10 No-cost or Low-cost Garden Tools

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Gardening is something that a majority of American households do. Some families do it to grow food, some to improve the look of their yard and others simply because they find it fun. There are also several mental and physical benefits that go along with gardening as well.

In order to start and successfully operate a garden, there are a few things that you need. You need some space, some time out of your day and potentially a whole lot of tools. While many people buy their tools from a store, these can often be expensive at times. As a result, some people will opt to make their own garden tools from various household items.

You will certainly need a few tools that you buy, but there are a variety of DIY tools that you can make yourself as well. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some low or no-cost garden tools to take your garden to the next level.

best no cost low cost garden tools


While there is a chance you could make a shovel yourself, it is generally a good idea to buy one. You need the shovel to be sturdy, strong, reliable and long-lasting. It should also be durable enough to last you multiple gardening seasons of digging and planting. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a quality shovel that will last.

Repurpose a Milk Carton

repurposed milk carton

After you have finished all of the milk from a carton, don’t throw it away. This carton can actually be used for a variety of different gardening tasks. By cutting it up, this milk carton can be transformed into the garden tool of your dreams. If it is cut in half, the bottom can become a mini greenhouse, and the top can be a useful scoop. Not only is this tool versatile, but it didn’t cost you a penny extra.


Gloves are necessary to keep your hands clean and safe during the long hours of gardening ahead of you. Making your own gloves isn’t often viable, but using an old pair of gloves you have around the house can work. If you don’t have any, quality gloves can often be found very affordably, and if treated well, should last for years.

Sure, you could simply garden without gloves, but your hands will get filthy and could potentially get hurt or injured.

A Blanket

If you have an old blanket that you no longer need or isn’t as comfortable as it once was, it can be a perfect tool for your gardening needs. It can be used to drag and transport bags of dirt or soil (similar to a wheelbarrow) or can be put on your plants and act as protection from the frost. In a similar vein, using an old tarp or tablecloth can have similar results as well.

Egg Shells and Cartons

Eggshell planters seedlings

Eggs shells and cartons are beloved by gardeners everywhere for their many uses. They are great for starting seeds, as egg shells are completely biodegradable and make perfect no-waste pots. Of course, be sure to wash out the cartons and egg shells to make sure that there is the lowest chance of contamination possible. Once the seeds have been started, they can be put into the ground.

Dollar Store Shears

A big part of successfully growing a garden is maintaining your plants, a big part of this cutting and trimming trees, bushes, and flowers. While you could go out and get some specially-made pruners, there is often no need. A simple trip to the dollar store should help you find incredibly cheap kitchen shears that can work just as well.

A Set of Hand Tools

hand tools

Again, like the shovel, it is a good idea to buy these as you want them to last and they are incredibly important to the success of your garden. Hand trowels, mini rakes, weeder, and garden knives are just some of the hand tools that you might need. While you could go out and buy each individually, you can often find sets that will give you what you need for a fraction of the price. For example, there are a wide range of different gardening hand tools available on Easy Digging’s site that are affordable without sacrificing quality.

Homemade Watering Can

Homemade watering can

Keeping your plants, flowers and trees sufficiently watered is perhaps the most important part of a successful garden. Watering cans can be found cheaply, but there are also ways to make them yourself. They can be crafted from a water bottle, a coffee can, a bottle of laundry detergent or anything else. Simply poke a few holes in the lid, and you will be ready to water your plants without spending any extra money.


18 upcycled trellis garden ideas farmfoodfamily

If you have a lack of ground space to use for your garden, consider investing in some trellis. It is also great for plants that grow very tall, but need something to hold on to, essentially.

This is a vertical structure, often made of lattice or wire, that allows plants to easily grow upwards. It can be found affordably, as it is normally just pieces of wood or metal, but you could even build some yourself. If you have any extra wire fencing or lattice sitting around, simply display it vertically and it’s ready to help support your garden. They are also easy to store and take up virtually no space.

Garden Rake

If there are many trees in your yard and they lose their leaves in the falls, you certainly need a rake. A rake is also incredibly helpful when it comes to cleaning up your garden by removing a lot of debris.

Making a full-sized rake will prove difficult, so this is one of the tools you should feel comfortable buying if you can find a quality option for a good price. It should be the right size to allow for comfortable use, as well. Don’t be afraid to look for them second-hand either, as that can be a good way to get quality tools for less.

In conclusion, the tools included in this article will be able to offer you great functionality, without breaking the budget. Whether you make them yourself or buy them affordably, getting the tools you need for your garden doesn’t have to be expensive.