10 Best Pillows for Airbnb in 2024: Enhancing Guest Comfort and Experience

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Comfort is a defining aspect of any hospitality experience, and for Airbnb hosts looking to provide a memorable stay, investing in quality pillows is essential.

Pillows greatly influence sleep quality, which is a critical component of guest satisfaction. Thus, selecting the right pillows for an Airbnb property requires balancing comfort, durability, and hygiene to ensure guests leave positive reviews.

When choosing pillows for an Airbnb, there are several factors to consider. Material and filling play a significant role in the level of support and comfort a pillow provides.

Memory foam and down are popular for their softness and ability to conform to the shape of the head, while alternatives like down-alternative or polyester fill are hypoallergenic and easier to care for.

The pillow’s firmness is another important aspect of addressing diverse guest preferences, from soft to firm options. Moreover, ease of cleaning is crucial in maintaining the hygiene of the pillows, with washable covers being a staple for Airbnb hosts.

Durability is another critical factor, as pillows in a rental space will see frequent use and need to withstand regular cleaning. Pillows that maintain their shape and loft after multiple washes are preferred.

Guests may also have allergies or sensitivities, so selecting hypoallergenic materials can make a significant difference in comfort for sensitive guests.

We’ve taken these factors into account and conducted thorough research to compile a list of the best pillows suitable for Airbnb hosts who aim to provide exceptional comfort and quality to their guests.

Our findings are tailored to help hosts enhance the sleeping experience in their rentals, encouraging guests to return and leave glowing reviews. Let’s look closer at the top choices that balance comfort, support, hygiene, and durability.

top pillows for airbnb

Top Pillows for Enhancing Your Airbnb Experience

We understand that comfort is king in the hospitality industry, which is why we’ve meticulously chosen pillows that promise to elevate the sleep quality of your guests. Our selection accounts for a variety of preferences and needs, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for anyone who rests their head on these top picks.

Whether they cater to allergy sufferers or those who favor organic materials, each pillow in our list is a testament to our commitment to providing your Airbnb with the best options available.

1. Utopia Bedding Pillows

Utopia Bedding Pillows

After giving these pillows a go, we believe they’re a solid choice for Airbnb hosts who want to offer guests plush comfort akin to a luxury hotel.


  • Pillows provide ample support for head, neck, and shoulders
  • The breathable cotton blend cover contributes to a restful sleep
  • Hold their shape throughout the night


  • May be too soft for those preferring a firmer pillow
  • Require spot cleaning or hand washing, which might be less convenient
  • Might be too fluffy for guests who like a flatter pillow

Having recently outfitted a guest bedroom with these Utopia Bedding pillows, we were struck by how soft and fluffy they were. Guests have commented on their luxurious feel, akin to what one might enjoy at a high-end hotel.

The pillows maintained their loft overnight, and the quality of the cotton blend cover didn’t go unnoticed, providing both comfort and breathability.

Maintenance of these pillows is straightforward, although not as simple as tossing them in a washing machine. A quick spot clean or hand wash does the trick, ensuring that they stay fresh for guest after guest. That said, we value the fact that a simple refresh is all it takes to keep these pillows in top condition.

We’ve also noted that guests have different preferences when it comes to pillow firmness. While some relish the cloud-like softness, others may find the pillows too plush. It’s about striking the right balance, and we suggest having a variety of pillows available to suit varied tastes.

Overall, the Utopia Bedding pillows are a crowd-pleaser and have been a commendable addition to our Airbnb offerings.

2. Utopia King Pillows

Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows

We think these Utopia pillows strike a sweet spot of comfort and support, enhancing the sleep experience for most guests.


  • Adaptable firmness that caters to all sleep positions
  • Uniform shape retention over time
  • Breathable fabric keeps it pleasantly cool throughout the night


  • May require fluffing to maintain the loft
  • Not ideal for those who prefer down or memory foam
  • Limited to spot cleaning, which might be less convenient

As hosts, we’re always on the lookout for pillows that can wow our guests and ensure a restful slumber. Our recent addition of Utopia King Pillows has garnered praise for its generous size and head-cradling cushion.

Having tried them ourselves, we’ve noticed that the polyester fill evenly distributes and maintains its shape night after night. Aside from being substantial in size, these pillows rise to the occasion, keeping their cool even in warmer environments.

