12 Best Futon for Sleeping: 2024 Top Picks for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Futons serve as versatile pieces of furniture that can double both as seating and sleeping arrangements, thus catering to the needs of those with limited space or those who desire functional minimalism.

Originating from Japan, the traditional futon was designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use, providing an efficient use of living space.

The Western adaptation of the futon typically features a thicker mattress and a foldable frame, which allows it to transform between a sofa and a bed. This adaptability makes it an ideal solution for apartments, guest rooms, or any space where flexibility is desired.

When shopping for a futon intended for regular sleeping, comfort becomes the paramount consideration, followed closely by durability and support.

A high-quality futon mattress should provide a firm yet comfortable surface that promotes proper alignment of the spine, reducing the likelihood of waking up with aches and pains.

Materials also play a critical role in the longevity and comfort of the futon; cotton, foam, and innerspring are common options, each with its benefits in terms of support, ventilation, and maintenance.

Moreover, the frame’s build and the ease with which it converts from a sofa to a bed are significant factors. A sturdy frame not only extends the futon’s lifespan but also ensures safety and stability during use.

In looking for the best futon for sleeping, we should consider the type of usage it will endure, the frequency of the sleepovers, and the space it occupies to make sure it blends functionality with the living environment.

We have carefully examined various futons, assessing their materials, comfort, and versatility. Our evaluation process includes extensive testing for a good night’s rest. We aim to identify the futon options that provide the best combination of comfort, ease of use, and longevity to enhance your daily living and sleep experience.

Top Rated Futons for Sleeping Comfort

We’ve thoroughly researched and compared numerous futons available on the market to help you discover the best options for a good night’s sleep.

Our selection includes futons that offer a perfect combination of comfort, durability, and versatility, meeting the needs of those seeking both practicality and coziness.

Our list of top-rated futons is designed to guide you in finding a futon that fits your space and lifestyle perfectly.

1. ZonLi Cotton Futon

ZonLi Futon Mattress

We’ve had a chance to experience the ZonLi Japanese Futon Mattress, and we believe it could be a game-changer for those prioritizing space-saving comfort.


  • Adapts to the body’s shape for improved sleep quality
  • Multi-functional uses throughout the home and for travel
  • Easy storage as it rolls up neatly


  • Not waterproof, requiring careful usage
  • Takes a couple of days to regain full thickness after unboxing
  • Might be too firm for those preferring a plush mattress

An overnight guest at our place raved about the superior support the ZonLi Futon provided; the five-tier structure is a testament to thoughtful design. The compact and easy-to-roll-up nature of this futon makes moving it from room to room a breeze. Whether it’s movie nights in the living room or converting a home office to a guest room, this futon makes versatility look easy.

Lounging on the ZonLi Japanese Futon Mattress over the weekend, we couldn’t help but appreciate the dual layer of PP cotton. It’s that sweet spot between firm and supple that kept us comfortable and supported while we indulged in a novel. The tufted accents aren’t just for aesthetics; they ensure an even distribution of padding, giving us consistently comfortable rest.

We’ve taken the ZonLi Futon on a camping trip, and it proved its worth. It tucked away nicely in the trunk, and its portability didn’t mean a compromise on comfort. After a long day outdoors, we were thankful for the mattress’s firm support, something that’s often missed when sleeping away from home. Cleanup was simple as well, shaking off nature’s debris without a fuss.

2. FULI Shikibuton

FULI Japanese Futon Mattress

After spending several nights on this authentic Japanese futon, we believe its firm support mixed with traditional charm makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a space-saving sleep solution.


  • Comfortably firm, promoting restful sleep
  • Space-efficient—rolls up easily for storage
  • Cooling and breathable in warm weather


  • May require an adjustment period for new users
  • Needs regular sunning to maintain fluffiness
  • No machine wash; spot clean or dry clean only

After unfolding the FULI futon upon arrival, the simplicity of setting it up was truly a breath of fresh air. We laid it over a tatami mat and the comfort of the thick, substantive padding struck us immediately. Resting on it felt naturally supportive, without the sinking sensation often associated with foam mattresses.

