74 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Him

Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

A lot of people find it harder to look for anniversary gifts for their male partner. One of the reasons would be the notion that men are hardly capricious, they have specific preferences, and they are into more limited styles. But that should not be. After all, gifts are limitless and the thought that goes with it can melt male hearts too. 

In this post, we look at some of the most unique anniversary gifts to give your man. They range from typical items such as watches to more standout ones. If you are looking for a male gift list to refer to, read on. 

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74 unique anniversary gifts for him 

Without much ado, here is a list of some of the most unique anniversary gifts for him. 

1. Nixon stainless steel watch

One can never go wrong with the timeless magic of a watch. It is the ultimate male accessory and the 70s vibe of this Nixon stainless steel watch is something that is hard to miss.

The glistening gold along with those small crystals adorning the strap give it an air of sophistication. 

2. Cross Townsend Roller Pen

81FhXj6ouVS. AC SL1500

If your man is into business, law, or just the love letter man type, giving him this extraordinary roller pen is something he would not forget.

Encased in 10K gold, this roller pen also has traces of gold ink when used for writing. Nothing airs exclusivity than receiving a love letter signed by this pen. 

3. Zojirushi stainless steel mug

61soodZrfEL. AC SL1500

For men who are always on the go, those who need a caffeine fix every now, an on-the-go vodka mix or two or needs the water to be hot or cold for the rest of the day, this insulated thermos and stainless-steel mug is a thoughtful gesture at a very minimal price. 

4. ‘The Story of Us’ collage photo frame

915bNkI8o+L. AC SL1500

There is nothing more thoughtful than highlighting all relationship milestones in one collage frame.

This one is made of a plastic frame with gold script and a black and white lettering. Documenting all memorable days can constantly remind him of beautiful moments. 

5. Anniversary knife

Personalizing an anniversary knife for your husband or beau brings a tug in the heart like no other. It can be as ornate as it can be and customize an engraved message, your initials, or special dates that would remind your bond to your crafty partner. 

6. Watch with engraving

71Vwu0qAMHL. AC UX679

It might not be the most expensive watch but the personalized engraving at the back would melt his heart at an instant. Putting in your wedding vows or words of commitment at the back make this an all-occasion gift for him. 

7. Pocket watch with engraving

61QaCqWJ52L. AC UY675

For beaus who are into dapper outfits for most days, having a pocket watch can come in handy. But it should not just be a pocket watch, make it more personal by putting in an engraving. 

8. ‘Our Adventure’ scrapbook

81SWhKI8afL. AC SL1500

Scrapbooking never runs out of style. The effort and thought that you put in a scrapbook is telling of how much you treasure your partner.

Instead of a collage frame, you can be more unfiltered and all out with a scrapbook. From funny to romantic, scrapbooks can outline your romance in a storyline. 

9. Beer glass with photo

61SD6aSSs1L. AC SL1200

If your beau is a beer lover, it would be cool to have your couple photo printed on his own beer glass at home.

You can also order a couple’s beer glass for some Friday night outs together. This is indeed a beautiful way to keep the fun and cool in anniversaries. 

10. Whiskey glass and whiskey stone gift box

710BgfiQggL. AC SL1500

This is another all-occasion gift that you could give your man. Coming with two whiskey glasses, six whiskey stones and a pouch, and encased in a wooden gift box, this one wreaks of sophistication and manliness in an unparalleled way. 

11. The ‘lockdown’ mug

51EpfG3LezL. AC SL1200

If you want something relevant, funny, and creative, a simple lockdown mug would suffice as an anniversary gift for him.

Throwing banters at each other is a good sign of a healthy relationship. Extending it to the mug would really make the gift more memorable. 

12. Personalized leather bracelet


For a total rockstar accessory or just an everyday bracelet, you can totally personalize one and have your anniversary date printed inside the leather or have it engraved on a metal strip. It can be single or multi strapped and comes in many designs. 

13. Customized anniversary cutting board

71SQD+ B9gL. AC SL1500

What better way is there to celebrate a husband, a beau or a dad than a customized cutting board.

If they are the kings of barbeque or practically the kitchen, this is a thoughtful gift that would bring them to their knees and a grab on the meat for your next grill session. 

