30 Best Anniversary Gifts For Friends Online

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Friends are irreplaceable. They are present on your best and worst days or in any season of your life. They can be a bit too emotional and cranky at times but they are the ones you can always run to when things do not go right.

Friendship milestones should at best be celebrated and what better celebration is there than to give gifts.

In this post, we shall look at some of the best anniversary gifts for friends. Whatever friendship milestone it is you are celebrating, there is a perfect gift choice to be considered. 

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best gifts for friends online

Best anniversary gifts for friends

Without much ado, let us look at some of the best anniversary gifts for friends. They can be simple, customized, or grand, but at the end of the day, it is the thought and intent which counts. 

1. Custom gift box

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Whatever the celebration is, you can never go wrong with a Do It Yourself (DIY) gift box for your friends. This one entails your creativity and thoughtfulness as a friend given that it is handmade.

You can decorate the box according to where you met or the symbol of your friendship in general. 

This is probably the most recommended gift idea because doing it yourself brings out your sincerity in the relationship. This one is a unique gift too since it is something that only you can make and realize the idea of the customized design meant to give for your friends.

2. Special Lyric Art

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Every relationship has their own song which they can remember each other whenever played, thus, a special lyric art you can give your friends.

This one can be put in your walls, in your bed tables, in your book covers or any bright ideas you can put the song lyric into. This one is a sweet and sentimental gift which can bring back memories from the first time you met up until now. 

3. Celebratory Cupcakes

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For friends who want nothing but a little sweetness in their veins, this one is a perfect anniversary gift. Every year, friends gather for the anniversary celebrations and more than your presence is the yearly gift you can give each other.

While others opt for material things, it is also good to give gifts that can be consumed, hence, sweet cupcakes for your timeless friendship.

4. Personalized Game

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When we give gifts to our friends, we always think about the unique ones that can be used in all seasons. That is why a personalized game for your friend is a perfect one.

This one tends to be a little pricey since they are hand crafted but you can always opt for materials that are budget friendly. If you are always up to a little bit of fun, this one is recommendable as an anniversary gift to your friends.

5. Cute Key Rings

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This anniversary gift for your friend will never go out of style. It is also one of the customized gifts which symbolizes your commitment toward each other and sometimes considered a friendship lucky charm.

This one is a common gift for couples but can also fit as an anniversary gift for your friends. 

10-year anniversary gift for friends 

Reaching a decade for a friendship is rare. Hence, the need to hold on tight to the hands that never got tired holding yours.

On your tenth-year anniversary with your best friend, it is fitting that you give them gifts that they can treasure for another ten years and beyond more. 

1. Personalized Jewelry

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When you enter your 10th year of being friends, pieces of jewelry are already default gifts.

They say jewelries stay forever and so with their friendship that is why many sets of friends give each other different sets of jewelry they can treasure for the rest of their lives while remembering their friendship story along the way. An expensive yet useful 10th year anniversary gift for your friend. 

2. Adventure Coupons or Tickets

adventure challenge

This one is a perfect gift go-to for friends who are more into fun, food, and adventure rather than material ones.

When you already hit ten years in your friendship, it is a must to treat them to things that are practical but fun. This gift creates another wonderful memory they can have for their 10-year and still counting years of friendship. 

3. Time capsule

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This is believed to protect cherished moments from day one up to the years to come in your friendship. It is not too late to become sweet and a little sentimental when remembering moments with your friends.

This time capsule will store all the memories both good and bad that came or is still coming along the way. 

4. Wine Glasses

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If you have a friendship that is somewhat wild and friends who are a little alcoholic, this one is a perfect idea.

They say a toast for friendship can never be forgotten because it is a motivational movement to a long lasting, happier and stronger bond of friendship. So, here’s a toast to a 10-year relationship of friends who choose to stay as friends. 

5. A story of your friendship book


To those who have more time preparing for their tenth-year anniversary gift for their friends, this one is perfect for you.

A story book can be a little too much but can be so special to those who receive it. Just remembering ten beautiful years of your friendship alone is special, what more into making it a book, right?

25th anniversary gifts for friends 

Friendship is a long-lasting commitment that even in the years you do not know yourself, they are the ones who can remember. Here are five 25th anniversary gift ideas you can give to your friends.

1. Plant

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When you hit 25 years in a relationship, it is better to give something symbolic and useful, thus, a flowering plant. Plants symbolize life, so thus your friendship that blooms throughout the years.

