30+ Best Throw Pillow Ideas For Your Grey Couches

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Grey couches are always one of the top choices for many because of its versatility when it comes to color blending schemes. Color combination makes up a beautiful and attractive home.

From wall decorations, appliances, tables, couches to throw pillows, everything must complement each other well. 

When it comes to couches, throw pillows are quite indispensable. In this post, we shall look at some of the most notable throw pillow ideas specifically for gray couches. From simple patterns to more ornate designs, we have them covered for you, so read on. 

what color throw pillows go with grey couches

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30 Throw Pillow Ideas For Grey Couch

1. Sea Blue

1 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

The colors of the sea are always a perfect match with the grey ones. They bring in a cool vibe and promote a calm atmosphere. This grey couch, though appears to be plain and simple, when added with the sea blue throw pillows, adds life. 

It is always a good thing to put colors of nature inside the home. When thinking of the best ones, always think of the basics and it will surely bring you to the colors of nature like these sea blue colors. 

91J2ckmuC5L. AC SL1500

2. Pairing Colors

2 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

The orange accent color is paired with the light on the ceiling. This vibrant color steals the eye and adds excitement to this average grey color. 

A color pairing like this one ultimately changes the mood of the room, making it livelier and more fun. If you want to bring light to your homes, pairing vibrant colors like this one is a very good idea.  

915Z6nBeCWL. AC SL1500

3. Raspberry Red

3 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

A grey couch with a unique texture combined with raspberry red is something to watch out for. In this picture, there is a balance between the grey color and the raspberry red.

The two similar raspberry throw pillows placed on one side also created balance while giving a strong character on the couch. This one is so simple but is very balanced that it is perfect to look at.

814p C1ykVL. AC SL1500

4. Novelty Pillows

4 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Pillows have been so popular among homeowners for the unique designs that appear in the market every now and then.

In this combination, the grey couch looks so beautiful with this yellow, knotted pillow that steals the show because of the unique design.

It is always so good to give a try on new things like this novelty pillow as an accent to this grey couch. 

61yNNkX+gQL. AC SL1500

5. Uniform Throw Pillows

5 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

In this case, throw pillows need not be vibrant or something that adds beauty as long as it serves its function.

In here, you can see that the colors of the throw pillow are seemingly the same as the grey couch.

They did not add fun or excitement to the couch but still, they added character which somehow gave symmetry to this couch thanks to their uniform color.

6. Cream throw pillows

6 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

It is always good to see neutral colors combined with the color grey. Look at how the couch matched well with the cream throw pillow.

Their color combination is a pleasant picture to see. When in doubt, neutral colors are the best choice, thus, in this case, cream is the best choice.

7. Mix and match

7 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Throw pillows adds character in a plain grey couch, thus, it is always good to try in some patterns to spice up the view. In this idea, a polka dotted pillow goes well with the two solid pillows at the couch.

If not, try in some more patterns, make a zigzag, circular, your favorite character or any other else. Make it a point that whatever is in your home sums up your personality so better choose wisely. 

712kgXcI PL. AC SL1500

8. Muted Blue

8 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Soft blues are one of the neutral colors that is paired with this grey couch. Though it seems boring, neutral colors also make a statement in designs and color combinations.

In this idea, the muted blue color is so relaxing to see and seems comfortable when used. All in all, this look is still ideal. 

9. Mixing Fabrics

9 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

With a grey couch as your base, you can always go and give some try for other fabrics. A change in fabrics means a change in the picture.

Fabrics makes a very strong role in making throw pillow covers, thus, gives character and changes the mood of the overall look of the grey couch. Yes, color combination matters but a using of different fabrics and matching them together has also something to offer.

10. Concrete Tones

10 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

When dealing with a grey couch, a color that is the same as the base is nothing to worry about. But in this case, the throw pillows came in different hues of grey which gives it variety. Although they seem to look a lot like each other, they still make a good set. 

11. Boxy Shape

11 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Pillows play a huge role when it comes to the overall visual appeal of the couch. As such, they are chosen in different sizes, designs, texture, and shapes like this boxy shape throw pillow in this grey couch.

The shape of the couch is in contrast with the shape of the pillow but they work really well with each other making it so good to see. 

12. One Tone

12 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Who says a one tone color of couch and throw pillow do not look good? This picture is proof that a one tone couch set still looks classy and elegant.

Throw pillows need not be vibrant and in different colors all the time. It always depends on the homeowner to make a design of his own. So, if you do not find the perfect color match to your choice, choose a one tone color. 

13. Matching Furniture

13 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

We all love matching things from our daily fashion to the insides of our home. In this idea, you can see how matching all the elements are.