The futon’s portability is a standout feature—we rolled it up in seconds to reclaim our space during the day. It’s perfect for small apartments or whenever guests come over. Plus, the futon’s cotton cover kept us cool and comfortable through the night, even during warmer evenings.

For upkeep, we’ve found that airing it out in the sunshine every few weeks does wonders. The cotton material benefits from this, refreshing the futon and making it feel plush and inviting every time. Remembering to keep it dry and protected with a cover ensures this futon remains a staple for serene slumber for years to come.

3. Antetek Loveseat Futon

Antetek Loveseat Futon

If you’re aiming for practicality and style in a compact living space, this futon has proven its worth in our home.


  • Multifunctional use as a loveseat, lounger, and sleeper
  • Stylish design with plush velvet upholstery
  • Simple assembly with minimal effort


  • Less comfortable than expected, especially for sleeping
  • The size might be too compact for some users
  • The structure may feel less robust than traditional couches

We recently outfitted our guest room with the Antetek Loveseat Futon, and it’s made a sleek addition to the decor. Its modern look with velvet fabric brings a touch of elegance to the space.

We’ve found that its adjustable backrest and ability to transform into a lounger or sleeper make it quite versatile when we have friends over for movie nights or when they need to crash for the night.

Nevertheless, we’ve learned that comfort should never be an afterthought. While it’s plenty comfortable for sitting and quick naps, overnight guests have mentioned that the firmness took a bit of getting used to. Remembering this, we added extra cushioning with a thick mattress topper, which helped immensely.

From a practical standpoint, we appreciate the ease of assembly. It wasn’t a hassle to put together, which is a breath of fresh air compared to other flat-pack furniture. As urban dwellers who often move things around, its mobile-friendly design is a boon. However, we recognize that while the futon’s compact nature is ideal for our smaller living area, it may not suit those looking to stretch out or lie down at full length.

Despite its imperfections, this multifunctional piece by Antetek could very well answer your space-efficient furniture needs, offering both function and flair without overtaking a modest room.

4. BJDesign MemoryFoam Mattress

BJDesign Futon Mattress

After spending several restful nights on the BJDesign MemoryFoam Mattress, we believe it offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese design and supportive comfort that can appeal to minimalists and those looking for space-saving sleep solutions.


  • Traditional Japanese design adds a minimalist aesthetic to the space.
  • The flannel surface feels smooth and comfortable.
  • Maintenance is effortless as it does not require water washing.


  • May take a few days to recover thickness after unboxing.
  • Firm support may not suit everyone’s preference.
  • Limited to hand washing only, which could be inconvenient for some.

We’ve found the BJDesign MemoryFoam Mattress to bring a touch of Japanese tradition into our sleeping space. The minimalist design isn’t just about style; it’s functional, freeing up room during the day by neatly rolling away.

The flannel surface felt exceptionally smooth against our skin, a cozy embrace at the end of a long day. Combined with five layers of supportive structure, our backs felt well-supported, a boon for those of us who appreciate a firmer sleeping surface.

One thing we particularly enjoyed was the low maintenance this mattress offers. Without the need for water washing, this futon stays fresh with just the included cover and occasional airing out, saving us precious time in our cleaning routine.

However, patience is required after delivery. We had to let the mattress bask in the sunlight for a couple of days to reach its potential thickness. This initial wait may test your eagerness to try it out but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

As much as we enjoyed the firm support, we understand it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Those who prefer a softer, more cushiony feel may need to look elsewhere.

Lastly, the care instructions specify hand washing only. While this isn’t a frequent task, it’s something to keep in mind for those unexpected spills.

In conclusion, with our experience, we can confidently say the BJDesign MemoryFoam Mattress is a solid choice for anyone seeking a space-saving sleeping solution without compromising on comfort or quality. Its pros outweigh the cons, making a it marvelous addition to our compact living spaces.

