35+ Best Walk-in Shower Tile Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Searching for gorgeous tile ideas for your walk-in shower? Bathroom tiles are available in an almost infinite variety of finishes, materials, and price ranges, ensuring that there are bathroom tile styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Shower tiles both are washable and waterproof, making them ideal for walk-in shower walls, showers with pans, and even the flooring of wet rooms.

Apart from their practicality, the accessibility of tiling in a variety of shower-fit elements – from glass and porcelain to stone and ceramic – as well as forms, colors, sizes, and textures means that the creative options for your shower ideas are virtually limitless.

beautiful walk in shower tile ideas

1. Create a color contrast that is color matched.

1 walk in shower tile ideas

If you have a bathroom facing the north or one with a tiny window that lets in very little natural sunlight, you may utilize tiny bathroom tile designs to completely transform the area. 

Selecting tiles featuring a white backdrop – for space and light augmentation – and a pleasant accent shade – in this example, yellow – in a small bathroom may make the area feel warmer and brighter, that is always nice.

Incorporate some difference between both the walls and flooring to add interest if you’re aiming for a bright hue like this, but make sure the color match is perfect.

2. Including A Built-In Bench

2 walk in shower tile ideas

When used as part of a walk-in shower, benches look amazing, particularly if you do have the space in a big master bathroom.

They’re fantastic for lounging on, but you’ll also find yourself resting your legs on them just to make cleaning your body parts simpler.

The bench’s top is almost certainly quartz or a marble that has been manufactured to seem like marble.

Quartz will withstand the test of time considerably better than marble in this application. Although the elements used in this bathroom are greater and pricey, you can get the same effect with considerably less expensive components.

3. Think of a touch of wood.

3 walk in shower tile ideas

Employing teak flooring in the shower can set you apart when you’re not scared to be unique. Teak has a very thin grain and is water resistant.

The only drawback is that you’ll have to remove it from time to time and re-seal this with a new coat of wood conditioner. This floor, fortunately, is intended to be readily taken out for routine maintenance.

The built-in bench which is linked to the wall unit is yet another lovely feature of this stand-up shower cubicle. 

4. Small walk-in shower with no doors

4 walk in shower tile ideas

These walk-in shower designs will bring a little elegance to every day, whether you’re dealing with a little area or have plenty of room. This walk-in shower, which replaces the bathroom’s classic 1948 pink tub, is separated by a fixed glass panel. 

Ceramic tile atop concrete surfaces goes ceiling to floor and covers the borders of the window alcove to protect the small walk-in bathroom.

The use of a curved arm to mount a pan-style showerhead additionally serves to safeguard the surrounding walls.

The shower’s monochromatic color design was inspired by the polygonal glass panel and subway tile, which is repeated on the floor and a painted sink.

5. Have some fun with pinks.

5 walk in shower tile ideas

Pink is a glamorous and feminine hue that is more adaptable than you may think for tiled shower bathroom decor and curtain shower tile ideas.

Achieve an Art Deco look by pairing it with a gold accent hue. It may also be included into a bathroom idea that’s green to create a modern bathroom that is biophilic in nature when partnered with tropical plants and flowers. 

This is accomplished by blending natural look tiles, like wood, with stunning taps and showers in walk-in showers. The use of accent colors, including pastel pink bathrooms or sinks, helps to distinguish between botanically inspired tiles and wallpaper.

6. Concrete

6 walk in shower tile ideas

This modern bathroom tile concept is perfect for imparting a timeworn appearance, as it is designed to simulate the appearance of weather-beaten, tarnished, and corroded concrete blocks.

If you tile a bathtub with this substance finish, you can create an easy, pared-back bathroom decor by combining it with visible pipes and masonry. 

Combine with a subdued floor design for maximum effect, creating visual curiosity in the bathroom and allowing this shower tile concept to truly shine.

While first linked with city loft renovations, industrialized style has risen in popularity over time, and the trend can now be observed in bathrooms as well.

This growth, we believe, is due to the increasing prevalence of matt-black and gray design schemes, which go well with industrial components.

7. Bathroom with palm pattern in a jungle theme

7 walk in shower tile ideas

Shower boards are a convenient and time-saving alternative to standard shower tiling in the bathroom walls.

These impermeable panels may be installed on a clean constructed wall or pre-existing tiles, saving money, time, and worry. So what’s the big deal about grouting and cutting?

It’s a concrete jungle where dreams are made, and a great concept to persuade small children (and teens) into the shower, when coupled with a hardwood bathroom storage concept and bare brick wall décor design. This tile concept is new and original.

8. Monochrome

8 walk in shower tile ideas

Marble is a component that pays benefits when it comes to making your bathroom appear more costly. However, not everyone can purchase this type of material.

