Stylish Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Cooking in the backyard is fun and enjoyable, especially when it is done in an outdoor kitchen. Peradventure, you do not have an outdoor kitchen, but you plan to build one, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

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Indoors to Outdoors

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When it comes to setting up an outdoor kitchen, design it in such a way that the outdoor location is fully maximized. You can solve any design issues of the outdoor kitchen with the help of its location. For instance, you can join the outdoor kitchen to the main house to take away the need to add storage space or a refrigerator.

You can also create two different eating spaces where one would be casual, and the other would be formal. The casual space can have a seating area designed as high as a bar stool, while the formal space would be in the form of a dining table. In building the two, make sure there is adequate space for your guests to sit in and relax. It would be helpful if the contractor would suggest more about outdoor kitchen kits ideas and designs that would help you narrow down the best layouts and options.

The Cooking Space

If your home is in the city, you do not have to worry about having a limited outdoor space as you can still create a slim kitchen in the small yard. You should shield the kitchen and provide privacy by adding a fence.

Make sure to select materials that reinforce the kind of finishes applied to your home. For instance, you can choose to use horizontal lines on the kitchen cabinet like your house’s brick pattern. You can break your kitchen up to arrange it better for landscaping.

Keep your maintenance low by using a long-lasting countertop material; Stainless steel, for instance, would be the ideal choice. If space allows, you can build a large kitchen to provide a variety of cooking options.

When designing the kitchen, traffic patterns, focal points should be clearly drawn out. For instance, you can design a circulation area to direct the cooks and the guests. Your outdoor kitchen can also use complementary fixtures and group lighting.

Outdoor Kitchen in the Porch

If you have a porch, you can use it to create an outdoor cooking space. If the cooking space is large enough, you can create a storage space, sink, and a cooking surface. Make sure that the porch is well covered to protect the cooking space from weather elements. If there’s more space close to the main house, it will significantly benefit you as you can smoothly run gas and water to the outdoor kitchen.

You can brighten your kitchen by mounting decorative elements like the fish cut-out. The outdoor kitchen’s materials and colors must be consistent since the building of a kitchen on the porch are like an extension added to your house. This is to make sure the outdoor kitchen is well integrated with the surroundings.

Dinner Setup

You can build an impressive stylish kitchen in your backyard alongside various modern facilities for a fully functional outdoor cooking area. Ensure the kitchen is protected from rain or sun by having a roof. You can build the roof such that it has a dramatic design to enhance your home’s architectural design.

Pay attention to all the materials that will be used in setting up the outdoor kitchen. In the case that you will be using wooden cabinets, seal and stain them from time to time so they can remain their best. You should add outdoor lighting so cooking at night if need be, wouldn’t be hazardous.

Also, you can include overhead lights and task lights as well as lights over the grill. You can add different kinds of equipment to make the outdoor kitchen look more functional.