35+ Simple Covered Deck Ideas and Designs On a Budget (Photos)

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Decks essentially are good investments because they add a scenic view for the home. It is an extended leveled space, functioning to add a venue for convening among family members, for entertainment and adds value to the home.

While a deck on its own could suffice, it would be better if it is covered so as to be used at any time of the day without restrictions. 

In this post, we shall look into some of the most notable covered deck ideas which you can take inspiration from for your deck projects. If you are currently looking for some ways to spruce up your decks, read on. 

best covered deck ideas designs

Decks, although extended spaces, also need to have a visual impact, cohesive to the exterior of the home. When having a hard time dealing with choosing the best cover to your decks, here are some practical and visually appealing choices to go for. 

1. Boho Deck

1 covered deck ideas on a budget

Looking a lot like boho, this covered deck is very stylish and sets a dynamic vibe with the transparent cover, the greens, the rattan chair, the colors, and all elements that seem to be one but are giving out their own identity to simply beautify the area.

When you want it simple with a touch of outlandish vibe and a splash of rustic, go for this covered deck idea. 

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2. Stringed Canopy

2 covered deck ideas on a budget

With all the lights and plus the effect of the wooden couch, this deck is well-orchestrated. The effects of the light creates a view plus the unique stringed canopy that adds to the elegance of this area.

There is not a lot happening, but the lighting and the color combination of the wood, red and white plus the added highlight of the stringed canopy which offers a casual vibe completes this whole deck.

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3. Umbrella Canopy

3 covered deck ideas on a budget

It is always a good idea to go into the deck area especially if you are on the beach and all you want to do is feel the relaxing sound of waves and the refreshing natural color of nature. Hence, leaving you the idea to have an open deck cover with the aid of an umbrella canopy or simply a beach umbrella. 

In here, you see that the view is worth it and the set-up is light and simple. This is a perfect idea for a sunrise and sunset along the beach or even for breakfast and fine conversations. There are a lot of things to be amazed by here. 

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4. Modern deck cover

4 covered deck ideas on a budget

This modern deck is very sleek and modern. The angled look of this home is softened by the wood floor and ceiling deck. The lighter colors are perfectly in sync with the dark, bold, tones of the exterior.

The glass walls and the wooden flooring is a combination of a simple yet elegant looking deck design that is perfect for all your mood and all occasions. When you are still thinking of a safe place, this would probably be the best escape area.

5. Wooden deck cover

5 covered deck ideas on a budget

If you have a small deck, it is structurally recommendable to have a horizontal line to give an infinite view.

Though small, it gives a traditional vibes with the lighter tone wood color of a couch and the very beautiful sight of the ocean where you can sit, chill, and think about a lot of things about life.

Having this area in your home is a very nice idea and with all the colors present, gives a hint that the owner must be a nature lover with the glass wall that keeps up with the view. 

6. An all-white deck

6 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: Arch Daily

Having an all-white deck gives off an elegant and clean look, and also offers an illusion of a bigger space, visually.

It is very close and private which is why it is ideal for a private conversation, meeting or even a small party where you can invite your closest friends. It also adds a yacht feeling and the caramel floor and white dominance are just looking phenomenal.  

7. Concrete covered deck

7 covered deck ideas on a budget

This one is the perfect mashup of industrial and rustic with the concrete cover for the deck, the grassy surroundings and the wooden flooring that makes up this deck area.

It looks very natural and is a perfect area for a meal, especially for breakfast. This area is very wide and bright. It is a perfect place for family gatherings where a lot of activities can take place.   

8. Large modern deck

8 covered deck ideas on a budget

If you are looking for a multifunctional deck and an angled and edgy deck, here is an idea to consider.

While looking all natural and wide, the striped deck cover in the material of a wood gives a refreshing and over the top since in daytime, this creates an interaction with the green grass accent and wooden flooring. 

Going for this design is very much ideal and best for a number of people gathering for an event especially with those partitions of a dining area and a space for lounging. 

