14+ Best Bathroom Sink Ideas & Designs For Your Home

best bathroom sink ideas & designs

Last Updated on June 16, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

The bathroom sink is the hero of your bathroom. You know that the washbasin is the most used bathroom feature. More, its design can make or break your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. 

That’s why it’s important that you don’t neglect the bathroom sink when renovating or redecorating your bathroom. 

You deserve a bathroom sink that’s perfect for you and your family, so get inspired and find it today.

best bathroom sink ideas

How Can You Unclog A Bathroom Sink?

When your sinks get clogged it can feel like an absolute nightmare. However, there are so many simple techniques you can use to unclog your bathroom sink

You can use your initiative to create powerful unblocking solutions with household products, get your muscles out and plunge away, use specialist drain unclogging products, or even snake your drains.

Research methods and discover which unclogging methods work for you on WikiHow.

What is a Bathroom Sink Made Of?

You can’t say bathroom sink without variety. They’re made out of so many different materials, including porcelain, fireclay, plastic, and even metals including cast iron, stainless steel and copper.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Bathroom Sink Drain?

Bathroom sink drains come in a range of sizes. The most common is 1.25 inches, however widths of 1.5 and 1.625 inches are also fairly typical. 

The size of your drainhole determines the type of bathroom sink you can get, so make sure you know the width.

How High Is A Bathroom Sink?

Bathroom sink heights range from 29 to 36 inches

The height is dependent on the type of sink, for instance pedestal sinks are normally between 29 to 33 inches, while cabinet sinks are slightly higher at 30 to 36 inches.

Can I Paint My Bathroom Sink?

It all depends on the type of sink. 

Never paint your porcelain sink. It needs to be refinished professionally. 

You can paint your stainless steel or paint your acrylic sink. Make sure that you follow the correct advice, or you could irreversibly damage your bathroom.

25 Bathroom Sink Ideas

Bathroom sinks are important. You need to find the right one that’s right for you. 

That’s why we’ve put together these 20+ brilliant bathroom sink ideas.

1. Euro bronze accents and handmade encaustic tiles

1 bathroom sink ideas


2. Creative countertop & Raised basin sinks

2 bathroom sink ideas


3. Standalone sink

3 bathroom sink ideas


4. Raised corner sink

4 bathroom sink ideas


5. Rustic stone basin

5 bathroom sink ideas


6. Sink with pattern of fish and lotus blossom

6 bathroom sink ideas


7. DIY Floating Sink Shelf

7 bathroom sink ideas


8. Master bathroom makeover: large mirror

8 bathroom sink ideas


9. Natural stone sinks

9 bathroom sink ideas


10. Scary Bathroom Prank

10 bathroom sink ideas

11. Rustic square sink

Rustic square sink


12. Stone sinks

Stone sinks


13. Colorful bathroom sinks

Colorful bathroom sinks


14. DIY Utility Sink Makeover

DIY Utility Sink Makeover


15. Recycle Rustic For Farmhouse Bathroom Sinks

15 bathroom sink ideas

These galvanized tub buckets give any bathroom an authentic farmhouse feel. They’re so deep and durable that they’re a practical solution for any family, big or small.

16. Make Your Sink An Above The Counter Bathroom Feature

16 bathroom sink ideas

Why hide your sink under the counter? Invest in a stylish, glass rectangular vessel bathroom sink that’s easy to clean and will look great, whatever the bathroom.


17. Keep It Simple With An Undermount Bathroom Sink

17 bathroom sink ideas

Undermount bathroom sinks are elegant, simple and great additions to any bathroom. For unpretentious and sophisticated bathrooms, consider installing a stylish sink like this one.


18. Surprise Your Guests With A Copper Bathroom Sink

18 bathroom sink ideas

Copper sinks are naturally anti-bacterial and it’s easy to find them in timeless, elegant designs. Look out for hammered copper, plain, or an intricately designed copper bathroom sinks like this one.


19. Get Artistic With A Melted Summer Leaf Bowl

19 bathroom sink ideas

We love this melted summer leaf shaped bathroom sink bowl. It’s bold and memorable, but in no way garish. Why not replace your bathroom sink with a design you’ll love to admire from the tub?


