the white and accented geometric design on the blanket just works together, giving a flash of chic modernism in this small bedroom

10. Geometric design on your wallpaper

Creating a sophisticated view through your wall designs says much about this bedroom idea.

While a majority of the white already looks good in this bedroom, the presence of the geometric wall design that is highlighted by the gold lines is a better sight and looks so perfectly fine together.

Going for this design is an extremely bright idea. No, other elements, just the colors and geometric design.

Source: Haven Design and Construction

11. White, gold and green

It is always good to add the color of nature to the white and gold color combination. This bedroom is neat, posh and utterly sophisticated with that gold geometric wallpaper which fills the coverage of the bedroom. The headboard looks so elegant with those tufting. 

The other decorative elements are also well-arranged. The old white color of the bed and rag is creating a balance to the elegance of gold and the boldness of the color green in this room. Going for this bedroom design is surely worth it. 

12. Gold and white

Looking so dramatic and elegant, the white and gold with a touch of dim lighting never fails. Going for an all-white and gold combination of a bedroom means choosing colors that would fit your style. 

Source: Gris Dales

From the ceiling to the flooring, there is no doubt of the cozy vibe it gives especially having the presence of an indoor fireplace that steals the show.

It complements the colors of gold and is unique in a way that not all rooms have this and would prefer a fireplace in their bedrooms. Looking at this very simple interior, adding gold will give it extra fun. 

13. Gold and white with mirror accents

Source: Ivy Lane Living

Mirrors inside a room are always a sure hit. But customizing these mirrors to give off uniqueness and lots of personality is something else.

This one here anchored the gold and white combo with large, intricate, and customized gold-framed mirrors.

Time and again, mirrors are an attractive element that is put in the home that is why choosing to have them more as a decorative object is definitely a good choice. 

Source: Woadden Nash Interiors

14. Old white and gold

This bedroom is designed to create a traditional look using the colors of gold and deep white. The two windows present across the bed with long curtains gives an old vibe.

What is making it look older and antique are the patterned wall and flooring design plus the frames of the mirrors aligned above the bed. 

The chandelier which is also looking traditional added to the antique vibe of this room. If you think white and gold cannot be muted to complement a pool of duller colors, you have to think again because this look here proves that. 

Source: W Design Interiors

15. Yellow, white and gold

In a room of gold and white, adding another sunny flair through the cousin color of gold which is yellow is such a fine choice. In this room, nothing is overwhelming.

Source: Houzz

Everything cleanly complements each other. While compact, all the right decorative elements are there. It has the angle, the edgy flair, but overall, all the golds and yellows here keep it warm, airy, and cozy. 

16. The gold and white mix to a teenager’s room

While it is very common for young ladies to have colorful, playful, and flashy rooms, it is also a good idea to keep it natural with just the presence of the golds and whites.

Staying simple does not really mean keeping a dull room because there are decorative ways to still make it fun and exciting.

Whatever the design and arrangement of the furniture, as long as the colors look good together, the mix and match of a room of gold and white makes it a fine choice for a teen’s room. 

Source: Jessica Bennett Interiors

17. A large golden and white bedroom

Source: Houzz

In a large room, the dilemma of what things to put to fill in the space is a very challenging job for the homeowner, therefore, putting a couch is definitely a hit in this kind of bedroom.

Source: Roberson Building Group

Also, the presence of an all-white cabinetry that matches the look of the bed with a gold headboard lining creates a timeless look. 

What is keeping it trendy and on style is the unique look of the ceiling where the natural light can enter the large space. It is the perfect gold and white idea for a master’s bedroom.

Source: Anomaly Timeless Decor

18. Classic Golden and White Bedroom

Source: Tucker & Marks

This bedroom is expensive looking albeit its compactness. However, with all the furniture put together plus the long curtains and unique chandelier design, it is inviting and warm to look at.

This bedroom design has so many highlights and recognizable positive features thanks to all the cohesive-looking elements, furniture and gold and white accents which make the room a clean and daring choice.  

19. Gold and White Bedroom with Floral Patterns

Source: London Bay Homes

While looking old and traditional is looking good with the match of gold and white, it also pays to try and have a different feeling putting in floral patterns to your gold and white bedroom. It looks so cozy and refreshing given the florals infused.

Overall, it is a natural, cool and comforting look for a bedroom. It is very moody, ambient and relaxing plus the gold walls are just so warm to look at. 

20. Different shade of gold and white bedroom

Source: Robert Legere Design

Mixing different shades of the colors gold and white is a wide idea given that it brings out a soothing feeling without looking for other colors to match. It evokes both elegance and class as the colors are giving so much character placed together. 

This bedroom interior is very clean and organized to look at plus the large floral carpet with a flower gives this room a little fun. In this overall bedroom look, the colors white and gold are extremely bringing out the best in each other while staying calm and simple that is so perfect for a bedroom idea. 

21. Cozy gold and white bedroom

The gold color undoubtedly brings a luxurious and elegant vibe while the white gives a lighter feel that creates a balance.

In this bedroom, it can be easily identified that this one is a master’s bedroom that is why it is looking so wonderfully made.

The colors of white and gold with a little accent of the black color is making the bedroom look very much expensive, old but timeless.

22. Grey, white and gold bedroom

Balancing the color gold with the gray and white is a perfect idea especially in a small bedroom where every little detail is seen and recognized.

The presence of the gray color attached to the bed as an accent makes it look modern while having to keep a traditional feel because of the shade of gold present in the bedroom. 

Source: The Refined Group

23. Black, golden and white bedroom

Source: Silver Dragon Designs Ltd

While the gold and white works, it is also a good idea to match it with a bold color like the black.

More of the black colors is put in this bedroom idea but still is giving a warm and cozy vibe while keeping a strong and bold features of the home. These mix of colors independently work but can also go in harmony together. 

24. Vintage Gold and White

As old as it may seem, this bedroom idea definitely goes with the vintage theme with all the colors of gold and white and the furniture put inside to create a scene.

The traditional look of the bed to the old colors of the frame plus the curtains are antique plus the gray and white which balances all colors mixed in this bedroom.

While most homeowners go for a modern contemporary design, some would still prefer an old feel where they find it simple and comforting, old and timeless.

25. Floral Wallpapers

Source: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

As flashy and gold as it seems, it is really not a bad idea to go for a majority of gold mixed with a little white in this small spaced bedroom.

The floral wallpaper also added to the beauty of this room and while the gold is working very much fine looking so expensive and elegant, the white bed adds light and gives a little natural to this full of gold bedroom design. 


What is the complementary color of gold? 

There is no question about the flexibility of white in all the colors of the color wheel. But have you ever wondered about the designated complementary color of gold? You would be surprised to know that the shinier, glossier gold would have blue as its complementary color while darker shades of gold would have purple-blue as its complementary color. 

Do all neutrals match with color gold? 

The good thing about gold is that yes, it is a perfect contrast to any neutral. From the aforementioned list, we have covered almost all neutral colors to accentuate a white and gold bedroom. Since it is a very warm color, subdued or organic neutrals would be the best pair to gold. 

Is the color gold a part of the yellow shade? 

There is no strict mention as to this but most dictionaries would define the color gold as an olive-brown to vivid yellow color. It, however, shines on its own so this would be immaterial, design-wise. 


A bedroom is a personal space of the homeowner that is why the design and colors matter. Despite the challenge of coming up with the best bedroom, you can count on the combination of white and gold to be versatile in any type of bedroom arrangement and against different decorative elements. 

With the list of white and gold bedroom ideas that we have here, we have proven that in any regard, there is a good white and gold bedroom arrangement that would suit your needs and preferences.