When choosing a plant as a gift, remember to know the symbolic meaning and the lucky charm they can add into a home. Whether decorative, medicinal, or can improve social status, a plant is a good idea for your silver years of friendship.

2. Metal Vase

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As 25 years marks your silver anniversary, something silvery is also a must give. A metal vase that is suited to your taste and of course to your homes can be a very symbolic gift you can give your friends.

This can get a little expensive but price does not matter when giving, not to mention, it is for your friends you spend your money with. Vases are also a long-lasting furniture that goes along with age if properly taken care of.

3. Engraved Kitchenware

If thinking of the best gift you can give to your 25-year relationships with your friends, an engraved kitchenware is best. Kitchenware is useful and something personal.

They can be used every day which makes it a perfect idea since using them every now and then makes you remember the person and all the fun and feelings that comes with the thought. This one is also a customized gift you can give to your friends.

4. Wind Chimes

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As the friendship goes older, your choice of gifts become more and more personal and significant, thus, a wind chime.

This may be simple and a little questionable for a 25-year anniversary gift but a wind chime comes with a poem that states your 25 wonderful years of friendship that are never forgotten and are continuously growing. 

5. Album

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Twenty five years is long but the love and care of friends are not measured by the years passed but the memories they have shared so an album that has a picture of every little moment inside the friendship is a cool and sentimental gift you can give for your friends.

This is also something personal and can get you so emotional as you remember the memories while celebrating your 25th year of friendship together.

30th anniversary gift ideas for friends 

Every year is a special occasion for friends who gather for their 30 years of friendship. With this, getting gifts that are unique gets a little more difficult as years go by. Hence, these are some of the best gift ideas you can give your friends on your anniversary celebration.

1. Blanket and Throw Pillows

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Hitting your 30 years of friendship is very rare and difficult to overpass. With these years, a lot has changed in your age, your preference, priorities and more.

So, when you are thinking of a gift to your friends, it is important to first see their comfortability rather than the expensive material ones you give during your celebrations. 

An example of this is the Blanket and Throw pillows you can give on your 30th year celebration. This does not cost as much as jewelry and others but has something to do with giving comfort through things, hence, the best gift you could give.

2. Coffee Mug

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Though it is something very common, this one is still perfect for a gift. This can be used at any time of the day whether for late night coffees or early breakfast, this one is so useful that you can also bring it whenever you need to. Something usual but has so much to do with you. 

3. Painting

The meaning of an art can be different to every person but it is still so much recommended to give it as a gift especially to your loved one, on a special occasion.

Choose or make one that is highly appropriate for all the years of your friendship and always choose an art that has vibrant combinations of colors to bring lightness, fun and happiness to whoever you are giving this too. An expensive but symbolic one. 

4. Alcoholic Beverages with a Stylish Bottle

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Alcoholic drinks get better when they grow old, and so does friendship. This one is a perfect symbolization of your 30-year friendship that has grown so much and keeps on growing every single day. A wine can stay for as long as you do not consume and when you do, you can collect the bottle, get creative with it so it can stay for years too. 

5. Wall Clocks

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This gift is very ideal for friends who are so conscious of time. It is also a reminder of great memories shared during a specific kind of day. As you grow older, you would want a gift that is useful and something to do with time because time is a treasure they say.

Wall clocks are good symbols for not getting all the time back but having someone right there to bask in the present forever. 

40th anniversary gifts for friends 

During this year, you probably hit your golden years, thus, a change of likes and dislikes but still a good year to hold celebrations and gather occasionally with your friends. During these years, what could be the best gift for your friend? Here are ideas you can choose from. 

1. Lounge chair

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As you grow older, so much about comfortability is your top priority. Thus, it is so thoughtful for a friend to bring in a comfortable chair as a gift for your 40th anniversary.

This may come big and heavy but you can always have someone deliver or bring it for you. This is considered as an expensive one but nothing is expensive when you give it to someone you care for, right?

2. Photo Engraved Necklace

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Jewelries are a perfect gift for your loved ones. They came in handy and classy but came with a great price. What is beautiful about jewelries is that you can have it customized like that of having your pictures engraved in a necklace.

It is a gift you can wear anywhere at any time of the day because it complements almost all of your outfits. An expensive gift but can stay forever.

