20+ Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

After a hard day at work, hitting the sack is the only thing one would have in mind. You can’t compromise on the coziest spot in your home.

A well-rested mind is far superior to one that is tired. A comfortable bed is a must but other factors aid in comfort. How about the look and feel of your room? Let us break this down to a few ideas that could get you thinking of a possible revamp.

20+ Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas & Designs

How to decorate a shabby chic bedroom?

To begin with, the terms shabby and chic are quite contradictory but unlike poles attract right? This can be a deadly combination if you get it right.

The use of antique, plants and some rustic furniture makes it look shabby. On the other hand, fluffy bedspreads, the shades of the walls matching linens and other aesthetic elements make the room look chic.

Here are the 20 shabby chic ideas that you could consider to make up your room:

1. Match it well

1 shabby chic bedroom ideas

This bedroom looks so full but beautiful wall hangings and the use of plants has enhanced its look.

2. Lighting

2 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Light also plays a major role. This bedroom offers the perfect start to the day. Wood and matching curtains make it look even more chic.

3. Light shades

3 shabby chic bedroom ideas

This bedroom looks so pleasing on the eye because of the use of light shades. Throw in some greens there and look what a difference it makes!

4. The girly type

4 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Ladies, this is all you need. Pamper yourselves. Trust us. No diamond can match up to a bedroom like this.

5. Flowery

5 shabby chic bedroom ideas

You wouldn’t have any worries if you have a bedroom like this.

6. Some rust and some fluff

6 shabby chic bedroom ideas

A perfect example of a shabby chic bedroom. A dilapidated side unit and a fluffy bed immersed together into one.


7. Rustic glory

7 shabby chic bedroom ideas

This redefines ‘Beauty and the beast’. That rustic backdrop blended in well with a fluffy bed.

8. Tonality

8 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Look how everything has a white tone to it. The battered backdrop adds so much essence to this bedroom.

9. The garden bedroom

9 shabby chic bedroom ideas

A mini vertical garden and some rustic wall work make this chic bedroom one you would like to spend your whole day in.

10. Hanging garden

10 shabby chic bedroom ideaswhite tone bedroom has always been a winner. That hanging garden and the rustic head-rest looks magical.”>

Throwing in so much green in a white tone bedroom has always been a winner. That hanging garden and the rustic head-rest looks magical.


11. Woody magic

11 shabby chic bedroom ideas

This bedroom has so much to offer. The ‘all wood’ look amalgamated with a soft cosy bed is a dream.

12. Vintage

12 shabby chic bedroom ideas

That vintage cot, some wall hangings complementing it, rustic brown furniture and a soft fluffy bed all in unison makes this one a shabby chic classic.

13. Match your linens

13 shabby chic bedroom ideas

A garden in your bedroom is the closest to nature you could get today. Matching your linens makes this a lethal combo.

14. Bright

14 shabby chic bedroom ideas

This bedroom has a mix of some rustic interiors and contemporary sleep therapy. But what stands out is the lighting. So bright and vibrant!

15. Weathered and fluffy

15 shabby chic bedroom ideas

The weathered wall work, the wreath and the lampshades together do complete justice in partnership with this compact and cosy bed.

16. Perfect match

16 shabby chic bedroom ideas

The brick wall painted in white to match the linens and the interiors of this bedroom are all bundled together beautifully with plants matching the cushions.

17. Triple wreath

17 shabby chic bedroom ideas

White and green has always been a winning combination. With the wreath triplets, a bedroom like this is for you if you like it to be sober.


18. One for the kiddies

18 shabby chic bedroom ideas

How about something as cute as this? We are sure your kids are going to love this one!

19. Shades of yellow

19 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Yellow doesn’t need glorification. The colour is drop-dead positive and vibrant. Combine rustic decor with white and yellow to produce magic like this!


20. Pink and green

20 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Yet another favourite amongst the ladies, particularly the ones who are ‘cuteness overloaded’. This one is made for you. Pink and white with a tinge of green.



You could have a small home, but you better have a good bedroom because when everything goes wrong and the world turns its back on you, its only your bed that has got your back! We hope these shabby chic bedrooms gave you enough to ponder over your next makeover. We sure can’t wait to lay our hands on one of those.