14. Globe decanter

91LPn5lYvPL. AC SL1500

A decanter is one thing, but a globe-shaped, engraved decanter with a sweet message or anniversary date is a beautiful memento for a keeper like your beau.

Stylish, beautiful, and brings a lot of personality, you can never go wrong with this anniversary gift for him. 

15. Stainless steel gardening set for men

71G4+bU0j1L. AC SL1292

If your man is a gardening enthusiast, it would be very thoughtful to give him a heavy-duty stainless-steel gardening set.

For instance, this 14-piece gardening set is not just a complete garden toolbox in one but is also very portable for hiking and other outdoor activities. 

16. Personalized journal

71tfPZJ4lcL. AC SL1500

For your writer or sentimental man, a personalized journal could give a different kind of warm feeling. The thought of having your relationship highlights written in the journal give off an unmatched intimacy.

This one in particular is made of leather skin and is 280 pages long. Think about all the stories that could be written in the journal with this number of writing space.

17. Engraved multi-tool hammer

81+WHLHRLlL. AC SL1500

If he is a fan of the outdoors and camping is his thing, going for a multi-tool hammer as an anniversary gift is a grand gesture. Just thinking of all the things he can do and come up with using this multifunction hammer is already titillating for him, surely. 

18. Personalized cufflinks

For the gentleman, a simple cufflink with your initials engraved on it is a beautiful way of expressing intimacy.

It might be a small detail in his dapper appearance but it is a way of keeping a part of you in his dapper ensemble every time he walks out with that suit and tie. 

19. ‘Trophy husband’ shirt

This is another fun anniversary gift to give to your husband. Having him wear this while you are in public, say in the grocery store or casually strolling, is eventful not only for the two of you but to the people who can see it. Think about PDA in shirt form and that is what you can get from this. 

20. Hand casting kit

71E7iLynh0L. AC SL1500

Speaking of unique anniversary gifts, this one here is truly incomparable. First off, you will plaster mold your entwined hands.

The process of coming up with a cast figurine of your own hands is already one thing but doing it together and going through the process of having one DIY surely keeps the bond tight. 

21. Keychain

61SmrAPn57L. AC SL1001

It might just be a small keychain, but it could be everything to the man you love, especially if the key chain is laser engraved with a memorable date, place, person, or occasion. It can be attached to wallets, literally to hold keys and more.

A keychain is something that we grab on everyday so if you want something that keeps on reminding him of you, a personalized keychain is a fine choice.

22. Deep tissue massage gun

71oOUSNbFBL. AC SL1500

Unique and with purpose, gifting your man a deep tissue massage gun is a thoughtful way of conveying care and thinking of your beau’s comfort.

This one specifically comes in five massage configurations depending on the needs of your man. If you happen to have a sporty or athletic beau, this one is definitely the right choice for you. 

23. Anniversary metal wallet

71sF6yFPjyS. AC SL1500

You might think that this is childish, but commemorating your anniversary with a metal wallet engraved with a commitment message or an endearing one in a pool of ‘adult cards’ like debit, credit cards is just a warming sight especially when your man is in a rush. Having a personal memento like this in the wallet gives a lot of old school love. 

24. Anniversary sundial compass

91MHeXpMTrL. AC SL1500

For the collector husband or boyfriend, an anniversary sundial is both crafty and very intimate. The combination of wood and brass in a sundial never disappoints. This is another retro vibe gift that could make your man feel a vintage love. 

25. His and Hers matching necklace

71kAv0TO1nL. AC UX679

It could be an infinity pendant, a wedding band or different meaningful symbols that you can associate your relationship to.

Whatever that would be, a matching necklace never goes out of style. It is a stylish way of showing exclusivity towards a person with a visual impact beyond compare. 

26. ‘Kissing’ iron art sculpture

61Ofpm9BgFL. AC SL1002

If you are just starting to move in or a first wedding anniversary, a kissing iron art sculpture in the home you are building together is a good way to imply love and intimacy around the home. It is classy, very chic and just symbolizes love in all aspects. 

27. Bullet shaped whiskey cooling gel

61kpg0oTlpS. AC SL1500

For whiskey lovers, this is not just an endearing gift but also a very unique one. Imagine the coolness of having bullets dipped in the whiskey for the purpose to well…keep it cool. There is nothing more manly than that on a Friday night so just give it to him. 