9. Simple black and white deck cover

9 covered deck ideas on a budget

Having a small and simple place to be at just like this deck area is a very ideal especially for the adults who want to have bright surroundings while talking about things, reading, or just bask in the sun.

This look is very traditional with a touch of nature that is why it is giving a warm and cozy feel. The deck cover, though simple, added an accent look to this design.

10. Half wooden deck cover

10 covered deck ideas on a budget

In this modern deck design, the view is very much urban but the design is very natural with all the wooden ceiling and flooring. The red accent color is giving an exciting vibe in an all dark area.

The natural light is also giving something to this deck while being all classy with all the elements combined. As for the cover, the ceiling is overextended to offer half cover for the deck. It is the perfect urban arrangement for the total urbanite. 

11. Screen deck cover

11 covered deck ideas on a budget

This a very bright deck area that has a modern design flooring accented with the elegant wooden chairs that is present under the open area.

The small area where there is a screen deck cover is the highlight of this whole idea that gives a stylish look to this design.

Having all bright and natural surroundings is still best for a gathering and private conversations. 

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12. Rich wooden deck cover

12 covered deck ideas on a budget

For an extended part of a home, this deck idea is so perfect and is a very beautiful sight. This area is so perfect for drinking sessions and romantic dining while having to feel the cold given that it is along the pool and so many trees

The deck cover is also very elegant since it is accented with stylish lighting that covers the place. The pool deck cover, however, is a permanent structure so that is one to consider. Nonetheless, it is such a nice and cozy place to sit and relax. 

13. An open deck cover

13 covered deck ideas on a budget

The colors of orange and yellow are very fun and exciting to look at given the dark couch and metallic frames of the open cover surrounding the area. The light wooden flooring also gives a lighter look.

This deck is perfect for a midnight party or even a private date night area while overlooking the stars and moon plus the lights coming from the different buildings. When the night is young, and you have a scenic view, go for this one. 

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14. White rectangle deck cover

14 covered deck ideas on a budget

When worrying about a perfect background, all you have to do is have a deck that is far from the urban area but is all natural and fresh like this kind of view.

Having a white rectangle deck cover is very clean and fine to see plus the glass walls and the wooden chair present for sight-seeing.

This area is so private that you can be with someone you want to be with for a period of time while enjoying the mountain view and feeling the fresh air that comes with it. 

15. Transparent plastic-like deck cover

15 covered deck ideas on a budget

This pool deck might look traditionally high-end suburban, the fiberglass panels for the deck cover give it a modern and sophisticated view. 

Having this deck area in your homes creates a space for a night pool party while having some fun in this large area where there is a space meant for dining or can even be a function area for special gatherings.

16. Abstract deck cover

16 covered deck ideas on a budget

Having your personal space just a few steps away from the sea is everybody’s dream. This is where you can sit while having to watch the waves and the changing of color of the sea depending on the weather.

This deck also gives a space meant for sunbathing and entertainment that goes along with going to a beach. 

You can also host small beach parties or play the loudest music while enjoying the night view. It has a concrete wall and cover, softened by the wooden flooring and the view of the beach. 

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17. Caged deck with a modern cover

17 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: LSA Architects

While a large and spacious deck looks good, it is also best to have a cage designed deck with a wooden and modern cover that looks like this.

It is creating a modern feel while working with the wooden color and the modern white circular couch that accented the area.

To have this cozy and private space is good for every home owner whether an inclusion or extension of the home. 

18. A natural deck cover

18 covered deck ideas on a budget

Using plants as deck cover is a creative idea. Aside from changing it over time, you can also choose the length and the kind of plant you want to have it with.

Though not very stylish and modern, this look is still preferred by many, especially those who want to cut the cost of deck covers. Also, the naturalistic value of this design is much more valuable than others that look so expensive. 