3. Matching Stainless Steel Flasks

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Friends, even the old ones, love matching gifts, thus, these matching stainless-steel flasks as an anniversary gift to your friends.

This one retains the temperature of its contents for a long time and comes in handy so wherever you might be if you need something hot or cold to your body, this one is a match for you and a perfect gift you can give. 

4. Personalized Wall Key Holder

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This one is pretty functional where you can easily hang your keys for a better view and of course for a better identification of the different keys present at your homes.

Giving this to your friends can also be a reminder to still tidy up and organize things that are important even in their older ages so they can keep up with time. 

5. Knitted long sleeves

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At this age, you can feel quite cold at times so a knitted long sleeve you made can give warmth to your friends during cold days. This is a personal gift where your utmost priority is their health and comfortability. 

50th anniversary gifts for friends 

For friends who stay as friends on their golden year anniversary is very hard to find. Staying in a relationship is so challenging so many find it amazing when they hit 50 years.

For those who are wondering of the most suited gift on their 50th anniversary as friends, here are some ideas that shall surely make the moments golden with your best friends. 

1. Golden Photo Frames

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When we were younger, we hated photo frames as gifts. We always take it for granted when we exchange it for food and other stuff. But when you hit your golden ages and above, this one becomes significant. 

A photo frame for your friends on your 50th year anniversary is just thoughtful since he or she can put your best pictures during your 50 memorable years and hang it in their homes where everybody can see when they visit.

This is a common but functional gift you can give your friends. It adds a feeling of intimacy and being family with them.  

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2. A golden basket of gifts

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When thinking of the unique ones, you may opt to give a golden basket that is full of different kinds of gifts that symbolizes your friendship.

You can come up with hundreds of pictures that have love letters at the back or you can fill in the basket for food and beverages you can enjoy together. Or perhaps, a care box full of their favorite items from shampoo, lotions, to aftershaves. This is something simple but thoughtful.

3. Homemade chocolates 

homemade chocolate
Recipe: Whole Food Bellies

During these years, you may probably be getting into other hobbies such gardening or baking. When you discover your different side of you, you can do so much better and you introduce your new you to your friends via giving them your output.

For a baker, homemade chocolate. Food is something that we all love and treasure because it fills our stomach and gives us the feeling of satisfaction when it tastes best. So, if you are into baking, you might want to give your baked products to your friends. 

4. Wristwatch

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If you are into material things and have so much budget, you may opt to give a new watch or a watch that you have over the years. But it is highly recommended that you go for the gold ones as they do not rust and fade like the love and care you have for each other.

May it be used or a brand new one, it is still a sentimental and expensive gift you can give on your 50 years anniversary celebration.

5. Video montage

To make your gift a little modern, you may get the help of your family member to put together your memorable pictures into a video where you can also put your message on. This one requires so much effort and time but can be a very beautiful gift to your friends. 

A video having all your old photos and older friendship anniversary celebration plus a short message where they can play repeatedly at their homes whenever they want to. Such a nice and somewhat a new gift idea given their ages 

How to choose the gifts for friends

Choosing the best gift for your friends can be a little tricky and difficult at times but always remember that a true friend, whether you give in a little too small or a bit too much, they will always be thankful. 

  • Listen to what your friends say: Store important information you can get during conversations. Do a quick note of the things that capture your heart because someday you can use them and make it as a basis for your gifts. 
  • Keep Track of Gifts: Choose the ones that are not yet given, hence, the unique ones. Keeping track of the gifts you have given is a very important reminder for you because you might choose the same gift item in the years to come. 
  • Give a gift that has something to do with calm and peace: When looking for a perfect gift, always keep in mind that more than the material ones are the gift of calm and peace or a symbol of these might do. 
  • Handmade Gifts: More than the expensive ones, choose gifts that can touch their heart, thus a handmade gift. Friends can be very sentimental and emotional so when giving them something that is from your hard work, they will treasure it for the rest of their lives. 
  • Find out what they need: Choose gifts that fill their needs. A friend who, surprisingly, receives a gift he or she has been needing is an answered prayer. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift, it is also a must to know what their needs are. 


The giving of gifts is a love language in any type of relationship. It is tied with remembrance, cherishing and a material expression that you are into an intimate connection with someone.

They say that our friends are the family we choose. If we are lucky to have people around who connect to us at this level, it is but right to celebrate them through gifts at different phases of friendship.