31+ Creative DIY Deck Fire Pit Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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More than the scenic spot and layout of a deck, bringing a fire pit into your deck is one of the nicest ideas to bring comfort and warmth to everyone visiting the place.

Using the best materials for the firepit and its overall arrangement shall truly improve the look and feel of the deck. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas to play on which you could take inspiration from for your deck fire pits. 

In this post, we shall run down some of the most notable deck fire pit ideas out there to give you visuals on how to arrange your own. Hence, without much ado, read on. 

deck fire pit ideas designs

31+ Creative DIY Deck Fire Pit Ideas and Designs

When wanting to have your fire pit in your deck areas, giving the right amount of attention towards the right design and right material are the biggest challenges.

When in a dilemma, always remember that the best choice shall last longer so give it a thorough thought before indulging in. Here are some notable deck fire pit ideas for you. 

1. Curved deck and a raised fire pit

1 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Houzz

Being together in a warm, comfortable, and curvy seating arrangement like this one is very intimate. The circular shape gives a symbol of unity and togetherness so having a stylish chair like this with a raised fire pit serves as the focal point of the area.

The metal frame of the raised firepit also manifests safety. The classic beauty of wood in a backdrop of vast greens is such an airy and traditionally beautiful sight. 

2. Stone gas fire pit

2 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Houzz

When you want to be more secured and feel safe about the fire, choose a stone gas fire pit on your decks. Aside from it being built permanently, it is also seen as firm and sturdy and would not cause harm.

Having this fire pit is not just ideal but a perfect choice especially when having just enough space to gather around with a little fire to keep you warm. Going for a non-movable fire pit is also a good idea for deck fire pits. 

3. Glass circular fire pit

3 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Houzz

While it is seen as stylish and modern, having a fire pit with a glass material is rarely chosen by most homeowners.

Aside from the fact that they see it as expensive in a way, they think that it is also not the safest material albeit its unparalleled beauty. However, this glass circular fire pit has a base of a stone that is why it is firm and secured and would not move as the fire goes along. 

If the space is the problem, the people gathering can always adjust to the situation. But, the size of this area is standard and has just the right amount of space where people can chit chat and move around. Choosing this fire pit design is beautifully functional. 

4. Fire pit in an outdoor living room

4 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Houzz

If you want to be surrounded by nature or to have an organic feel by the firepit, this one here is the look to go for. Together, they look natural with all the greenery that is present in the background.

Having a small, rectangular, stylish pit area like this that stands on a stylish rag added beauty in this while giving warmth and a little bit of drama to this spacious outdoor living room. Going for this fire pit, design and size would be a great choice.

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5. Steel fire pit

5 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Arpe Studio

When wanting a simple fire pit on your decks, have a steel fire with just a small raise. With this, you can sit by the ground while talking to your friends and family and talk about life.

This pit, though simple, provides a long lasting companionship depending on what length you want it to run.

Some find it dramatic to have a fire pit on a conversation and some look at it as a dream, to have a fire pit on a deck, while enjoying the best conversations of your life plus feeling the breeze on a night basis. 

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6. Stone slab fire pit

6 deck fire pit ideas
Source: Houzz

On a small area like this, it is but natural to have a small fire pit like a stone slab. With this, you can have more space to move around and get the chance to have more warmth around the fire pit.

A stone slab fire pit, unlike the stylish ones, does not have a frame but still gives a high level of beauty in this deck. The rustic feel and very down to earth vibe of this simple stone slab fire pit is truly one for the books. 

6 deck fire pit ideas 1

7. Stepped fire pit

7 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

It is quite unique having a fireplace as creative as this. It looks so elegant and majestic especially during cold nights and with a scenic view like this one here.

Fire and being close to nature is truly a view that you should not miss. You would not even need much with this in-rail, suspended fire pit, perfect for cabin houses like this one. 

