6 Tips To Find The Best Rattan Garden Furniture

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

One famous material used for garden furniture is rattan, and it has been one of the ultimate favorites among homeowners. They consider it a classic material for patio furniture as anything made from it looks excellent regardless of interior and exterior design theme. 

Rattan furniture has been gaining popularity in the decoration and design industries. One of the reasons it is popular is because they’re durable and weather-resistant. It’s the same reason they’re the best material for your garden furniture.

If you’re searching for the best rattan garden furniture, read this article to know what to consider while shopping for the best one. To give you a head start, consider the following guidelines.

1. Get Your Rattan Furniture By Set

outdoor furniture rattan armchairs

When buying rattan garden furniture, there are many varieties of sets that would complement your outdoors’ entire theme. The ultimate perk of going for a whole set rather than buying individual pieces is that they look uniformed and well-placed.

Save the time of mixing and matching colors and designs. Moreover, furniture sets also come in great packaged deals in terms of costs. Ideally, you can find the best deals from furniture stores; for instance, Garden Centre Shopping has an excellent range of rattan bistro sets to choose from. 

Rattan Bistro Sets

A rattan bistro set will be a great choice if you like to wine and dine outdoors. This set is intended to accommodate your family members and guests outdoors while it increases the charm of your lovely garden. Choose a set that provides enough seats and space for your expected visitors or users.

rattan bistro sets

“Reclining Rattan Bistro Set from Garden Centre Shopping”

Rattan Day Bed Sofa Set

If you love taking a nap outdoors, then a day bed sofa set is for you. Thankfully, rattan sofas are durable and can withstand being a bit exposed to the elements. Typically, the only thing you need to worry about is the cushions that come with the set. Whenever you’re done enjoying your time outdoors, be sure to take the cushions in dry storage.

Rattan Lounge Set

Having a couple of beers and barbecue together with your friends in your garden is one of the many joys in life. If you’re worried about beer, liquor, and food stains, you should get a rattan lounge set. They are stain-resistant as you you can easily wipe spilled food or drinks from them. You don’t even need to scrub anything off as well. 

2. Choose The Right Frame Material 

Quality should be your priority when shopping for outdoor furniture. However, when inspecting the furniture’s quality, start with the frame. There are two common frame materials used in rattan furniture: steel and rattan weave. 

Metal or steel frames are used to sustain the rattan weaves for a long time. This frame is also ideal for chairs or tables that may need to bear heavy loads. 

On the other hand, rattan weave frames don’t succumb to weather easily. They also compliment the entire rattan furniture itself. So, it’s a good choice if you want high quality combined with comfort.

3. Choose Rattan Furniture Based On Their Maintenance Needs 

Large terrace patio with rattan garden furniture

With so many elegant and luxurious rattan garden furniture pieces, sometimes your impulse would tell you to take all of them home. However, you need to pause for a second and assess if the ones you’re looking at are high maintenance or not.

Even if rattan furniture is sturdy, they’re not indestructible. Maintaining its upkeep is the key to make them last longer. However, you wouldn’t want to spend your valuable free time cleaning and repairing damaged furniture.

If you’d go for pieces that need constant care, you must know the proper methods to keep them in mint condition. Otherwise, if you choose low-maintenance ones, inquire the furniture staff to learn how you can take adequate care of your new rattan garden furniture.  

4. Look For Something Comfortable

rattan garden furniture

While it’s vital to ensure the furniture pieces you’ll have will look great with your modern or vintage garden décor, you should stress the importance of comfort too. After all, you’re more likely to enjoy your stay outdoors when you can sit back and relax on your garden furniture pieces for a long time without hurting your back.

To know which rattan furniture is more comfortable, choose natural ones. Naturally weaved rattan furniture is flexible and less rigid compared to synthetically made ones.

5. Find The Right Size 

The size should be one thing to be considered, too, as you wouldn’t want to purchase rattan furniture pieces that are too large or too small in your garden area. Check out their exact measurements, especially if you choose to shop online. 

And even before you shop, size up your garden space first. Doing so will allow you to estimate how big or small furniture you need. Note the measurements, and use it as your reference guide for buying the correct size.

6. Choose The Perfect Color Scheme 

Garden rattan furniture comes in various colors. While they blend easily on whatever look you’re going for in your garden, it would be best that you coordinate the color of the pieces you’ll get.

Also, while classic colors such as black, gray, or white are more widespread, don’t hesitate to add a splash of color into your garden and choose a bolder color like red, blue, and green instead. 

If you’re lost on what to pick, you can draw inspiration from furniture and landscape color scheme ideas. You can mix and match it with the other accessories to make it the center of attention in the garden.


Shopping for the right rattan garden furniture shouldn’t be a complex task. With the tips and pointers stated above, you can find the best garden furniture in no time.

Remember to prioritize quality, consider the maintenance, comfortability, and don’t forget to measure up your area size so you can find the right furniture that will fit within your outdoor space. When you have taken all these considerations, rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth.