How To Bring The Sense of The Tropics To Your Bathroom

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Some easy tips on how to bring the feeling of the tropics to your bath decor.

Tropical bath décor brings the sense of serenity of the islands to your home. When you’re in a bath that is surrounded by tropical influences, you will feel consumed by a light-hearted feeling that is inspired by soft colors and nature. Here are some easy tips on how to bring tropical inspirations to your bathroom decor.


Use any color that you would find on a sunny paradise island. Yellow, blue and green are essential to your bath décor because of their soothing tone. These colors should be used on your walls as your primary colors.

Brighter colors, such as orange and red, are also found in tropical bath décor. However, they also bring a powerful sense of energy to the room. For this reason, they should be used mainly as accent colors.



If you are able to apply new flooring to your bathroom floor, try a tile that is earthy. Terracotta brings a rustic, earthy feel to décor.

The Vanity

Try to use materials that would be found on an island. For the ultimate tropical bath decor, try bamboo which promotes a soft, relaxed feeling.

The Sink and Faucet Fixtures

If you want a more modern, tropical bath decor, you can display a beautiful glass sink with metal or white fixtures. Keep in mind that the fixtures should be somewhat understated- unless you find ones that are shaped in seashells, for example.


Continue utilizing inspiration drawn from nature by hanging some bamboo blinds. However, if you prefer curtains, then use curtains made from a thinner, more flowing fabric. Whether you use blinds or curtains, be sure to keep them open as often as possible because light is a very important element in tropical bathroom décor. After all, who wants to be in the tropics when it’s gloomy out?

Shower Curtains

Use a solid shower curtain in an accent color or one with a tropical pattern on it. A clear shower curtain is also nice and lends a modern feel to the decor.


Using bath accessories will help you get the right look for your tropical bath décor. Here are few ideas:

  • Towels: Hang towels with bright colors or tropical inspired patterns.
  • Seashells: No tropical décor would be complete without a bowl of seashells. Fill a glass bowl with seashells of different shapes, sizes and colors. Of course, you should display them somewhere where they will be easily seen.
  • Soap: You can easily find soap in the form of seashells or flowers.
  • Plants: Greenery is an essential part of tropical bath decor. Place a potted plant in the bathroom to bring some green to your decor. You can also add flowers to bring in some additional color.
  • Mirrors: As in any other bath décor, mirrors are an essential accessory because they reflect light and create the sense of a larger bathroom.

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You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find the right products to help you obtain a tropical bath decor. Check online or in your favorite home goods stores to find the right pieces for you.

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