7 deck fire pit ideas 2
Source: Mosaic Outdoor Living & Landscapes

8. Modern engineered wood fire pit

8 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

In a large area, having this kind of fire pit is a very nice idea especially on a deck in a beach.

This is very modern in that you can sit across from each other and enjoy the individual warmth that comes on this wooden frame.

Though it has enough space for people to sit, having this style is better when a few enjoy the heat. Going for a modern design is never a bad idea. 

8 deck fire pit ideas 2

9. Octagon fire pit

9 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

Having a geometrically shaped fire pit is one that provides dynamics in a simple fire pit. It creates a very interesting picture and brings style to the whole deck.

Acting as the focal point in the area, with just the octagon design is already making a view, what more if it is lit with fire, right?

Going for this design, with all the stylish wooden chairs gives a cozy and natural feel where you can just go sit and relax while having the best view. 

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10. Ground level fire pit

10 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

When you are cautious and want to be secured, choosing a ground level fire pit would be your first choice.

With this deck, having a space that is just large for people to look at each other and gather around in one place while having the fire watch them along the way. The fire pit here serves as a background aside from giving warmth to people once it is lit. 

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11. Fire basket

11 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Curran Home

When trying to be stylish and creative, having a metallic fire basket as a pit fire to your deck might be beautiful to see.

It allows you to see every little detail from the start of the lighting process until it is done.

On a fire basket or a fire pit like this, you will cut costs while enjoying the modern design it brings to people. This might be seen as a little fragile and less firm, however, still giving the best fire of your dreams. 

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12. Folding fire pit

When it comes to modern design, this folding fire pit has a high sense of fashion and is portable which is why you can just bring it anywhere possible. It, being movable, separates from all others.

Why have a stone and metal frame but have a working and stylish bottom where you can be at ease moving around.  Having this type of a fire pit is very much recommendable especially for people who are fond of going into adventures.  

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13. Sunken gas fire pit

13 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

While it is good looking to have and to see a base of a fire pit, one that does not have one or covered by the flooring is also one of the best choices.

Having it on level with the flooring also creates a different scene that is good for a view. The fire it produces brings a dramatic aura which will make you love this idea.

Once lit, a different view of the deck comes in next. This one looks so elegant and attractive. 

13 deck fire pit ideas 2

14. Stainless steel fire pit

14 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

An all-stainless steel pit is very elegant to see. The metallic color and stainless material makes it classic that it would match any design and color of deck that is why it is a universal choice.

Choosing this fire pit idea, though can be a little large, has a lot of pros which include, having to see it clearly to avoid harm. In this spacious deck area, this stainless fire pit steals the show while complimenting all the other elements present.

14 deck fire pit ideas 2

15. Copper-toned fire pit

15 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

This one is also one of the modern day ideas which serves as a focal point in the deck area. Given that it is functional, it is also attractive in a way that you lit the wood on top of the copper which makes it a different one.

Having to watch the process, it makes you wonder how this works while of course enjoying the view and experiencing what the fire pit offers. This idea requires a little caution since it is open and the fire happens on top. 

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16. Steel fire bowl

16 deck fire pit ideas 1

This one looks so classic given the colors and the way it looks. This design is one of the most usual but is also the most preferred by many.

On your deck, this design can complement everything that has been going around. While giving a sense of warmth, it is also functioning as a little addition to the beauty the deck provides.

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17. Dish fire pit

17 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

In a large area like this, a dish fire pit is not a bad choice. Enclosed by the couches present in the area, the dish fire is making its own way to be seen beautifully.

Aside from it being one of the most usual fire pit forms, it is seen as simple yet elegant while pairing up with these tall and wide gray couches in this large deck area.

Going for this design is pretty much ok since it surely houses the fire particles until it stops lighting.

17 deck fire pit ideas 2

18. Fountain fire pit

18 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Michaelene O’Keefe Photography

Looking most of the ordinary, one would try for the rare ones like this fire pit on a deck. It is not as big as a fountain but is burning like one.

In a deck, it may serve as the major lighting in the area which may look so dramatically beautiful with all the flowers and pool present in this deck area. Going for a fountain pit may be rare, but a great choice. 

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19. Patio fireplace

19 deck fire pit ideas 1

Having a patio like set up for a fire pit is a very creative choice. It is looking unique and elegant and is also movable, having a wheel feature which separates it from other fire pits.

It may be a bit expensive compared to the others but it also serves the same function plus giving a higher sense of fashion in your decks. Going for design is a better choice. 

20. Cylindrical glass fire pit

20 deck fire pit ideas 1

This one is looking so classy and elegant given the glass material that is housing the fire. Having this on your decks is very stylish and can steal the show on every occasion. 

It is looking small like the chairs aligned across each other that you might mistake it with other materials when not lit.

The stainless steel on its bottom part adds class to the whole look too. So if you want it small, classic and elegant, go for this kind of fire pit idea.

21. Trendy fire pit table

21 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

While all the tiny and just enough size of a fire pit works on your deck, something as large as this trendy fire pit table could also be on your list of ideas.

It is quite large in this area so a lesser space for movement is provided. However, when lit, it creates a fantastic view and the warmth it provides makes everything very intimate.

22. Corner fire pit

22 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

Also looking very large that it fills the most space in this area, a corner fire pit is also preferred by most homeowners.

This one resides on a permanent base that is looking nice, visually. In this all wood design of a deck, a corner fire pit that is large like this and maintaining its natural colors is also one of the better choices.

22 deck fire pit ideas 2

23. Minimalist bowl fire pit

23 deck fire pit ideas 1

A large bowl fire pit can be one of your nicest choices. Aside from being common and highly efficient in terms of serving its function, it is also preferred by many because it is classy and is highly available in the market.

Having a movable fire pit can be very advantageous in a deck since you would want a different view over time—one with the presence of a fire pit and one that has none. 

23 deck fire pit ideas 2

24. Modern square fire pit

24 deck fire pit ideas 1
Source: Houzz

In an all-square form of a deck layout, having a square fire pit can also look best in the given layout.

An all wood fire pit with a glass wall that will keep the fire in place and would not go out in times when the air is going strong in this open area.

Having just the ordinary shape and color can create a special view when put together. In this deck, it is looking very beautiful and stylish as it complements the wooden chairs. 

25. Fire globe pit

25 deck fire pit ideas 1

A fire pit in a globe shape is very creative and looks so elegant especially when put on a deck. The shape itself creates a view and long lasting impact that guests would come wanting to see twice.

Having a stylish fire pit like this, when appreciated by many, gives you the sense of confidence that you will keep on going with the basics, shape and color per se as long as it is looking classy and elegant.

26. Concrete fireplace

26 deck fire pit ideas 1

Concrete fireplaces do not just look industrial but it could also vibe with other decorative elements.

If you are looking for a fireplace that would go well with wood materials and more, a concrete fireplace like this one would do.

Just be cohesive in terms of color and arrangement with the furniture to get a luxe feel like this one. 

27. Wine barrel fire pit

27 deck fire pit ideas 1

Using what you have like a big wine barrel can also serve as a fire pit. This one is looking so natural and you would not cost much when going for this idea.

A wine barrel as a fire pit in a deck is a view you would not miss. So going for this idea is very practical, natural but timeless. 

27 deck fire pit ideas 2

28. Decorative fire pit

28 deck fire pit ideas 1

This fire pit is not just decorative but also very functional.

If casual convening is what you are looking for, this firepit here in the deck already has it all: the benches for seating, the coal pit for some smores, and of course the decorative fire pit at the center.

This DIY decorative fire pit is all you need for those wintry nights. 

28 deck fire pit ideas 2

29. Fire pit table

29 deck fire pit ideas 1

Having a fire pit table on your deck is one of the best and most classic choices you could ever make. They look so beautiful and nice on a deck view while serving its major function.

