20 Inspiring Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas to Elevate Your Design

Last Updated on June 17, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Ever wondered how to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of simplicity and calm? If you’re facing the clutter and chaos of your current space, Scandinavian bathroom ideas might just be your answer.

This style is all about simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. It’s not just about having a clean, sleek look; it’s about creating a space that feels open and relaxing.

Expect to find tips on everything from using natural materials and a light color palette to clever storage solutions and the importance of natural light.

Dive into these Scandinavian bathroom ideas and see how you can transform your bathroom into a serene escape.

20 Elegant Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas to Refresh Your Home

1. Light and Airy Color Palette

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Creating a light and airy color palette is key in Scandinavian bathrooms. Whites, greys, and light neutrals make the space feel open and clean.

Natural light plays a huge role here, enhancing the soft tones and making the room feel even more spacious. As the famous designer Nina Campbell says, “Light colors and natural light create a sense of calm and tranquility in any space.”

2. Natural Materials

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Incorporating natural materials like wood and stone brings a touch of nature into your bathroom.

Think wood finishes on cabinets and stone countertops. These elements add warmth and texture, making the space feel inviting.

Marie Kondo highlights the importance of natural elements: “Surround yourself with things that speak to your heart and give you joy.”

3. Clean Lines and Simple Shapes

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Embrace clean lines and simple shapes for a truly minimalist look. Geometric shapes and minimalist fixtures are essential. They keep the design straightforward and functional.

Renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said, “Less is more,” emphasizing the beauty of simplicity in design.

4. Functional and Stylish Storage Solutions

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Effective storage is key in Scandinavian design, and functional and stylish storage solutions make a big difference.

Floating shelves and cabinets offer a sleek, uncluttered look while providing ample space for essentials. Integrated storage options, like built-in drawers and niches, help maintain a clean and organized bathroom.

Peter Zumthor emphasizes the importance of simplicity in storage: “Simplicity and clarity can help create a sense of calm.”

5. Incorporating Greenery

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Adding greenery to your bathroom can transform it into a tranquil oasis. Plants like ferns, spider plants, and pothos thrive in humid environments and bring a touch of nature indoors.

The presence of plants not only enhances the aesthetic but also improves air quality. Ilse Crawford notes, “Plants in a bathroom create a refreshing and serene atmosphere.”

6. Minimalist Fixtures

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For a true Scandinavian look, go with minimalist fixtures. Sleek faucets and showerheads, along with wall-mounted toilets and sinks, create a streamlined appearance.

These fixtures are not only stylish but also functional, maximizing space and reducing visual clutter. Norman Foster once said, “Good design is about making things simple and functional.”

7. Statement Lighting

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Good lighting is a game-changer in any bathroom, and statement lighting adds a touch of drama and style. Pendant lights and sconces not only illuminate but also serve as stunning decor pieces.

Natural light is crucial, too. Skylights or large windows can flood the space with daylight, enhancing its airy feel. As lighting designer Ingo Maurer said, “Light can change everything, making the ordinary extraordinary.”

8. Textured Elements

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Adding textured elements like rugs, towels, and mats can make a bathroom feel cozy and inviting. Texture isn’t just for textiles, though.

Consider textured wall treatments to add depth and interest to your space. Interior designer Kelly Wearstler believes, “Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form.”

9. Modern and Timeless Furniture

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Scandinavian bathrooms shine with modern and timeless furniture. Think sleek lines and simple designs that stand the test of time.

Multi-functional furniture is a must, helping you save space while keeping things practical. Renowned designer Arne Jacobsen noted, “The primary factor is proportions.”

10. Glass Enclosures

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Glass enclosures can make your bathroom look sleek and modern. Frameless glass shower doors offer a minimalist touch, enhancing the open feel of the space.

Glass partitions are great for separating areas without blocking light, keeping the bathroom bright and airy. Philippe Starck says, “Glass is the material of the future because it lets the light in and keeps the space open.”

11. Monochromatic Color Schemes

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Using a monochromatic color scheme can create a cohesive and elegant look. Sticking to a single color palette, like shades of white or grey, makes the bathroom feel unified and serene.

Monochromatic designs are timeless and can easily adapt to changing trends. Interior designer Leanne Ford notes, “A single color palette brings harmony and peace to a space.”

12. Subtle Use of Patterns

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Incorporating subtle patterns through tiles and textiles can add character without overwhelming the space. Keep patterns simple and understated to maintain a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic.

Patterns can be introduced through floor tiles, shower curtains, or even towels. Kelly Hoppen advises, “Patterns should enhance, not dominate, creating a balance between interest and simplicity.”

13. Freestanding Bathtubs

13 scandinavian bathroom ideas

Freestanding bathtubs are a staple in Scandinavian bathrooms, offering both style and comfort. They provide a luxurious bathing experience and become a focal point in the bathroom.

