35+ Best Deck Color Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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If you’re renovating your backyard, deck color ideas could be on your list of considerations. After all, a deck may be the center point of a design, so it’s worth thinking about which color is ideal for you to maximize its potential.

Perhaps you’re seeking deck ideas to improve your current deck. Its original color may have faded with time, necessitating a deck color refresh.

Even if that’s not the case, a different decking color might be significantly more appealing. It’s feasible to modify your outdoor environment by painting your deck a fresh color.

best deck color ideas

35 Best Deck Color Ideas and Designs

1. A classic combination of Warm Wood and Trimmed Dark Boards.

1 deck color ideas

Warm wood tones with undertones of amber may be a great addition to any classic house. When it comes to wood deck color ideas, however, this design takes it to the next level.

The deck’s edge and trim boards are a shade darker than the remainder of the deck, which adds visual intrigue. It’s a modest decision that has a big impact, and it also allows you to accent stairs and even generate a false area rug look.

2. Deck Boards in a Variety of Wood Looks

2 deck color ideas

The deck is composed of composite, yet it has the appearance of wood. The boards come in a variety of colors, ranging from a darker, warm chocolate brown to mid-toned orange.

Even if the material isn’t natural, the look is natural because of the multiple hues. When a color is excessively consistent, it might appear unnatural. It also adds texture and depth to the deck, which may be visually pleasing.

The white fence contrasts nicely with the wood tones. It’s another approach, albeit more gently, to enhance visual appeal.

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3. Wood Toned Boards in Taupe and Red

3 deck color ideas

This may be a candidate if you’re searching for deck colors to go with a tan house. The rock’s surface is taupe with brown and gray undertones. This makes it quite adaptable, and it may be able to fit in with a brown exterior.

The reddish wood railings, skirt, and hot tub add a subtle splash of color to the space. The wood color is natural, yet it contrasts nicely with the lighter decking and siding.

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4. Deck in Vibrant Red and Orange

4 deck color ideas

While wood stain can accomplish this effect, the ultimate result is far more striking. The deck planks feature flaming red and orange colors that are combined with brown tones to create a warm and welcoming effect.

If you’re looking for deck colors for tan houses, here is another possibility. It goes nicely with any earthy color, from light sand to dark chocolate brown. It makes a visual impact without dominating the room.

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4 deck color ideas red and orange 1

5. Brown Deck with a Deep, Uniform Finish

5 deck color ideas brown 1

When the color of your deck is more consistent, it has a more current appearance. The final design is modern thanks to the use of a chocolate hue. This is especially true given the deck’s very linear shape and placement close to concrete parts.

In addition, the brown contrasts sharply with the concrete. The wood offers warmth and a sense of nature, while the concrete slabs add a cold, industrial edge.

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6. Reddish Brown Deck, Organic and Flowy

6 deck color ideas reddish red 1

The surrounding plant life pops out noticeably when using a warmer tone. Due to the reddish undertones, it acts as a contrast to the green, increasing the contrast. Additionally, the variation in hue provides visual intrigue.

The curving part of the deck also adds to the overall organic feel of the design. This is a great option for anyone who wants their deck to blend in with the surroundings rather than stick out.

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7. Cool Brown Deck with a Mid-Toned Finish

7 deck color ideas cool brown 1

This is an option worth considering if you’re searching for deck colors for a white house. The wood has a grey tinge and is more of a mid-tone, leaning colder. This works nicely with white homes because it creates a slight contrast.

Furthermore, the trim boards and railings may all be white, blending in nicely with the structure. That isn’t to say that this method isn’t appropriate for other color homes; it might work well with tan, gray, and most other neutral exteriors.

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8. Wood with a Pale Color

8 deck color ideas pale 1

Wood that’s light-colored is a good choice if you want your deck to have a beachy feel. It has a lighter tone to it and goes nicely with a beach look.

You can make borders and stripes by using boards that are slightly different colors. It has a sophisticated appearance due to its subtlety.

While this works well on a lighter house, if your home is darker, a light-colored wood deck might be a striking alternative. If you pair it with a navy blue or forest green, you’ll get a lot of contrast and a contemporary vibe.

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9. Deck with a Gentle Gray Wash

9 deck color ideas gentle gray 1

The outcome is neutral without being unduly flat thanks to the gray wash appearance. The wood grain produces subtle color changes, lightening the deck’s look.

When you add in the sleek lines, the deck has a little modern feel to it that wouldn’t seem out of place on a historic property. In the end, it’s a versatile and adaptable option that might fit with any color scheme or architectural type.

9 deck color ideas gentle gray 2

10. A modern multiple deck

10 deck color ideas 1

This wooden deck has a very modern feel to it, with brighter colors and a straight layout. The horizontal privacy fencing is a more modern method to privacy fencing. Likewise, the transparent railing at the bottom of the staircase provides a good view without detracting from the overall design.

While the color of the wood is lighter, it is also more adaptable. It has a somewhat reddish-brown color with a hint of gold. Along with white, it might also be coupled with dark hues like navy blue for a striking contrast.

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11. Pergola and Cedar Deck

11 deck color ideas 1

Cedar is an excellent construction material for damper areas. The material is inherently water-resistant, so you may use it for a longer period of time.

The hue is also quite warm, with golden and crimson undertones. Cedar may also have a beautiful natural texture that gives it a rustic feel.

This deck also has an artisan look to it. The pillar details, as well as the railings, have traditional arts and crafts designs. They even trend into Asian design in certain areas, which several people may like.

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12. Deck in Charcoal Gray

12 deck color ideas 1

A charcoal toned deck is hard to top for a modern aesthetic. It’s a striking look, particularly when matched with white trim and clean lines.

It’s a really contemporary hardwood deck color option that maintains the grain pattern intact by utilizing it more like a splash. This provides visual intrigue while also slightly softening the effect.

This tint might be great if your home is painted in a lighter color. Deep grays provide outstanding contrast without requiring you to go all the way to black.

13. Deck in Golden Herringbone

13 deck color ideas 1

The golden-colored deck is a good choice for a classic or transitional design. It has an oak-like colour that gives it a timeless vibe. Furthermore, if your property has oak flooring, you may expand your living area by merging interior and exterior areas.

A few of the levels have a herringbone pattern that provides visual flair. Furthermore, it gives the design a more historic vibe.

The hue is also rather adaptable. Cooler home colors, such as mid- to softer greens and blues, go nicely with it.

13 deck color ideas 2

14. Deck in Light Greige Contemporary Style

14 deck color ideas 1

Greige is a tough hue to match if it comes to versatility. It’s a little warm, but it doesn’t take up too much yellow or red, so it stays neutral. Furthermore, the smidgeon of gray assures that it goes well with colder hues.

Finally, a greige patio is a terrific choice for anybody who loves a lighter shade but isn’t certain how to match it with the colors on their house. It’s essentially a fail-safe alternative.

Greige also complements most brick hues, with the exception of yellow. You may blame it on the fact that the tone intensity is comparable but the tint is somewhat different.

15. Multi-Level Deck in Two Tone

15 deck color ideas 1

You may build a conventional deck by utilizing two hues of brown, one softer with a crimson tint and the other deeper and similar to a neutral. You may also outline each level and emphasize the steps, which can improve safety.

The homogeneity of the surface colors works to your advantage with this strategy. It allows each colour to shine out rather than mix, giving the look a dramatic feel without being overpowering.

16. Deck with Gray Stain

16 deck color ideas 1

Another beachy effect is a gray stain that looks like driftwood. This makes it a perfect choice for coastal type homes, particularly in places with a lot of sunlight.

This aesthetic, on the other hand, goes nicely with modern home architecture. Gray gives it a contemporary feel, notably if the boards are straight.

You might also use dark and light house colors to complement this deck. Exteriors in blue, charcoal, or even ebony would look great with it. If you like vivid outside colors like coral or turquoise, this deck is balanced enough to go with those as well.