Those who can afford it risk having a luxury bathroom style that appears just like everyone else’s, regardless of how opulent the decor is.

When it comes to bathroom ideas on a budget, diagonally positioned marble-like shower tiles may make a big difference.

While various colors marbled have been utilized in silo on the corresponding neighboring walls, the flooring of this bathroom tile concept has been produced in a whimsical abstract form.

To hide a piece of hair and soap suds remnants after showering, put a darker colour marble on the rear wall of the shower.

9. Styles can be combined.

9 walk in shower tile ideas

White bathroom designs aren’t always made out of dazzling white ceramic or marble patterns, contrary to popular belief.

Vertically-placed ivory metro tiles were employed on the panels and as a bathroom tile concept to make the room appear larger.

Wood-like floor tiles were utilized to give an airy sense in this monochromatic scheme, adding to the bright and cheerful Scandi motif.

With the complementing seating arrangement, the white and black flower theme tiles offer appeal while also zoning the area.

10. The design is all throughout.

10 walk in shower tile ideas
Source: Bert and May

The marble shower tiles in fennel green in this comprehensive shower design create an amazing ambience that transports you to a tranquil vacation.

There’s a natural attraction to patterns, colors, and textures found in nature, that is well recognized for improving our mood and well-being.

Fennel, pistachio, and teal tones are naturally occurring, gorgeous swirling colored patterns that inspire a sense of nature and untamed, luxurious vegetation, helping to create a peaceful setting in which to unwind and refresh.

To fully accentuate lush green and provide a sense of quiet elegance, pair it with sandy stone and relaxing hues.

11. Grayscale

11 walk in shower tile ideas

Grey bathroom designs are a popular option among celebrities and home remodelers alike. Because of its classic tone, it may be used in a variety of bathroom designs and styles, including a Nordic chic design.

While most of us choose a light grey shower, some people consider the underappreciated dark bathroom option.

The focus of this grey and black minimalist shower design is on raw space and minimalistic shower fittings and decorations.

Consider this shower screen with a black frame and a contemporary shower head. However, not over-complicating this simple design necessitates discipline and control.

12. Various hues of the same color

12 walk in shower tile ideas

Blue is a classic shade for producing a conventional shower tile pattern that exudes charm and personality, and it’s a trusted bathroom shade for many houses.

Experiment with new shades of this hue for an inspired by water blue bathroom concept that’s reminiscent of a Mediterranean seascape, instead of sticking to the traditional area of a nautical or country motif.

This will result in a gorgeous, well-balanced, and attractive image. Simplify things by hanging towels on a series of white pegs and displaying your bathing supplies on a stool of the same color.

13. Pattern with a difference

13 walk in shower tile ideas

If there’s one way to make a monochromatic bathroom design disappear, it’s with pattern! Blend white urban tiles in a wicker weave style to achieve this aesthetic.

Then add a splash of color with a striking monochrome floor pattern. The bathroom tile concept within the nook, however, is the centre of attention in this idea.

You may get a one-of-a-kind degree of coordination by employing the same exact pattern as the flooring. Take note of how the fittings and fixtures are kept to a minimum to allow the tile pattern to take center stage. This washbasin’s hairpin legs and basic black faucet elements are very appealing to us.

14. Tile in a Neutral Color

14 walk in shower tile ideas

If it comes to taking care of oneself, bathrooms may be demanding, so it’s crucial to choose a long-lasting shower tile option. One method to achieve this is to look for influence in nature.

The grandeur of a Welsh Nantlle Valley is brought into your bathroom with this bathroom tile design concept that pays respect to it.

You may create a nice, organic spa-like vibe in your bathroom by utilizing the same exact slate tile in different sizes. They’re all irregularly patterned to create the appearance of natural slate.

15. Make an impression.

15 walk in shower tile ideas

In this post, we’ve primarily concentrated on wall tile ideas, but it’s probably time to contemplate shower tile concepts for your floor as well.

A terrific tiny bathroom tile tip is to match your flooring style and color to your walls to give the appearance of space and seamlessness.

A striking shower floor, on the other hand, will bring excitement and effect to your self-care program if you have the space.

To create this shower tile concept design stand out even more, pair it with accessories that are either the same color or a different tint. Consider adding heated floors to this concept to raise it and make it ultra-luxurious.

16. Shower cubby with a unique design

16 walk in shower tile ideas

It might be expensive to decorate a bathroom. You don’t feel obligated to stray too far from a standard shower tile concept if you don’t need to.

When you add up the costs of raw materials, labor, and upkeep, a simple bathroom design might become more costly than you anticipated.

Why not use the same color and texture tile with a different design, as demonstrated in this shower tile concept?

For your bathroom cubby, this hexagonal marble pattern appears like a charming honeycomb theme. The gold frame complements the shower fittings wonderfully, tying the entire motif together.

