35+ Best Trex Composite Decking Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Back decks are a terrific feature to any property, regardless of the vista you have, whether it’s a modest green grass or a beautiful body of water. They have the ability to transform any vista into the nicest spot on earth, making you yearn to go outside and enjoy it. 

Despite the numerous advantages of having a deck, many homeowners will forgo adding one to their house due to the wood’s care and upkeep.

Determined by the type and size of wood, they can also be rather costly. However, there’s a better choice now, and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular forms of decking among homeowners.

Trex composite decking is the name of the kind of decking, here are some decking ideas for you to check out and be inspired with. 

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35 Best Trex Composite Decking Ideas and Designs

trex composite decking ideas designs

1. Effect of Two-Tone

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It’s difficult to pick just a single color of Trex deck boards when there are so many to select from. Why not choose two? A two-tone effect, such as the Spiced Rum, Havana Gold,  and Trex Transcend, is an awesome way to give an outdoor living space depth and character. 

It can also serve as a safety feature by indicating the location of an edge, step, or slope change. It’s one of the most basic Trex deck designs for do-it-yourselfers.

1 trex decking ideas 1

2. Down in the Pits

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Source: Houzz

Guests flock to a subterranean discussion pit with a propane fire table like moths to a flame. Is there no pit? It’s no issue!

Although there isn’t a sunken place, Trex boards may be utilized to create built-in benches. However, it will need to be supported by a wooden frame.

3. Incorporated Planters on Trex Decks

3 trex decking ideas 1
Source: Houzz

Gardeners draw nature closer to the deck, making it more attractive. While there are many other types of garden containers, Trex cube planters which complement the deck may give it a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

3 trex decking ideas 2
Photo of Timber Tech

4. Match Play

4 trex decking ideas 1

The railing on a deck is sometimes disregarded. Patio railings, while serving a useful purpose, may also be an attractive addition to your deck.

The idea is to make it appear as though it belongs there. The top rail complements the Trex deck, while the posts and spindles complement the furnishings. This creates a unified appearance.

5. Well Rounded

5 trex decking ideas 1

It is not necessary for decks to be rectangular or square. In reality, they frequently appear greater with some bends to balance out the house’s geometric lines.

This Trex Transcend deck’s rounded edges make it a more appealing location and one of the most popular Trex deck designs. A tree cut-out is also an unanticipated but nice addition.

6. Choose Modern Comfort

6 trex decking ideas 1

How about this for a classy scheme: a minimalist deck with the perfect platform for a variety of the greatest garden furniture.

This year, a rattan outdoor sofa is on our must-have list since it is ageless elegance, and a matching coffee table adds to the utility and aesthetic. Then, for added aesthetic appeal and warmth, place an outdoor rug with a modest pattern underfoot.

7. Make a focal point with a feature wall

7 trex decking ideas 1
Photo: New Tech Wood

Painting a neighboring garden wall in an appealing tone will provide a flash of brightness to your Trex decking ideas. This vibrant color is stunning and gives the zone a lot of flair, but you could also opt for other colors that suit your taste. 

Installing solid shelves will enable you to further customize the wall with cheerful pots, garden accessories, and even a light or two. Choose plants that contrast with the background.

8. Decking surrounding a pool that is non-slip

8 trex decking ideas 1

Both timber and composite decking may be an excellent alternative for encircling a pool, providing a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance.

While it comes to pool deck designs, though, it’s critical to make sure the one you choose isn’t too slippery when wet for safety reasons and Trex decking is perfect for that.

This one, for example, has non-slip inlays built into the pool’s border, which not only provide a secure grip underfoot but also provide an aesthetic element to the plan.

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9. Details should be layered

9 trex decking ideas 1

Incorporating additional deck lighting ideas is one way to quickly add attractiveness to your outdoor dining area.

They’re a guaranteed way to increase the mood and keep discussion going late into the evening, whether you choose for strings of the best festoon lights, lanterns, or even a standalone lamp mixed with a heater.