28. Tin date night dice

71UoVEHhIHL. AC SL1500

If you and your beau are often caught up in a where-to-go-where-to-eat tirade, giving a tin date night dice as an anniversary gift is not just cool but also very functional.

Those long hours of arguing where to eat and what to do for date night would be gone with this very simple anniversary gift

29. Deluxe gun cleaning kit

91CyjR0ZClL. AC SL1500

If your man is into airsoft or hobby tactical shooting, gifting him with this deluxe gun cleaning kit could keep things in handy.

This is something that they would really appreciate if they really are shooting enthusiasts. Taking it as a nod of support, they would surely love you more. 

30. Beard grooming kit

91I hoeCa+L. SL1500

The scent of your man’s aftershave is really something that one looks forward to smelling. Some men really sport a sexy beard too.

If they are these and more, why not give them a beard grooming kit. Complete with different scissors, a brush, comb, and different types of aftershave, this is really a good anniversary gift to your beau. 

31. Neck and back massager

71a+6jJmFUL. AC SL1200

This heated neck and back massager is so portable, your man can have it all the time in the car, in the office chair, and anywhere they need to be comfortable.

This one is a perfect anniversary gift to athletic beaus as it could be adjusted to 42F. After an intense workout or game, the warmth can remind him of you. 

32. Wooden phone dock

71hid61mvML. AC SL1500

As small and compact as they may be, a wooden phone dock could come in handy for the busy men.

It has enough compartments for their journals, their watches, wallet, reading glass dock, wallet chamber, and small drawer for small everyday items. For the busy academician or business man husband or boyfriend, this would really be much appreciated.  

33. Beer stein set

71ywlEGE9TL. AC SL1500

This one is not your ordinary beer stein set because it is made of galvanized iron and brass. If it is your 6th anniversary, this iron beer stein set is fitting for your iron anniversary.

It comes with two beer mugs and two shot glasses. Hence, this is not just for your beau but also for you and his friends when they come over. Think about inclusivity, right?

34. Mr. and Mrs. couple aprons

71FAV6d4CtL. AC UX679

If you are both food enthusiasts and whose bonding would be food preparation and cooking, giving your husband or boyfriend a couple aprons just gives a different feel.

Fortunately, this set does not only come with the couple apron but also a couple’s recipe book and pot holders. This complete set is everything that you need for weekend cookouts together or with friends and family coming over. 

35. Sandwich maker

811PVXncQVL. AC SL1500

Some just cannot live without sandwiches. If your man loves the outdoors, too busy to make one for packed lunches in the offices and more, or if you are not around to make one for him, giving him a sandwich maker is one of the most thoughtful all-around gifts for our loved ones. 

36. Message in a bottle

61ZVEwG4e8L. AC SL1157

This is another small memento that is for keeps. Just because they are men would not mean that they would not want to keep a message in a bottle that says ‘you are still the best decision I have ever made’.

It is a beautiful and ingenious way to manifest love and commitment to your man. Nothing beats an everyday reminder through this message in a bottle. 

37. Beef jerky box

81eKeByYfHL. SL1500

If your man is in the military or if you are in a temporary long-distance relationship, a protein gift box composed of different flavors of beef jerky is the care package they need.

If beef jerky is also their personal favorite, this is a big plus to the yearning heart especially on anniversaries. 

38. ‘Grow old with you’ couple shot glass

61tD5F1GMkL. AC SL1000

We are not yet done on the line of anniversary glass gifts for our men. Some couples really bond over drinking so at times when you want to take the relationship to a whole new level, you can always give your husband or boyfriend this couple shot glass with the most endearing engraving, and grow old with you. 

39. First anniversary funny toilet paper gift

For customized anniversary gifts, this is truly one of the most unique gifts. It is just an everyday item, but seeing one in the bathroom first thing in the morning of your anniversary would really make him smile. 

40. Customized fishing lure

51KtuZqhmkL. AC SL1200

This is another beautiful anniversary gift for men of the outdoors. If your man is into weekend fishing with the boys, giving him a customized fishing lure with an engraved message does not just personalize his fishing lure but also means that you are there with him even if you are not into fishing. 

