Winter Wedding Ideas: Themes for Winter-Month Weddings

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A winter wedding can be very elegant or fun and festive. Try one of these winter wedding themes for a wedding people will remember for years to come.

While most people think of June as the month to get married, more and more people are planning winter weddings. A winter wedding has many benefits, such as cooler weather and less crowded event venues.

Of course, there are also drawbacks, such as crowded social calendars and snowy or icy conditions. For brides who choose to hold a wedding in December or January, the biggest advantage is that they can wear an elaborate, heavy gown without being too warm.

winter wonderland wedding ideas

Winter Wonderland Wedding

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For brides who want that elegant wedding, complete with a faux fur trimmed gown, a winter wonderland wedding theme is the perfect choice.

  • Instead of a red carpet, the wedding party can glide down a carpet of artificial snow.
  • White poinsettias are a great flower choice for this type of wedding. Since they are in season, they should be budget friendly, too.
  • For the reception, white icicles, snowflake cookies and ice sculptures are a great way to set the scene.
  • Personalized snowflake ornaments or snowflake shaped chocolates make lovely favors.

Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas

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A Christmas themed wedding can be very colorful and fun to plan. Touches of red, green and gold really add plenty of interest.

  • Holly berries and evergreens make a perfect base for a festive wedding bouquet.
  • Filling the flower girl’s basket with poinsettia petals gives the tradition of sprinkling rose petals in front of the wedding party a fresh twist.
  • Transforming the reception area to a Christmas themed room is fairly easy. Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias and a sleigh piled high with the wedding gifts are all great ideas.
  • In addition to the more traditional gifts, ask each guest bring a special ornament to trim a tree that sits near the bride and groom’s table. These ornaments will bring back memories of the special day as the happy couple trims their tree at home each year.
  • Miniature stockings filled with traditional Christmas treats are the perfect favors for this winter wedding theme.

Snowy Fun Wedding Ideas

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For a relaxed, family friendly event, try a snowman themed wedding. Kids will love seeing all the decorations and parents will remember childhood fun.

  • White hydrangea blossoms or snowball bush blossoms are perfect choices for a bouquet for this winter wedding.
  • Artificial snowballs, snowmen and snowdrifts can make the reception area look like the perfect place for a day of winter fun.
  • Snowman shaped chocolates or cookies make nice favors.
  • Set up a craft table for children attending the wedding. Encourage them to decorate their own snowman cookies and give them paper and glitter to make old fashioned paper snowflakes.


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