19. Hardwood deck cover

19 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: Villa and Villa

A deck that is full of wood is never a bad idea. It looks best when having a beach or sea view plus the presence of all your loved ones hanging around in the surroundings playing and having fun in the sun and inside the place where it is covered with hardwood.

This design looks so fresh and natural. While all others are enjoying the view of the urban and midnight sight-seeing, this one is definitely a hit for those who want to enjoy daytime. 

20. Shade sails

20 covered deck ideas on a budget

While having a firm and built-in covers are fine, shade sails like this one are also preferred by many because you can change it over time.

Using this, you can adapt to every season, plus, you can change colors and designs depending on how you want it. However, unlike others, this does not guarantee a whole cover but it is a stylish cover given that it looks like a piece of clothing that is giving a worthwhile gap between the rays of the sun and the ground. 

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21. A raised roof deck cover

21 covered deck ideas on a budget

While it is good to have a separate space that is meant for a deck view, an extension of the home in the name of a raised roof cover is also one creative idea that can maximize the view of the home.

In here, a space is provided as a sweet escape for those who want a view that is beyond their bounds. 

22. A designed wooden deck cover

22 covered deck ideas on a budget

Having a space around a garden is very rare but can be a beautiful idea speaking of deck designs.

In this, you can have a safe and refreshing space where you just want to sit and drink coffee while looking at the greenery surrounding the area.

The enclosure, including the solid wooden cover gives it a very serene and Japanese look which is one that simply steals the show.  

23. Private deck

23 covered deck ideas on a budget

Having an extension of your room for a private deck is also one of the most brilliant ideas out there. Having a covered place where you can watch the outdoors and feel the air is ideal especially with a lush surrounding.

The pergola style is giving all the traditional look of colonial homes. Having this space allows you to invite friends or anyone who you want to have private conversations over a coffee or a meal while having to enjoy the scenic background. 

24. Iron deck cover

24 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: Houzz

When wanting to have a dramatic aura as a deck, then having this design would be a very much recommended idea. This is simple and very rustic with a lot of wooden elements inside plus the effect of the corrugated metal deck cover is giving off the industrial look. 

Having this design is very cozy and has a refreshing feeling. However, when having this design, you must take in mind that this may wear out for a period of time. That is why proper regulation and maintenance is a must when having this one. 

25. Angled sail deck cover

25 covered deck ideas on a budget

When having a small space deck, an angled sail deck cover is much recommended. Having a lot of greens as its surrounding can be a worthwhile view too.

With this deck design idea, you will surely attract those who are fond of the greens and nature as it looks nice and refreshing when having them in this place. Though simple, it still has something to offer, function and design wise. 

26. A bright slanting deck cover

26 covered deck ideas on a budget

A deck cover that does not cover the whole area is very modern and very attractive to see. The bright yellow has a good feel while being directed to direct sunlight and the bamboo walls also create a different feel in this entire deck design.

Going for this one is a hit since it is very fresh to look at. With just the right amount of space, this surely will be an escape for anyone who wants to feel alive after a draining and tiring day from work. 

27. Cantilevered roof deck cover

27 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: Moore Architects

This one is not just angled but also very modern and cozy, this cantilevered roof deck cover has so much to offer, design wise.

It gives an infinite view of the area while having to function as a cover of a space that is very cozy and private. Having a place like this is considered as a safe haven for every homeowner. 

This design, though not extravagant and did not use materials that are so overwhelming, still has that simple yet elegant vibe that when you want to be alone in a space, this will surely be your choice of area.

28.  Abstract pergola

28 covered deck ideas on a budget

When you want it stylish, choose an abstract pergola as your deck cover. Though they do not function as a shade, they contribute to the whole look of the entire structure, making them have an aesthetic value that you would want receiving guests in this area.

Having just enough space for a place to sit and relax is quite convenient because they are within the spaces of your home. 

29. Furniture canopy

29 covered deck ideas on a budget
Source: Wayfair

While concrete, sail, screen and other more deck cover is recommended, there are also stylish, decorative and built-in deck covers that are within your home furniture like this one.