41. Vintage leather journal with semi-precious stone

618TZXP7DcL. AC SL1000

If the love of your life is somewhat nerdy, channeling his inner Gandalf the Grey through this vintage, leather journal with a semi-precious stone in the middle could satisfy that in him.

This one in particular comes with many designs and the distressed style pages of the journal is a fanfic nerd’s dream. 

42. Cocktail mixology shaker

71GZSnquC0L. AC SL1500

If your man is a bartender or just an enthusiast in mixing drinks, giving him a cocktail mixology shaker complete with case, cocktail recipe books and mixology rack would be a heavenly gift for anniversaries.

Made of food-grade materials on just a reasonable price, this one shall surely ignite that bartending passion in your man. 

43. Star map plaque

61nvtTlSSkL. SL1000

You can have the constellation or star alignment on the day of your anniversary printed in a brass plaque through this unique gift. You can also have a plaque corresponding to the symbol used for each anniversary year like iron for six years, gold for 50 years, etc. 

44. Novelty socks

91+COC9NWjL. AC UX679

If your beau is an overall fun person with a flair for theatrics, why not give him novelty socks that speak of what he does best.

These socks for instance are a knee-high one, customized for her partner’s love for golf. Intended for casual getup or for some games, or for snuggling up during extra cold days, you can never go wrong with socks.

45. Grooming kit

81t9QFERIXL. SL1500

If your husband or beau is all about grooming and tidying oneself up, it might be best to buy him a grooming kit as an anniversary gift. It comes with trimming scissors, bald shavers, beard shavers, facial brush, and more.

It is an all-in-one kit that he can bring with him during travels and compact enough to be kept in the car when needed. 

46. Portable power drill adapter


A handyman partner shall truly appreciate this portable, multi-socket power drill adapter as an anniversary gift. It can easily be adjusted to grip on screws, bolt heads, wing nuts, lag screws and hooks.

It can also be connected to electric drills and manual ratchet kits. Most of all, it is lightweight and easy to store so he can bring it with him anytime. 

47. Cordless wine opener and chiller

71eh1j4Yr1L. AC SL1500

This gift is perfect for getaways and for conveniently chilling your wine while on a yacht, outdoors, or plainly wherever. We depend on the powerful hands of our beaus to open wines when wine openers are not around. They can enjoy the wine without hassle now with this cordless wine opener and chiller. 

48. Hot sauce maker

This one is yet again another suitable gift for husbands who are into cooking. Everything they need to make their own version of gourmet sauce is already packed in this kit. From bottles to ingredients, all they need now is to mix it all up in time for the next barbeque. 

49. Polarized wood sunglasses

81D2WJOlI9L. AC UX695

Sure, you could easily give him one of those more upscale and branded aviator’s sunglasses. But if you want to give your husband a flair of the unique and a standout look in the crowd, how about giving him these polarized wood sunglasses for your anniversary. Threading in function and features, this sunglass would never disappoint. 

50. Flashlight gloves

61fpMUWvCfS. AC SL1500

It is always a hassle when something breaks off at night. And since we depend most of the time on the men in our lives to do the work for us, it would be good to give them flashlight gloves.

They could just wear it and have these LED lights open to give them illumination while doing their thing. It is all for convenience which they will surely love.  

51. Moon silhouette night lamp

61CHqyn0MzL. AC SL1000

Supermoons rarely happen and so, the beauty of this moon night lamp with the silhouette of a couple is truly eye-catching.

Not only is it a standout view around the room, it also creates a calm and collected atmosphere. He can bring it as an accessory in the office or it could also be placed on the nightstand on his side. 

52. Duffel bag

81RkitvkWmL. AC SL1500

It might just be a duffel bag but personalizing the compartments to suit his needs and laser engraving his name on the bag could be a sweet gesture fitting for an anniversary gift. For the traveler husband, this would be a unique way to express that you are thinking about his needs and that you know what could give him convenience. 

53. Tactical pen

This extraordinary pen has a flashlight tip, an emergency whistle, a glass scraper, and a ballpoint. It is one of those handy and very portable survival gears that he would appreciate especially if he is into the outdoors.

It is also good to have one in the pocket if he is in the police force or in the army. Engraving his name over the tactical pen makes it all the more unique. 

54. Skincare package

91iK JiZMsS. SL1500

Just because he is a guy would not mean that he is not entitled to some vanity. Giving him a complete skincare package means that you want to pamper him in all ways.