They are seen like a regular table but when the night comes and you want to have a natural light that would keep you warm and comfortable against the cold, this fire pit table is ready to serve.

29. Metallic black fire pit

30 deck fire pit ideas 1

Looking so cute and charming, this circular fire pit with cylindrical bottom which is made in metal is also best on decks.

Though it can be very large, having to put wood on the fire pit can also create a bond with your guests. You may go and get some while talking or you can view the fire together. Either or, this one is an idea you would not miss. 

31. A round brick with cover fire pit

31 deck fire pit ideas 1

This fire pit idea which has a brick as its base and has a dome cover can also be one of the choices everybody would love and adore to see in a deck.

A brick is seen naturally and has neutral colors that is why it can complement with other colors and design. Choosing this fire pit design though permanent and large is keeping all the fire pit feels in a large space area.


Aside from the ideas that we have covered, it is also essential to know the maintenance tips and other information relating to deck fire pits. Hence, here are some FAQs that you should be aware of when it comes to deck fire pit ideas. 

How do I protect my deck from a fire pit?

A fire pit can either make or break your decks that is why it is best to know how to protect it using the following pointers:

  • Know the deck material: Before coming up with the best possible fire pit, knowing the deck material to protect it from harm would be one of the first steps you must follow. There are many deck materials but mostly wood. Wood is known to be prone to fire which is why you need to think of better ways, design or material to prevent fire. 
  • Deck design: When choosing to have a fire pit, it must be included in your layout design in the very beginning. This includes the location, design, size, and everything that goes with it. Keep in mind all the safe ways on how to prevent your deck on fire, keep them away near the wood and always give it a try to put some cover to minimize the scatter that can bring fire. 
  • Create a safe zone around the fire pit: A fire pit is one of the greatest additions to your fire pit. Whether it is structured in the ground or has containers that have different materials and colors, it is a must-have addition not only for the benefit of the homeowner but an added beauty to the place as well as the best area where you can receive guests. 

What do you put under a fire pit on a deck?

To add a layer of protection around your deck fire pit, you should put something under your fire pit to ensure a safe burning process while everyone is enjoying themselves. On what you should put, here is a list of the basics: 

  • Pit mat: Whenever a pit mat is present under your fire pit, there is a hundred percent assurance that your deck is well protected and safe. Whatever the used material in a fire pit– wood, concrete, stone, or composite, they will be protected from any heat damage when you use a fire-retardant floor protection mat. So, when planning to put one on, it is advisable that you put pit mats. 
  • Fire pit ring: Known also as a campfire ring, this is a fire proof object that can be put directly on the ground containing a fire. Its primary function is to prevent fires from spreading beyond the bound of the fire pit and can serve as a protection against an accidental wildfire. 
  • Heat shield: A heat shield serves as a barrier against a heat transfer below the fire pit. This one functions to preserve a safe deck environment. It has a layer of protection from small fire ambers and hot ashes keeping your decks away from a possible fire. 

What kind of firepit is safest on decks? 

If you have received a clear status from the city code and you are planning now to install a firepit deck, know that gas fueled fire pits are still considered as the most low-risk type in terms of fire hazards, compared to everything else. Just make sure that they are installed properly to avoid fire risks. 

Is a smokeless fire pit appropriate for decks?

No. This type of firepit is only advisable for dirt, gravel, and pebble surfaces. But if you insist on using it for your decks, make sure that you have a heat protectant underneath it or else, it could catch fire especially on wood decks. 

How much does a deck fire pit cost?

In general, the average cost of fire pits would be around $400. Plus installation and other materials, deck fire pits on the other hand would have a base range of $600-700 depending on the style, type, labor and other needed materials. 


A firepit on your deck can be a beautiful item added to your decks but can be the most dangerous one when not taken care of properly.

When choosing the right material, it is just best to go for the ones that are a bit expensive but surely can extend its life span serving its function – to light up the dark and to provide the needed drama the area requires.

Whether it is for your own view or for the public, make sure that you have it beautiful and unique.