17. Deck: Bluish Gray Flat

17 deck color ideas 1

This choice might be an ideal alternative for a white home or a variety of other exterior colors if you aren’t frightened of painting (or going with a heavy wash). The color is a blue gray, which is both neutral and stunning.

The appearance may be tweaked with the matte finish. It might seem modern, rustic, or industrial based on the furniture combinations.

Just keep in mind that painted surfaces may require more upkeep than base coats. If scuff marks or cracked areas concern you, you might want to choose another option.

18. Deck made of natural mahogany

18 deck color ideas 1

Whether your deck is built of mahogany, why not just let the wood’s inherent beauty show through? It’s a versatile hue since it’s in the mid-toned spectrum, with overtones of honey and gold. Depending on the tint, it could go nicely with light or cool home paint.

However, it may not be a good match for some warm exterior paint colors. It might not go with red brick or lemon paint, for example. However, if your home is blue or white, it may be an appealing option.

19. Almost Black Deck

19 deck color ideas 1

If you want a deck that stands out against a white house, this practically black deck is a good choice. The color is technically a very dark brown with a neutral, if not somewhat cold, tone.

The addition of a white pergola and columns elevates the design and gives the deck appear deeper in comparison.

This may be used for almost any lighter-colored house. However, if you’re contemplating this style, bear in mind that it might not work well with dark home colors.

19 deck color ideas 2

20. Boards with a Honey Color

20 deck color ideas 1

Honey hues in a semi deck give comfort without being as dominating as red tones. It also works nicely in natural surroundings or with a variety of neutral hues, such as on a white house’s deck.

The boards are straight in this layout and are flanked by gray planters, providing the space a contemporary appearance. It would, however, be as at home in a rustic or modern outdoor setting.

21. Grey

21 deck color ideas 1

Grey has resurfaced as a go-with-everything neutral after a period of being regarded drab and uninteresting. Grey deck stains or wood paint give a wood deck personality.

Grey is available in a wide spectrum of cold and warm hues, ranging from mild marble to dark charcoal. Grey acts as a bridge between these opposites, so any of these colors look well on a white or neutral home with dark trim.

22. Slate

22 deck color ideas 1

Genuine slate is a dark-colored, cool stone suitable for use as a deck floor. Slate grey is also a popular hue for concrete decks and wood stains. Because actual slate may be slippery when wet, rendering it a very little decking surface, many individuals who like this shade of grey opt for tinted or painted concrete.

23. Stain

23 deck color ideas 1

Deck stain not just gives your deck the shade you choose, but it also preserves it from the weather. The kind of deck stain you select will affect how much of the wood’s inherent qualities are visible.

24. Stain that is solid

24 deck color ideas 1

Like paint, it makes up the majority of the grain and color of the wood. If your deck color plans include obtaining a dark, consistent appearance, solid deck stain is the way to go.

25. Stain that is semi-transparent

25 deck color ideas 1

Allows the wood’s inherent qualities to come through while providing UV protection and weatherproofing. Once your deck plans include acquiring a high-quality type of wood, this is the tool to use.

26. Clear wood preserves

26 deck color ideas 1

This clean finish will highlight the beauty of redwood, cedar, or any gorgeous wood if you’re planning a natural wood deck makeover.

These transparent stain treatments give UV protection and weatherproofing while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through on your pool deck, patio, or porch.

27. Tan

27 deck color ideas 1

Tan comes in a variety of tints, from the lightest, coolest khaki to rich maple and honey hues. Tan is a favorite deck stain shade since it complements almost any home’s outer color theme.

Tan deck stains are the greatest at reflecting the material’s original qualities since nearly every natural shade of wood falls into the tan range. Browns and tans are also good options in desert settings since their colors blend very nicely with the surroundings.

28. Tone on Tone

28 deck color ideas 1

If you can’t quite decide on just one color for your deck, there are tons of ways to incorporate multiple or more shades into your design.

