24+ Clever Storage Ideas For A Small Kitchen

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen. But what do you do when it is vice-versa? Or worse, if it is a small house with a smaller kitchen? Quite nightmarish to say the least. Fret not yet as we are here to help you figure a way out.

There are multiple ways of maximizing storage space in a kitchen that looks lovely and is easy to execute. Some of the most under-utilized areas come to the fore when you put your thinking caps on. A few common questions that we tried to address are below.

best small kitchen storage ideas

How do I organize my kitchen with little cabinet space?

Organizing your kitchen can be a pain. Try being creative like bringing a garden plant holder into your kitchen to place fruits. Floating shelves for spice jars above the countertop is another way of countering the lack of cabinet space.

As we proceed further in this topic, you will notice how creative thinking rules the roost when it comes to organizing small kitchens.

How do I get more counter space in my small kitchen?

To help declutter counter space, try a few of these. Sink drawers are quite handy to help declutter and maximize storage. You could also try fixing a shelf above the sink. Mini appliance garages are unique and look classy as well. Make storage inside the cabinets available.

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Here are the 20 best small kitchen storage ideas:

1). Utilize the under-the-sink area

1 small kitchen storage ideas

Under-the-sink areas are quite unused. How about this? Most people use under the sink area as storing utilities which are of less important and some people even prefer to leave the space empty.

However, this space can be used to create small cubes and store many items that are needed in the house. It will look neat and very organized.


2). Spice jar holder

2 small kitchen storage ideas

How about a spice jar holder like this? This gives your kitchen a great look when concealed and makes the cabinet look compact. It will also enable you to have several small cubes within the cabinet which will store a number of foods stuffs for the family.

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3). Utilize the side of the existing cabinet

3 small kitchen storage ideas

This is a creative way of making more space for storage. When you have a big cabinet, you see one side that can be turned into a storage area for small items, why not turn it?

It will look awesome and requires minimal work to do that. It may not store a lot of stuff but it offers a space to store a few things.

4). Layered cabinets

4 small kitchen storage ideas

Create an additional layer inside your already existing cabinet like this to place your cutter boards.


5). Double-sided slider trolley

5 small kitchen storage ideas

Create a double-sided slider trolley like this to place spoons, pans et.al. This double -sided slider trolley require minimal work to create and it doesn’t even change the overall look of your chicken.

6). Spice jar rack

6 small kitchen storage ideas

Create a shelf inside your existing cabinet to hold spice jars. It is obviously another way to create a small space within your existing cabinets.

7). Cleaning essentials rack

7 small kitchen storage ideas

Utilize the space under the sink to create a kitchen essentials rack like this. This helps keep the essentials organized. It will help you store things that you would otherwise put in places that your children can reach them when they get into your kitchen.

8). Create an appliance garage

8 small kitchen storage ideas

Well obviously not the car garage that we are all used to but a small space within your existing cabinet to store a few things. Appliances get scattered all the time and occupy plenty of space.

It makes a world of difference if they are organized this way. A good appliance garage is a must-have to optimize space.

9). Use the walls

9 small kitchen storage ideas

Floating shelves in the kitchen helps save plenty of space and beautifies your kitchen as well if done well.

Source: above, below

10). Pan holder

10 small kitchen storage ideas

Use your existing cabinet wisely by creating a pan holder like this.

11). Floating shelves on your cabinet

11 small kitchen storage ideas

Utilize your cabinets to create floating shelves on your cabinets. This helps save space and organizes your countertop.


12). Mug holder

12 small kitchen storage ideas

A mini floating wall underneath your cabinet can be a good choice for a mug holder. This could also be used as a spice jar holder.


13). Slider trolley

13 small kitchen storage ideas

Use this space effectively by fitting a slider trolley that can house multiple utensils.

14). Wall planter

14 small kitchen storage ideas

This can be an efficient way to hold fruits and veggies. You don’t need the bowl anymore occupying space countertop space.


15). Tuck-away cupboard

15 small kitchen storage ideas

Utensils, appliances et. al. can now go in easily. Try this for your kitchen to optimize space.


16). Elevated microwave stand

16 small kitchen storage ideas

This is another effective way of creating extra space without hampering the aesthetics of your kitchen.

17). Use multiple boxes

17 small kitchen storage ideas

Organize the veggies with multiple boxes in the cabinet under the sink in your kitchen. You will be amazed at how much extra space you just created.

18). Multilayer napkin holder

18 small kitchen storage ideas

Don’t let your napkins loiter around in your kitchen. Look how efficiently you can organize this. Use the inside of your cabinet to create multiple layers.


19). Pull-out cutter-board

19 small kitchen storage ideas

This cutter-board ensures you create maximum space by decluttering the countertops. This one is easy to use and goes back in like a breeze.


20). Tuck-away dining table

20 small kitchen storage ideas

Dining hadn’t got more creative. This tuck-away dining table is all you need if you have a small kitchen to ensure maximum storage.

21. Chalkboarded cabinet door with measurement equivalents

21 small kitchen storage ideas


22. Jars shelves

22 small kitchen storage ideas


23. Tier pull out storage

23 small kitchen storage ideas

24. Coffee bar

24 small kitchen storage ideas



Maximizing space is an art and we are happy, we were able to add value by conveying these creative ideas for maximum storage in small kitchens.

It takes a lot of effort to design a perfect kitchen but with these creative concepts, you could possess that dream kitchen you have always wanted; clutter-free and desirable.

Take time and think of how you want your kitchen to be and then apply these ideas and in the end you will come up with your dream kitchen even if it is of small size. Happy cooking then!