11+ Different Types Of Sliding Glass Door Locks

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

There is something modern and sophisticated about sliding glass doors, but its major downside is always how to lock it. Because they do not close and open like regular, latched doors, it is imperative that you know of available sliding glass door locks which you can choose from. 

Of course, security is a prime concern and if you are a newbie with these sliding glass door locks, knowing what designs and functions you can have. As such, here is a list of the types of sliding glass door locks you can consider. 


11 types of sliding glass door locks

different types of sliding glass door locks

Without much ado, let us dive into the different types of sliding glass door locks that we can score out there. Knowing what to expect from them, their pros and cons are essential in making the right choice and in saving money and effort in sliding glass door shopping. 

1. Mortise lock

Mortise locks are considered as the most common locks for sliding glass doors. As a matter of fact, most sliding doors come with a built-in mortise lock. which sits inside the sliding door’s pocket, making it totally invisible when you look at the sliding glass door from afar. 

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The Prime Line C 1225 mortise lock is a good choice for this type of sliding door lock. It is a non- lock and for it to work, you just must turn the latch up and down. It is easy to install, made of durable alloy steel (that is quite impenetrable), and this model’s white finish would easily complement any color and type of patio door. 

2. Double bolt lock

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This comes second to mortise lock when it comes to popularity. They are installed by the jamb and are made intact by interlocking bolts. They are easy to use and are an inexpensive choice for sliding glass door locks. 

A leading brand for double bolt locks would be LockIt! It is made of high-grade metal, easy, DIY installment at any height in the sliding glass door making it child-safe. Its main security upside is that it essentially prevents the door from being detached or lifted from the sliding door’s tracks. 

3. Keyed lock

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If you want a sliding door lock which you can operate from both inside and outside, keyed locks are a prime choice. As the term implies, they are mounted into the door’s pre-built knockout hole. For this type of lock, you can consider the Prime Line C 1033

It is made of diecast iron, so it is very durable. It is flush mounted, with a hook, non-handed style. As per function, it is also the go-to choice for replacing damaged flush mount and other hook style lock sets. 

4. Offset thumb turn lock

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It is comparable to hooks-tyle and mortise lock types because it is also connected to hooks that connect to the door’s frame. The only difference is that its latch is infused into the door’s handle. But its main upside compared to the two would be it is easier to reach when you start locking the door. 

A good choice for this would be the Prime Line C 1016. It is a two-way universal glass door handle, made of durable diecast materials with a wood handle. It features an inside pull with a thumb turn and steel hook. 

5. Loop lock

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It is more of an aftermarket lock type for sliding glass doors. They are usually installed at the interior, topmost part of the glass door. One of the sides is attached to the door while the other is attached to the frame. You just must lift it up and then slide the loop to the receiver and then pull it out. 

For this type of lock, consider the Defender Security U 9847. The finish is commendable. It is very sturdy with its chrome plated, diecast aluminum base and an extra child-safe security feature with its steel bar. It comes in various reach capacities for your sliding glass door which is a plus. 

6. Security bars

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Essentially, this type of sliding glass door lack creates a durable blockade for anyone who would try to open it from the outside. It slides at the door jamb’s bottom and in between the wall and the active slider. It is easily mounted, adjustable and comes with a stopper to go against the jamb. 

One of the best choices would be Security Man Adjustable Door Bar. It is a dual-purpose security bar since it can be used to jam hinged doors and for sliding glass doors. It has rubbered ends and works on most surfaces without scratching them. It is durable as it could withstand 400lbs pressure. 

7. Spring loaded patio locks

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They can be mounted at either top or bottom parts of the sliding glass door. It has a larger component that connects to the door and another plate that connects to the door frame. When you pull it, the spring loads to the slots. It is not the best choice for rental apartments, though, because it needs to be drilled in. 

Take for instance the HauSun Foot Lock. It has a double lock action which makes it impossible for the door to be lifted out of the tracks. They keep the door locked even when it is in a closed position or even when it is just slightly opened. Most of all, it can take 1000lbs of pressure. 