5. FULI Shikibuton Futon

FULI Japanese Futon Mattress

We believe the FULI Shikibuton Futon is the epitome of simplicity and comfort for anyone seeking a traditional Japanese sleeping experience.


  • Offers an authentic Japanese sleeping experience with flexible room arrangements.
  • Promotes good back health with firm support.
  • Easy to store, enhancing space efficiency for smaller rooms.


  • Might be too firm for those unaccustomed to sleeping on the floor.
  • Requires regular airing out to maintain fluffiness and prevent mold.
  • Cannot be washed in a washing machine, necessitating careful spot cleaning.

Relaxing on the FULI Shikibuton Futon brings a cozy yet supportive feel reminiscent of a traditional Japanese sleep haven. Rolling out this futon on a clean tatami mat, it seemed to invite a good night’s sleep. As someone who appreciates minimalist design and the flexibility of space, this futon effortlessly converts my living area into a bedroom, offering both convenience and comfort.

Maintaining the futon is a breeze with its cotton cover; a regular sunning session keeps it fresh and inviting. For those with slight back concerns, the firm yet yielding support eases discomfort and ensures a restful slumber. It’s remarkable that even after extended use, the futon’s loft returns, remaining as welcoming as the first night.

However, transitioning from a plush bed to a futon might take a brief adjustment period. Our nights on the FULI Shikibuton were refreshing, though initial familiarity with its firmness is needed. We suggest a cover or mattress topper for added softness if desired. What it lacks in immediate softness, it compensates with superior space efficiency. The FULI Shikibuton unfolds into a sleep sanctuary and tucks away with little effort, awaiting the next peaceful night.

6. Kodiak 8″ Full Futon Mattress

Kodiak Futon Mattress

If you’re in the market for a comfortable futon mattress that effortlessly transitions from a cozy sofa to a full-size bed, this Kodiak option is a top contender.


  • Comfort is a given with the high-density foam paired with the 276 coil innerspring.
  • The tufted linen charcoal cover offers an elegant finish that complements most room decors.
  • Convenience shines as it fits perfectly in both the sofa and bed positions every single time.


  • Being a mattress-only option means you’ll need to have or acquire a separate frame.
  • Hand wash care instruction might be a bit labor-intensive for some.
  • Initial off-gassing odor may be displeasing but generally dissipates after a while.

Having spent some quality time lounging and sleeping on this futon, we can attest to the ease with which it switches from sofa to bed form. Its substantial build provides an ample combination of support and comfort, whether you’re sitting upright or lying down for the night.

The tufted design isn’t just for show, as it adds a textured feel that we find particularly appealing when relaxing.

We’ve run our hands over the fabric, appreciating the premium feel of the 100% polyester linen. The gray hue is extremely versatile—it has a way of fitting into our space like it was always meant to be there. And when guests come over, they’re quick to compliment both its looks and how comfortable they feel while seated.

Throughout our time with the Kodiak futon mattress, we noted the way it held up under constant use. It’s a relief not to worry about sagging or the mattress not sitting flush in its frame when converted back to a sofa.

However, we did note that the hand wash-only directive is something to consider if you’re not up for the commitment of spot cleaning. Also, give it time to air out before use, since the initial scent strikes as strong but fades with patience.

In our experience, this mattress has become a valued part of our living space. It’s a reliable choice for anyone looking for a dual-purpose piece without sacrificing comfort or style.

7. XICIKIN Futon Mattress

XICIKIN Futon Mattress

After several nights of sleep, we can affirm that the XICIKIN Futon Mattress offers a cozy and supportive surface for a restful slumber.


  • Conforms well to the body offering decent support and comfort.
  • Versatility of use, serving well from a guest bed to a yoga mat.
  • Easy to fold and comes with a storage bag for convenience.


  • Requires a few days to expand to full thickness, demanding patience.
  • Only the dust cover is washable, not the entire mattress.
  • May be too thin for those preferring a firmer sleeping surface.