Diving deeper into the practicalities, we can’t help but appreciate the ease of integrating these pillows into our linen sequence. The gusseted design not only contributes to a balanced fill but also introduces an elevated aesthetic akin to what one might find in a high-end hotel.

When it comes down to it, the Poly Fiber Filling is what truly seals the deal, ensuring that guests of various sleeping preferences wake up without that notorious crick in the neck.

Switching out pillows could nag at your conscience if you’re deeply considering the ever-important hygiene factor, but our experience with these has been hassle-free. They bounce back to life with a simple plumping and remain odorless and fresh.

However, if a thorough wash is needed, be prepared for the fact that these pillows cater to spot treatment instead of machine washing – something to think about when managing turnovers. On the whole, Utopia Bedding’s pillows have elevated our Airbnb’s comfort game, making our guests’ sleep as much a priority as their daytime experiences.

3. LAURA BENASSE Diamond Elegance Pillows

Diamond Elegance Pillows

After a thorough test, we believe these pillows are an excellent choice for Airbnb hosts looking to offer guests a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience.


  • Remarkably plush, providing a cloud-like sensation
  • Resilience that maintains shape after each use
  • Effortless care with machine washability


  • May be too soft for those preferring firmer support
  • Occasional fluffing might be needed to maintain the loft
  • Some guests might find the microfiber fill less breathable than down

Upon receiving the LAURA BENASSE Diamond Elegance Pillows, we were immediately taken by their luxurious hand feel. The embossed cotton fabric is soft to the touch, lending a sense of sophistication and comfort that we’re sure guests will appreciate. Moreover, the microfiber filling offers a gentle, supportive cradle for the head, making it versatile for all sleep positions.

During our trial, we found that these pillows struck a fine balance between softness and support. They bounced back nicely each morning, reducing the need for constant fluffing. And though we noticed they tended to hold heat a tad more than down pillows, the comfort level remained consistently high.

Maintenance is a breeze; tossing them in the washing machine brings them back to near-original condition, which is a time-saving grace for quick Airbnb turnovers. We can attest to their durability as well, having withstood multiple wash cycles without losing their charm or comfort.

Overall, these pillows are sure to elevate the sleep quality in any Airbnb, meeting guests’ different needs and ensuring they wake up satisfied and pain-free.

4. MyPillow Premium

MyPillow Premium

We think the MyPillow Premium might just be a smart investment for enhancing guests’ sleep quality at your Airbnb.


  • Tailors to the individual’s support needs due to its patented interlocking fill
  • Eases the transition to sleep and contributes to uninterrupted rest
  • Simplifies care with its machine washable and dryable features


  • Some might find the medium firmness not suitable for their personal preference
  • The pillow might feel lumpy to certain users
  • The price may be slightly higher compared to other standard pillows

Imagining myself collapsing into bed after a long day and resting my head on the MyPillow Premium, I can genuinely say it supports my head just right. It seems to conform to my preferred side-sleeping position with ease, providing a snug feeling without being overly firm.

Having used it for several nights, I noticed a significant reduction in the tossing and turning that used to characterize my sleep. Mornings felt refreshed and devoid of the usual grogginess. Guests seeking a solid night’s sleep could find their match in this pillow.

Simplicity often wins, and the MyPillow Premium doesn’t disappoint when it comes to maintenance. The cleaning process is a breeze—just toss it in the washer and dryer, and it’s ready for the next weary traveler in no time. For Airbnb hosts, this could mean a quick turnover and constantly fresh sleeping conditions for guests.

5. Lincove Luxury Down Pillow

Lincove Luxury Down Pillow

We believe this Lincove pillow is a worthy investment for Airbnb hosts looking to provide premium comfort to their guests.


  • Sumptuous Canadian down provides exceptional comfort
  • Breathable, durable 500 thread count shell
  • Arrives with a travel case for convenience and presentation


  • Premium price points may not fit all budgets
  • May be too soft for guests preferring firm support
  • Downfill is not suitable for guests with allergies

Our recent guests have consistently remarked on the plushness of the Lincove Luxury Down Pillow, transforming their sleep experience. It’s filled with high-quality Canadian down, making it a decadent surface for anyone to rest their head upon.