Popular designs often include clean lines and smooth curves that blend seamlessly with minimalist decor. Designer Patricia Urquiola says, “A freestanding bathtub is like a sculpture, adding elegance and personality to the space.”

14. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Choices

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Opting for sustainable and eco-friendly choices is essential in modern bathroom design. Using eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled glass, along with water-saving fixtures, helps reduce environmental impact.

These choices not only benefit the planet but also create a healthier living space. Architect Bjarke Ingels emphasizes, “Sustainability is not just about being good to the environment; it’s also about creating a better quality of life.”

15. Compact and Efficient Layouts

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Designing for compact and efficient layouts is crucial in small bathrooms. Use space-saving tips like wall-mounted fixtures, floating vanities, and multi-functional furniture to maximize every inch.

These layouts make the bathroom feel more open and less cluttered. Interior designer Sarah Susanka notes, “Efficient design means using space in the smartest way possible, making small spaces feel larger and more comfortable.”

16. Soft Textiles and Warm Accents

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Adding warmth with soft textiles can transform your bathroom into a cozy retreat. Think plush towels, fluffy bath mats, and soft shower curtains.

These elements not only enhance comfort but also add a touch of luxury. Cozy bathroom accessories like woven baskets and fabric storage bins can also help. Designer Tricia Guild once said, “Textiles bring a room to life with their textures and colors.”

17. Integrated Technology

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Embracing integrated technology in your bathroom can elevate your daily routine. Smart mirrors with built-in lighting and anti-fog features make mornings easier.

Modern shower systems with programmable settings offer a spa-like experience at home. The benefits of these technologies include convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced user experience. Tech innovator Yves Béhar states, “Good design accelerates the adoption of new technologies.”

18. Black Accents

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Incorporating black accents can add a bold contrast to your Scandinavian bathroom. Black fixtures and fittings, like faucets, showerheads, and cabinet handles, create a striking visual impact.

These elements stand out against the typical light color palettes, adding depth and sophistication. Interior designer Kelly Wearstler mentions, “Black is the queen of colors, lifting and highlighting all others.”

19. Mirrors and Reflections

19 scandinavian bathroom ideas

Using mirrors strategically can greatly enhance space and light in your bathroom. Large mirrors reflect light, making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Different styles and shapes, like round or oval mirrors, add a unique touch to the decor. As interior designer Jonathan Adler says, “Mirrors are a decorator’s best friend.”

20. Personal Touches

20 scandinavian bathroom ideas

Adding personal touches with unique decor items can make your bathroom truly yours. Incorporate personal style while maintaining Scandinavian principles by using items like framed photos, handmade pottery, or vintage finds.

Nate Berkus reminds us, “Your home should tell the story of who you are.”


Creating a Scandinavian bathroom is about blending simplicity, functionality, and personal style. From using light and airy color palettes to incorporating natural materials and smart storage solutions, every detail matters.

Adding touches like soft textiles, statement lighting, and personal decor items can transform your bathroom into a serene and stylish retreat.

Embrace these ideas to craft a space that not only looks great but also feels like a true sanctuary. As renowned designer Hans Wegner once said, “The beauty of simplicity is that it never goes out of style.”

FAQs About Scandinavian Bathroom Design

1. What are the key features of a Scandinavian bathroom design?

Scandinavian bathrooms are known for their minimalist design, clean lines, and functional elements. Key features include a light and airy color palette, natural materials like wood and stone, sleek fixtures, and ample use of natural light. The focus is on creating a space that is both beautiful and practical.

2. How can I incorporate natural materials in my Scandinavian bathroom?

To bring in natural materials, consider using wood finishes for cabinets and countertops, stone tiles, and bamboo accessories. These elements add warmth and texture, contributing to the overall calm and inviting atmosphere typical of Scandinavian design.

3. What types of lighting are best for a Scandinavian bathroom?

Statement lighting is a great choice for Scandinavian bathrooms. Use pendant lights or wall sconces to add character, and incorporate natural light through large windows or skylights to enhance the airy feel. Combining different light sources can create a balanced and well-lit space.

4. How can I add personal touches to my Scandinavian bathroom without compromising its style?

Adding personal touches can be done through unique decor items like framed photos, vintage finds, or handmade pottery. These items should complement the minimalist aesthetic and blend seamlessly with the neutral color palette and clean lines typical of Scandinavian design.

5. What are some sustainable choices for a Scandinavian bathroom?

Opt for eco-friendly materials like recycled glass or bamboo, and incorporate water-saving fixtures such as low-flow toilets and faucets. These choices not only align with the Scandinavian emphasis on functionality and simplicity but also promote a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.