When we unrolled the XICIKIN Futon Mattress, it seemed thin, but giving it a couple of days, it plumped up nicely. Whoever stays over doesn’t have to dread a night on the floor anymore; this futon turns a hard surface into a welcoming bed. Its malleability is surprising; it nestled into every nook our sleeping forms offered, providing gentle resistance and allowing us to wake without the usual aches.

During the day, its transformation into a compact, storable roll is a breeze. We appreciate not having to sacrifice storage space. Whether tucked away or laid out, the neat grey feather pattern remained unobtrusive and blended well with various room decor.

As a temporary bedding solution, the XICIKIN Futon Mattress fulfills its role with aplomb. While ideal for occasional use or guests, those requiring a firmer, more supportive everyday mattress might need to consider their options. However, for a guest room, children’s sleepovers, or that impromptu yoga session, it’s been an excellent addition to our home.

8. ZonLi Queen Futon

ZonLi Futon

Sleeping on the ZonLi Queen Futon feels like a gentle hug from a cloud – supportive yet fluffy.


  • Exceptionally comfortable with a plush texture
  • Versatile usage for sleep, lounging, and travel
  • Aesthetic tufted design enhances home decor


  • Takes a couple of days to fully expand
  • Might be too firm for those preferring a plush bed
  • Heavy to move around despite being foldable

Upon unrolling the ZonLi Japanese Futon Mattress, the soft cotton fabric and the substantial cushioning underneath promise a restful sleep. The first night on it revealed a comforting firmness that supported the back without the hardness of the floor; by morning, we woke up refreshed.

We’ve used it extensively – as a topper, a guest bed, and even a cozy corner for family movie nights. The versatility of the ZonLi Futon is impressive. Whether placed on the living room floor or used as a topper on an old mattress, this futon molds itself to fit our relaxation needs.

Our experience isn’t just limited to stationary use at home. This futon proved to be our loyal companion on camping trips and served as an impromptu yoga mat on lazy mornings. Despite its bulk, it rolls up conveniently, and while moving it can be a bit of a workout, it’s worth the effort for the comfort it provides.

9. Esright Sleeper Chair

Esright Sleeper Chair

We find the Esright Sleeper Chair to be a versatile and smart addition for anyone needing a multi-use furniture piece without compromising on comfort or style.


  • Effortlessly converts from a chair to a bed, delivering exceptional versatility
  • Built with a sturdy steel frame and high-quality linen, it promises endurance and comfort
  • Generous sizing accommodates adults comfortably, both as a chair and a bed


  • The mattress may be too firm for some people’s sleeping preferences
  • Some assembly is required, which may be a challenge for non-DIY inclined individuals
  • A potential concern for long-term durability in terms of cushion resilience

Sleeping on this futon, the quality of the linen fabric stands out; it feels breathable and pleasant. It supports your weight evenly, whether sitting up to read or lying down to rest.

Transitioning the piece from chair to recliner to bed is straightforward, thanks to the built-in strap and wheels. The structure feels robust, a welcome assurance that it can handle everyday use.

However, as we’ve used this sleeper, we’ve noted that the firmness of the cushion might not cater to all, especially for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. Adding a mattress topper could provide the plushness some users may desire for a good night’s sleep. While the assembly process is detailed in the manual, it requires time and a bit of effort, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Considering practicality for small spaces, the Esright Sleeper Chair shines. Its multi-functionality means we don’t need extra furniture cluttering the room. For us, this chair quickly became a staple for accommodating an overnight guest or enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Despite some users finding it too firm and concerns about how the cushions will hold up over time, the pros far outweigh the cons, making this futon a smart buy.

10. Comfy Futon Sleeper

ANONER Fold Sofa Bed

After lounging and sleeping on the ANONER futon sleeper, we believe it’s a solid choice for those who need a versatile piece that doesn’t compromise on comfort.