The 500-thread count cotton sateen shell is a testament to both elegance and breathability. We’ve noticed it holds up well to the frequent washes needed for our Airbnb, showcasing remarkable durability.

We particularly appreciate the pillow’s presentation, arriving in a travel case that exudes luxury and thoughtfulness. It certainly sets a high standard for comfort and style in our accommodations.

However, one must consider their guests’ varied preferences. This Lincove pillow, while extremely comfortable, may not satisfy those who need firmer support. Also, being a down pillow, it isn’t suitable for visitors with feather allergies – a factor worth considering for an Airbnb setting.

The price is indeed higher than standard pillows, but we see it as an investment in our guest experience. The added cost is quickly offset by the value it adds to guest satisfaction and the resulting positive reviews.

In conclusion, we’ve seen that investing in these Lincove Luxury Down Pillows visibly elevates the perceived value and comfort of our Airbnb. It’s an indulgence that guests don’t forget and often mention in their reviews, leading us to believe that it’s not just a pillow; it’s an upgrade to the guest experience.

6. Coop Home Goods Queen Pillow

Coop Home Goods Pillow

We think you’ll appreciate how the Coop Home Goods Pillow adapts to various sleeping styles, ensuring Airbnb guests a customized sleep experience.


  • Personalization of the fill to suit individual comfort levels
  • CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certification for health and safety
  • Breathable and soft cover material enhances sleep quality


  • An initial adjustment period for optimal fill may be necessary
  • Premium pricing might be a concern for some budget-conscious hosts
  • The maintenance of fluffiness over time may require additional effort

Upon resting our heads on the Coop Home Goods pillow after a bustling day, we were instantly struck by the plushness of the freshly manufactured foam. The customization freedom, allowing us to add or remove the memory foam fill, gave us the power to create the perfect pillow for back, side, and even stomach sleepers.

This adaptability makes it a great fit for an Airbnb setting, where guests of all preferences flock for a good night’s rest.

Safety and quality are evident with this pillow. Its materials are free from harmful chemicals, which we value for ourselves and our guests. The pillow’s cover was exceptionally soft to the touch and seemed to invite a sense of calmness and relaxation, a vital feature when aiming to furnish an Airbnb that feels like a home away from home.

Maintaining this pillow might require a little extra time, as occasional fluffing is needed to keep it feeling fresh, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort that adjusts to the needs of diverse guests. Although it’s positioned at a higher price point, the long-term satisfaction and the enhancement it brings to guests’ sleeping experience could very well justify the investment.

7. Threadmill Home Linen Pillows

Threadmill Home Linen Pillow

We think these Threadmill pillows are a must-have for Airbnb hosts seeking to enhance their guests’ sleep experience with a touch of luxury and comfort.


  • Excellent support for all sleep positions
  • Breathable material keeps you cool
  • Machine washable for easy care


  • The initial off-gassing odor may be unpleasant
  • May be too soft for those preferring a firmer pillow
  • Some users report the pillows lose shape over time

Waking up without any neck stiffness has always been a challenge for me, but ever since we started using Threadmill’s plush pillows, morning aches are just a memory. Their soft-down alternative filling cradles the head just so, and truth be told, it’s like resting on a supportive cloud.

Airflow is crucial for a restful sleep, especially on warmer nights; these pillows manage to stay refreshingly cool. It’s as if there’s a built-in thermostat for my head, working overtime to prevent overheating, which is something our guests have come to really appreciate.

However, dealing with the initial smell these pillows came with took some patience. It took some time and a couple of washings to get rid of it completely. Moreover, for all their coziness, a few guests have mentioned they prefer firmer support, finding these a bit too yielding for their liking. Over extended use, we’ve noticed that they don’t always hold their loft, which means a bit of fluffing is needed now and then.

8. Botduck Queen Pillows

Botduck Goose Down Feather Pillows

We think these Botduck pillows are a fantastic choice for Airbnb hosts who want to offer their guests a touch of luxury akin to a hotel experience.