8. Track locks

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For a hassle-free installation sliding glass door lock, track locks are a considerable choice because it does not include drilling, or slider locks. They are mounted tight on the rails of the sliding door which acts as a blockade for any type of movement. 

The CR Laurence LK55KA CRL is a favorable choice for this type of sliding glass door lock. It has a sturdy construction as it is made of brushed nickel. It is specifically a track plunger lock which makes it a keyless choice. 

9. Smart locks

When it comes to these types of locks for sliding doors, you must know that there are still just a handful of them around. One of them would be Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. It comes with six types of keyless entry ranging from keypad lock, fingerprint lock, comes with a mechanical key, and through smartphone applications. 

It has a lot of security options too. One, you can see recent smartphone application log-ins. It also auto locks and auto unlocks the sliding door once the censors detect smartphone movement. Most of all, it could store up to 160 registered fingerprints. 

10. Electromagnetic locks

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If your budget is not yet ready for a smart lock for your sliding glass door, electromagnetic locks are also reliable locks. They can be quite difficult to install but they work versatilely on different types of doors such as wood, metal, glass and fireproof doors, so they are a wise choice. 

A good brand would be UHPPOTE. It is waterproof and can hold up to 600lbs of pressure. It is made with diecast aluminum with a stainless-steel finish. The mounting brackets are made of zinc, so they are resistant to corrosion. Overall, it works on a fail-safe operation and it is easy to install. 

11. Window locks

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For a reliable child-safe sliding door lock, you may opt to install window locks in your sliding glass doors. They are the cheapest solutions to enforcing security for sliding doors. They act as movement stoppers for active children because the door cannot be opened when they are latched in. 

If you are looking for a window lock, you can check out Burglabar. It is easily installed, has a transparent look and offers high level safety for the home especially the kids. 


sliding glass door lock

How do sliding glass door locks work?

Since there are different types of locks for sliding doors, you could also expect different locking mechanisms for each. We have squared how each lock works on securing sliding glass doors from the list above. 

But generally, sliding glass door locks are operated by a spring. When you open the door, the spring located within the bolts contract and paves way for the opening of the door. When it is closed, the spring is reactivated causing it to lock. 

How to open a locked sliding glass door from outside?

The first thing to do is to find out if the window is open or not. If it is closed, start positioning the pry bar between the windowsill and the window. It should be at least 6-inches from the bottom of the slider and must be diagonal relative to the latch.

Now, pry it up with maximum effort and then slowly tilt the sliding door to lower the latch. Once this is done, expect that the door shall release its lock. Test it by swinging the door open. 

How do you burglar proof a sliding glass door?

There are a lot of ways to make your sliding glass doors burglar proof. They are often the target of burglars because one, they can easily be picked. Two, they are often left unlocked and three, they are in secluded views like at the back of the home. So, to make it more secure, here are some tips to make them burglar proof. 

  • Install a security bar in the track when you are leaving. 
  • Consider installing impact resistant sliding doors instead of regular ones. 
  • Install door sensors, CCTV cameras, or glass break detectors. 
  • Choose a better, more secure lock for your sliding glass doors.
  • Make sure that the tracks are well-maintained. 

Are there smart locks for sliding doors? 

Yes, there are. They typically come in surface mount locks. They offer programmable features like biometrics lock, auto-lock, and smartphone applications that can reinforce the security of the home.

They can also be opened using keypad or retina recognition for commercial establishments. One of the most popular and high-end smart locks for sliding doors out there would be the brand Lockey. 

Can you put a keypad lock on a sliding door?

Yes. As a matter of fact, keypad locks are usually installed on sliding doors along with other types of locks to reinforce security. Perhaps, the only lock that keypad locks cannot work with when it comes to sliding doors would be the hook and bolt lock. 


When it comes to sliding doors, security is a prime factor to consider. As have been said, they are not known for high-level security for the home and are most of the time installed because of their efficiency in providing natural light, ease of use, and aesthetic value. To be able to continue enjoying the benefits of having a sliding door, it is but right for you to know the different locks that you can use for it.