20+ Best Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas & Projects

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

A great living space instils positivity. Bathrooms are sometimes played down while designing homes. It requires an eye for detailing to design a great toilet that can add so much value to the overall look of a home.

Today we will change your perception of designing your bathroom with some shabby chic ideas.

20+ Best Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas & Projects

How to create a shabby chic bathroom?

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea can transform your bathroom? A vintage look can make your bathroom look cute and adorable. Use rustic wood or old furniture to create a shabby look. 

Remember, there is a thin line between cluttering your bathroom and making it look chic while maintaining the shabby look. You could play around with the doors and the windows as well to beautifully craft your bathroom

Here are the 20 shabby chic bathroom ideas that will add spice to your bathroom:

1. The Victorian

The Victorian

Use old artefacts to enhance the look of your bathroom. This gives your bathroom a regal look.

2. Pallet wood ladder

Pallet wood ladder

Place a pallet wood ladder in one of the corners and use it to store your essentials in baskets.

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3. Rugged bathroom sink table

Rugged bathroom sink table

Use old furniture to match the interiors of your bathroom and see the magic unfold.

4. Wall art

Wall art

Use vintage wall art like paintings and hangings that makes it look old-school.


5. Change your door

Change your door

Use pallet wood and make a door that looks rustic and shabby.

6. Bathtub


Use an old bathtub and have some shabby painting on it to give it a shabby look.


7. The Bohemian

The Bohemian

Use bling shades for floor and use paintings of ancient art. This is sure going to make the bathroom look shabby and chic.

8. Metallic


Use metallic or faded shades for the tiles on the wall and a copper bathtub.

9. Faded


Use faded shades to paint the walls. This gives the bathroom an extremely rugged and worn-out look.

10. Use plants

Use plants

The usage of plants gives your bathroom a rugged and shabby look.

11. Furniture

11 shabby chic bathroom ideas

Throw in an old dilapidated piece of furniture. A cupboard like this gives the bathroom a rustic look.


12. Metal sheets

12 shabby chic bathroom ideas

This bathroom in every sense is ‘Rustic’. With metal sheets forming a layer on the walls, this bathroom can walk away with the coveted title of the most shabby chic bathroom.

13. Stone and wood

13 shabby chic bathroom ideas

An unfinished, raw cut stone for the basin and rustic wood form perfect ingredients for a bathroom that is yearning for a shabby look.

14. More stone

14 shabby chic bathroom ideas

This bathroom gives you the impression that cavemen have been using it. With the use of rock and wood in abundance, this bathroom features right on top of the shabby chic category.

15. Old wood

15 shabby chic bathroom ideas

The partition and the windows in this bathroom are made of old wood that gives it a shabby look yet making it chic.

16. Wall and ceiling art

16 shabby chic bathroom ideas

This one if for the artist. The walls and ceiling perfectly blend in and bring together a fabulous rustic piece of art in a bathroom.


17. Props

17 shabby chic bathroom ideas

Use of props like utensils and that rustic cane chair with unfinished wooden walls gives this one a shabby look.

18. All wood

18 shabby chic bathroom ideas

The use of rustic wood always adds flavour to interiors. This bathroom is plastered in wood giving it a shabby chic look that will make heads turn!

19. The combo

19 shabby chic bathroom ideas

In this bathroom, the cask is the hero and the sheets of metal play vital roles as well. A blend of class with the shower room door and some raw rustic elements makes this a unique bathroom.

20. The mirror

20 shabby chic bathroom ideas

The use of an ancient mirror frame makes this bathroom look like one that has been unattended for over a century!


Bathrooms today are quite prosaic. Many of them bear a well-heeled 5-star look. But for the outliers and the ones who like experimenting, we put together some shabby chic looking bathrooms that can win many a heart when creativity comes to the fore. We hope you had a good read.