It is very small and can only house one or two persons but it is creative that you might want to have a number of this chair with deck cover at a given space in the home. 

29. Green canopy

30 covered deck ideas on a budget

Having a space in extension of your homes like this one is a nice idea. It is where you can sit, see the natural lighting with fresh air and invite your friends or anyone you want and have a space to talk and dine.

When you are wanting a great idea that has a low cost, go for a canopy where you can easily put and remove depending on your need and want of scene.  

30. Glass deck cover

31 covered deck ideas on a budget

While everything seems to be beautiful and nice, having a glass deck also has a lot to say, design and style per see.

It brings so much elegance in this space especially that it is an exclusive area to hang out with your friends.

A perfect space for those who want a super close area. Having this design, though has a small space, has very expensive materials but serves well its purpose.

31 covered deck ideas on a budget 1


What is a covered deck called?

You might find it astonishing to know that there is no generic name for deck covers. Depending on the material used and the design, the following are the names given to covered decks, which by the way, stand out from the rest because of their various functions. 

  • Roof extension: This is usually the case for most homeowners who lack space in their home but want to have one. Though this may not sound like a bad idea, many are still into a deck found beyond the bounds of the home but all in all, it is a better idea to have dynamics in the home, design wise.
  • Awning: This type of covered deck is something that you can retract or fold anytime. This is the best option when you want to have changes to your deck covers as time suggests. Whichever the reason, this is the most convenient and practical type of deck cover. So, when in doubt, always choose the awning where it is easily detached and retracted. 
  • Pergola: A pergola is a very popular deck cover among homeowners. Although they do not provide much shade, they are still preferred by many because they are very stylish when anywhere, especially on parts of the home like a view deck. While it is true that they do not serve their function, they still are giving the best they could aesthetically. So, when choosing this, know that it is more of a design than a cover. 
  • Pavilion: Serving as a decorative building, a pavilion or also called as a deck cover is very much preferred among homeowners. They are looking sophisticated most often and looking simple sometimes. Whether you want them permanent or retracted, it is all up to you as long as it serves its purpose.
  • Gazebo: A gazebo is a place that is functioning best as a dining area beyond the boundary of the home. Though it is not spacious like the kitchen of a home, it is still providing comfort to a person having a meal because it can be cozy and has a home vibe that you keep wanting to go to have a meal.
  • Screened in deck: This one is popular for a space where there are a lot of bugs present. Though they do not provide shade, they do provide some sort of protection so always choose the screens which have the smallest hole. 

How much does it cost to add a covered deck?

The cost for a covered deck depends on the size, design, material and other factors. In a standard size with a not so expensive design and material, the budget can go for at least $4,000.

Though it is cheaper to go DIY or personally choose the materials and the arrangement, it is still advisable to look for professionals who have the best idea in constructing and deciding the best cover material to make it long lasting.

Can you cover a wooden deck?

Yes. However, it still depends on the wants of the homeowner since it can make or break the layout design of the home. When it comes to wooden decks wherein, they provide the most natural view, it is recommendable then to have retracting deck covers to maintain the natural sight and you can also change it over time.

Can deck damages be claimed on insurance? 

No. Decks are considered as extended, impermanent structures. As such, damages on decks are naturally not included in the coverage of home insurances. The more significant information that you must know, however, is that decks can increase your local property tax because it falls under home improvements. 


When choosing deck covers, it is best that you go with the one that serves its function while also adding aesthetic value to your home design. Also, it matters that your deck cover gives some privacy to the homeowner for different purposes.

On a more fun side, having a deck gives you the chance to enjoy the view surrounding your place.

With all that we have covered, it is understandable why investing on a deck cover would be a good idea.

Choosing the right material and design gives away the purpose of the deck. Nonetheless, with a cover, you can choose to chill out all day and even all-season. At the end of the day, it would be your need and preference that shall prevail when it comes to covered deck ideas.