20. Banish Boring With A Floral Patterned Bowl Sink

20 bathroom sink ideas

Transform your sink into a botanical bathroom paradise with attractive floral patterns. Remember, designs don’t need to be flowery. Let your imagination run wild.


21. Make A Statement With A Crystal Bathroom Sink

21 bathroom sink ideas

Have you ever seen such a stylish bathroom sink? This crystal bathroom sink makes a real statement.


22. Stand Tall With A Freestanding Sink

22 bathroom sink ideas

Don’t forget freestanding sinks and vessels. This can help you give your bathroom a more consistent style.


23. Admire The Nobel Copper Bathroom Sink

23 bathroom sink ideas

An oxidized copper exterior adds contrast to this bathroom sink’s copper handles and interior, complementing wood exquisitely. Position your sink on top of the counter to transform it into a bold feature.


24. Keep It Classic With A Modern Pedestal Sink

24 bathroom sink ideas

The flute-like design of this China pedestal bathroom sink gives it a modern look, that retains the classic character of the pedestal sink. It’s tall and elegant. It also shows that freestanding sinks definitely haven’t gone out of style.


How to Caulk the Bathroom Sink

Caulking a bathroom sink is easier than some homeowners think. Care should be taken so no water or moisture seep into the floor, the cabinet or the woodwork. Moisture or water is terrible for your bathroom floors or unprotected areas.

Mold can only spread where there is moisture. Don’t underestimate the danger of mold; it is with no doubt a health hazard for all the users of the bathroom. Once mold seeps into a bathroom, it can cost thousands of dollars to get rid of it.

After some months, some homeowners simply discover that the mold is back. Equally destructive is water seeping behind the tiles or into the floor. Repairing that kind of damage cost something around a thousands dollars. Preventing it from happening costs sometimes less than $10 and a couple of hours of easy work.

All these headaches can be avoided by just spending a couple of hours caulking the bathroom sink properly.

What will you need?

Caulking, of course, this can be bought as a tube of caulking or a cartridge for a caulking gun. The choice is a matter of personal preference. If you have just one bathroom, go for the tube, it is cheaper for a one time application. If you want to caulk more than one bathroom, the caulking gun is definitely a useful tool.

The prices range from $4 or $5 for the caulking tube to about $15 for the caulking gun with a cartridge.

Razor blade, screw driver, knife, cleanser. You’ll need to remove the old caulking completely. That means scratching until it is completely gone. This step is more difficult than it seems. Caulking is, due to its purpose, sticky, so you’ll have to scratch until every single piece is completely removed. If you find mold on your old caulking, extra care should be taken. After removing the old caulking completely, clean the spot with alcohol or other stronger cleanser than soap. As said above, mold is a danger to your bathroom.

Wait until it is completely dry to apply the new caulking.

Some extra tips: if the old caulking is only partially broken, do not try to repair only the broken part. Remove it completely and caulk it completely anew. Not removing the old caulk will probably implies that the old problems are still there. Buy quality caulking, specifically developed for a bathroom. It costs only slightly more, but fulfils much better its function.

Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

A clogged sink is annoying, but we only think about it when it is too late. As long as water is flowing, we normally don’t mind how much hair, cream or soap is flowing down the sink. Until all these elements combine to clog the bathroom sink.

The easiest try, the one which should be the first, is simply to try the plunger. Every household should have one, since it will be useful for sure. Add a little bit of water and plunge the sink at least dozen times. Take a look to see if water is flowing faster. If it is, then it is working. Don’t give up until you tried hard enough to expect results. A tip here is to cover the overflow drain so that all the pressure builds up in the clog. If thing works out, turn on the hot water and let it flow for some minutes. That will remove the grease or whatever and wash it down. Didn’t work out? Then try next step.

Take apart the tail piece. The tail piece is also called the P-trap, since it has the form of a P. Perhaps you’ll need a pipe wrench or any similar tool. It smells terrible, but it can solve your problem. If the clog is in the tail piece, than you can clean and put it together again. No results? Then move to step three.

Use some chemicals. If the bathroom sink is clogged, but there is still some water flowing, try some caustic chemical products. Some are specific for clogged sinks, and some can be made at home. Vinegar is known for being effective. Alcohol and gasoline will also dissolve some grease substance clogging your pipe. Don’t abuse pouring too much down the drain. All these substances are very harmful for the environment and should only be used as a last resource.