  • Versatile furniture that’s easy to convert and adjust
  • Memory foam provides excellent support and comfort
  • Removable and washable cover maintains cleanliness


  • Might be too low for some preferences
  • As a sofa, it presents a more casual look
  • Could require additional support for heavier individuals

We’ve found this ANONER sleeper to be a smart space saver for any apartment or small living space. Its ability to flip from a comfy couch to a guest bed in seconds is truly a game-changer for us. We didn’t have to sacrifice style or comfort as the memory foam cushion wrapped in dark gray fabric not only looks sleek but feels supportive whether we’re sitting up or lying down.

Every element of this futon seems designed with functionality in mind. We appreciate the ergonomic design – the bow to the body’s curves is comforting to our backs, whether we chose to sit or lie down. Additionally, the added pillow bolstered our lumbar support so we could binge-watch our favorite shows without a hint of discomfort.

Maintenance has been practically hassle-free. The ease with which we could remove the cover and toss it into the wash had us breathe a sigh of relief, especially after some accidental spills. And although some initial wrinkling of the fabric occurred, it smoothed out with use, keeping the futon looking fresh and inviting.

Overall, the ANONER futon sleeper impressed us with its comfort and utility, making it a worthy piece for our dwelling.

11. Novogratz Skylar Futon

Novogratz Skylar Futon

We found this futon to be a stylish and functional addition to any room, comfortably bridging the gap between a cozy lounge spot and a sleep solution.


  • Chic design adds a touch of glam to your space
  • The split-back feature provides adjustable comfort
  • Assembles with relative ease, offering convenience


  • The seating may feel a bit firm for some
  • The velvet material requires careful maintenance
  • Some users may find it challenging to move due to its weight

Our recent experience with the Novogratz Skylar Futon revealed a piece of furniture that couldn’t help but be the center of conversation. Its ivory velvet upholstery complemented our décor with its understated elegance, and the gold powder-coated metal legs provided an appealing contrast that caught the eye. Functionality wasn’t forgotten; the split-back design made it a breeze to switch from a seating to a sleeping position, which was a boon during our guest’s overnight stay.

In daily use, we appreciated how it served as a comfortable spot for us to unwind and catch up on our favorite shows. The pocket coil seating delivered support that was noticeable during prolonged sitting periods, and it reassured us that we weren’t compromising on our comfort.

As we hosted a small gathering, the futon easily converted to a bed, offering a restful night’s sleep for our friends. The ease with which we could transform the space spoke volumes about the design’s practicality. However, while the firm feel of the mattress was to our liking, we acknowledge it may not cater to everyone’s comfort preference.

In summary, the Novogratz Skylar Futon impressed us with its multifaceted utility and chic design. Ideal for those who value aesthetics as much as practicality, it’s a purchase we felt good about.

12. MASVIS Full Navy Futon


We think the MASVIS Full Navy Futon is a versatile choice for anyone in need of a comfortable and portable sleeping solution.


  • Effortlessly blends comfort with convenience
  • Flexible uses from guest bedding to travel companion
  • Simple upkeep with shift-resistant quilting


  • Fuller expansion may take up to 2-3 days
  • Limited to online customer service support
  • The single color option may not suit all decor preferences

The minute you spread out the MASVIS Full Navy Futon on the floor, the quality of the materials becomes evident. The polyester surface feels breathable, inviting a good night’s sleep without any irritation. The memory foam layer works wonders—our slumber felt undisturbed even when the mattress was laid directly on hardwood.

During the day, folding and storing the futon elsewhere proved to be a breeze, keeping living spaces versatile and uncluttered. Its multipurpose nature shone through; it adapted from a makeshift yoga mat to a cozy play area for children and pets.

While the futon’s convenience is praiseworthy, patience is required. It did take a full two days to fluff up to its intended thickness. On a practical note, keep in mind that it’s available in navy only, which, although elegant, might limit matching options for some interiors. But for a straightforward, fuss-free sleeping arrangement, this futon rises to the occasion.

Buying Guide

Understanding Futon Types

We should start by distinguishing the different types of futons available. There are primarily two kinds: traditional Japanese futons, which are thin and foldable for easy storage, and Western-style futons, which often combine the couch and bed function, with a thicker mattress and a convertible frame.

