23+ Best Lattice Fence Ideas and Designs For Your Garden and Backyard

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Aside from looking simple yet classy, more and more homeowners are getting attracted to lattice fencing because of its visually appealing character, versatility, easy installation, and cost-efficient nature.

It could be used for a wide range of fencing purposes from privacy fencing to simple outline fencing.

If you are thinking of using lattice fencing for your garden or patio for a change, here are some lattice fence ideas that you can consider. 

best lattice fence ideas

What is a lattice fence?

In appearance, the lattice fence is unique because of its distinguishable diagonal slats and crisscross pattern. It is commonly used in oriental style gardens, spa, and as enclosures in patios or used as dividers inside the home.

It is also known for being a cheap fencing alternative and a durable, versatile fencing choice. 

How much does a lattice fence cost?

Lattice fence cost is based on three quality grades and the typical measurement is per foot. The cheapest lattice fence is made of plastic costs from $2-4.

Medium-grade or cheap wood lattice fences would cost $2.50-5 while quality wood lattice fence costs $8-25. 

How do you make a simple lattice fence?

A simple lattice fence can be a divider, a screen, a trellis fence, or a low-outline fence. It is expected that you already have your choice of lattice panels to arrange. But if you want to go DIY, here are the materials that you need to prepare in making your own simple lattice fence: 

  • Tape measure
  • Post-hole digger
  • String level
  • Circular and power miter saw
  • Clamps 
  • Hammer
  • Nails and screws
  • Screw gun
  • 4×4 pressure-treated vinyl/wood posts
  • 4×8 pressure-treated lattice panel
  • 1x8x8 pressure treated vinyl/wood board

Step 1: Make the lattice screen by first making a 4×8 wood/vinyl board. You will need nails, screws, saw, and hammer to make the frame. You can adjust the dimensions depending on your desired size. 

Step 2: If it is meant as a screen or divider only, you do not have to dig post holes but if not, dig two post holes that are 8 inches apart. Hold the posts upright using scrap wood and use them as temporary braces. 

Step 3: Position the posts in the holes and make sure that they are aligned. This time, you have to brace them permanently into the ground. After this, pour in some concrete mix to finally secure the posts in their right place. The concrete mix will take overnight to cure. 

Step 4: It is time to attach the lattice panels. If you are doing this DIY, you have to cut horizontal and diagonal wood strips at 4×8 ft too. Nail the panels one by one to form medium-sized squares on the wood board. Screw from top to bottom. 

Step 5: Make some final amendments. Check if some edges need trimming. Stain the wood if necessary. Pressure-treated wood, however, will have a natural gray color as time goes by so you might not need to stain it after all. 

Pros and cons of lattice fence

It is but objective to lay down the pros and cons of lattice fencing especially if you are already set to having one. Knowing these would save you tons of time, effort, and money as you would have the chance to look for other fencing types that will be best for you. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of a lattice fence that you should consider first before getting on with your lattice fence project. 


  • Cheap, easy to install, and can be added as an accent to the existing fence. 
  • It is multifunctional as it could be used for vines and climbers. 
  • It could be used as an outline fence or in separating garden beds for different plants. 
  • It is a decorative piece for rustic-themed or whimsical vibe gardens and stair railing.
  • It can be used for all types of fences


  • It will not fare well for high privacy fencing since lattice fences have holes. 
  • There have been questions on its durability particularly in resisting extreme strains. 
  • They can be hard to maintain as they would require you to always check on them for rots or mildew buildup. 

23 lattice fence ideas for the garden and backyard

Privacy decorative lattice fence

When we are talking about privacy decorative lattice fences for the entire perimeter of the house, we are usually referring to semi-private fence designs with decorative lattice screen on top. There are also full-lattice privacy screens for backyard decks or patios. 

1 privacy decorative lattice fence ideas

This is a semi-private lattice perimeter fencing. The lattice top was added as an accent to an already existing modern design picket fence. It perfectly complemented the wooden deck. 

2 privacy decorative lattice fence ideas

This one is another semi-private lattice perimeter fencing using vinyl panels. This clean design is perfect for minimalist or colonial designs complete with some good lightwork. 

3 privacy decorative lattice fence ideas 1

4 privacy decorative lattice fence ideas

This one is a full lattice deck privacy screen. It is a good accent to large land areas for people to feel more cozy and confined. Thinly slatted lattice fences would make it all the more effective as a privacy screen.  

Rooftop/patio lattice fence

Rooftop/patio lattice fence

If you need some perimeter fencing for your high-rise, urban patio. You can add some climbers and vines to make an enclosed green space in the urban jungle. 

Rooftop/patio lattice fence

For a summer rooftop patio, a thin slatted lattice fence would be perfect. With some wood reclining chairs, an artificial grass patch, and other potted greens, this one will be a great relaxation spot. 

Rooftop/patio lattice fence

This design is straight out of a telenovela/bayou setting. It is not just a good accent to a wide home patio, it could also be used as an added safety feature for homes with small kids or very active pets. 

Vine-free, high-gated lattice fence

Vine-free, high-gated lattice fence

This widely slatted wooden fence is usually seen in wide countryside estates. It will look beautiful in orchard gates. You would be surprised to know that it is neither vinyl nor woo. It is actually welded iron with the proverbial criss-cross lattice design.

