15+ Creative Mason Jar Fairy Garden Ideas

best mason jar fairy garden ideas

Mason jar is used a lot in a house with a narrow space. Below are 15 ideas for using a mason jar for a fairy garden will bring a sense of magic to your home.

1. Seasonal Fairy Garden Terrarium

Seasonal Fairy Garden TerrariumSource

2. Mason jar fairy house

Mason jar fairy houseSource

3. DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

DIY Mason Jar TerrariumSource

4. DIY Beach Mason Jar Terrarium

DIY Beach Mason Jar TerrariumSource

5. Simple mason jar fairy garden

Simple mason jar fairy gardenSource

6. Fairy House Mason Jar

Fairy House Mason JarSource

7. DIY Mason Jar Fairy House

DIY Mason Jar Fairy HouseSource

8. Self-Sustaining Fairy Garden Jars

Self-Sustaining Fairy Garden JarsSource

9. Summer Fairy Lanterns

Summer Fairy LanternsSource

10. DIY Mini Fairy Garden in a Jar

DIY Mini Fairy Garden in a JarSource

11. DIY Fairy Lantern night light

DIY Fairy Lantern night lightSource

12. Fairy Lantern

Fairy LanternSource

13. Simple Mason jar terrariums

Simple Mason jar terrariumsSource

14. Fairy Garden In A Jar Terrarium

Fairy Garden In A Jar TerrariumSource

15. Basic Fairy Jar

Basic Fairy JarSourcebest mason jar fairy garden ideasYou might like these:


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