Valentine’s Day: Most Romantic Day Around The World

Last Updated on August 11, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Valentine’s Day is known as the most romantic day around the world. People from all over come together to celebrate being with the person they love, and others celebrate the fun of being single.

Yet, it’s important to ask, why do we bother to celebrate Valentine’s Day? A quick look at the holiday shows why it’s such a valued holiday.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day?

why we celebrate valentine day

Originally, the holiday had nothing to do with roses and cupids. It started as a celebration of the Christian martyr Saint Valentine. Over time, that feast of St. Valentine started to evolve into something more in the 14th and 15th centuries when notions of love began to change.

In those times, fewer people were getting married due to their parents’ wishes, and more people were beginning to seek companionate love with another partner. This changed the way that people celebrated Valentine’s Day because they were more likely to profess their love to someone and hope that it was reciprocated.

By the 18th century, people were issuing their “valentines” to people to express their love and interest in them. It’s also the time when a lot of the older ideas about relationships were begin eschewed.

While the upper classes were more concerned with marrying the right people, everyone else wanted a match that was right for them rather than the first person that asked their parents.

Now, the present iteration of Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and connection between people, and many individuals decide to partake. While a lot of the fervor surrounding the holiday has died in the last few decades, people still celebrate Valentine’s Day out of a sense of enjoyment.

It gives them an excuse to look for a partner or celebrate having a person to go out on a date with. Yet, it’s increasingly becoming known more for being a “Hallmark holiday” and not something that is celebrated with vigor, sadly.

Sense of this day in the modern world

Why do we still celebrate this holiday? Well, like many of the holidays that started centuries ago, people have marked the dates and changed the celebration.

There are some practical reasons that we celebrate this holiday, and part of it might be the time of year. During winter, people aren’t as connected as they are in warmer months.

The holiday season around Christmas and New Year’s has already passed, and people are longing for connection. According to cupid we can say that people are starting to be more active in their love searching in February.

It’s a yearly reminder that people crave love, and this time of year brings more people out into the open with an open desire for romance!

Best ways to celebrate it

rose wine valentine

Now, there are many ways that people celebrate the holiday. While most people think about romantic kisses and meals, there are other means to capture the fun of the day. Here are some ideas that you can take part in to have a good time.

Make a movie marathon!

Putting on a romantic movie will help you and your partner realize that you have something important to celebrated.

Save someone from loneliness

If you’re alone and another friend is alone, celebrate together. You don’t have to have a romantic partner to have a good time with this holiday!

Watch for sunshine on the roof

There’s nothing better than watching the sunrise with someone you love.

Cook something special and stay home together

It’s time to brush off the cookbook and see what you can make. Your partner will be impressed by the efforts you go through to make them happy! You might surprise yourself with your culinary skills!

Take a tent and go camping!

Only do this one if the weather is nice in your part of the world. You don’t want to go camping in the middle of a snowstorm! All the love in the world can’t keep you warm. Still, if it’s nice, getting away from everything can be very good for a relationship.

While some of these options can depend a great deal on the weather during that time of year, some of them can happen in less-than-ideal situations. Remember, even single people celebrate this holiday as a representation of their independence, so you can take part as well!

Who waits for this day more, men or women?


The question of who desires this day more is up for debate. On one hand, the men that do all the work know that the favor will often be returned at some other point in the future. Moreover, they have an excuse to show their softer, more vulnerable side to their partners.

Yet, the expectations for men are often placed far too high for them to actually enjoy the day. They are expected to lavish their partner with gifts, perhaps propose, and do all kinds of other things. It can be very stressful for guys that are simply trying to do their best to balance their relationship with the rest of life.

Women like the fact that they will be lavished with gifts and pursued by suitors. However, it’s more emotionally damaging to women that are single on this day than it is to men.

They will feel undesirable or become much more aware of their lack of a relationship. All in all, women look forward to it most, but they also despise it the most if they’re single. They reap the greatest benefits from it, but they’re also downtrodden as single ladies.

Valentine’s Day is a cause for celebration for people around the globe. While it may mean different things to different people, it’s also important to recognize the many ways to celebrate the holiday.

Whether you’re single and empowered or you’ve finally found someone to share the experience with, everyone can enjoy this holiday. Find the way of celebrating it that suits you the best, or you can even start your own tradition!