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Vine-free, high-gated lattice fence


This is a high-gated wooden gate complemented by a lattice top. It gives a rustic, Hispanic, oriental feel with its arch door. It encloses everything in but with a beautiful lattice accent.

Vine-free, high-gated lattice fence

This is a full lattice, arch high-gate. The whole perimeter is enclosed with wood panels. The entrance walkway is the only one with a full lattice, arch high-gate. If you want a more visually appealing walkway entrance in your gardens or homes, this would be a perfect idea. 

Thick slat lattice fence

Thick slat lattice fences are usually used as screens in gardens and in patios. They are also used as backyard enclosures in suburban or countryside housing. 

Thick slat lattice fence

This one is a garden thick slatted lattice enclosure screen. This is typically used to separate parts of the or from the poolside. 

Thick slat lattice fence

This low, wooden thick slat lattice fence is used in this suburban home. It gives a fresh yet homey accent even to large properties. It will also make a good contrast to tall trees and shrubs making it all the more visually appealing.

Thick slat lattice fence

In this design, thick slatted lattice screens are joined together to create a vined backdrop for this zen urban patio. If you are looking for simple lattice screens for small spaces, this one is a good idea. 

Low lattice outline fence

As will be evident in the photos below, low lattice outline fences are used as dividers in the garden or to achieve that countryside cottage feel. 

Low lattice outline fence

This one is a simple low lattice outline fence made of bamboo. Because it looks fragile, this will be good in locations where strong winds do not occur. It is the perfect outline fence for rural cottages. 

Low lattice outline fence

This wooden outline lattice fence, as can be seen, is used to enclose flowering plants in one line or space. This one particularly encloses the flowering plants against a full-wood perimeter fence. 

71Og RezSFL. AC SL1000

In contrast with the second design, this one is a vinyl outline lattice fence positioned in the middle of the garden. This is good for enclosing annual plants together as they could bloom all at once during bloom time making a fountain of colors enclosed in a stylish outline fence.

Pool lattice fence

Like in patio fencing, a lattice is used in pool sides as screens, dividers, or perimeter fencing. 

Pool lattice fence

For this design, a screen lattice fence was used alongside an existing fence. It makes a good backdrop for the poolside with the addition of pool seats and wooden pergola.

Pool lattice fence

Enclosing the whole house vicinity including the pool area is this clean vinyl lattice fence. The color goes well with the neutral tones of the area and it adds an overall classy, Victorian touch to the surrounding. 

Pool lattice fence

This iron panel with a small slat lattice fence gives an industrial, private pool vibe in this design. Adding the lattice panel is a fine touch as it provides holes where air could flow and where neighbors could casually see each other. 

Sloped lattice fence

As the name implies, sloped lattice fences have uneven sizes and heights. This is usually done in uneven perimeters or as an aesthetic tool in using lattice as dividers. 

Sloped lattice fence

This one is a sloped wood lattice fence in contrast to shrubs, trees, and other greens. Its wood arch also has lattice sides making the entire piece earthy in vibe. 

Sloped lattice fence

Completing this minimalist deck patio design is this thin slatted clean lattice vinyl fence. Aside from its sloping style, each lattice screen also has different accents. One has a full lattice and the two have enough space for hanging baskets. 

Vined lattice fence

Aside from being a cheaper choice, the lattice fence is also functional because it can be used as a trellis for vines and other climbers. If you want a multifunctional screen, divider, or fence for you, you should opt for the lattice. 

Vined lattice fence

A cramped up, relatively small garden patio will look whimsical with these lattice fences where arbor plants could be hanged or for vines to climb on. 

Vined lattice fence

This sloped backyard is made more ambient by these lattice screen trellises for hanging basket plants and vines. Having your own vineyard feel is always a good idea with this design. 

Vined lattice fence

You can always transform your home’s walkway entrance out of this vinyl thick lattice vine fence. It looks like straight out of fantasy land with its clean, classic, and magical visual appeal. This is a good idea for countryside flower gardens or in suburban homes with wide garden spaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lattice fence cheaper?

Compared to wrought-iron, vinyl, aluminum, composite fence, and wood fencing, a lattice is cheaper. You have to note, however, that there are other cheap fence types. This includes chain link, pallet, hog, and barbed wire and electric fencing. 

Is wood or vinyl lattice better?

It is a tough question to answer because both have their own merits. So then again, it is entirely your choice as to which is better between wood or vinyl lattice. 

For one, wood lattice can be more flexible when it comes to color as it could be stained to give a sturdier more natural look. It could also be used as a trellis and could have a natural effect on enhancing the fragrance of flowers. It is also good for outdoor fencing and is relatively cheaper than vinyl. 

On the other hand, vinyl has greater color selections. It is also handy because it will not require regular wood sealing as it is essentially resistant to rotting and wood problems like mildew. And you won’t be guilty too, environmentally speaking, since vinyl production is now geared towards recycling used plastics to be made for this purpose. 


To conclude, lattice fencing is both visually appealing and practical. Regardless if it is a large or secluded area, it can be a good accent fence. It has its upsides and a fair share of downsides. But since the pros outweigh the cons, it is understandable why it has become a new go-to fence for homeowners. We hope that you got inspired by some of the ideas that we mentioned here today. 

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