From wall decorations, lights, tables, carpet, decoration, couches and throw pillows. A black and grey combination of a home is timeless and so classy to look at. 

14. Formal Appeal

14 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

This room has a dark wall color thus, the need for the accents be in contrast. The couch and throw pillows lightened the room and the couch has a very unique texture which is attractive and gives dynamics to its overall look. 

714j0BzQ0ML. AC SL1000

15. Long wool Pillows

15 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

A long wool to a plain grey couch says something about urban chic design. Wools on pillows are expensive and have a unique texture but it gives a different level of beauty that even on a plain grey couch, it looks so comfy and expensive at the same time.

When looking for a unique throw pillow, you may opt for these long wool pillows which gives a different look to this grey couch. 

long wool pillow

16. Yellow Accent Pillow

16 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Greys blend well with yellow. In this style, you can see how stylish the throw pillows are with all the ruffles and patterns not to mention the very elegant looking leather grey couch. It gives so much of a boho motif infused with class and elegance as the couch gives. 

17. Another flashy mix and match

17 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

When thinking of the most stylish and decorative throw pillows in a grey couch, it is always good to go with mixed patterns and colors like this one.

It is very attractive and gives dynamics to the whole look of this room. Also, the wall decorations and furniture added colors to this room. If you are into colors and patterns, this one is great for you.

18. White Patterned Throw Pillow

18 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Given any color, white can always blend. The color white is timeless and classic plus the size and pattern of this throw pillow put in this grey textured couch.

As you can see, this accent pillow is larger than usual but still looks so good on this grey couch. The embossed diamond pattern also added beauty. 

19. Geometric throw pillow

19 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

For a modern looking grey couch, a geometric embroidered in a throw pillow is a good choice. In a grey couch, neutral colors are seen as very expensive plus the geometric designs.

Aside from looking modern, these pillows also gave expensive feels matched with this grey couch.  

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20. Black Patterned Pillow

20 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

This whole room looks so glam and expensive. From the wall, wall decoration, furniture plus the couch that fills the most space.

The grey couch is very neat and clean to look at and having these black patterned pillows gives it a strong and glam feel. In this room, everything is working well and brings out the beauty from each other. 

black pattern pillow

21. Hand-woven pillows

21 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

A light grey couch works well with a hand-woven pillow cover because more than its function is the unique style and beauty it adds to the plain couch.

This hand-woven design works well with a hand-woven rug on the floor of the couch to complete a hand-woven style design.  

22. Purple Throw Pillows

22 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Giving a fun and cozy feel, these purple pillows work perfectly well with the grey couch. The color is so bold that it stands out from the grey couch. Though they are in contrast, they still bring out the best in each other. 

23. Animal Accent Pillow

23 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Though plain accent pillows look best, printed ones are also one to consider when giving an accent to a plain grey couch. This rabbit print in the pillow is so adorable and unorthodox.

They are so simple to look at but they add a touch of playfulness in the total look of this room. Pairing this with a patterned one is also a good choice plus the vintage texture of the pillows. This is a whole new look and combination that is very ideal. 

24. Hand Crocheted Pillow

24 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

While others look for unique patterns and design, others opt for the hand crocheted ones that are very likely and ideal for a grey couch. This pillow adds dimension to the couch and gives a very expensive looking one.

This is a very unique accent to a couch and is very recommendable for those who are looking for an ideal pillow to blend in their grey couch. 

25. Dark Grey Cushions

25 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Contrasting colors are also seen best especially when blending the bold ones with the light ones. In this room, you can see that the couch is much lighter and they added dark grey cushions which work well and look so beautiful and formal.

This room has monochromatic colors but is very clean and classy. 

71tGvRnVGkL. AC SL1500

26. Cool Navy Checks

26 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

Choosing a throw pillow in a light grey couch is very difficult but as a homeowner, you take it as a challenge and choose the best that is out of the market. One idea is an accent of cool navy checks. 

In this grey couch, these pillows pop out because of its dark colors and cool patterns. Both the couch and pillow have volumes which added a different look to this room. When looking for a perfect pillow idea on a grey couch, the cool ones are one of the best choices. 

27. Flapper-Girl Pillow

27 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

This accent to the grey couch is so attractive that when seen, you immediately want to sit and feel it through hugging. This one talks so much about fashion that it is seen as dazzling in grey.

The couch is in the same color as the pillow but the accent glows and gives a fun and glam mood in the entire room. If you are one that is stylish and loves to put something unique and dazzling to a plain color, this might be a great catch!

