38+ Creative Sliding Barn Door Ideas and Designs

Barn doors are a great way to decorate your house. Not only are they functional but also make a statement about your interior design prowess.

They easily slide along a rail and look as if they are part of the wall. You can install them for your kitchen, bathroom, or even the patio. In this article, we shall explore some ideas that you can use for your home.

best sliding barn door ideas

Can you lock a sliding barn door?

Barn doors come with the same functionality as regular doors. The same locking mechanisms for swinging doors are also applicable to barn doors. You can decide which locking mechanism is ideal for you, depending on the area that the barn door gives access.

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How do you install a barn door?

Barn doors use a sliding mechanism, and this needs to be fastened securely to the wall. You need to consider the load capacity of the area where you will be installing the door.

The area around the door is also important. Leave enough space for the door to slide open and shut. Once you determine all this, you can go about installing your door with ease.

How wide can a barn door be?

The width of the barn door depends on the space that it will enclose. Indoor barn doors have a width and height that range between 3 by 6.5 feet, to 3.5 by 7 feet in size. These measurements include the sliding mechanism as well. For larger spaces and the outdoors, the measurements can go higher.

How do you measure for a barn door?

This entirely depends on where you want the barn door to fit. In areas that require privacy such as the bedroom or bathroom, you should ensure that the door overlaps the opening to that space. Your home decor also plays a factor. You want the door to blend in and look like part of the furniture.

What type of wood is ideal for barn doors?

Most common wood types are cedar and pine. Although much more expensive than pine, you are better off with cedar given its durability and resistance to termites. In general, softwoods are the most common types of wood used as they are lighter and easier to shape.

Sliding barn door ideas

#1. Cottage laundry room with gray walls 

1 sliding barn door ideasSource

#2. From reclaimed dock

2 sliding barn door ideasSource

#3. Slide barn door for the laundry room makeover

3 sliding barn door ideasSource

#4. Sliding barn door for the bathroom

4 sliding barn door ideas

#5. Victorian sliding barn doors

5 sliding barn door ideas

#6. Chalkboard pantry

6 sliding barn door ideasSource

#7. Live edge wood sliding barn door

7 sliding barn door ideasSource

#8. Cottage Christmas

8 sliding barn door ideasSource

#9. Sliding bathroom door

9 sliding barn door ideas

#10. Rustic sliding barn doors

10 sliding barn door ideasSource

#11. Barn-door track

11 sliding barn door ideasSource

#12. Bedroom sliding door

12 sliding barn door ideasSource

#13. Chinese style barn door

13 sliding barn door ideas

#14. Bedroom sliding barn door with a hanging wreath

14 sliding barn door ideasSource

#15. Double cream barn doors

15 sliding barn door ideasSource

#16. Decorate barn doors for the Christmas

16 sliding barn door ideasSource

#17. Farmhouse sliding barn doors for bathroom

17 sliding barn door ideasSource

#18. Closet barn door

18 sliding barn door ideasSource

#19. RV bathroom sliding barn

19 sliding barn door ideas

#20. Sliding barn door for guest room

20 sliding barn door ideasSource

#21. Covering TV

21 sliding barn door ideas

#22. In the red color

22 sliding barn door ideas

#23. Wooden sliding door

23 sliding barn door ideas

#24. Rustic chic

24 sliding barn door ideasSource

#25. Rustic reclaimed

25 sliding barn door ideasSource

#26. Maximize the space for laundry room

26 sliding barn door ideasSource

#27-38. More sliding barn door ideas

27 sliding barn door ideas38 sliding barn door ideas37 sliding barn door ideas36 sliding barn door ideas35 sliding barn door ideas34 sliding barn door ideas33 sliding barn door ideas32 sliding barn door ideas31 sliding barn door ideas30 sliding barn door ideas29 sliding barn door ideas28 sliding barn door ideas


If you are looking to improve the interior of your house, consider installing barn doors. They make your home look modern and will have your visitors talking about them for days.


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