Small Kitchen Design: 5 Simple Ideas for Home

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Kitchen is the heart of the home. Families will not just eat in kitchen, they will come together here, help in the food preparation, cooking, and socialize. How much space do you have in your kitchen?

A small kitchen can be a worry because you will have to keep the pots, pans, and everything else here, and there should also be adequate space in the kitchen layout so that it doesn’t feel cramped when your family comes in.

Don’t worry if you have a small space, a mini kitchen or even a tiny kitchen. These days, we have a lot of small homes and apartments where space crunch is a common problem, especially in the big cities where the real estate prices can be very high.

Think creatively. Plan for the wall, floor space, think how you can use space-saving furniture, and how to bring in the natural light. Your kitchen will not just feel bigger, it will also surely look more beautiful. It will be a great place to cook and hang out.

Here are some very good small kitchen design ideas that can help you. We understand, it is not always possible to remodel the entire space and really, you don’t need to do this as well. You can make the best use of your room with these handy ideas.

1. Mix the Materials

1 small kitchen ideas

The mixed material kitchen trend is currently hot globally. These designs are functional and look great. This refers to using different types of materials to improve the interior design and make the kitchen look more beautiful.

This also refers to materials placed in a contrasting manner to enhance the overall look and also make the best use of the available space. Of course, by doing this, your kitchen will be a reflection of your personality and design preferences as well.

With this, you can still create zones for separate uses and have boundaries for the different kitchen tasks. Analyze your daily tasks in the kitchen and select the materials you want to use.

You can decorate with stainless steel, glass, wood, and even granite, which is very good to look at. Of course, the cooler surface of granite will help you when you make pastry and pasta. Timber, on the other hand, can be very useful as a chopping board.

The trick is to strike a balance between the different materials – wood, glass, granite, stone, and anything else in your mixed material kitchen.

Even a fresh paint can completely change your room. It can be very good. You do not have to repaint every area – just paint one central piece, like your kitchen island, for example.

2. Use the Gleaming Surfaces

2 small kitchen ideas

Keep the surface clean and gleaming. There are many ways of doing this. For example, you can conceal your everyday items behind sliding cabinet doors. Keep the pantry items and your kitchen appliances behind them. You can also stash away the storage bins in shelves that are empty.

Consider choosing bright colors from the color palette for the cabinets. You can choose from blue, yellow, and red. You can even paint each door in a different color. But don’t overdo it. If you have open shelves, then organize your appliances or dishes by color. It will look appealing and also help you find the things more easily.

Here’s one more idea for small kitchen designs. Why not extend the tiling from the ceiling to your countertop. You can mix it with florals and greenery but there are other ways as well to freshen up the look.

3. Minimalist and Modern is Fine

3 small kitchen ideas

Minimalist and modern are both good kitchen decorating ideas. With a minimalist décor, you will have more space for a small nespresso capsules coffee machine and other appliances. You can get coffee capsules for nespresso machines from Granomilano.

Have small appliances in your kitchen area. Small doesn’t have to be low quality. These days, you will find many high-quality appliances that are smaller in size. Combination appliances are a great idea.

You can go for a convection-microwave-browning appliance, for example, which will save you space and be very useful. A convection oven will be more useful if you don’t usually have to cook for a lot of guests. It will work as a toaster and an oven. You will be able to keep it on your countertop easily.

Kitchen countertops often become cluttered spaces, which makes your kitchen feel smaller. So, remove the clutter. Remove all your mismatched dinnerware and the plastic containers you are not using currently. This will also help you become more organized and you will be able to find things more easily in your kitchen.

Get a covered fruit bowl. You will then be able to separate the garlic and the onions. For extra space, think of installing a hanging fruit basket. It will look chic. Plus, you will save space. Of course, you can hang other things from the ceiling or a brass rod as well, such as mugs. This will be a wonderful modern kitchen idea.

4. Would You Like An All-White Kitchen With Vibrant Accents?

4 small kitchen ideas

White is the lightest color in the palette. The color is doing very well in modern designs, which is why you will find white used everywhere – in the living room sofa, bedroom décor, drapes, outdoor furnishings, and even in the kitchen design.

White serves another important purpose. The color will help spread light and also reflect it, which provides an illusion of space. Your kitchen is going to appear bigger as a result. The lighter the color, the larger your kitchen is going to feel.

Think of a lighter palette for your walls, countertops, millwork, and backsplashes. Kitchen tools like the pans, pots, linens, and cutting boards are also now available in white and other lighter shades.

You can also create a wall of white and then display the white dishes if your shelves are open. You may even add a pop of color into the white. This will help you create a nice contrast, while still making your kitchen look larger.

Here are some pinterest kitchen ideas you may look at to find more ways of having a creative small kitchen.

5. Try the Open Concept

5 small kitchen ideas

Open-concept rooms are trending now. Even many corporate offices now are designed in this way. In a kitchen, it will be a room without any walls that separates it from the other rooms of the house.

This means, the dining table and other things will in effect be a part of the room, which is a great idea because everyone will be close to you as there are no barriers. It will be one great room – the living room, dining space, TV room, and the kitchen.

The open concept kitchen is a great idea for small homes. The space is going to look larger. It will also create a friendly ambience and a sense of uniformity.

What shape is most efficient in small space kitchens?

The most efficient shape for small space kitchens is a U-shape. This allows for the maximum amount of counter space and storage while still leaving enough room to move around comfortably. If your kitchen is particularly small, you may want to consider a galley layout which is even more compact. However, this can make it harder to entertain or have more than one cook in the kitchen at a time.

Another efficient layout for small kitchens is an L-shape. This utilizes corner space and provides plenty of counter and storage space. However, it can feel cramped if there is not enough room to move around freely.

If you have a bit more room to work with, consider an island layout. This can provide even more counter and storage space, as well as a place to eat or prep food. However, it does require more floor space and may not be ideal for very small kitchens.

How can I make my small kitchen beautiful?

There are a few things you can do to make your small kitchen more beautiful. First, you can paint the walls a light color to make the room appear larger. You can also add a backsplash and some decorative elements to give the space more personality. Finally, invest in some good lighting to brighten up the space. With these simple tips, you can easily transform your small kitchen into a beautiful and inviting space.