This gift box includes lemon butter cuticle cream, beeswax lip balm for lip chipping during colder days, ointment, shea butter cream, and coconut cream, among others. 

55. Barbeque tool set

81twB+QiytL. AC SL1500

Again, you can never go wrong with BBQs. This is something most men could agree on. So what better way is there to activate their love for BBQ than a complete and portable BBQ tool set.

From spatula, to flippers, brush set, and everything in between, you have it in this set. You can also laser engrave the name of your husband or beau in the casing to make it more personal and more unique. 

56. Spoon and fork with engraving

51ECzHfMg S. AC SL1200

It could be as simple as spoon and fork but engraving it with fun statements or puns like ‘I forking love you’ can put a smile on your husband’s face whenever he uses it in office lunches or during family dinners especially when it is only his that has an engraving like that.

All cool couples should have this one if we are being honest here but giving it as an anniversary gift for him also seals the deal. 

57. American flag flask

Be it for whatever liquid, from day drinking to juices, this is a classy gift that you could give your husband. Its leather cover is soft to the touch and the stainless-steel case is made of the highest food grade so it is well-insulated.

Whatever he puts in there shall not lose its original temperature all day. Housed in a wooden box, nothing beats the sophistication of this gift. 

58. Leather wallet with engraving

71wCAEI2eeL. AC SL1500

Leather wallet brands are virtually endless and it might not be the most unique gift choice for him until you have it laser engraved with your initials or a message even. It is a profound way to offer intimacy towards him especially that wallets are every use items. 

59. Love capsules

Men also melt with sweet nothings and love capsules could be a fun and unique way to affirm your love for him for 365 days. This pill bottle contains 366 capsules, each with a love quote. So, even if there is a petty fight, you can turn to these love capsules for some relief. This is one of the most unique anniversary gifts to give you man. 

60. Luxury tie bar

71sJSWP0jzL. AC UY535

This one is another unique anniversary gift for the dapper males. Tie bars make them look more boss-like, regal, and very formal. Although not that standout in the tie and coat ensemble, it still strikes a nice accent especially thanks to their shiny colors.

Engraving your initials, your anniversary date in the tie bar is one way to make it unique. Encased in this luxury box, the happiness surely would not wane. 

61. Lyric wall art

71epLgr+iCL. AC SL1286

You surely have a favorite song or perhaps, it is the song during the wedding, or maybe the song played during the first concert you went together to.

Whatever it is, you can immortalize the memory by gifting him with a customized lyric wall art to relieve the moment that the song signifies. It is also a catchy home décor as it would spark wonder among family and guests as to what the wall art would mean. Talk about unique!

62. Personalized dog tag

71TYu9mVuNL. AC UY535

If lockets are for women, personalized dog tags would be for men. If your partner is one that loves to accessorize, giving him a dog tag with your laser engraved photo on one side and a love message on the other shall surely melt him. With this, he literally wears your love everyday, anniversary or not. 

63. Gamer box set

812ugpFWlwL. AC UX679

If he is a gamer, join his passion and show support by giving him a gamer box set on your anniversary. It could all be personalized, it could be DIY, just make sure that it contains all the essentials: a gamer shirt, a gamer hat, a mouse pad or console skin, a gaming watch, tumbler for hydration and favorite character memorabilia. 

64. Personalized Rubik’s cube

71JI9AtuWEL. AC SL1500

If he is into Rubik’s cube for down times, get him a pro-level one and have it personalized by setting your picture as the image to form.

Unique at best, it does not only stimulate his brain but also gives a flutter to his heart whenever he completes your picture in the Rubik’s cube. 

65. Photo insert card

71RPFuFtsLL. AC SL1500

Sure, the wallet insert card could be your vows during the wedding or some affirmations of love. But there is also something very endearing and old school about pulling a photo insert card where your favorite photo together is seen.

Talk about rush hours, deadlines and a photo that would keep you abreast. This is everything for an anniversary gift. 

66. Sound waves art

61YrlfOsJoL. AC SL1500

If music really binds you together, you can have an alternative to lyric wall arts. You can capture the sound waves of your favorite song via recording and have it printed to become a wall art. Only the two of you would know what it would mean but that would be very symbolic of the intimate bond you have for each other. 