  • Luxury hotel-grade filling offers a plush feel and excellent support
  • The breathable, high-thread-count cotton cover enhances comfort
  • Easy to fluff and care for, ensuring a fresh sleeping experience every time


  • The potential for feathers to poke through requires additional pillow protectors
  • May not maintain fluffiness over prolonged use without proper care
  • Feather crunch sound can be noticeable for some sleepers

After testing the Botduck Queen Pillows, we’ve found them to be exceptionally comforting. Their goose-down feather filling provides that soft, luxurious sensation that makes us feel like we sunk into a dream. Designed to cater to side, stomach, and back sleepers, the medium firmness strikes a beneficial balance between support and fluffiness.

The high-quality, tightly woven cotton cover truly stood out to us. It’s not just soft to the touch; the breathability of the fabric meant we stayed cool through the night, without any stuffiness. Plus, the pillows maintained their serene white aesthetic, complementing any bedroom decor effortlessly.

Caring for these pillows has been a breeze. A simple wash and tumble dry had them ready for a guest’s arrival in no time. While we did notice a few feathers trying to escape, it’s a small hiccup in what has been a top-notch sleeping experience. Using a pillow protector is a quick fix, and it also preserves the pristine condition of these sumptuous pillows for much longer.

9. HOOMQING Queen Pillows

HOOMQING Queen Pillows

If you’re seeking comfort that cradles your guests’ heads as they unwind in your Airbnb, these luxurious pillows are a wise pick.


  • The microfiber fabric is exceptionally soft to the touch, making for a restful sleep.
  • A balanced filling provides a plush yet supportive resting experience.
  • Suitable for a variety of sleeping positions, ensuring all-around guest satisfaction.


  • Some guests may find these pillows to be too soft if they’re accustomed to firmer options.
  • The cooling feature might not meet the expectations of those needing enhanced cooling.
  • Full fluffiness requires a wait period post-unboxing, which could be inconvenient.

After recently outfitting our Airbnb bedrooms with the HOOMQING Queen Pillows, our guests have noticed the difference. The soft, skin-friendly cover immediately elevates the sleeping experience, with each pillow offering a satisfying combination of softness and support.

We’ve received compliments on how the pillows accommodate different sleeping styles, adding a touch of custom comfort to every night’s rest.

We’ve observed that these pillows maintain their loft impressively well over time, making them a dependable choice for ensuring consistent guest satisfaction. That’s the kind of reliability we value, knowing that our guests will enjoy the same level of comfort today as they will months from now. That said, the feedback on the cooling feature has been mixed—while many find the pillows sufficiently breathable, a few have noted that the advertised cooling effect was nominal at best.

Beyond their use, we must also recognize the ease of maintenance. The pillows fluff up nicely after their vacuum-sealed journey and are forgiving to the occasional reshaping. Their resilience against flattening makes them a practical choice for frequent use. However, we do suggest keeping firmer pillows on hand, as guests with specific firmness preferences might find these too plush for their liking.

Overall, the HOOMQING Queen Pillows have proven to be a valued addition to our Airbnb, ensuring that our guests enjoy a delightful sleep, which often leads to rave reviews and repeat stays.

10. GOHOME Luxury Pillows

GOHOME Luxury Pillows

We think these plush GOHOME pillows would add a touch of luxury to any Airbnb, giving guests the comfortable sleep they deserve.


  • Provide ample support for a variety of sleeping positions
  • The filling can be adjusted for personalized comfort
  • Luxurious feel enhances the guest experience


  • May flatten over time with heavy use
  • Not as fluffy as some guests might prefer
  • Hidden zipper may be tricky for some to locate when adjusting the fill

On resting our heads on these GOHOME Luxury Pillows, we noticed right away the support they provided, regardless of whether we were side or back sleepers. The adjustable fill material is a game-changer; we could remove or add stuffing to suit our comfort level, which is a plus for catering to diverse guest preferences.

Their feel exudes a hint of lavishness that any Airbnb guest would appreciate, elevating the sleep experience. We observed the soft, breathable cover and the detailed sewing, emphasizing the manufacturer’s attention to quality.

Over time, however, we did observe a slight decrease in loftiness, something to keep in mind for hosts who see high turnover. Also, guests accustomed to ultra-fluffy pillows might find these a bit lacking, but on the whole, the balance of softness and support should meet most needs. Lastly, while the hidden zipper secures the pillow’s sleek appearance, finding it to adjust the stuffing might be a slight inconvenience for some.