17. Mosaic in many colors

17 walk in shower tile ideas

Using all of the kinds of colors in your house isn’t only for kids’ rooms or to commemorate Pride Month.

Why not utilize a variety of various shower tiles that are glass ideas if you want to add interest to your shower?

A similar plan may be created by mixing a mixture of grey and colorful triangular tiles that will dazzle both family and friends.

The floating shower seat completes this luxurious bathroom design. Furthermore, a bright shower tile would make you happy and will undoubtedly improve your attitude.

18. Tile sheets will create a lovely theme.

18 walk in shower tile ideas

It’s time to resort to tile sheets if you really want a simple and fuss-free shower tile style. These ceramic, geometrical floral pattern tiles by Mercury Mosaics that is based in Minnesota may be placed in a variety of ways, unlike the huge panels we mentioned previously.

Using handcrafted hexagonal tiles in this beautiful design, create a completely distinctive vintage or Victorian impression.

This blue bathroom design is ideal for antique bathrooms, but it would also look great in a modern home. This is one of my all-time favorites since it is so beautiful and classy.

19. Scheme of Luxury

19 walk in shower tile ideas

When we think about marble bathrooms, we automatically imagine they’ll be expensive. Be prepared to spend several hundred, though perhaps thousands of money after factoring in quarrying, availability, demand, and the retailer’s charge. 

However, as time and technological capabilities have progressed, marble-effect tile ideas for the shower have become a more affordable option. Not only that, but it has an uncanny visual appeal.

So save your money or put it towards a high-ticket item like a standalone bathtub or washbasin. This concept will allow you to design the shower room of your desires without going broke.

20. Orange shower tiles are a great way to add a touch of the Far East to your

20 walk in shower tile ideas

A powerful, rich, and rustic shower tile shade is your best choice if you want to add a bit of exotic refuge to the bathroom. These Otto Tiles & Design hand-painted as well as hand-drawn tiles contain natural differences, so no two are the same.

You won’t be leaving your shower when it’s paired with a lovely tropical shower gel and tropical plants. Just keep an eye on the water bill!

This oriental-inspired shower room design is appealing because it strikes a balance between boldness and simplicity.

21. Marble that matches the book

21 walk in shower tile ideas

Marble is a striking material for shower tile designs, and bookmatching it adds extra impact and a feeling of balance that’s crucial in enhancing a tiny space – incorporate it in your tiled shower insights if you want to create a classy vibe.

Marble evokes a sense of tradition and exclusivity, and it may be bookmatched to remarkable effect.

Genuine marble and resilient, marble-effect  that is easy-to-maintain ceramic both evoke tranquillity and a sense of being connected to nature. Mosaics on the ground and bigger tiles in the bathroom are highly recommended.

22. Porcelain is used for its utility.

22 walk in shower tile ideas

Porcelain tiles may be created to seem like different materials — it might be as basic as a marble impression, or you could go for something more daring like a wood effect.

In any case, it’s a versatile approach to come up with more powerful shower room designs without having to spend a lot of money on natural materials.

Porcelain tiles are a wonderful alternative for shower tile ideas since they don’t need to be sealed. In every bathroom construction, the slip susceptibility of the tiles should be considered – a combination of beauty and functionality should be achieved.

23. Deep blues are a great way to become tonal.

23 walk in shower tile ideas

Blue is a good option for shower area tiles because of its relaxing effects and links with watery landscapes.

Go deep with your hue choice to avoid clichés, and accept a little tonal variation to keep it from being too overpowering.

Square tiles in just a few various tones provide the wall in the shower area design above a feeling of movement, like softly undulating ripples. To keep things bright, pair it with all-white fixtures.

24. Make a statement with patterns.

24 walk in shower tile ideas

Enjoy patterns in the shower tiles for an energizing beginning to the day — but don’t be hesitant to have them in large quantities. A vintage tile has been utilized in this area in a repeating pattern to give it a Mediterranean vibe.

When it comes to picking shower tiling ideas, designers are noticing an upsurge in dramatic use of patterns and colors.

Whereas variations of very traditional ‘spa-like’, pared-back designs were formerly highly popular, the shower is now widely considered as a chance to inject an interesting pop of color and character into a bathroom.

25. In the midst of rustic appeal, there’s a glamorous corner.

25 walk in shower tile ideas

Because of its jewel-like beauty, tiling may transform a shower alcove into a luxurious retreat.

A farmhouse-style concept incorporates organic textures and wood trim across the majority of the space, whereas a partially disguised shower area is accented with white-gray marble, creating a uniquely opulent touch.

If genuine stone panels are a little out of your price range, porcelain marble-effect tiles are now available that are both realistic and more affordable. The combination of a contemporary design with a rustic theme is both intriguing and engaging.

