15 Simple and cheap ideas to decorate your bedroom

Last Updated on June 18, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Our room is not just the place of daily rest: it is the living space in which dreams begin, there we have cried, loved and left our secrets free. It is the place that has seen us grow and that has changed style with us.

But if you feel that your room is quite boring, it is time to decorate with some lights, photographs, giant slates.

1. Sleep like a princess

bed with pillows

Get your own curtains with canopy style.

2. Write your feelings

wall with messages

You can capture your own ideas with the help of a brush and a little paint, or buy vinyl online.

3. Give light to your dreams

lamp of butterflies

Renewing your old lamp is simpler than you think.

4. Take with you nature

pots in cups

Decorate your bedside table with a nice succulent. Follow the tutorial here.

5. Browse your own world

giant world map

Mark the places you would like to know.

6. Organize your day with a little abstract art

board with exagonos

Create your personal agenda in real size.

7. Let your imagination fly

paint plates

Create your own works of art on a plate.

8. Illuminate your memories

photos on the wall

You only need a Christmas lights guide, your best photos and a little adhesive tape to stick to your wall.

9. Have fun with garlands

flower garland

Give your bedroom an alternate door to your own world. 

10. Bright wishes

signs for room

Add small pictures with huge desires to the walls of your room.

11. A retro hour

Wall Clock

Recycle your mom’s discs, as it appears in this tutorial.

12. Ultra-cool cushions

cushions with eyelashes

Create your own designs.

13. Give your dressing table a special touch

brush organizers

Keep your makeup in order with this simple tutorial.

14. Change of decision

room with giant blackboard

Make your wall a giant blackboard and write everything you want, as many times as you want. All you need is some chalkboard paint.

15. Take a new look

mirror with flowers

You only need flowers of your choice, a little glue, and let your imagination fly around the frame of your mirror.

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