Layer them for the greatest results, creating low, sparkling light at various intensities. Soft outdoor couches and potted plants, for example, will offer homey finishing touches.

10. With Flower-Filled Planters, Offset Muted Scheme

10 trex decking ideas 1

How about something like this if you like a more minimalist look? People will surely adore the couple of planters, overflowing with late-summer flowers, and the understated design of grays, soft creams, with a hint of pink, which is really harmonized and peaceful.

If you look carefully at the decking, you’ll notice small strips of non-slip inlays as well. It’s a wonderful idea for a slick deck that doesn’t sacrifice style.

11. Pallet furniture is easy to make

11 trex decking ideas 1

Consider making pallet furniture if you’re searching for low-cost decking ideas or just want to do something fun over the weekends. Pallets may sometimes be found for a very low price (or even for free), and they’re an extremely adaptable material to work with.

The choices are nearly unlimited, from chairs, coffee tables to sofas, and even an outside bar. You can really customize them with a touch of outer wood paint to complement your space.

Throws and cushions will add extra coziness, and a string of lights suspended from the ceiling and a warm chiminea nearby will complete the inviting scene.

12. Decorate a strewn-together courtyard

12 trex decking ideas 1

Have you seen courtyard garden designs, which are perfect for tiny decked areas? Check out this on-trend yard for an example of how decking may work as a great foundation for small, walled areas.

The choice of a neutral tone is soothing and thoughtful, and the woven elements on the rug and chairs are particularly appealing. Small additions like a potted cactus and an attractive candlestick offer a nice personal touch.

Painting decking to match your design is another option. The light color serves to lighten the area while still blending in with the surrounding walls.

13. Choose a cover that wraps around

13 trex decking ideas 1

Pergola ideas are a must-have for extra protection from the sun or rain. Sure, a parasol is an easy and reasonably inexpensive solution. However, a more lasting solution, such as this, might be more stunning and clearly identify a garden room.

This cover’s wrap-around, slatted shape complements a contemporary dining set-up and gray marble decking wonderfully. Climbing plants are also a great way to provide a relaxing splash of color.

14. Make a statement by going dark

14 trex decking ideas 1

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to use natural wood hues on your deck. Choosing a dark color for an outdoor location may provide a dramatic touch.

Black and gray have a modern feel to them, but they’re not only for contemporary garden ideas.

They’ll also work in cottage-style gardens if you pair them with vintage-looking furnishings. You may also like how the chairs’ colors and forms have been blended here to create a casual eclectic vibe.

If your favorite decking doesn’t exist in a darker color, you may always stain or paint it to make it look new.

15. Use curves to your advantage

15 trex decking ideas 1

If you really want to go all the way out with your decking ideas, a style like this could be the way to go.

You might adore how the sweeping curves split the room into distinct zones, from the cozy couch area on top to the recessed zone with its surrounding bench down below.

It’s a perfect setup for laid-back backyard gatherings or big families, as everyone can sprawl out comfortably. The center fire pit will keep the atmosphere warm far into the evening.

16. Surround your garden structure with flowers

16 trex decking ideas 1

A length of decking is a terrific way to widen the zone and provide a simple indoor-outdoor alternative, even if you’ve gone for she-shed designs or garden office concepts in your backyard.

This elegant deck is a terrific place to unwind away from the main home, and it blends in nicely with the garden building’s facade. Also note the matching planter, which adds to the overall feeling of coherence.

17. Set up a movie theater

17 trex decking ideas 1

Do you want to change it up a bit in your backyard? Establishing an outdoor theater is a certain way to create memorable nights with friends and family, and a robust deck will serve as a firm foundation.

All you’ll need is an old sheet draped from a neighboring fence or wall, as well as the greatest outdoor projector. And, if you choose an overhead cover, you can snuggle up and watch the movie without interruption, even if it’s raining.

Just make sure there are plenty of comfortable couches, possibly an outside rug, and some low, glowing lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere.