28. Round Throw Pillows

28 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

In a light grey couch, a white accent does not go out of style. In this room, the walls are in the same color of the couch and all other elements present are in the color white. This room is a combination of the whites and greys and how they put each other in highlight. 

This round pillow with an abstract star as the design is very stylish that everyone would love. The difference of shape gives a different feel which is so effective talking about style and design. 

29. Blush Pink Throw Pillow

29 throw pillow ideas for grey couches

This accent is very feminine and color but has a very calm and welcoming feeling. The color blended with a patterned one is very chic but it matches well with the grey couch. 

The rug also has something to say about the total look because it is in uniform with the accent pillows. When you are looking for a femme feels while giving importance to simplicity and harmony of colors and design, this one is the best for you. 

30. Sparkly Sequins

61AL6E5GvEL. AC SL1017

If you want it shining, then you go for sparkly sequins. They definitely match well with the dark grey couch. These sparkly sequins are fun and attractive to look at plus it exudes class and glam.

When choosing sparkly sequins, do not just limit to silver, you can also add in colors that would bring out the character of the design. In this case, an aqua blue and a silver pillow sequin go together for a beautiful match. 


Aside from the throw pillow ideas that we have mentioned here, it is also important to check some FAQs that would help you in better accentuating gray couches if you intend them to be the focal point of your living room. Hence, here are some gray couch FAQs for your reference. 

How many throw pillows should there be on a couch?

The number of throw pillows depends on the size of the couch or sofa. The longer the sofa, the greater number of throw pillows put as an accent and added beautification to the furniture. Nonetheless, as per rule of thumb, three throw pillows are standardly arranged for smaller couches while five throw pillows are needed for larger couches. 

Are throw pillows necessary?

Throw pillows do not just add colors and beauty to the couch but give comfort to home owners and visitors entering the home.

For some, throw pillows are more than necessary but some do not take a lot of effort bringing in these things because some believe that they just take the seating space. However, many believe that the function of the couch matters, thus, many homes are with throw pillows and a chic and stylish one at that.

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Do throw pillows on a couch need to match?

It really does not matter if the throw pillows match the couch. But if you intend to, you need to remember that when choosing the right match, select pillows that coordinate with a color scheme of one, two, or three colors. Pick the ones that are present in your room or even the color of your couch. They can work on a monochromatic and colorful one. 

Most homeowners find throw pillows as an added aesthetic element to the couch that is why it is important for them to have throw pillows that match well with their couches. In this case, your choice of design matters. But as a whole, as long as the pillows serve its purpose, the design and style do not matter at all. 

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Should throw pillows be the same size?

To those who want a traditional looking design, they may opt to have similar pillow sizes but for home owners who want to have a different look on their couches, having a variety of sizes would work very well. 

Having a larger to smaller pillows on the couch gives dynamics to the total view while having the usual makes also a perfect view. The beauty pillow added to the couch is based on the size, style and design so make sure to select wisely.

What is the most popular size of throw pillow?

Throw pillows come in so many sizes and colors but the ones that are popular and are being used by many are in the size 18 by 18 inches. This is the standard size of throw pillows being put into almost any size of couches.

Having to choose the best size for your couch is a really important matter, notwithstanding aesthetics. They either give in or give out beauty and add to the total look so if in doubt, choose the standard, go for 18 by 18 inches.

Is a throw blanket necessary to add with throw pillows? 

No. But it sure adds another layer of coziness in the room especially if you are in colder locations. The standard throw blanket dimension would be 50×60 inches. It should always be smaller than the standard bedding blanket. Lots of homeowners consider incorporating throw blankets in their couches because of its versatility, design wise. 

How do you arrange throw pillows on a couch? 

There is no standard procedure to this but the most popular one would be starting with solid colored throw pillows on both ends of the couch and then layering it with popping or bolder colors, printed and other color accents in the middle. 

How much should a throw pillow cost?

With intricate design and rare colors, a throw pillow can be expensive while the common ones have it at a fair price. Throw pillows do not necessarily need to be expensive as long as it can give you the perfect look that you want. However, in terms of number and price, throw pillows costs between $20 to $200. 


Gray couches are indeed very versatile. But even in their versatility, their beauty cannot stand out alone in a living room. Hence, looking for the best decorative elements that would notch it up is imperative for it to really serve as the focal point of the room. 

One of the staple elements of living room design would be the use of throw pillows. With its neutrality, gray couches can accommodate any color, style and design of throw pillows. From solid colors, to patterns, to knotted and other cool prints, nothing can be off and misplaced when it comes to gray. 

Hence, when it comes to choosing the right throw pillow for a gray couch, the prime consideration should be your personality and the overall design scheme that you want to invoke. Other than that, you can always mix and match with gray.