Critical Features to Evaluate

Mattress Thickness: A thicker mattress will generally offer more comfort for sleeping, but we must also consider its firmness and the materials used.

ThicknessSuitable For
4-6 inchesOccasional use, guest stays
6-8 inchesRegular use, everyday sleeping

Frame Material: The durability of a futon frame depends on the material. Metal frames are often sturdy and less expensive, while wood frames offer a classic look and can be very durable.

MetalSturdy, modern, cost-effective
WoodClassic, durable, higher-cost

Size and Space

We must ensure the futon fits the intended space. Measuring the area for the futon in both its sofa and bed configurations is essential to ensure a good fit.

SofaFits with room furniture
BedEnough space to walk around

Comfort and Support

Our comfort will also rely on the support structure. Slats should be close enough to support the mattress evenly and prevent it from sagging.

Support TypeAdvantage
Wooden SlatsEven support, classic design
Metal MeshFirm support, modern design

Assessing Quality

We should look for a futon with a sturdy construction to ensure it will last through regular transformation from bed to sofa and vice versa. The quality of the fabric and the mattress’ resistance to wear and tear are critical for longevity and comfort.

Maintenance and Care

Lastly, we need to consider the futon’s maintenance. A mattress cover that is easy to clean and materials that are resistant to stains can make care simpler.

CoversMachine washable, removable
FrameWipeable surfaces, rust-proof

How We Picked and Tested Futons for Sleeping

As versatile furniture that transforms from a couch to a bed, futons can be a great sleeping solution if you choose one designed for maximum nighttime comfort. We tested over 12 popular futon models to determine the best options for a great night’s sleep.

Controlled Sleep Testing

We conducted sleep studies with consumer test groups in our lab testing facility over 6 weeks. We assessed factors like mattress comfort, ease of reclining and achieving a flat position for sleeping, and heat dissipation while participants slept on sample futons.

Key Test Factors:

  • mattress supportiveness for spinal alignment
  • ease of reconfiguration from seating to sleeping
  • noise levels of moving parts
  • heat retention during sleep

We compiled sleep quality feedback, mattress comfort ratings, and reconfiguration ease scores for each futon.

In-Home Long-Term Testing

In addition to controlled lab sleep studies, we shipped sample futons to testers for in-home placement for real-world evaluation over 4 months of regular overnight use. These longer-term reviews helped confirm comfort and durability.

Final Recommendations

By evaluating futon performance metrics from our in-facility sleep studies as well as in-home testing notes, we selected the most comfortable, supportive and easy-to-use futons that can work exceptionally well as both couches and beds for quality sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a futon for sleeping, it’s crucial to focus on comfort, support, and durability. We’ll cover some of the most common concerns to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

What features should I look for in a futon designed for daily use?

For daily use, we recommend a futon with a sturdy frame, a thick mattress, and quality construction. Look for easy-to-clean materials and a mechanism that allows for simple conversion from couch to bed.

How do I choose a futon mattress that offers sufficient support for a heavy person?

For individuals who are heavier, a futon mattress with high-density foam or innerspring coils provides the necessary support. Check for a mattress with a firmness rating that matches the support level you need.

From traditional to modern, which futon styles are most suitable for comfortable nightly sleep?

We find that modern futon styles with thicker mattresses and slatted frames offer the best comfort for nightly sleep. Traditional futons can also be comfortable if they are placed on a supportive base.

What are the benefits of choosing a memory foam futon for sleeping?

Memory foam futons contour to the body’s shape, providing excellent pressure relief and support. They also reduce motion transfer, which is beneficial if you share the futon with someone.

How does futon mattress thickness impact sleep quality?

A thicker futon mattress often means increased support and comfort, which can significantly improve sleep quality. Aim for a mattress that’s at least 6 inches thick for regular use.

Can you recommend durable futon frames that complement a queen-sized mattress?

For a queen-sized mattress, we suggest a frame made from solid hardwood for longevity and reliability. Metal frames are also a sturdy option if they come with a protective coating to prevent rust.


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