Feng Shui Tips on Using Purple Color in Interior Decorating

Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Feng Shui believes that in interior décor purple color helps people to grow spiritually, while often making them emotional but self-confident.rounded corners 5 fffrounded corners 5 fffrounded corners 5 fffrounded corners 5 fff

According to Feng Shui, the mysterious purple color, if used in interior decorating, sharpens the person’s spiritual awareness of the world. This color is often considered magical. It helps to solve mysteries and favors all kinds of fortune-telling and sorcery.

In general, it is better not to use much of this color in interior design, because the constant influence or excess of purple may lead to such negative consequences as depression and melancholy. However, purple and its shades really help to strengthen the energy of the environment.

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feng shui with purple color in interior decor

Feng Shui Tips on Using Purple in Interior Decorating

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Feng Shui recommends to use purple colors for:

  • Improving mental processes
  • Indicating power and authority
  • Strengthening self-esteem

However, purple is not the best color for rooms where people rest and relax. The best option is to use purple for activating Feng Shui wealth area. It will bring inspiration, new ideas, inflow of positive energy and help to concentrate and get to work.

If purple is combined with green and red in this Bagua area it will attract inspiration, energy, progress and optimism. This will help to achieve success in any affair.

Purple might be a good interior color for people related to sorcery or other parapsychological sciences. It helps to interpret predictions correctly and increases extrasensory talents of a person. Therefore, if someone is willing to develop extrasensory abilities, he or she should decorate a separate room with purple.

However, it should be remembered that if one spends too much time in such a room, his or her health may be hurt. So, it’s better not to spend more than two hours per day there.

In addition, if special rituals are being conducted in this room, it is necessary to clear the space afterwards. Purple not only absorbs all the energy present in the room, but also is able to increase or change the quality of the room’s energy independently.

What Kind of a Person Likes Purple?

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As a person’s favorite color, purple tells about this individual’s emotionality, deep spirituality and delicacy. It is the color of harmoniously developed people. However, purple is usually disliked by people with a too developed call of duty and those who live by the present day only.

Those, who prefer purple, are, in many cases, born leaders. They love to gather and unite people around themselves and coach them. They naturally have kind character, and are very benevolent to relatives, friends and neighbors.

These are cheerful people and, therefore, their house should be large, beautiful, brightly decorated, spacious, and with enough room for all the friends, the number of whom is usually great.

A person that chooses purple as a favorite color is, in most cases, a steady and self-confident individual.

The color of magic and mystery, purple helps people to grow spiritually and become more self-confident. It is a good color for activating Feng Shui wealth area of a house or apartment. However, an excess of purple may lead to rather negative consequences. Therefore, even if purple is your favorite color, use it carefully and wisely.