26. Marble that is green in color.

26 walk in shower tile ideas

The substance’s sinewy organic design makes it a match for bathroom renovations in a variety of colors, so Calacatta-style ivory isn’t the only stone rippling into bathrooms these days. Emerald green’s dramatic deep sea hues are an especially on-trend choice.

The darker, richer Verde Guatemala marble, which designers now provide as an option on several of our items, is becoming increasingly popular, and it is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Green marble complements accessories and brassware in warm copper tones or deep antique finishes beautifully, resulting in a polished, opulent appeal.

27. Using tiling, create a stand-alone statement.

27 walk in shower tile ideas

Tiling on the shower does not have to be restricted to the confines of a cubicle. Use tiles to transform an inconvenient wall area into a piece of beauty if you’re seeking a useful backsplash for a freestanding shower head and bathtub.

Only a portion of the bathroom wall has been covered with irregular tiles to create a purposeful feature, which has been framed like a painting with wall paint.

Tiling a tiny — but well-chosen — area allows you to use more costly tiles to create a statement without spending a fortune.

28. Inside the shower, install an accent tile wall.

28 walk in shower tile ideas

Many homes use the area under a range for an ornate mosaic tile display, so check out the kitchen for modern bathroom tile ideas.

Shower tile may be used to achieve a similar appearance. Make the boundary and the remainder of the walls a relatively neutral hue to keep the room from seeming overly cluttered.

Alternatively, for a much more subtle variation, vary up the tile design on one wall, for example, by laying tile on the diagonal.

29. Fill nooks and seats with color.

29 walk in shower tile ideas

Tiny shower insets are a great place to experiment with different kinds or shades of shower tile in opposing or complementing hues.

A blue ceramic or encaustic tile on the inside of a recessed shelf, for instance, might provide a delightful burst of color to a white subway tile wall. For a more understated aesthetic, make the tile the very same shade and kind. 

If you’re going to design your own sunken wall shelf, keep in mind the piping and plumbing in your shower.

30. Sauna Stone Tiling and Runner in Big Sur

30 walk in shower tile ideas

Going curtainless necessitates careful consideration of what will be visible. By laying your bathroom floor with massaging stones, you may create the feel of a sauna in your own home.

To induce the relaxed state even for a short period, use a rustic shade for the wall tiles. To make it more appealing and finish the zen design, draw a strong pebble line over the wall tiles. This will produce a spa-like atmosphere that will make you feel completely calm.

31. In The Wood-Tiled Shower, Cabin

31 walk in shower tile ideas

This bathroom tile mix, influenced by the rustic design, will remind you of the serenity of residing in the woods. The toilet area is distinguished by plain white tiles, whereas the shower zone is defined by a border of fake wooden tiles.

These color combinations look fantastic together, producing a tidy, peaceful, and nature-inspired environment while maintaining a modern bathroom’s appearance. It has a magnificent, traditional, and rustic appearance.

32. The Shower and Floor Scheme In Icelandic Spas

32 walk in shower tile ideas

White is always in style, so picking it for your shower room tiles will not let you down. It will give the space a nice and tidy appearance while also making it appear larger in case the square footage is limited.

You can play with the tile pattern of the floor to offer eye attention if you surround the walls of a big bathroom with ivory tiles.

33. Shower Tiles with an Industrial Fusion

33 walk in shower tile ideas

These sweet tiles add a pleasant and inviting touch to the shower area. The tiles resemble bricks, however their texture gives the room a more attractive and gleaming appearance. When it comes to shower tile walls, the texture and color of the floor is crucial. 

It must be coated with the very same substance or one in a moderate hue that does not draw attention to itself and makes the area appear smaller. To complement the outdoor motif brought within, the designer picked floor tiles that look like wood slats.

34. Contemporary Rodeo Glass Framed Tile Shelves

34 walk in shower tile ideas

Installing white tiles in a tiny bathing room is the best option. Glass panels, which will replace the conventional curtain divider, are another innovation which will make it appear optically larger.

To create the appearance of more depth, choose a nook fitted with glass tiles, that will be simple to maintain and will serve as a distinctive touch to your bathroom.

35. Mermaid Scale Tiles from Morocco

35 walk in shower tile ideas

This tile style (known as fish scale tile) has lately been touted as one of the greatest sellers. These tiles, which resemble fish scales, will create a great focal point if used on just one wall.

It’s preferable to cover a wall facing the door using these mermaid-like tiling since they’ll draw attention and make a statement of individuality and taste.


Choosing the perfect tile for your walk-in shower can be challenging for a number of reasons. The plethora of choices can overwhelm you. From designs to textures and then you have to think about budget too. Whatever you decide on, remember to pick the one that suits your style the most. 

At the end of the day, your shower room tile will be yours to see and use everyday. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box too. Tell us what your favorite tile idea is in the comment section below.