67. DualSense PS controller

61t7877TYES. SL1464

This is a shoutout again to women with gamer beaus. If you have gotten him the PS5, the next practical thing to show him love is to accessorize the gaming console.

This one here is a bit pricey, but he will surely shout his love for you from the rooftops because of this wireless controller. Being able to play the game that he loves even in the kitchen or away from the living room is a convenience not all gamers can afford. 

68. Tech organizer

71ew68X1QGL. AC SL1200

This is another simple anniversary idea that would not dent your wallet that much but would give another meaning to thoughtfulness. Busy beaus tend to forget essentials like chargers, adapters, and other important cords and items for their business presentation and the like.

Having an all-in-one kit where everything is organized and well coiled evokes a sense of attentiveness on your part, making him appreciative of you even more. 

69. Leather toiletry bag

91G6NIhTuBL. SL1500

For the traveler beau, this is another organizer kit that you should give him on your anniversary. Again, having a bag where he could find everything he needs not only reminds him of you but also gives him the feeling of being taken care of.

The attention and sensitivity you put into organizing the toiletry bag is an instant plus for you in his heart. 

70. Custom cologne

61LsPL7+kaL. SL1000

Another sweet and sexy gesture for an anniversary gift would be buying him his favorite cologne but instead of the usual canister, put it in a customized cologne canister where his initials are engraved.

It could also be both of your initials, your anniversary date or some exclusive endearments that you use for each other. 

71. Woodstock coasters

91Y1G2qFhGS. AC SL1500

The 60s was a magical time and if you have been together for 25 years and more, giving him Woodstock coasters is an automatic trip down memory lane.

Recollecting the moments of good old days together with small mementos like this make the anniversary gift more personal and the anniversary celebration more meaningful. 

72. Anniversary puzzle

715LwqRdHPS. AC SL1500

If you both love board games and spend a lot of time doing puzzles together, why not give him an anniversary puzzle to signify and form your favorite picture together while having fun. It is ingenious and offers quality time to bond during your anniversary date night. 

73. Customized doormat

81yPkpkAYqL. AC SL1500

The anniversary gift might not be intended for him alone. Remember that it is about love and having a customized doormat for the bedroom or the home with your love there printed all over is something meaningful that he could also enjoy. 

74. Anniversary goodies

71 otJO8q L. SL1000

At this time and age, everything can be customized. From candy wrappers, loot bags, and chocolate boxes, you can have them all personalized. If your beau has a sweet tooth, best organize a personalized candy and chocolates set to go with breakfast in bed.  

How can I surprise my husband/boyfriend for our anniversary?

We have listed some of the most unique gifts to give your beau for your anniversary so next, you have to know how to deliver the element of surprise. Pop culture would tell us that men are more of the ones who give the surprise, but it is not always the case, because surely, men would want to be surprised too. But how? 

  • You can always leave an instruction note in his steering wheel. 
  • Or start with breakfast in bed to set the mood for the coming surprise. 
  • You can also mail him a love card weeks ahead of the surprise to keep the emotions high. 
  • Candlelit dinners never go out of style. 

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What is the cheapest way to celebrate anniversaries? 

Surprises and anniversary dates need not be very luxurious for them to be unforgettable. Sometimes, those that really become indelible in memory often come as cheap or even free. Here are some cheap ways to celebrate anniversaries.

  • Sunset strolls or breakfast by the beach never lose its allure. 
  • Decorate the living room, dress up, have candlelit dinner, and slow dance to your favorite song. 
  • Take the soundbar outside, set up a picnic blanket and watch the stars together. 
  • Set up a game night date, just the two of you, on a head-to-head match. 
  • Make a memories montage of your memory highlights for the year and have friends come over for a small soiree. 

Of course, it is not limited to these since you have your own love language and preferred activities but know that when it comes to anniversary dates, the simpler, the more meaningful. 

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The varying personalities of our men call for a wide range of anniversary options for him. From fashion, to arts and crafts, to booze, wine and whiskey, food and small items, your thoughtfulness and the message you want to convey on your anniversary cannot go unnoticed.

Anniversary gifts are truly manifestations of knowing what your partner wants and needs. Buying unique gift items for them on your anniversary is not just a symbol of affection but also a fun way for the romance to burn on annually.