18. Take a multi-tiered strategy

18 trex decking ideas 1

There are certain to be several garden steps concepts involved if you’re leveling out a steep landscape. So, why not go with a decked design? You’ve been told  decking could be used in a variety of ways!

The elegant recessed lighting on these clever stairs is an important feature for highlighting the route when it becomes dark. It’s  really lovely how the pattern continues across the elevated beds to define them. 

They’re brimming with exquisite planting, which is a low-maintenance alternative. However, you may fill them with beautiful flowers or even vegetables and herbs for a different look.

19. For a stunning roof terrace, use decking

19 trex decking ideas 1

If you live in a city, you may be fortunate enough to have your own personal roof patio. Decking, as you can see in this lovely example, is an excellent solution for this type of area.

For a more modern look, choose a soft color. Then, for a refined look, match your deck with basic garden furniture designs accentuated with splashes of colored pillows.

Big potted plants will look great as well. Just make sure you choose ones that can withstand being exposed to the outdoors. Lavenders, olive trees, and beautiful grasses are all fine alternatives, but Japanese acers and ferns should be avoided. 

20. Make Your Own Private Hideaway

20 trex decking ideas 1

Take a peek at this tucked-away decking area for more garden seclusion ideas. All of the conveniences of a living room are provided by the couches and minimalist bar. Sunlight,  fresh air, and a scented lilac, on the other hand, provide the indoor-outdoor living sensation we all desire.

This sort of low-maintenance area is great for contemporary decking in a mellow tone. In addition , an expansive, wooden structure will safeguard you from some of the direct sunlight and will look especially beautiful when decorated with lovely solar-powered pendants.

21. Seating should be plentiful

21 trex decking ideas 1

A layout like this could be just the thing if you’re looking for a creative option to deck railing ideas. It not only defines the perimeter in aesthetic, but it also serves as a large seating area, which is ideal if you like to host garden parties.

The curved line brings visual appeal, and choosing a color that is subtly different from the decking itself creates a pleasing contrast.

22. Take in the poolside vista

22 trex decking ideas 1

A decked patio, like the one seen above, may be a beautiful place to rest and enjoy the view of your backyard pool concepts. Due to its design, it creates two distinct zones: one for relaxing and the other for dining and cooking.

Choosing such a high vantage point will allow you to take in the greatest sights in the house, all while having the advantage of watching over the kids as they splash about. Just be certain to surround it with a durable rail to keep everybody safe from the edge.

23. Gray it out.

23 trex decking ideas 1

If you’re on a budget but still want to give your decking ideas a makeover, learn how to paint decking and give it a fresh coat of paint or a coat of woodstain. It will not only rejuvenate your decking, but it will also protect it during the winter months.

Decking can show signs of wear and tear after a few years, as well as mold and green algae.  Rather than spending money on new decking, take a few hours one weekend to give yours some TLC by following deck cleaning recommendations.

24. Include a shade sail.

24 trex decking ideas 1

If you put some form of shelter or cover atop your space, you may use your deck ideas rain or shine. This could be a permanent structure, such as a roofed pergola, or something as simple as a wall-mounted patio shade sail or awning.

Covers like these will provide lots of shade throughout the summer season. When the weather changes in the fall and winter, you can install a patio heater and still enjoy being outside on the decking because the awning will help to trap the heat and keep you warm and comfortable.

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25. Include a water feature in your design.

25 trex decking ideas 1
Source: creamandblack

Draw inspiration from features that involve water ideas and integrate one into your new decked patio for a really stylish garden makeover.

You will adore how this modern take on a lawn pond blends in with its environment, breaking up the length of decking and preventing it from taking over the space.

26. Create a backdrop for a focal point

26 trex decking ideas 1

By incorporating your decking ideas into a vibrant color theme, you can make them a vital part of your garden’s background. The dark-colored wall is paired with small, pale boards, yet cohesiveness is preserved by the lines running in the same direction.

They come together to create the ideal backdrop for the area’s main point: a large, brilliant red bulb. A simple seating set completes this eye-catching appearance.