Nothing worked out? Go for a drill snake. There is no need to buy one, they are available to rent. There are also sink snakes that are equally effective. The smallest are thirty feet and can reach deep down the drain. Just let it go down the piping and move it slowly. You’ll feel it going down and you can partially control the direction of it. Sometimes you’ll feel the clog getting dissolve and other times you’ll have to test pouring water down the sink. Drill snakes are highly effective. Wear gloves for your safety.

After unclogging the bathroom sink, always let hot water flow down abundantly for some minutes.

Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

A clogged bathroom sink is nasty, but it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to unclog it. Of course, you can call a plumber and he will solve the problem for you in a couple of minutes. However, there are simply ways of unclogging it. Normally, bathroom sinks are just clogged by hair, soap, toothpaste and creams that went down it.

For these simple homemade clogs, there is nothing like a homemade unclogging. Here is how you can do it.

If there is some water still flowing through the clog then your problem is not too serious. Such partial clogging, where at least some water is coming through, are the easiest to solve.

The simplest way to try and unclog it is just pouring boiling water down the drain. If the clog was caused by some greasy substance, this solution will do the trick.

If it didn’t work, you need some stronger measures for it. A safe home remedy is mixing vinegar with baking soda. This is very effective against most clogging element in a bathroom. It won’t do anything against hairs, but hairs don’t stick to each other alone.

So, pour baking soda down the drain and pour vinegar on the top of it. Let it rest for at least 30 or 45 minutes. Pour boiling water after waiting and see what happens.

Sometimes, you’ll need to use a plunger on the top of that. The vinegar and soda is certainly doing their job, but some pressure will help it. Use the plunger to put pressure and suctions. This pulling and pushing will put some movement into your pipe. Some people also use stronger substances with some caustic chemicals. Others, however, mind the environment and stick to natural means, which also work in most cases.

For major clogging, you would perhaps need to remove the pipe and clean it. If nothing helps, possibly the clogging is way down the pipe. In this case, you might need to stick a steel cable down it and see what happens. Normally just pushing and pulling it will do the trick. If some water is coming through go for the vinegar and soda method or some caustic chemicals, like caustic soda.

In almost all cases, you’ll be able to unclog your bathroom sink drain. Remember to apply any measure before the drain is completely clogged. Partial clogged drains are normally very easy to unclog.

Replacing a Bathroom Sink Faucet

Replacing the bathroom sink faucet can be easily done with some simple tools. This is a DIY project that can be performed by nearly everyone. For saving money or for getting it done in as short time as possible.

Changing the faucet hardware is easy, but you’ll need to follow some simple steps. First, turn the water off. It is incredible how many home remodelers forget about this step and start to work on their faucet just to discover that water pours out, almost inundating the bathroom. After turning off the water, let the water in the plumbs run out of it. Only then, you can start working on your faucet.

Besides the faucet fixture itself, you won’t need lots of things to install a new faucet. Before you purchase a new faucet fixture, remember that not all faucets fit in every sink. The counter of your sink will have two holes, more or less 3 inches apart, for fixing a faucet. You could drill new holes, but it is not recommended, unless you know what you are doing. Finding a faucet that matches your existing counter should not be a huge problem, so measure the distance and buy an appropriate faucet.

Buy also some Teflon tape, putty or caulking. A good wrench is normally your basic tool and you’ll also need a screwdriver.

Removing the old faucet is a simple process. Remove the caps from the faucet handles and unscrew them. Then go under the sink and find the nuts that hold the supply lines to the faucet fixture and loosen them. Sometimes you’ll find additional screws connecting the faucet to the countertop, also unscrew them and remove the faucet.

After removing the faucet, clean everything thoroughly. Remove any trace of caulk that you might find. Check for mold and also remove it. Mold can be a terrible health hazard and you should keep your bathroom clean of it.

Installing a new bathroom sink faucet is as simply as removing the old. It is simply done in the inverse order. Most faucets come with everything that you’ll need, except the caulk. Some come with a rubber ring, in this case you won’t need caulk. If you apply caulk buy some that is anti-mold and was developed specifically for bathrooms. Tighten every bolt or screw firmly but don’t use too much pressure on it.

After you are ready, turn the water on and test your installation for leaks. If you are looking for a new faucet for your sink consider the vessel sink faucet.

best bathroom sink ideas