30+ Outdoor Decorating Ideas With Heart-Shaped For This Valentine

Last Updated on January 8, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Valentine’s Day is a very important time of the year, not just because of the show of love in the air and gift but also because of the amazing decoration and Guess what?

We got just the right decorations for you. Here are some ideas you might want to consider for your next Valentine’s Day decorations.

best outdoor valentine decor ideas

1. Valentine Wreath and Front Porch

1 outdoor valentine decor ideas


Here is one great idea that you could consider for Valentine’s decoration. It is simple, inexpensive, and straight to the point decoration. It is an outdoor décor that can be hung on your door.

2. DIY Heart Button

2 outdoor valentine decor ideas

If you are having a hard time decorating your home or apartment, here is something you can do. Select some red buttons and shape them in the form of a heart and attach a red and white bow tie to it. Add the design to a flower vase and rightly place it in front of your front door such that anyone that comes in sees it first.

3. Dinner Date Design

3 outdoor valentine decor ideas

Source: instagram, kenrashsoutdoorfurniture

If you are planning to have Valentine’s Day dinner, here is a decoration idea for your dinner date. The key to such beautiful décor is the lightings and curtains. An added feature is the big red heart roses on the floor. This design is simply amazing.

4. Driveway Heart Attack

4 outdoor valentine decor ideas


Don’t know what to do to your driveway to decorate it for Valentine’s Day? Try this; make heart shapes on a cardboard, cut it out and place it around the driveway then color it with bright colors like red, yellow, pink and whatever color you can try out.

5. Creative Outdoor Design

5 outdoor valentine decor ideas

The mixtures of brightly colored heart shapes help these designs uniqueness. Also, the fresh flowers in the vase and the two dancing angels on the door just improves the quality of this idea.

6. Simple Valentine Decor

6 outdoor valentine decor ideas

If you are looking to do a simple outdoor design for your garden or somewhere around the house, here is what you can try. Set it up at a visible place around the house and you are good to go.

7. Love Lives Here

7 outdoor valentine decor ideas


This design already speaks its intention for itself. So much was put into this design to make it this lovely; the letters “love lives here” being spelled out one after the other, the pink love stand and all

8. Front Door Valentine’s Day Berry Wreath

8 outdoor valentine decor ideas


If being simple is your thing or if you want something really expensive, here is what to try. Berry wreaths are popularly known for their front door appearances, in case you are wondering the white bow is what holds the heart-shaped berry wreath to the door

9. Hanging Love

9 outdoor valentine decor ideas

Here is a design for your window, outdoor dinner or even garden. It is simple and fits both indoor and outdoor views.

10. Oh Happy Day

10 outdoor valentine decor ideas


Isn’t this lovely? The bright colored heart-shaped design would look amazing hanging around your driveway, garden, trees and anywhere with enough space to accommodate it.

11. Glowing Heart

11 outdoor valentine decor ideas
If you are trying to do Valentine’s Day décor on a strict budget, here is a design for you. All that is required is a piece of light and two throw pillows and you are good to go. You can feature this on your door or window.

12. Outdoor Tree Décor

12 outdoor valentine decor ideas


You can simply decorate your outdoor tree by making yarns into heart-shaped objects and painting them with bright colors. Then finally attach the objects to the tree and there you go.

13. Faux Outdoor Valentine’s Day Décor Plant

13 outdoor valentine decor ideas


This is made in an amazing way such that each faux has at its top a heart-shaped with cardboard. The roots are well embedded into the soil which holds it firmly.

14. Double Black Buffalo Check Swag Wreath

14 outdoor valentine decor ideas


Look what we have here? This is simply a Valentine wreath involving some grasses, beautifully shaped hearts, really big ribbons, and some faux branches. It is made to nicely fit on the door. A suggestion is to add some Christmas lights.

15. Outdoor Window Box Valentine’s Day Décor

15 outdoor valentine decor ideas


This design is just an amazing one. It is a window box fixed at the window side; some cotton is added to the top of the box to seem like a snowfall, then a nice heart and some fresh green leaves are well fitted on the box.

16. Art for the Cottage Porch

16 outdoor valentine decor ideas


If you are looking for a really creative idea for your house trees, garden or something hanging around the house, here is one to try. Pick some sticks of different sizes and paint them to be a blend of many colors, tie them together and hang them.

17. Outdoor Valentine Dinner Flower Decoration

17 outdoor valentine decor ideas

This is a flower decoration for your dinner dates. Simply shape flowers to a tree form and hang them over the dinner table

18. Outdoor Lightings for Valentine

18 outdoor valentine decor ideas


One fantastic idea is to make Christmas lights into heart shapes and hang them around the house

19. Crochet Valentine Décor

19 outdoor valentine decor ideas

Here is another design to consider for your Valentine decorations, make yarns into a heart with bright colors and hang them.

20. Hanging Heart and Sparkles

20 outdoor valentine decor ideas


This is yet another outdoor décor. All you need for this design are strings of well-painted cardboard with colors that represent love. You can hang them on the trees in the compound, or in your garden.