Rich brown wood slats and deck boards contrast beautifully with shiny black columns and handrails. White posts and guardrails stand out against step surfaces and dark decks. Three or more hues, such as black, maple, and grey, are used in certain deck designs.

29. White

29 deck color ideas 1

Though an all-white deck is more difficult to clean and maintain than other hues, it is occasionally the greatest option.

White decking, railings, and trim are popular choices for coastal houses and porches that are Victorian. In warmer climes, a white deck is useful because it reflects instead of accumulating the heat from the intense noon sun.

30. Wood

30 deck color ideas 1

Natural wood dressings are a great way to make your patio or deck blend in with the surrounding environment.

Although the appearance of raw wood is pleasing, the surface must be weatherproofed with a stain or finish. Semi-transparent coatings are a terrific way to give your deck a pop of color without covering up the gorgeous wood grain.

31. Colors that are fresh and light

31 deck color ideas 1

The light color patterns of grays, tans, white, and blues that characterize coastal-style homes reflect the style’s seashore beginnings. Vibrant composite decking in tans and light grays is ideal for a well-matched deck.

32. Hues that are dark and textured

32 deck color ideas 1

For a dimensional effect, mid-century contemporary homes have angular shapes and a variety of materials such as metal, stone, and wood.

Choose dark, embossed composite decking for rustic wooden tones in your mid-century contemporary architecture.

33. Tones with a lot of personality

33 deck color ideas 1

Originality and a handmade touch are emphasized in the artisan approach. The color palettes for these homes’ decks can be rather varied, but they almost always slant toward cooler tones.

To compliment the handcrafted vibe of these unique residences, choose a moderate gray composite deck shade with character-rich color variance.

34. Rustic

34 deck color ideas 1

Green siding is an unusual yet attractive house color that provides for an unique deck color plan. Rustic pale pecan-colored natural wood deck planks are the most natural combination you will see with a green siding hue.

Even if your property is more contemporary than classic, the mix of these two colors looks fantastic.

35. Redwood

35 deck color ideas 1

White houses are a stylistic blank canvas since they go with practically everything. Furthermore, white generally makes the colors it is matched with stand out even more.

A strong deck color combination might be redwood, whereas deeper coffee-colored chocolate would be a more conventional choice.


How long will a painted deck last?

When done correctly, a good paint job may last up to ten years. Paint gives you additional color possibilities than stain, which is restricted to brown tones. Paint covers the imperfections of a worn or aged deck considerably better than stain because it fills gaps and fractures.

Should your deck be the same color as your house?

The colors of your deck should match the exterior colour theme of your house. Consider the current hues on your external features when choosing stain or paint or colors.

For your deck, you can choose one of the colors used elsewhere on the facade or choose an emphasis color that complements your home’s design.

What color should I paint my deck?

Green is a popular interior paint color that also works well as a deck color. It goes well with both classic and contemporary homes, and it may be matched with a variety of hues, including red, black, and taupe. Greens range from dark forest green to light sage. 

What is the most popular stain for a deck?

Cedar is among the most preferred deck colors, and it will complement any deck or garden. As a general guideline, start with the most prominent color in your yard and work your way out, but with cedar, you can’t go wrong. The hue is ideal for those chilly winter evenings and isn’t too dark for hot summer days.

Should I paint my deck black?

If you want to make a bold statement or add great contrast into your exterior design concept, black is one of the finest deck colors. Take caution, though, because black isn’t as forgiving as grey. To compliment this bold hue, you’ll need to design your outdoor furnishings carefully.


The current deck color trends include both ultra-modern and classic rustic options. Finally, the color of your house is the most important consideration in determining the appropriate deck color.

When you match the color of your deck to the color of your siding, you can create a totally unique look that makes your freshly remodeled deck feel like it was always intended to be there.

If you were unsure about which deck color choices would work best for you, you don’t have to be. Examine the alternatives above and select the one that best suits your property.