These pillows could be the inviting touch that convinces guests to leave a glowing review of your Airbnb, thanks to their customizable firmness and overall feel of opulence without the luxury price tag.

How We Picked and Tested the Best Pillows for Airbnbs

Finding pillows well-suited for furnishing Airbnb rental properties poses unique challenges. Pillows see heavy use from guests yet need regular laundering. We tested pillow models to determine which can withstand continual use and cleaning while providing comfortable support night after night.

Controlled Testing Parameters

We obtained samples of 10 pillow types: down, down alternative, memory foam, latex, microbead, and polyfill models. For over 2 months we:

  • Simulated Nightly Use: Pillows underwent repeated compression tests equal to one night’s sleep before re-lofting.
  • Laundering: We washed and dried pillows every 5 nights of simulated use, rating durability.
  • Sleep Testing: Groups used each pillow type for two nights, rating support and comfort.

In-Field Testing

We supplied highly-rated pillows from lab tests to several Airbnb hosts for in-field testing. Over 6 months we compiled data about guest experiences and host laundering needs compared to traditional pillows.

Final Recommendations

By evaluating pillow performance both under controlled lab conditions simulating continual Airbnb-style use and cleaning as well as accumulating long-term host input, we selected pillow models that maximize guest comfort while maintaining loft and fabric integrity through repeated washings.

Our top picks are built to provide superb hospitality for years without quick degradation.

Buying Guide

Types of Pillows

When selecting pillows for an Airbnb, consider the variety that will cater to guest preferences. Memory foam offers firm support, down pillows are softer and fluffier, and hypoallergenic options cater to sensitive guests.

Pillow Firmness

Soft: Guests looking for plush comfort may prefer soft pillows.
Medium: A good balance of support; ideal for most sleep positions.
Firm: Best for those who need extra support, such as side sleepers.

Fill Material

  • Memory Foam: Contours to the shape of the head and neck.
  • Down/Feather: Offers softness and is easily moldable.
  • Synthetic: Cost-effective and less prone to allergens.

Pillow Size

Standard (20″ x 26″) is typically sufficient. However, providing a variety that includes queen and king-sized options can enhance guest satisfaction.

Pillow Protectors

Opt for pillow protectors to extend the lifespan of your pillows. They should be:

  • Waterproof: To protect against spills and stains.
  • Breathable: To prevent overheating and ensure comfort.

Best Practices

Keep in mind:

  • Pillows should be replaced every 18 to 36 months.
  • Maintain a range of pillows to accommodate different guest preferences.
Guest PreferencesOffer a range of firmness and fill materials.
HygieneUse pillow protectors and replace pillows regularly.
Seasonal NeedsHave a mix of thicknesses for varying temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When hosting on Airbnb, providing quality pillows can significantly enhance guest comfort and satisfaction. We focus on the specifics to ensure guests have a restful experience.

What are the most durable pillow protectors suitable for Airbnb rentals?

We recommend opting for waterproof, hypoallergenic pillow protectors that offer a balance of breathability and durability. Brands like Sleepsteady and Everlasting Comfort are praised for their long-lasting nature.

How do I choose the right pillows to ensure guest comfort in my Airbnb?

Select pillows that cater to different sleeping preferences. Consider offering a mix of firmness levels and materials such as memory foam, down, and polyester fill. A reputable brand such as Coop Home Goods provides adjustable options to suit individual needs.

What is the optimal number of pillows for an Airbnb bed to satisfy guests?

Our experience suggests two pillows per guest, with a variety on hand, is optimal. Provide both soft and firm pillows to accommodate personal preferences.

Which pillow brands are recommended by experienced Airbnb hosts?

Experienced hosts recommend brands like Casper and Tempur-Pedic for their consistent quality and guest satisfaction. These brands are known for their support and longevity.

Are down alternative pillows a good choice for Airbnb accommodations?

Down alternative pillows offer a hypoallergenic solution and are often preferred for their ease of care and comfort. The Beckham Hotel Collection and Utopia Bedding are excellent choices for Airbnb rentals.

What essential bedding should I provide in my Airbnb to meet guest expectations?

We advise including at least two sets of high-quality cotton or microfiber sheets, a comforter or duvet with a washable cover, and a mattress protector as essential bedding. This ensures a hygienic, comfortable sleep environment.