27. Make a deck for a tiny area.

27 trex decking ideas 1

A little decked area may have the same impression as a larger decked area, and installing a deck is a simple way of creating a level area in a tiny garden.

If your deck is limited, take inspiration from this design and incorporate benches. It will let you accommodate more people than separate seats would, you can make it more pleasant by putting cushions and seat pads.

28. Decking may help a long, narrow garden look better.

28 trex decking ideas 1

In most town gardens, there is typically unused space at the far end that people never use.

However, if you add a deck to your home, it may become a destination for your outdoor dining options or simply a place to rest. Because this deck is somewhat elevated, it becomes even more of a focus point.

29. Take a peek at the view from the deck.

29 trex decking ideas 1

With a see-through balustrade, you can reap the benefits of the view from elevated deck ideas, even if it’s not your own garden. There are numerous possibilities to suit your plot’s design as well as your budget.

30. Make a border for your decking designs

30 trex decking ideas 1

Making a border in a different color will help your decking ideas stand out and become more unique. It has a decorative finish thanks to the changeable boards in tone hues. It also provides a pleasant spot with a view from a higher height than the garden.

31. Pergolas are a great way to go vertical.

31 trex decking ideas 1

Whether you use your pergola as a living room area, like this one, or as an eating zone, pairing it with deck ideas can help to create the appearance of an outdoor room.

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32. Planting that is already in place

32 trex decking ideas 1

Create space for planting within your overall design to soften the lines of your decking ideas. Spikes of architectural greenery, as well as blossoms, pour over onto the terrace from the split-level feature’s beds.

33. Make your deck appear larger by using color

33 trex decking ideas 1

If you’re looking for a modest garden design to help your space feel larger, finish your decking in a bright color that reflects light for a space-expanding impression.

Because wood decking needs quality assurance in any case, all you have to do is use a brightening color of your choice instead of re-treating it with a wood preservative.

34. Make your deck more comfortable.

34 trex decking ideas 1

Why not use the same decorative accents you’d use inside your home to make your decking as attractive to the eye as it is to the touch?

Choose patio furniture that will look nice both inside and out, and add pillows for extra comfort. Simple finishing touches, such as a vase of flowers, can help transform your deck ideas into a true outdoor living area.

35. Decking should complement the architecture of your home.

35 trex decking ideas 1

Consider expanding the roof structure to make a covered area for your decking if you’re building a new addition. For a smart and coherent aesthetic, match the decking color to the wood used on the roof’s underside.


Is Trex decking slippery when wet?

Trex decking is a low-maintenance decking option that demands a portion of the amount and effort of wood decks while also being less likely to become slippery when wet. It will still require some maintenance to keep it at its best, but you will be pleased with the end outcome.

What is the average cost of a Trex deck?

Materials and installation for a conventional 24′ x 12′ (288 square foot) Trex deck will range between $4,244 and $10,826. Trex decking supplies cost an average of $8.25 per square foot, while decking labor costs $7.52 per square foot.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Trex decking?

Trex and Fiberon are often the most affordable options, while TimberTech and AZEK are the most expensive. Bear in mind, though, that Trex’s greater grades are more pricey than Timbertech’s lower-tiered grades, so be certain you’re evaluating apples to apples.

What should not be put on a Trex deck?

Don’t ever use acetone or any other solvent cleaning agent on your Trex deck, as these substances can harm the composite and detract from the structure’s appearance.

How many Trex boards do I need for a 12×12 deck?

A 12-foot by 12-foot deck with 5/4 x 6 pressure treated wood decking and joists spaced 16 inches on center will require: A 12-foot long deck with joists spaced 16 inches on center will require: 520 fasteners = 20 fasteners x 26 (number of decking rows). To be on the safe side, add 10%.


Having a great back deck to take a break on is among the nicest advantages of the houses that have one, whether you use it to relax with your family or friends or to entertain guests with gatherings and other parties. 

You’ve made your mind up about Trex composite decking and the hues you want to use. Now is the time to think about the Trex deck ideas you’d like to include in your new deck.